20 Steamy Photos Of The Girls From Pretty Little Liars

With the show coming to an end, here’s a tribute with the 20 steamiest picks of the Liars and all their sizzling glory.

When Pretty Little Liars debuted in 2010, there wasn’t much buzz about it at first. Indeed, in a move they now laugh at, Entertainment Weekly named it one of the “worst shows of 2010.” However, the mix of wild drama, sharp dialogue, insane plots and fun characters soon turned the show into a hit. It was a buzz on social media as fans loved to gossip about the plots, pick favorite couples and more. EW would soon be doing cover stories on the series as it continued and became a full-fledged phenomenon. Indeed, because of its daring storylines, PLL helped push ABC Family to change its name to Freeform. Now, after six seasons, the series is due to wrap up this spring with the final episodes bringing the saga of a pack of friends tormented by the mysterious “A” to a close.

Of course, a key reason it’s become such a hit is because of the cast. Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson were all amazing hot ladies when the show started and just got sexier as it continued. They’re not alone as Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish are able to back them up well, not to mention the “mature mom” vibe of Holly Marie Combs and Laura Leighton. Thanks to how the show loves to put them in wild costumes and insane situations, the cast has been able to rise up more and show off in various ways. From magazines to their social media feeds and more, these ladies are always known for being sexy wherever they go. With the show coming to an end, here’s a tribute with the 20 steamiest picks of the Liars and how true their sexiness is.

20 Elle Of A Shoot

Lucy Hale manages to stand out well among the cast of the show with her quirky humor, singing skills and fun acting. She makes Aria a hit with her funny lines and intensity to help carry the often wild goings-on of the show well. She also handles the publicity well, always ready to go out for promotional work, including photo shoots. She doesn’t get as sexy in those as the others but this Elle magazine spread is notable because she doesn’t strip down much. The shading of the photos is great to make it stand out and the all-black dress fits Hale like a glove. It shows her legs off nicely as she also lounges on a lush black carpet and the addition of a crucifix in her hand makes it a bit naughtier. The blondish bob she had adds more effect as well to make this shoot contain a sexy vibe far better than a pool or beach. It shows Hale as hot as any of the gals and why the star factor of the show hits her well.

19 Red Warrior

Pixels is a very bad movie, there is no denying it. This Adam Sandler comedy had a good concept of aliens invading Earth using classic arcade video games. However, it was ruined by Sandler’s idiotic “comedy” and bad scripting. Among the nuttier ideas was that classic loveable game character Q*Bert comes down as an attacker… then transforms into a sword-wielding warrior played by Ashley Benson. As these on-set photos show, Benson at least looked hot as hell in the part in the orange outfit, legs showing off nicely and a good design. She seems to be okay with the part and at least she wasn’t talking to make it worse, letting her looks be the standout and Benson sure does have the looks. True, it got ugly with her warrior falling for shlub Josh Grad but it can be argued that Benson managed to make this movie at least mildly tolerable to look at.

18 BFFs

Fans of shows love to imagine how co-stars hook up a lot behind the scenes. With PLL, it’s not the actresses and any of their male co-stars that get speculation going. Rather, it’s the idea that Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson might be “friends with benefits.” The two often appear to be inseparable off camera, constantly seen together shopping and on vacation and the beach. They hang together at parties, often looking great in dresses and clearly having a blast. Sometimes, they play it up with kisses on camera and teasing the viewer a bit. Neither has spoken that openly and some believe the fact Mitchell plays a gay woman on the show is what helps fuel this mentality. However, the chemistry between them, both on the show and off-camera, is electric and helps fuel the idea of them as a couple to show yet another way fans get passionate over this series and how wicked the gals can get.

