20 Steamy Photos Of Kaley Cuoco You Probably Haven’t Seen

Even among many of the people that detest Big Bang as a whole, there are many that enjoy Kaley Cuoco

One of the most popular television stars today, Kaley Cuoco is arguably the biggest star of The Big Bang Theory or, stopping short of that, the best known female star. In fact, even among many of the people that detest that sitcom as a whole, there are many that enjoy Kaley even if her acting isn’t their style since she is marvelous to look at. Internationally famous these days, despite that fact, there seems to be some images of her that have somehow flown under the radar despite being quite appealing to look at. Realizing these things is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of Kaley Cuoco you probably haven’t seen.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion here, the first prerequisite is that Kaley Cuoco can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than this popular actress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on the list. Screengrabs of her from shows, movies, or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes, and we’d be fools to exclude them. Of course, on top of all of that, the picture needs to be one that seems like it didn’t gain a whole lot of traction, which leads us to believe that a lot of people are unaware of it. We want to make it clear that the things everyone has seen are different so there may be some photos you’ve seen but we believe the majority of people still haven’t.

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20 With Co-Star


A throwback to early on in the career of Kaley Cuoco, this image features her alongside one of her co-stars from an earlier series she starred in with other more famous people at the time. Cast as the daughter of John Ritter and Katey Sagal, she was one of the stars of a sitcom called 8 Simple Rules or 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter at various times in its run. A series that ran for three seasons in between 2002 and 2005, despite its respectable run and famous cast members, the series seems to be largely forgotten today. Standing with her on-screen sister in the show, Amy Davidson, in this photo, both of them look good but it is Kaley who we can’t take our eyes off of.

19 Lovely-looking Lady

via Pinterest

A shot of Kaley Cuoco at an NBA game, it may come as a surprise to many that she attended such an event since this image doesn’t seem to have been spread online all that much. Looking as though she feels very much at home during her time in the stands, the only reason she seems a little bit off balance is that it seems like she may be aware that her photo was being taken at this moment. She shouldn’t worry, however, since she looks fantastic even though her look here seems outside of the norm for her. Far more dressed down than we are used to seeing her, clearly, that kind of style fits her well and is one that we wish she embraced a little bit more often even though her other looks are great too.

18 Red Carpet


A shot of Kaley at the 2014 SAG Awards, this image of her stands out among most shots of her that gain traction for one major reason—you can only see her from just below the chest up. As a result, it draws your attention to the beauty of her face and chest, both of which are extremely attractive in our view. On top of that, we greatly enjoy the smoldering look on her face, which is in part backed up by the more extreme nature of her makeup here. Finally, the other aspect of this image that we enjoy is her long and lustrous hair. Perfectly framing her face and falling on her shoulders and chest, it drives your attention to many of the best aspects of an all-around hot body.

17 Ready To Workout


A photo of Kaley walking down a city street in the middle of her day, it seems likely that her outfit here was designed for her to wear it while she got in a workout. As a result, that means that it has a practical application but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be superficially pleasing. And, it definitely gets the job done in that area. Showing off most of her body above the waist, aside from the coverage afforded by with a bra or bikini top, it is a view that we find quite alluring. That is especially true since it seems obvious that she works hard on her body based on the results she is getting. With all of that clear, we also have to say that this image really appeals to us in part because she wore it in such a public locale since it allows us to picture being greeted by this view in real life.

16 TV Movie


An actress whose career has been very much on the rise for many years now, we can only assume that Kaley is offered roles in high-profile projects with some regularity. Increasingly becoming a presence in movie theaters in recent years, that is why we find it surprising that she took a role in a TV movie as recently as 2012. Cast as Stacy Peterson in the Lifetime television film Drew Peterson: Untouchable, it was based on the true crime story that became an obsession for many around the world. A movie that was largely ignored by the masses upon its release, at least fans of hers got something out of it in the form of this screengrab where she can be seen mowing the lawn in a bikini top, of all things.

