20 Stupid Mistakes You Probably Missed In The Star Wars Movies

We are coming up on the 40th anniversary since the original Star Wars was released in theaters. Since we are in the middle of May, we recently all experienced the slew of Star Wars memes commemorating May the 4th, which references the iconic line from the films; "May the Force be with you."

The franchise has domestically grossed roughly $4 billion. Let's not forget the billions earned in merchandise, including video games, action figures, and assorted collectibles. Don't expect it to end anytime soon either. With Disney behind the wheel now, they will surely drive the brand to an even higher level than George Lucas ever imagined.

The Star Wars name has become more than a movie or a form of entertainment. Names like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Darth Vader have become iconic symbols of global pop culture. Jedi is even a recognized religion in many countries and the Polynesian Island Nation of Niue mints their money with Star Wars characters rather than national heroes as do most nations.

However, we are not here to discuss the many successful aspects of what has become a way of life for some people. We are here to share with you some notable blunders from the Star Wars movies. They are in no specific order. You might consider some of these no-nos to be minute and some bigger. Many Star Wars fanboys (and fangirls) will look at all of them and have probably already seen some themselves. Enjoy our list of 20 Stupid Mistakes You Probably Missed In The Star Wars Movies.

20 Empire Strikes Back & Return Of The Jedi: Impossible Wardrobe Change

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When Han Solo was lowered into the carbonite freezing chamber during Empire, he was wearing brown pants and a white shirt. When Princess Leia, disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh, thaws the smuggler out, he appears to be wearing blue pants when he falls to the ground. Somehow, he changes his pants from brown to blue while he was in a suspended animation. Once the space pirate is liberated from his hibernation, he is pictured from the waist up only while inside Jabba's Palace. Later on, during the battle on the Skiff, Han is seen wearing his brown pants again. We didn't even mention the fact that he was wearing restraints when he was lowered into the pit. Those magically vanished as well when he was frozen.

19 Padme Finishes Qui Gon Jinn's Sentence In Phantom Menace

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When the group meets young Anakin Skywalker's mother, Shmi, Qui-Gon Jinn introduces himself to the birth mother of Darth Vader. As Qui-Gon is speaking, if you look closely at Padme Amidala, you can see her mouthing the words as Jinn speaks them. This is actually quite common for actors when they star in scenes together. Although, they typically use the inside voice to repeat the words that they know are coming. One performer will closely listen to the words spoken by another player in the shot. Actors and actresses do this so they will know when their lines come up, especially when they have a big line or if it is an important scene. Meeting the mother of the evil Sith lord is a pretty significant part of the story, so we won't hold it against Natalie Portman.

18 That's NOT Mace Windu

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During Phantom Menace, in a scene on Naboo, members of the Jedi Council are seen walking in the background behind Sheev Palpatine. Padme Amidala is also in the shot. You will see a bald dark-skinned man clad in Jedi cloaks, but it is NOT Mace Windu. Some fans will claim that it is just another character of a different Jedi, but he looks just like Samuel L. Jackson. We also never see this other Jedi at any other point in this, or any other Star Wars films. The truth is that it was Jackson's body double. Body doubles are no-name actors used to stand in for other actors during rehearsals and to test camera angles. We have no clue why this body double made it into the film. If Sam L. was not available, they should have just left him out of the scene. The background figures in this sequence had no value to the foundation of the story whatsoever. The fake Windu was wearing the same outfit as Windu.

17 Plug Queen Amidala In

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In Phantom Menace, there is one particular indoor shot where Queen Amidala is in the background presumably mulling things over, and she looks to the outside world. She is wearing one of her many glorious gowns and headdresses that stole the show in Phantom Menace. On the bottom of this one outfit, she is wearing some illuminated orbs that are somewhat shaped like fireballs. This accessory is a glowing orange. Don't wonder how this works because if you look closely, you can see a plug coming out of Padme's frock and going right into the wall. It amazes us how a simple error like this could occur in such a large-scale production with so many cast and crew members. This had to be noticed by someone and just ignored.

16 Bang Your Head

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We all know about the running joke with Stormtroopers banging their heads as they run through doorways ever since it first happened while filming the first Star Wars. It stayed in the scene, and the sequence made the final cut because it looked natural and was something that could really happen to an evil intergalactic cloned soldier. However, during one of the prequels, in a scene on Geonosis, when Anakin is walking through a door, he does the same thing. However, there is no actual door there. It was a CGI door, and Hayden Christensen apparently wasn't told to duck. He walks right through the doorway as if it was already opened. He probably does so because it was opened. Again, there is no door there. The eventual Dark lord's head appears to pass right through the door without any repercussions.