17 Sultry Shay

Shay Mitchell has some of the hotter pics of any of the PLL cast. The Canadian born actress comes from an Irish-Scottish father and a Filipino mother, creating her luscious exotic looks that aid her role. She has great stuff in the show with her Emily Fields coming out as a lesbian and getting into some sexy stuff. But off screen, Mitchell is a wonder in photoshoots, especially ones with great magazines. A fine example is this shoot from Esquire that shows her off wonderfully. The red bra is just sheer enough for hints of her top and shows her nice mid-riff off in a great way. Her long legs are crossed to show them off too and the white robe around her adds a good touch to things. There’s her great look, throwing a sultry gaze with half her face covered by her hair and a nice smile. It shows how hot Mitchell gets with the camera and thus no wonder she takes off well among an already hot cast.

16 Staredown

For the first few seasons of the show, Sasha Pieterse played Allison, the former “Queen Bee” of the school whose disappearance kicks off the plot. Long believed dead, she shows up in flashbacks and the occasional dream sequence with Sasha playing her as a wicked vixen. It turned out Allison was alive and held captive and soon back to cause more trouble. This has included bedding both men and women and getting involved in some rather insane schemes. Pieterse doesn’t show off as much as the others in photoshoots but does have some nice pics on Instagram to share her “bed head” and other bits. This pic is a fine one as she gives the viewer a sultry gaze while lying on a table in a way that makes you unsure whether or not she’s wearing any clothes. It shows the minx side of Sasha and how well she fits the role of Allison who wants to do good but pulled by her bad side to act out. In other words, perfect for this gang of very sexy gals.

15 Hello Kitty

While the show enjoys giving the cast some good times on screen in a variety of hot outfits, the actresses have proven they’re more than able to get sexy on their own. A case in point is Janel Parrish, who plays borderline psychopath Mona Vanderwaal, showing up at a 2015 Halloween party looking fantastic as a cat. The tight black pants are offset but the lovely top, not too revealing but still looking terrific. The ears help as well as does the makeup for the appearance. Parrish already has a sexy feline look going for her so it doesn’t take much for her to look even hotter as a cat, complete with the fun ears. Throw in the black collar and tag and you can imagine Parrish getting very wicked later in the night to prove she’s not much different than her wild character. This is one black cat you’d be lucky to have cross your path.

14 Hot Poison

It’s not just Parrish that loves to cut loose at Halloween. For a Halloween party in 2015, Shay Mitchell hit the carpet in fine style as classic Batman villainess Poison Ivy. It’s a great choice as her chest is nicely pushed up in the tight green outfit which is still enough to show off her luscious legs in a fine style. The long red wig looks great on her and the green eye shadow brings out Mitchell’s already lovely eyes to look even better. The nice touch of the “leaves” going around her neck and the green high heels add to it and Mitchell’s grin shows she clearly knows the effect this outfit has. It’s a great choice as it’s hard for any lady to look bad in this outfit but Mitchell looks stunning to show that most anyone can bring this comic book hottie to life in a fine way.

13 Hot Santa

This is an image so hot that it has to be included, even though it came from the show. Usually, PLL airs in the summer but occasionally, the network has them do a “Christmas special” to keep fans sated in between seasons. For one episode, the girls decide to use an annual holiday party as a way to find out more about “A” and infiltrate in outfits. Talking to her boyfriend about the plan, Spencer comes out decked in a sexy as hell Christmas outfit. It’s the classic red fur with white trimming, showing off Spencer’s luscious legs and nice rear with the cap perched perfectly on her head. Hilariously, Spencer continues to talk matter of face on the plan even as her boyfriend gawks and it dawns on her how hot she looks. No matter the season, Troian is able to pull the sexiness off and this shows her head nicely for a great present.

12 Lineup

ABC Family/Freeform knew from the start that a photo of the cast together in a unique setting was a great way to sell the show. The promo posters are notable from them all in red coats to covered in dirt. But this is the best, promoting the seventh season with them in a police lineup dressed to kill (perhaps literally). Benson may be more covered but showing off in a hot way with that sultry smirk on display. Hale is great with how you can see her bra under her see-through top and a good pose. Mitchell is terrific in the shorts and bra with mesh top and plenty of long leg showing. Bellisario has the perfect pose with hands on hips, and a dip in cleavage. If looking sexy as hell is a crime, then lock these four up as it shouldn’t be legal to look this hot together.