15 All Smiles And Deep V


Looking as though she in the midst of attending some kind of sit-down dinner in this image, based on the stemware that is visible, you can also tell that some lucky person is seated beside her. Seen here with a rather welcoming look on her face, mainly because of the huge smile she’s showing, we also enjoy the relaxed nature of her posture which makes her seem like a nice person to be around. On the other hand, even if she can be a real pill (not that we think that is the case), the view of her alone may be worth the irritation. After all, there are few women whose cleavage we enjoy more and in this shot, it is looking as good as ever.

14 8 Simple Rules


In the first entry on this list, we mentioned that Kaley’s current sitcom success isn’t the first time she has starred in such a series since she used to play one of the main roles in the show 8 Simple Rules. A screengrab from one of the episodes from that series, this image gives you a great idea of the type of character she played in the early part of the show. Portrayed as the popular girl that is obsessed with her looks and image, her character put a greater importance on looking cool than almost anything else in her life. As a result, she was more than happy to dress in a fashion that revealed part of her underwear which was likely to tantalize anyone who takes note of that fact.

13 Rock Star


A photo of Kaley that seems to be largely out of character for her, audiences have come to see her as the town hottie type instead of someone we’d expect to be on stage. Looking as though she may be trying to look like a rock star or walking down a catwalk, it seems like she is playing a character of some sort here. That is unfortunate if you ask us, as we may not exactly buy her as a rebel of any kind. However, there is something about this shot that really appeals to us. Sporting far more outrageous hair than she typically does, that is the first thing that jumps out at us but not the last. Instead, once we focused in on how that shirt accentuates her chest in this shot, we could barely see anything else.

12 Getting Ready


Earlier in this list, we touched on our opinion that in some photos, Kaley’s personality really comes to the forefront and seems like one of the best parts of her. Either getting ready for a night on the town with the aid of a friend or taking part in a fitting of some sort here, based on how happy the other lady seems to be, it appears like she is cool to be around. Also underlined by the silly look on her face, which is something we admit to doing with regularity in our personal lives, she really is coming off like a pretty chill person in our view. If that weren’t enough, we also really enjoy her look in this shot, from her beautiful dress and really on point makeup as well.

11 Yoga Pants

via Daily Mail

Another shot of Kaley where it seems like she is going to or coming from a workout of some kind, based on the pants she has on here, there is a pretty good chance that yoga was on the menu. Of course, we know full well that this style of pants is worn by many no matter if they are planning to get their sweat on or not, but we still get the feeling that she is about to get busy anyway. Seen from behind here, because of that, we get one of the best looks at her rear end we’ve ever seen. And we have to say that it should be talked about a lot more often. Far more glorious than we ever imagined, we can only hope that she is shot from that vantage point as part of every photo shoot going forward.

10 Silly Selfie


Another shot of Kaley with a silly look on her face, while putting together this list, it became clear that she does that with some regularity, and you may not love that fact but we do. The reason why we are so pleased that she gets a little nuts is that it makes us think that even though she is one of the most lusted-after women alive, she still doesn’t take herself or her beauty all that seriously. With her midriff totally uncovered here, it seems like the opposite could be true as well since she must put work into her figure considering how tight her stomach is. On top of all of that, we enjoy the fact that she is taking a selfie here since it means that she is probably prone to photographing herself whenever she looks good, which is something we wholeheartedly encourage.

9 Bikini Booty


We already touched on our enjoyment of the backside of Kaley and here, we already are with another example of why we feel that way and think you should too. You may be thinking to yourself that this image may be an unnecessary inclusion on this list as a result. But if that is the case, we have to say that that is an outright ridiculous idea. We believe that for two main reasons. First off, we can never get enough photos of great derrieres. Secondly, it proves that the last shot was no fluke. Having fun in the sun in this image, there is a lot to like about this photo. But yet again, it is the view of her booty that drives us wild.

8 QVC Red Carpet


Red carpet events are an interesting thing in the life of celebrities since they seem extremely glamorous from the outside but must come with a crazy amount of stress for those in attendance. If you are wondering what we mean about the pressure they must feel, that is because they are perfect opportunities to promote the career of a star that they can’t afford to screw up. Case, in point, in this picture of Kaley when she was attending one of these events, it is clear that she is bringing her A-game since she looks incredibly stunning. Unfortunately for her and most people that are unaware of this picture, we have no idea what a QVC event is, which means that they don’t get all that much coverage; thus, causing this image to fly under the radar.

