20 Steamiest Scenes From The 2000s Where Celebs Bared It All

It seems like the frequency of "bare" scenes featuring famous people only appears to increase decade after decade

A mainstay of the movie scene pretty much from the beginning, seeing people in the buff on screen has come to be expected as a regular occurrence. However, it seems like the frequency of such scenes featuring famous people only appears to increase decade after decade, which makes total sense to us. We say that because nudity on screen becomes less and less controversial as time passes, and it has also increasingly become somewhat advantageous to the notoriety of an actress. Realizing that there is such a vast array of this type of scene from the previous decade is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest scenes from the 2000s where celebs bared all.

In order for a scene to be considered for inclusion on this list, it first has to feature someone who is a known entity to at least a sizable group of people. They don’t have to be a household name as long as they have a pretty big following and the way in which they became a known entity is equally inconsequential. That means that they could be known as an actor, musician, athlete, TV personality, “reality” star, YouTube celebrity, or anything else as long as people are aware of them. Next, the scene in question where they revealed at least some of their naughty bits needs to have been released in the 2000s. Finally, the only other requirement is that it stems from a work of entertainment. As such, a video of them in real life was not in the running.

20 Marisa Tomei – The Wrestler


An actress that first came to prominence as one of the stars of the first season of a spin-off from The Cosby Show, A Different World, it took several more years for Marisa Tomei to be in the spotlight again. Fortunately, for her career, she was cast as the female lead in My Cousin Vinny, and her work in it was beloved by the masses and managed to earn her an Academy Award to the surprise of many. Also giving several other strong performances in movies like In the Bedroom and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, she got a lot of attention, yet again, when she appeared in The Wrestler. A movie that told the story of a former professional wrestler that is no longer a big star, Marisa appears as a stripper for whom the titular character falls, and seeing her doing her thing, we totally get why.

19 Eva Green – The Dreamers

An actress that got a lot of chances due to her work in this independent film that was her debut in a major project, we love The Dreamers for introducing us to Eva Green and the view of her that it provided. Going on to be one of the most sensual and powerful actresses of her generation, let alone of all time, she has given several incredible performances in the years since. In fact, if you ask us, movies like Casino Royale and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, as well as the show Penny Dreadful, would have been far worse if her characters were played by anyone else. A movie about a trio of young people that are intimately involved with one another, there are several scenes with Eva undressed, but our favorite has to be one where she enters a room with nothing on.

18 Penélope Cruz – Vanilla Sky

One of the most famous Spanish actresses in the world, Penélope Cruz has managed to become a star seemingly everywhere on this planet due to her acting skills and extreme beauty. A part of films like Elegy, Woman on Top, Blow, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, she has several hit films under her belt. Also the star of a Spanish-language film called Open Your Eyes, she also starred in its American remake Vanilla Sky, alongside Tom Cruise who she dated in real life at one time. Making it to this list due to a scene where she was topless in bed with her movie star beau, the moment was incredible because of the chance to see her bare chest and the effortless chemistry between them.

17 Rhona Mitra – Hollow Man


An actress whose name you may not know but we fully expect most film and television watchers in North America to recognize, Rhona Mitra has attained a different kind of fame. Memorable for shows like Party of Five, The Practice, Nip/Tuck, Boston Legal, and several others, she has popped up on television far too many times to list here. On top of that, she also has an extensive film resume that includes titles like Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Beowulf, Sweet Home Alabama, and Get Carter. A part of this list due to a moment she was the focus of in Hollow Man, that film is about a scientist that becomes an invisible man and uses it for evil almost immediately. Seen getting out of the shower in a scene where she then puts lotion on her own chest for the viewing pleasure of the audience, the ending of the scene is very disturbing but ignoring that it is fantastic.

16 Anne Hathaway – Havoc


Introduced to much of the movie going public when she was cast as the main character in the Princess Diaries movies, there was little indication of what Anne Hathaway was capable of in them. Going on to have a pretty amazing career, she has been a part of several hit films like The Devil Wears Prada, Alice in Wonderland, The Dark Knight Rises, and several others. On top of that, she has received a great deal of praise for her stunning performances in films like Brokeback Mountain, Rachel Getting Married, and Les Misérables. However, none of those pieces earned her way on to this list since it was a mostly forgotten film called Havoc that made her a shoo-in. Playing a young woman flirting with danger in the film, she is here because of an amazing scene where her character attempts to seduce a camera, and we get to enjoy her efforts while she partially undresses.

