20 Steamiest Photos Of The O.C. Cast Members

It may be hard to remember now but there was a time where The O.C. was one of the most popular and talked about shows on television.

It may be hard to remember now but there was a time where The O.C. was one of the most popular and talked about shows on television. Feeling dissimilar to any of the other teen shows that TV fans had seen in the past when it debuted, it was shot beautifully and there was an air of realism to some of the characters' stories. Eventually delving into more typical storytelling and visuals seen in other teen shows, the series only ran for four seasons but it was a big-enough deal that its place in television history is cemented. Realizing that inspired us to put together this list of the twenty hottest photos of The O.C. cast members.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the female stars of The O.C. can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with a show will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. We did limit ourselves to the stars of the show, so photos of most guest stars were never going to find their way here. We have decided to make one notable exception since Samaire Armstrong’s character in the first season was such a memorable part of the show’s history. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Mischa Undressing

Made a star pretty much overnight when she was cast as Marissa Cooper in The O.C., when Mischa Barton was seen on screen as the character for the first time, she turned a lot of heads. Playing the female lead during her time on the show, many of the series’ more dramatic moments relied on her, and there were a lot of fans that wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. A beautiful woman who was great at getting the audience to invest in her, she was well cast as a character that oftentimes needed protecting as much of the audience wanted to keep her safe, too. That doesn’t mean that she couldn’t come across as sensual, though, as evidenced by a picture like this one where she appears to be in the midst of undressing which is quite effective in our view.

19 Melinda Side View


Throughout television and film history, there have been a number of prominent stories about younger men and the older woman that were a hit with audiences and critics alike. In fact, films like The Graduate, In The Bedroom, Y Tu Mamá También, and far too many more to list here had already made their mark before The O.C. ever went on air. Still, that didn’t mean it was a trope that we could ever get enough of especially when it involves the Melinda Clarke in the cougar role since she seems like such a ravishing woman. Cast in that kind of role when this series debuted, we can totally understand what the character Luke saw in her despite their age gap when she looks as bewitching as she does here.

18 Rachel All Dressed Up


A screengrab of Rachel Bilson from an episode of The O.C., this image is a perfect example of why her time on the show has led to many people becoming quite smitten with her. Cast as Summer Roberts, she would go on to play the character through all ninety-two episodes of the series, and we think it can be argued that she was the most lovable character. On top of having a heart of gold, her character was also shown to be a fashionista that took a great interest in her own style as well as those around her. That is why we don’t find it surprising at all that Summer, and by extension, Rachel, would be found in a dress like this that accentuates everything attractive about her.

17 Willa Topless


Cast as the younger sister of Mischa Barton’s lead character, Marissa Cooper, when Willa Holland joined the series, she was actually the second person to play the part. Inheriting the role from the more famous actress Shailene Woodley, she was the person who defined the role which is why we included her on this list and excluded her predecessor. Appearing in the final two seasons of the show when she was still a child, her version of the character caused a lot of upheaval in the lives of those around her despite being underage. These days, being very much an adult, she seems to desire a grownup image. Perhaps that is why she took part in a photoshoot like this one where she was topless, which is tantalizing for her fans even though they can’t see any of her naughty bits.

16 Kelly Classy


The second of the older generation of characters that fans grew to love on The O.C. to appear on this list, Kelly Rowan’s character, Kirsten Cohen, was far more innocent than almost all of her peers. An actress that comes off like a sweet person on screen, we don’t think she could have played the far more steamy character played by Melinda Clarke but don’t let that fool you. Just because she may not be best suited to play the femme fatale, does not mean that she should be considered anything other than gorgeous. Seen in a picture like this one where she has a very classy look to her, we would be overjoyed to have her on our arm at a formal event or in the bedroom.

15 Mischa Bikini


Here we have a photo of Mischa which we think serves as the perfect example of why she was a great person to play one side of her character on this show. Putting aside all of the more sensational stories her character was a part of, when things were on the sunny side, she needed to come across as someone who the other characters would be drawn to. Otherwise, it would make no sense for them to put up with her crap. Sporting a huge smile on her face here, looking at her with that expression gives us a warm and welcoming feeling. When you then factor in how good she looked in that bikini, it is obvious that many people would enjoy being around her for a view like that too.

14 Samaire Red Carpet


As we touched on in the intro to this article, we decided to include photos of Samaire Armstrong despite the fact that she was never considered to be one of the stars of the series this list is based around. We did so because we feel that the love triangle between her character Anna Stern, Rachel Bilson’s Summer, and Adam Brody’s Seth was a pivotal part of the series, especially in the early stages. Only appearing in fifteen episodes, it speaks volumes about her work that it made such a big impact on a series that would last for nearly one hundred. Seen here at a red carpet event, her choice of clothes did her a great service. Wearing a tight dress that really showed off her curves, the opportunity to get a view of her derriere is one that we enjoy immensely.

13 Autumn Underwear

In the years since Autumn Reeser played Taylor on The O.C., she has played a long list of characters and has been in several notable films and shows. In movies like Lost Boys: The Tribe, she showed her action skills while her work in Sully and the show Entourage revealed that she was capable of showing off that she can be strong-willed too. That said, so far, she hasn’t played a lot of parts that relied on her more seductive side, much to our disappointment. That seems like an even more disheartening fact while admiring a picture like this of her in her underwear since she looks magnificent. On top of that, we love the way that the expression on her face makes it seem like she is very much aware of the effect her body would have on observers.

12 Rachel On Set


The second image of Rachel Bilson on this list that features her in character as Summer Roberts from this series, this is proof positive of how great she looked on the show. Fans of the series will know that her character began her run on the series as more of a background figure that was there to react as Seth and Ryan began to come around. Fortunately, over time, the audience and producers seemed to have become aware of her many charms which led her to stick around longer than several other characters did. We think that it was her charisma that led to her continued appearances. But the fact that she could look this amazing in a bikini top and shorts had to play a part in that too.

