20 Steamy Pics Of Lindsay Lohan That Make Us Forget It All

Well, it should be no shock to anyone who's reading this that Lindsay Lohan has had some fantastically hot photographs taken of her over the years. That's not to say that she hasn't had her moments of debauchery and debasement. She absolutely has. But I think there are enough photos of her being exceptionally attractive that outweigh the unfortunate life choices she has made.

Now, maybe some people don't agree with that notion, but it seems pretty clear to me that she has always had something working for her. As soon as she became legal, she became hot. There's no denying that I'm afraid. But surely no one reading this has had a problem with Lohan growing up. Sure, she's had a lot of problems growing up but, again, these photos will help you forget about that.

The following 20 steamy photos of Lindsay Lohan are from various stages of her life. In spite of what she might have been going through behind closed doors or even in the public eye, the photos make any care about the rest of her life go away. Even if some of the photos might remind you of some of her more careless moments. Enjoy!

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20 Are You Ready?

The look on Lindsay's face here seems to suggest that she's not very sure about what's going on. Maybe she's a bit unsure about what's happening. I think the aim of the look was to be alluring and seductive, but it does come across as fairly unsure. And while I'm unsure about what kind of outfit she is wearing, I know I like the bands around her torso. It shows off quite a bit of skin without being too inappropriate for this article. Whatever that big piece of material is for draped down the front of her, I have no idea. But at least it makes her outfit somewhat interesting. Though I think everyone would be perfectly ok with just those strips of material covering her. I think it's kind of strange to see Lohan here as a blonde. But, apparently they have more fun, so that could be a pretty good thing.

19 Hello Herbie!

This is interestingly alluring. Lohan was in the remake of Herbie The Love Bug. In this shot, though, she seems to want to relive the original. It was done in black and white after all. But I'm guessing with a little less cleavage. Of course, I'm sure no one is concerned with the amount of cleavage that she is showing off here. And her hair is quite extravagant also. Sure, that tight skirt is a bit longer than I'm sure most people would like, but that being said...it's still a pretty wonderfully tight skirt. And who could complain about that? And hey, it might be a small car, but I'm sure two people could fit in there for a bit of fun. It seems that she's pretty game for a bit of stick shifting. And wouldn't that be one hell of a race to the finish? I think so.

18 Beach Day

Lindsay is very smart here. Wearing white at the beach is a pretty good idea. For two reasons. First of all, it reflects the harsh sunlight away from her. And that's probably a very good idea considering how incredibly pale she is. Given that she's a ginger, I imagine she must burn pretty quickly. Though her freckles would likely shine through a whole lot more, and that's pretty darn cute. Secondly, who does not want to see Lindsay Lohan take a dip in the water wearing a white shirt like the one she's wearing in this shot? That is just a no contest. And she looks like she's ready for some beach fun. Whether it be a game of volleyball, a dip in the drink, or rolling around in the sand, she seems ready. Her hair is already kind of messy, so I don't think she'd mind a bit of activity.

17 Pole Dancing

Yes, this was for a film. This was not a moment in her life where she decided that stripping was a better career choice for her. However, she did admit that working the pole was the best workout she has ever got in her life and she did quite enjoy it. So, maybe there is a future for her there. Either way, that outfit and that look on her face certainly don't make me care much about her stumbling drunk in public or yelling obscenities at other celebrities. I never really cared that much anyway, but my thoughts certainly wander elsewhere when looking at this photos. Like how much I wish I had a pole and a Lindsay Lohan in my home. I think it would make for some pretty exciting times. So long as she didn't start falling off the rails in the middle of a dance.

16 Want A Snack?

Yes. I decidedly want a snack with Lindsay Lohan. Because first of all, why not? And second of all, she is standing right next to a bowl of cherries while she leans over in a crop top with an exceptionally vacant, yet sensual look on her face. Now, surely the cherries must have been a planned part of this shot. The corn, tomatoes, and the peppers couldn't have been too suggestive of anything. But the cherries...they have to be. And perhaps the cucumber that's sitting out of focus on the right of the frame. There's just no way Lohan would have a look on her face like that and not have some sort of purposefully naughty reference to either the cherries or the cucumber. Either way, I would very much love to make a snack of Lindsay Lohan...I mean make a snack with Lindsay Lohan.

15 Wet And Wild

This is a shot from a short feature surrounding some sort of renewal in Lindsay Lohan's life. It's a bit of an artistic, softcore adult film. It's an easy find and is very interesting. It doesn't really seem to have much of a point other than showing off Lohan's body, but apparently, it has some sort of artistic credit. Either way, what does that really matter? Lohan's wearing a white bra and is soaking wet. That sounds like an alright film to me. And surely that's at least an ok film to every reader here. I think this still could certainly make people forget a lot about the crazy and stupid things Lohan has done in the past. Even if the film this still was from was a bit ridiculous to begin with. People just care about her showing off...and she's putting a decent amount on display here.