11 Benson Bombshell

Maxim is well known for showing off some very hot ladies in their spreads. So Ashley Benson was a natural for a spread that promoted both the show and her new movie Spring Breakers. She went all out for it with stuff like a blue thong and mesh top lying on a tree. This one was a great outfit too, the leopard-style cloth wrapped around her in a nice way while her lush legs are well shown. The tight black corset is better, pushing up Benson’s nice chest and the way she plays with her tousled hair is wonderfully sexy too. Then there’s the smile, nice and wicked and showing off the sexy side that makes her so loveable. On the show, Benson plays a bit of a ditz of a character but this pictorial shows how smart she is using her beauty to win over the viewer very well.

10 Hitting The Road

Mona was originally a side character on PLL, one of the former high-living friends who was a bit arrogant. She was shown to have a funny side into shopping and such but still mostly forgettable. But in a wild turn, she was revealed to have been the twisted genius who was part of the games on the girls and the first “A.” She spent time in an asylum before returning and soon an aid to the girls with her sardonic lines providing big laughs. Parrish was great showing the transformation of Mona into a hot gal and cutting loose more as the show continued. This magazine spread is a great showcase for her, the way her shirt is open to show her bra and the roadside setting is clever. Parrish wasn’t that sexy when the show began but it improved as it continued and she was able to show off a lot more. This pic showcases how hot she can be and stand as well as the rest of the cast.

9 Steamy Selfie

Ashley Benson loves wearing bikinis. That’s obvious, she has slews of pics at the beach and pools and even does it in photo shoots. That’s not counting her role mostly in a bikini in the drama Spring Breakers that allowed her to cut loose more than on the show. This pic is a great one as Benson takes a selfie while at the pool with a friend on vacation. The black bikini looks great on her, her bright smile as lovely as the sun and clearly enjoying herself. The blonde loves to show off a lot in her pics with a sultry side to herself that hints at some inner passion and that comes through a lot in her Instagram posts. She’s shared plenty of them but this ranks among the best as Benson in a bikini is a sight any fan can enjoy and that is the sure truth.

8 Lovely Leather

Lucy Hale is known on the show as a fashionista. Aria is never seen in anything less than a hot designer outfit, the more stylish the better. Even her sexy garments are always chosen to look great. So when she does a photoshoot, she’s able to cut loose well and yet still look the best. This is a fine example, Hale dressed in tight leather for a Cosmopolitan shoot and it looks amazing. The hair is blown back in a nice way, the leather top great and showing off her toned midriff while the pants are quite tight in the right ways. The jacket is a nice touch too as is holding the chain in her hands. The look tops it off, Hale just giving the camera a smoldering gaze ready to melt anything in her path. No matter what outfit she wears, Hale looks astounding and this shoot shows her off in all the right ways.

7 Maximum Mitchell

Shay Mitchell was already getting hot attention via the show as Emily dealing with issues of family and the craziness of the gang. But it got bigger when the character came out as a lesbian, a major blow to her religious parents. Mitchell’s sexiness grew more as she felt more comfortable in the role and showing off well. So when she posed for Maxim in 2015, she really went all out in the spread. This included a shot of her lying on her front on a bed in nothing but a white thong. This shot is just as hot, her staring out the window, the white slip lovely and the mix of the babydoll under it adding to the appeal. Mitchell looks amazingly beautiful in this picture, sultry and so hot and no wonder she’s a hit with fans of both genders. Maxim has given some hot spreads before but Mitchell manages to make even this one looking among the best.

6 All Hale Lucy

Lucy Hale was the most famous of the Liars when she joined the show, having had TV credits like Bionic Woman and Privileged. She got the big push out the gate with the storyline of Aria realizing the guy she’d hooked up with over the summer was her high school teacher and that her dad was cheating on her mom. She’s gotten some of the sexier storylines and pushed well as she’s also had a good singing career. But her looks are tops and this is one of her best as the sight of Hale on a beach is a standout. This bikini is notable, looking terrific and the mix of colors makes it stand out a lot more. The sunglasses may hide her hot eyes but still looking great with Hale clearly knowing the effect she’s having on onlookers. It’s a gorgeous look as she knows how to pull off and a great showcase for the talent Hale brings to the series.