15 Jennifer Connelly – Waking The Dead


An actress that we are astonished to see mostly missing in action when it comes to major movies today, she may have provided her voice to a Spider-Man movie but we need to see her on the big screen. Beloved for her work in classic movies like Labyrinth and The Rocketeer, as Jennifer Connelly became more of a mature woman, she took on more challenging roles. Fortunately, she absolutely killed it in these films, including Dark City, Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind, and House of Sand and Fog. Despite all of those impressive roles, including appearing in the buff in one of them, it is a movie that almost nobody saw that is the reason we included her here. In the movie Waking the Dead that didn’t even make a million dollars at the box office, Jennifer has a love scene with Billy Crudup where her chest can be seen and her large assets are a feast for the eyes.

14 Kelly Brook - Survival Island


An English model that became known because of how impressive her buxom body is and her willingness to show it off, when Kelly Brook made the leap to acting, she didn’t suddenly become shy. Seen in several TV shows as a guest star like Smallville, Britain’s Got Talent, Skins, and others, she also managed to get a regular role in a show called One Big Happy. Then, there was her film career that includes films like The Italian Job, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, and Piranha 3D but she was only there as eye candy for the most part. Cast as one of the leads in the film Survival Island which was panned by critics, it seems that the only reason why it got any attention, including being brought up here, is that Kelly is seen cavorting topless in the ocean.

13 Jessica Biel - Powder Blue


Not exactly an Academy Award-winning actress, despite that fact, Jessica Biel has had a lengthy career as a film star because of her splendid looks. Starting out on television where she starred in the series 7th Heaven, it seemed like she didn’t enjoy the stifling nature of being part of such an innocent show and sought out films and more mature roles. Going on to appear in movies like The Rules of Attraction, Blade: Trinity, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, and The A-Team, she has become a fixture of the film industry. Included in that is starring in a little scene drama called Powder Blue in which she played a stripper and exposed her chest and much of her booty on stage in a scene that fans had waited years for.

12 Naomi Watts & Laura Harring - Mulholland Drive


A film that was directed by David Lynch, Mulholland Drive was about a woman with no memory of her past and another that tries to help her figure out her history before they fall for one another. Starring Laura Harring as the amnesiac, she had earned a name for herself when she was crowned Miss USA and then went on to be a part of movies like John Q and The Punisher. Even more famous, her co-star, Naomi Watts, is a movie star that also wins awards and acclaim as a part of films like Eastern Promises, The Impossible, and 21 Grams. Sharing two scenes in which they both are less than fully dressed in this movie, we opted to include a fully lit sequence in which they are both topless on a couch and briefly embrace.

11 Alice Eve – Crossing Over

If you have seen Alice Eve on screen, and you likely have, it is hard to contemplate the idea that you’ve forgotten about her even if you had no idea what her name was. Appearing in several films a year throughout most of her career, that has led to her showing up in a wide range of movies, including She’s Out of My League, Men in Black 3, and Star Trek Into Darkness. That is to say nothing of her work on the small screen including guest starring in series like Entourage and Black Mirror. A 2009 movie that is all but forgotten despite featuring Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, and Ashley Judd, the moment where Alice is topless is so glorious that it is what Crossing Over is best known for now.

10 Christina Ricci – Prozac Nation


A former child star that gained a lot of notice when she was cast as Wednesday Addams in the movie remake of The Addams Family, it seemed like she was born to play the part, she fit it so well. That is why it was so surprising to see Christina Ricci grow up into an accomplished actress that has taken on a number of different types of roles and has done a marvelous job in the vast majority of them. Also known for her part in movies like Sleepy Hollow, Monster, Black Snake Moan, and several others, this is yet another case of a throwaway film featuring someone’s best nudity. In fact, during the opening moments of Prozac Nation, the viewer gets a shot of a totally undressed Christina on a bed, and you can see her fully exposed chest which is worth the price of admission.

9 Amber Heard – The Informers


A beautiful blonde with one heck of a presence on screen, when watching Amber Heard at work, it can be a rather joyous experience. A part of a number of notable movies including Zombieland, Pineapple Express, Drive Angry, Magic Mike XXL, and The Danish Girl to name only a sampling, her resume includes a number of genres. On top of that, it seems like she might actually become an even bigger deal since she is set to appear in the upcoming comic book movie Justice League which is highly anticipated and could be a big deal. Shown topless in The Informers which came out in 2008, by then, she had already gotten a number of roles but we’d never gotten the chance to see what she was working with. But now that we did, we love the view.

8 Carla Gugino – Sin City


An actress that has never quite made it to the top of the industry but has been bubbling just below that level for years on end, Carla Gugino has a face that millions of people know well. In fact, we’re going to list some of her credits here but there is a good chance that you may be thinking of another one when looking at her as her career has been so varied. That said, you may be aware of her from her work in movies like Watchmen, the Spy Kids films, San Andreas, or Night at the Museum as well as shows like Spin City, Chicago Hope, Entourage, or Californication. Then, you have Sin City, one of the most impressive-looking films around where she played Lucille who we see topless in a visually lush moment we will never forget.