14 Black Beauty

Lindsay Lohan has gone through many looks with regards to her hair. And a few different colours as well. I have to admit that I think her traditional ginger look is the best. There's just something about a fiery redhead that is kind of exciting. That being said, the black hair is still pretty attractive. Especially how it sort of makes her complexion look even more pale. And since all of her freckles were clearly photoshopped out of this photo, it really plays well. Of course, the main feature of this photo is not so much her complexion or her hair. It's what her hair is framing. Her outfit also does a good job at framing them as well. And it doesn't hurt that pulling her arm back naturally helps the framing of the photo as well.

13 The Real Lindsay Lohan

You know, there probably was some photoshopping on this photo as there is for most pictures of most models. But, I have to say that this is probably one of the most natural photos of Lindsay Lohan that I have ever seen. And that's not a bad thing. I think she's far more attractive this way. Her traditional ginger locks, a nicely revealing tank top, some torn up jeans, and all those pretty freckles. She is really is both cute and hot at the same time. And can play both up fairly well. The freckles and the eyes say cute. The ripped jeans and open top say hot. And, of course, the fiery ginger hair obviously says hot. There's something almost innocent about this "traditional" Lindsay Lohan look. Like from a time before all of the sh*t hit the fan.

12 Safe For Work?

Do you think that Lindsay Lohan would be safe for work? She at looks like she's ready to go to the office. Whether or not she'd be safe there...who could really know? I mean the vest she's wearing might be a bit provocative at the office, but that could be a very welcome addition (or two). Realistically, I'm sure everyone would like to think that she would not be safe for work. I wouldn't want her to be. I would want her to come along with me in that outfit...but being safe all the time can be a bit boring. I think she could probably shake things up a bit. What's interesting about this shot is that her makeup really makes her look like she's new to an office job. It's not particularly well done, but it does make her look either pretty innocent or pretty naughty. Either way, I think she's pretty desirable in the workplace.

11 Wanna Come Over To My House?

Well now. I bet you wouldn't mind Lindsay Lohan wandering along the side of your house like this. It's almost like she's taking a peek into your backyard...and it looks like she's got an idea of what she wants to get into. That or she's standing by the corner of her own place very suggestively hinting for you to come over and play. And I have to say that I would certainly not be opposed to going over to play at her place. And what nice vibrant colours she's wearing too. It really brings out her eyes. And the lighting really flushes more colour into her hair, it seems. That, or she dyed her hair a little more purple. Though I'm thinking she still just has her regular red hair and the lighting is the reason for the seeming colour change.

10 Open Back

Well, this just looks like a wonderfully attractive dress. And it just so happens to be on an exceptionally attractive woman. It doesn't hurt that the look on Lohan's face is pretty indicative of something exciting. This seems to be one of her staple looks. I guess it is for all models. The slightly opened lips, and those alluring eyes. It kind of gives them a bit of a vacant, almost vapid look, but it does also happen to be fairly attractive. And seeing her in black with brunette hair is different. And it really brings out her pale skin. Now, that's not to say you have to have pale skin to be hot, but in the case of Lindsay Lohan, it's a lot better than when she's tanned. Though her freckles do come out more when she's gotten some sun. So who knows? Maybe both looks have their place in the books.

9 Hot Tamale!

I can't decide if she's doing product placement, or if she's simply advertising herself in this photo. I mean, she's clearly advertising herself in this photo. The open, see-through shirt sort of says it all. I like that her shorts and bra match. That certainly adds to the effect. Especially since they also both match her eyes. And while she is holding up a pack of Hot Tamales, it has to be said that of the two, I think she's the hotter. I'm sure, from a marketing point of view, that is absolutely the intention of the photo. To point out that she is, in fact, a hot tamale. I'm not sure who wouldn't already know that, but that seems to be the main point regardless. And it's hard to argue with that. I'm pretty sure it's just a fact that she is a hot tamale. And suddenly I don't care about all of her horrible moments in history.

8 Leather Bound

Well, damn. It's not even all about the fact that this porcelain-white doll has got black leather all over her. It's also that insatiable look she's giving. Not to mention that fact that her necklace looks more like a collar. It certainly gives her a little bit of a BDSM vibe. Which I have to admit is fairly riveting. And sort of unexpected. I mean, she was the star of The Parent Trap...and picturing her years later in tight leather was not something I had expected I'll be totally honest. But then again, she did grow up pretty quickly once she hit legal age. But still, seeing a former child star dressed like this is both amazing and a little off-putting. But, considering all of the sh*t she's been through, I think it makes perfect sense that she gets a little kinky every once in a while.