15 Anakin Has More Trouble On Geonosis

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During a lightsaber battle on Geonosis in Attack of the Clones, Anakin has an impossible issue with his lightsaber. The laser-like swords of the Jedi are beams of energy that can seemingly slice through anything and even stop laser gun rounds and lightning bolts. However, the one thing that can stop a lightsaber is Anakin Skywalker's wardrobe. It should have been edited out or re-shot when Anakin's saber gets stuck in the hood of his cloak and he is seen struggling with the space weapon, trying to get it free. Shouldn't it have just gone through the cloth like a hot knife through butter? If not, will someone please explain how the older Obi-Wan Kenobi was killed in the original Star Wars, by Darth Vader, when he was wearing an identical gown. Vader's lightsaber sliced right through the material and Obi's body, killing him on the spot.

14 Psychic Padme

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In Attack of the Clones, while Rebellion supporters are chasing Count Dooku, Padme is thrown from the craft. Anakin and Obi-Wan follow Dooku to a hangar where they engage in a lightsaber combat. Yoda later also winds up in this same hangar and battles his old Padawan Learner. Eventually, a rescue party shows up to save the damsel in distress who fell on the sand. She tells them they MUST get to the hangar. How did she know where they were? There was no communication between her and anyone after she fell out of the ship. Skywalker and Kenobi did not know that Dooku would lead them to this hangar. Yet, somehow, Padme Amidala knew this without having had any way of knowing this. We figure one of two things explains this. Either the Force is strong with her too, or Portman read the script and knew where they were. Whoever scripted this dialogue did not put too much through into it.

13 No Gravity

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In Revenge of the Sith, during the opening act, as the ship is free-falling, there seems to be gravity where no gravity should be. The windows are cracked as well, so the passengers should not be able to breathe either. Kenobi, Skywalker, and Palpatine can run down hallways and climb elevator shafts. They should be suffocating from a lack of oxygen and floating due to a lack of gravity. Of course, this is a movie and a space fantasy at that. So they can really just make their own rules and change them in the middle of the game. After all, Obi-Wan Kenobi seems to age 50 years from Revenge of the Sith to Star Wars even though only about 17 years have passed in the story. We are referring to the age difference between Sir Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor. Then again, the whole story took place a long time ago, yet somehow is in the future.

12 No Sun Should Mean No Shadow

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In Revenge of the Sith, there is a life changing lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker that practically kills the newly named Darth Vader. It leaves Skywalker disfigured. The confrontation took place all around and on a sea of molten hot lava. It either appears to be at night, or no sunlight is getting through due to all of the volcanic ash. In any event, when the Emperor's ship flies overhead to retrieve the stricken Jedi turned Sith, it casts a huge shadow over the lava lake. If there is no sun, there would be no shadow. You cannot try and argue that the lava is glowing, so it gives off enough light to cast a shadow. While that may be true, it would not cast a shadow upon itself. The shadow would be in a contradictory direction. Which, in this scenario, would be the ash clouds in the sky, and not on the lava itself.

11 Dust In The Wind

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All it is is dust in the wind. The epic saga's first lightsaber fight was in Star Wars and was between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. Vader tells his old master, "Now the student has become the master!" The swords are not real weapons and props are used for the filming. The effects of the laser beam lights of energy are added in post-production. No one knew if the props would hold up, and suspected they would snap in half or at the very least, become damaged. Therefore, Guinness and David Prowse were directed not to hit the sabers together very hard. The veteran actors got caught up in the excitement and the heat of this climactic scene that they kept hitting the props together with great force. Due to their actions, you can see dust coming off of the weapons as they clash together. This could be dismissed as the effects of the energy blades colliding, but it does not occur in any other future duels.

10 Liar, Liar, Cloak's On Fire

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The first movie we saw was Star Wars. Obi-Wan doesn't seem to know R2-D2 or C-3PO. At this time, no one knew for sure that the prequels would come out in the future. During the prequels, Obi-Wan Kenobi spends much of his time around the droids. Now, as an old man in the future, he has no idea who they are. Obi did defend himself for telling Luke that Darth Vader killed his father by claiming that from a certain viewpoint, Vader did kill Luke's father. Since Kenobi says he has never owned any droids, this is also true from a certain view. C-3PO was designed and owned by Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader never shows any sentiment towards the only thing left from his childhood. This theory that the droids did not recognize Kenobi either is dismissed by Star Wars fans by asserting the droids had their memories wiped out after the Clone Wars. Yet, the robots recall aspects from that famous battle in other parts of the original three films.

9 Obi Wan's Web Of Deceit Continues

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In Empire Strikes Back, Yoda and the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi are discussing the Jedi training of Luke Skywalker. Kenobi does not like the way things are going, and he despairingly comments how Luke is their last hope. Yoda speaks of another. Ummm... Wasn't Kenobi there when Luke and Leia were born? Didn't he help conceal their very existence from the Emperor & their father, Darth Vader? The answer to both of those questions is YES! How did he not know there was another hope? How did he not know about Leia being Luke's sister? Maybe this is another one of his "from a certain point of view" things. Padme's corpse was disguised to look like she was still pregnant, which would have meant that Leia was never born. So, from a certain point of view…we call Shenanigans!