7 Little Red Dress


There are a lot of things that should have been made clear about Kaley by this point in this list. And if you ask us, one of them is that people who are around when she is getting ready are the fortunate ones. Pictured here in what appears to be her dressing room based on the whole setup, we can’t say for certain that she is getting all gussied up but there are good reasons to come to that conclusion. Wearing what appears to be a dress in this shot, we love the way its vibrant color plays off her skin tone, but that was one of the final things we noticed. Instead, it probably won’t shock anyone when we reveal that it is the ample amount of cleavage on display here that first came to our attention.

6 Arms In The Air

via E! Online

There are certain things that all of us find attractive in potential mates (or in some cases, dream girls) that we can’t quite explain but are no less true. A great example of what we mean, this shot features Kaley with both of her arms raised up. And as soon as we saw it, our attention was grabbed as that is something we find hot but are not sure why. You may not feel the same way but even if that is the case, we can’t imagine anyone who finds Kaley hot gasping in disgust that an image like this one is so high on this list. After all, much of her torso is exposed too and her open shirt and bra are both on display, and we really shouldn’t have to explain anything more than that.

5 Charmed


A show that had a very impressive run in its day, Charmed was a television mainstay from 1998 until 2006 and remains in syndication at the time of this writing due to its popularity. A series that was focused on a trio of sisters with abilities, it starred some incredibly attractive women, including Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Rose McGowan. Introduced to the show in its eighth and final season, Kaley was cast as the charge of one of the leads and appeared in every episode of the final season. Seen here in a screengrab of her work from the series, we have no idea what led her character to be dressed in that fashion, but that material and her hairdo are an amazing combination.

4 Drinking Bikini


A frequent focus of the camera lens of the paparazzi due to her immense fame, there are oodles of shots of her out there that were taken without the consent or planning of Kaley. An unfortunate part of the modern celebrity life, as much as we deride these photographic predators, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend that we don’t view the results of their efforts. A great example of why we just can’t bring ourselves to turn that tap off, this shot of the popular actress is awe-inspiring. One of the most attractive shots of her we’ve ever seen, it is also incredible since it proves that she doesn’t need a makeup and hair team or fussed-over lighting and angles to look glorious.

3 Sunglasses Selfie


The second and final selfie to appear on this list, the visual difference between this one and the previous entry isn’t that wide so you may be wondering why it is ranked so much higher on this list. The first reason for that is more of her body is on display here, in-between the fact that she has shorts on instead of pants and her sports bra is a little bit smaller. The next reason is due to the fact that she doesn’t seem to be doing anything here to make her figure look any more attractive, so it seems like this is a more realistic view of her, and we really dig that. Finally, her shorts seem to be fitted a little bit lower on her hips and that is a thing of unbelievable beauty.

2 Lounging Attire


If it isn’t incredibly obvious, we here at probably wouldn’t have put together this list if we didn’t think that Kaley Cuoco is such a hot lady that many awesome images of her don’t go viral. The reason we think that happens is that there is such an embarrassment of riches when it comes to steamy photos of her that some of them fall by the wayside even though they are of a high caliber. The second best example of that in our opinion, this shot of her shows her laying on a chair or couch of some kind, and she seems to be at ease in it. Yet, she has her top or jacket open enough to provide a view of her bra that is worth our weight in gold since it seems like we’re stealing a peek at it.

1 Uncovered


A shot of Kaley Cuoco that appeals to our minds on a guttural level, this picture absolutely tantalizes the mind because of what it hints at. Put together to perfection here, her makeup and hair have clearly been worked on by the best pros out there as they are impressive but not overpowering. On top of that, she is being photographed on a bed here which is fantasy fodder in itself. However, it is also implied based on the lack of visible bra and her uncovered back and arms that she is topless at least under that sheet. Realizing all of that, it becomes extremely easy to then come to the conclusion that she has done all of that to seduce someone, and it isn’t too hard to pretend for at least a moment that it is us.

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20 Steamy Photos Of Kaley Cuoco You Probably Haven’t Seen