7 Blowin' In The Wind

This photo is very interesting for a couple of reasons. First of all, it doesn't even really look like the Lindsay Lohan I think of when I picture her in my mind. It's amazing what makeup and photoshopping can do to a person. Secondly, this just proves that models have to stand in the weirdest and most uncomfortable positions ever. Not only is she bent over in a pretty awkward way, but imagine the force of the fan blowing her hair so crazily to the side. She's already leaned that way. I wonder how much of a core workout it was for her to keep standing. And since this shot was likely taken during her coke-addled days, it's amazing that she got through the shoot at all. But she did and there's plenty to admire in this shot.

6 Liz Taylor!?

Yup, that's right. If a celebrity doesn't at one point do a shoot as Marilyn Monroe, then they are likely going to do a shoot of Elizabeth Taylor. Both notoriously horrible women who used their bodies and their tempers to get what they wanted. The temper thing is more Taylor than Monroe, but I stand by what I said. Either way, I'm not sure why so many women idolize either star. But, it's a thing, so who am I to dissuade people from their idols. Besides, Lindsay has flown off the handle more than once, and so maybe her fiery attitude is very much akin to Liz Taylor's as well. Both have been very messed up in public. Both have had very explosive relationships and fights at parties. It actually seems pretty perfect that Lohan would do this shoot. And I have to say that she does pull it off quite well.

5 Rebel Rebel

It's interesting that she wears a shirt that says rebel. It's true that in a lot of ways she has certainly been a rebel, but you don't really get rebel status by wearing a rebel shirt and makeup to match the colouring of it. What's rebellious about that? Almost any other photo in this whole article is more rebellious than this one. But I guess she was trying to make a statement. Or she was in too much of a drugged-out fog to really care what the photographers were telling her to do. Even with those glassy eyes, and parted lips she's pretty damn attractive. I don't think there's any getting past that one. I just really find the shot ridiculous because of how incredibly unrebellious it is. But she may very well be purposefully playing off of some sort of irony. Who knows?

4 Guitar Goddess 

Alright, to be fair she is neither good enough at guitar to be considered a guitar goddess, nor is she dressed hot enough in this photo to be considered a guitar goddess. But she is laying across a fairly glamorous seat. And her bra, guitar and shoes do match. So, that's got to count for something. And it doesn't hurt that her shirt is a little open-ended while she straddles that guitar. Of course, I would be content with just having her laying there with or without the guitar. It would make no difference to me. Especially if that seat were in my home. I would simply be content to have Lindsay Lohan there. As long as she didn't drink my place dry, or keep asking me to score her some blow, I would be pretty content. So I would likely not be all that content.

3 Adorable Smile

She just looks so bashful in this shot. I'm fairly certain that the only reason she looks at all bashful is because of the placement of her hand. Lohan doesn't seem like the type to get bashful over too many things considering all of the interesting and crazy stuff she has done in public. Of course, maybe when she's sober she feels differently about it. Still, it can't be denied that she's got a great smile that really makes her eyes sparkle. I have a feeling that the sparkle comes from just how white her teeth are. I'm wondering if that's photoshopped, or if that's just a lot of dental work. Her eyes have always been very pretty to look at though. Even if they are enhanced in some photos. I wonder if she had her messed up for the shot, or if that's how she walked into the shoot. If it's the second one then it's pretty crazy that she's so bright-eyed after such a wild night.

2 Rose McGowan!?

Seriously, Lindsay Lohan has got a pretty intense Rose McGowan vibe going on in this photo. With her darker hair, the dark red lipstick, the punk-painted graffiti walls, and especially the Beetlejuice-esque dress she has on. Yes, it's true that Beetlejuice's suit had vertical stripes, but the colour scheme is still reminiscent of the character anyway. Very much like Christina Ricci's dress at the end of Sleepy Hollow. I really like this look on Lindsay Lohan, I have to say. Showing off her darker side is pretty smokin'. It's not too often that you don't see her in bright colours, with vibrant backdrops and sparkling eyes. And that is all well and good, but it is nice to have a bit of a change from all of that time and again.

1 On The Rocks Please!

Now, the interesting thing here is this could be both a suggestion of how her life is going (being on the rocks) or a naughty innuendo about having a drink. Either way, I wouldn't mind Lindsay Lohan on the rocks. Not rocky, but on the rocks. Rocky would suggest that she's snorting and drinking her way through a tough time. On the rocks suggests a nice scotch, and the beautiful Lindsay Lohan right nearby. She does look a little cold sitting on those fake ice cubes. I think the only right and good thing to do would be to try and warm her up somehow. And that would probably not involve putting more layers on her. I'm just guessing at the imaginations of you readers, but I'm sure you're not thinking of covering her up with anything but yourselves.

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