7 Piper Perabo & Jessica Paré - Lost And Delirious


If you’ve never heard of this film, don’t worry, you’re not the only one as evidenced by the fact that it made less than four hundred thousand dollars at the box office. Starring these two young ladies, Piper Perabo is best known as one of the Cheaper by the Dozen kids and movies like Looper, The Prestige, and Coyote Ugly. Whereas many people remember Jessica Paré for her part in movies like Hot Tub Time Machine and Brooklyn or as the final wife of Don Draper in the acclaimed series Mad Men. Playing a pair of students, it is soon revealed that they were hiding the fact that they were actually lovers. Seen making love in a sultry scene that was very tender, the view is a thing of beauty and seeing them together is emotionally entangling for the audience as well.

6 Rosario Dawson – Alexander


We’re just going to say it. Despite the idea of a film about Alexander the Great seeming like a great idea, Oliver Stone’s take was pretty horrible and that is far from a controversial position to take. Starring respected actors like Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins, and Jared Leto, many people weren’t even aware of Rosario Dawson’s involvement until she was on the screen. Fortunately, once she showed up, she made the film worth something for less than PG reasons for at least one standout moment. Seen in bed with Alexander, her coverings are striped away. The pair struggle before embracing but all we could do was focus on the fact that you can see all of her hot body at one moment or another.

5 Eva Amurri – Californication


The daughter of Italian film director Franco Amurri and famed actress Susan Sarandon, it seems like success in Hollywood was in Eva Amurri’s blood from birth. Early on appearing in a number of projects that her parents were involved with, she would eventually strike out on her own and get a long list of roles based on her own skills and attributes. Best known for her film roles in movies like Saved!, That’s My Boy, and The Banger Sisters as well as shows she guested on like Friends and New Girl, she makes an impact in every project she is a part of. Also given an important role in an early season of Californication where she seduced her teacher, the main character of the series, any effort he made to turn her down withered quickly. While that kind of relationship is heavily frowned upon, when he saw her topless in her job as a stripper in one of the hottest scenes of the decade, we understood him giving in.

4 Eva Mendes – Training Day


A movie that was received with open arms, Denzel Washington’s work in Training Day was so incredible that it left little room for the other people in it to get much attention aside from Ethan Hawke. In fact, many beloved and respected celebrities like Scott Glenn, Snoop Dogg, Macy Gray, Tom Berenger, and Terry Crews appeared to little fanfare. Even still, we are sometimes amazed that people seem to forget that Eva Mendes, an actress that is famous for her roles in movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious, Hitch, Ghost Rider, and more, was a big part of the film. Playing someone that was intimately involved with Denzel’s character, it is even more shocking since she is seen totally exposed late in the film in a moment we can’t get enough of.

3 Lizzy Caplan – True Blood


An actress that has a huge following mostly because of her work in comedies, Lizzy Caplan has been in a number of projects that many people hold near to their heart. Included among them are shows like The Class, Party Down, The League, as well as Freaks and Geeks among others. On top of that, she has also been successful as a film star including movies like Hot Tub Time Machine, Save the Date, and Now You See Me 2, as well as an appearance in the upcoming film The Disaster Artist. Despite all of that incredible work and the noteworthy career she has put together, at times, part of her seems to fly under the radar, including just how attractive she truly is. If you question that at all, then you need to look no further than this moment from the first season of True Blood where her topless body is seen and reveals how flawless she seems to be.

2 Halle Berry – Monster’s Ball


Making her film debut in the early nineties, right from the start, it seemed like Halle Berry was in for big things since she was able to be a part of several notable films from a variety of genres. Then she got the role that took her to a whole new level, Storm in the X-Men franchise of films, and she went from being beloved by many to being an international superstar people were dying to work with. Probably due to that fact, she was given a lead role in the film Monster’s Ball, which would earn her an Academy Award and even more respect than before. Giving an incredibly grounded performance in the film, it involved a lovemaking scene which was one of the most guttural and passionate things we’ve ever seen on screen in the best ways possible.

1 Katie Holmes – The Gift


One of the stars of the teen drama series Dawson’s Creek, Katie Holmes played Joey Potter, the ultimate girl next door. And as a result of that, millions of people developed a crush on her. She then went on to star in movies like Go, Wonder Boys, Phone Booth, Batman Begins, Thank You for Smoking, and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark to name a sampling. As a result of these projects and others, many people have watched her for hours on end. A beautiful woman on the face of things, for many years, we had no idea what she looked like under her clothes and were left wondering because of it. Putting those thoughts to bed when she appeared without a top on in a scene from The Gift, we weren’t disappointed in the slightest as she has one of the best chests we’ve ever seen.

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