5 Sizzling Shaw

Even the smaller characters on the show can bring the heat in nicely. Lindsey Shaw was introduced on the series as Paige, a swimmer who was a big rival for Emily, always getting in her face and hostile to her. It came to a big argument in the rain where Paige revealed the real reason for her feelings by kissing Emily. They soon had a good relationship going (including a sexy scene sharing a skinny dip in a pool) although there were issues thanks to Emily’s commitment to the group. It was revealed they dated in college but broke up when Emily dropped out although Paige did pop back in during the “time jump” in the last season. This pic showcases how Shaw can get sexy in her own way, hair flowing to frame her lovely face, a sultry hint of a smirk, the white and red dress a good mix and the light falling on her perfectly. She may not be as notable as the other gals but Shaw showcases she’s just as hot when she tries.

4 Janel Is Jessica

You’d expect the stars of the show to liven up on Halloween. Indeed, an annual tradition on the series is a Halloween episode that has the gals in some often wild costumes that show their sexiness off. For Halloween a few years back, Janel Parris decided to go all out with one of the most glamorous costumes imaginable: Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It’s a great look as her bust may not be the same size but the sheer sexy aura Janel gives off is astounding to make up for it. The red hair looks great on her, she fills the costume out nicely and the little kiss she blows to the camera is the topper on the cake. This is a great outfit for Parrish to show off her underrated hot side and seeing her in this costume is a true treat for any of her fans.

3 Red Hot

On the show, Troian Bellisario plays Spencer as the put-together lady who’s very intense on everything from her studies to figuring out the identity of “A.” It’s led to a mix of drama but also some dark humor as her deadpan reaction to things can lighten up an otherwise wild and crazy scene. Bellisario isn’t as active as her castmates on social media but she does bring it a few times in her shoots. She’s had some roles on other TV shows, most notably Suits which is where she met her now-husband Patrick J. Adams. This magazine shoots shows the sultry side of Troian on full display, the red shirt tied together to give a flash of cleavage and mid-riff while the black shorts show off those stunning legs. The red lipstick gives her another push as well as her sultry eyes smoking hot. This shows Adams is one lucky man to be able to come home to this lady.

2 Beach Buddies

As noted, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell love to hang out together, fuelling talk of how close they really are. This includes some vacations to beaches together with a famous bit where they visited Hawaii and Benson was photographed topless, which caused a serious stir on the Internet. This one had them both more dressed but still looking stunning in bikinis. They’re clearly having a good time together, showing their friendship in full. It’s not as revealing as some of their other vacations (or their sexy times on the show) but it still shows off nicely how close the two are and one even wonders if it’s a “friends with benefits” relationship. Regardless, this shows how the ladies look great off screen as on and why their bond is so popular with the fans. There’s no lie in that these two make a beach trip look absolutely fantastic to watch.

1 All Together Now

It makes sense that to top this list is one of the four main ladies together. This GQ spread was notable for several sexy shots of the gals, mostly in pairs but hanging together for this pic teasingly pulling at the towel of a male model. The image did get controversy from some, not just on its risqué tone. There were also complaints it was far too faked, the makeup too good and accusations of photo shopping. Troian took to twitter to admit, yes, it was photo shopped but it was the magazine’s call. She also added the ladies were okay and how, no matter what, “I work with three of the most gorgeous actresses around.” It was a great spread with the ladies showing off in hot skirts, plenty of their lush legs, hair blowing and those quirky smiles that got fans excited. This showcases the amazing sexiness of the cast in full and their bond on and off screen and why PLL remains one of the sexiest shows around.

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20 Steamy Photos Of The Girls From Pretty Little Liars