8 Weaponry Magically Appears

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In Star Wars, in a flight sequence inside the Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca is seen naked. Well, he is always naked. But his trademarked ammunition belt is not fastened around his hairy body. The camera cuts away and then cuts back to him in a split second, and the ammo belt is now around him. Does Chewie have use of the Force, too? That is quite unlikely. Also, later on in the film, when C-3PO and R2 are in the sub-command section, an extra rifle appears in the background. This occurs when sets are recreated to shoot a scene over and exact detail is not observed. Star Wars in not exclusive to these gaffes. Other films have shown characters during meals and when the camera angle switches, there is more food on the plate, more drink in the glass, or entirely different food. A Continuity Director is supposed to handle this department.

7 Changing Colors

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When Luke begins experimenting with his lightsaber (get your mind out of the gutter), it is green, and then in the next shot, the blade is blue. This is a subtle difference and often goes unnoticed since green does have some blue in it. Yellow and blue make green. You should remember that from Jedi kindergarten. Luke is using Anakin's old saber at this time. Of course, we had never heard of Anakin yet and didn't meet him until the fourth film, which was really the first movie. Eventually, Luke does construct his own lightsaber, and that one IS green. Luke fights his father once with each color. Luke loses his hand using the blue one, in Empire Strikes Back, and he cuts off his father's hand with the green one in Return of the Jedi.

6 Ewoks Are People, Too

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In a scene on Endor in Return of the Jedi, an Ewok can be seen with human eyes. There aren't really Ewoks, and they are all people. This Ewok did not have any makeup around his eyes to hide his flesh, and it is extremely evident that the Ewok is a person under a mask. It would have taken a few minutes to apply some black makeup. A black mask under the Ewok mask would have also done the trick. This is probably no one's fault, and it may have been done to save time. Often, a scene is rushed. Come on people. We are running out of daylight here! This is probably the reason that several of these blunders occurred in the first place.

5 Darth Vader's Neck Piece Appears

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In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker rises to the height of evil and becomes the Sith apprentice to the Emperor. At that moment when the doctor-like droids are affixing the lifesaving apparatus onto Anakin's grotesquely burned carcass, they show a shot of him with no neck piece attached. All of a sudden, when the camera cuts away to show his mask being lowered, there is a neck piece on his body which fastens the cover to his cranium. Someone must have discovered that the mask doesn't attach to the suit without this piece, so it was added at the last minute. You would think after four films, they would know how to dress Vader by now.

4 The More Younglings, The Better

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In Attack of the Clones, there is one scene where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda are talking to a group of Younglings at the Jedi Temple. Younglings are Jedis in training. The camera shows a small gathering of youngsters in one shot and then cuts away to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. When it cuts back, there is a difference of approximately three kids in the shot. It is possible for some children to have left or entered the area, but not that quickly. We are talking a split second. The same scene is shot many times from different camera angles in many motion pictures and then edited together into one sequence. This is done primarily to ensure no other cameras are seen in the background. Duplicate scenes are not always shot in succession and sometimes take place days apart.

3 Obi-Wan Kenobi's Magic Cloak

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When Obi-Wan Kenobi shows up on Mustafar to confront his pupil (in Revenge of the Sith), Anakin, for having killed the younglings, as he steps off the ship he was hiding in, he removes his cloak and walks away. When the camera cuts back to him a few steps away, the cloak has moved from its position. This is obviously another case of the scene being shot again. The reason why this happens is that it would be too time-consuming and costly to go back and reexamine that scene. Thus, the set designers will recreate the background to best of their ability based on whatever they can remember about it.

2 Palpatine Shows His True Colors

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Palpatine is seen in an office setting in the Phantom Menace, and he is wearing a cloak with green garnish around it in a few places. When he steps out into the hallway, he is wearing the exact same outfit in a different color. The accents are now blue. This scene was obviously shot on different days, and they didn't recall which cloak Ian McDiaramid was wearing in the first take. At least they didn't have to worry about his lightsaber changing colors in scenes because he only used a red saber. The Sith exclusively employ the use of a red lightsaber.

1 Troopers To The Left Of Me, Troopers On The Right

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In Star Wars, while Luke and Leia are being chased through the Death Star during her rescue and escape, the siblings encounter some Stormtroopers. At one point, one of the Stormtroopers is shot standing on the left, but the one standing on the right dies. This is not the only Stormtrooper blunder we are mentioning in this section. When Darth Vader boards Princess Leia's ship in the opening act of Star Wars, one Stormtrooper is checking on another Trooper who has been shot and killed. The living solider is holding the head of the dead Imperial warrior. When Vader enters the corridor, he drops the head of the dead Stormtrooper who blatantly lowers his head slowly. His head should have just fell to the ground if he was dead. This is just human instinct, though. It would have been highly unethical to use an actual dead guy in the scene. They could have used a dummy though.

Sources: wookiepedia, IMDb, screenrant

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