11 Melinda Smouldering Cleavage


If you are among the camp of people who were not regular watchers of The O.C., let us introduce you to a still image of Melinda Clarke playing her character on the series, Julie Cooper. The epitome of the way we saw her as the series began, she was written as an iron-willed woman who seemed capable of destroying you with a look. She was someone you didn’t want to trifle with. However, it also was quickly clear that she was a bewitching person to come across that could use her feminine wiles if she had you in her crosshairs. These two aspects of her were exactly why we found it so fun to see what her character would do next, especially since she looked as racy as she does here.

10 Autumn Cutie


When walking a red carpet, a celebrity must do what he/she can to ensure that they gain the attention of the photographers present for as long as possible. Autumn Reeser has made her mark on TV but there is no denying that she is far from a household name, which would likely make such an effort much harder on her. With her work set out for her when she showed up at this event the night this picture was taken, you may not see red at her feet but the pressure was still there nevertheless. Fortunately, she came to impress and knew exactly how to do it. Wearing a dress that shows off almost all of her long and lovely legs, that was an outstanding first salvo in her effort. However, we think it is the mischievous look on her face which communicates that she’s happy to be seen that makes this picture so delightful.

9 Rachel Booty


For those of us that have followed Rachel Bilson’s career, it has been a pretty remarkable thing. Clearly an appealing young woman, a lot of actresses in her position have flaunted their looks a great deal in order to make themselves a bigger star. We have absolutely no problem with that as long as they are doing it for their own reasons and not because they feel pressured to. On the other hand, you have this actress who hasn’t taken that route and in most cases has only taken part in relatively tame photo shoots. For that reason, a picture like this one is so valuable if you are like us who want to see more of her. On top of the appeal of seeing her in her underwear, which is magnificent in itself, the fact that we get the chance to check out her booty makes this all the better since it is quite nice.

8 Willa Arrow


One of two photos of Willa Holland to make it to this list, in the case of this image, we are dealing with a screenshot of her work on another hit show, Arrow. A part of the DC television universe, her performance on the series has given her a great deal of credit with the comic book devotees out there. Playing the character Thea Queen, she is the younger sister of the series’ lead, Oliver Queen, and is nicknamed Speedy. Considering this is a superhero series and she is known by a word like that one, it would make total sense if she was seen running around at speeds too quick to be able to make her out. Thankfully, we are able to see a moment like this one where she is dressed in a top that is tight to her chest while revealing her midriff, which is what makes this image a must for this list.

7 Autumn Lying Back

When the character Taylor Townsend debuted in the second episode of the third season of The O.C., there was no way to know how important she would become. Played by Autumn Reeser, she was set up to be an overly fastidious person, and it seemed clear that fans were not meant to like her despite the fact that she was so put-together and lovely to look at. Eventually explained further, by the end of the series, her sometimes strange behavior had become immensely endearing, and we were desperate to see her get a happy ending. Fortunately, a photo of her like this one exists, and it gives us the feeling that everything turned out peachy in her life since she seems to be living the high life and still be as enchanting as ever.

6 Kelly Beautiful


An actress that has worked steadily since the mid-eighties, Kelly Rowan has appeared in a very long list of series and movies over the years. A part of films like Hook and Three to Tango, as well as shows like Growing Pains and The Outer Limits, up until she was cast as part of this show, she largely played guest spots or background characters. Watching her do her thing in The O.C. made us feel astonished that she hadn’t received her big break years ago as she has real acting chops and the looks that are almost always needed to make it. A great example of the latter, here we see Kelly looking so beautiful and confident in herself that it seems inconceivable to us that anyone would be able to turn her down.

5 Samaire Skateboarder

Someone who we will always associate with her time on The O.C., when we came across this picture of Samaire Armstrong, we were initially surprised to see her with long hair. Fortunately, she looks great no matter the length of her locks and before too long, we were able to focus on the other elements of this photo that are so fantastic. Wearing what seems to be a one-piece swimsuit that leaves very little to the imagination when it comes to her body, there is no doubt in our mind that she has it going on. Additionally, we really enjoy her knee-high socks even though they cover up a part of her legs since they serve to draw the eye to her stems, and we could happily stare at them for a while.

4 Mischa Cleavage


We know full well that all of us are attracted to people for different reasons than one another, so if someone wasn’t into Mischa physically, we would be understanding. However, if you ask us, it seems abundantly clear that she was an exquisite beauty when this picture was taken from an empirical standpoint. That said, if you are someone who has no interest in anyone without a large bosom, then she isn’t going to be one of the celebrities you find most attractive. Again, while that is an understandable thing, we find it hard to fathom that someone who is attracted to women being anything but pleased by her cleavage here. That is also to say nothing about how pretty her face is in this image, which is a wonderful thing by itself.

3 Melinda Body


We’re just going to say it. There are parts of this picture that we find somewhat perplexing. We have no idea why she is sitting in a circular plastic seat and more than that, what it could be hanging from as it seems clear that she is outside. Speaking of the locale, it also befuddles us why her pseudo sci-fi seat was placed in front of a flower garden. Fortunately, none of that matters to us in the least while putting together a list like this one. Instead, all we can do is sit in stunned silence as we look at a photo of Melinda where her body looks on-point, and it seems clear that she knows what she wants in the bedroom and is going to get it.

2 Autumn Midriff

This picture of Autumn Reeser almost seems like it was taken just for us so we could include it on this list. Containing many of the things we find most attractive in a photo of a beautiful woman, there is so much to like here that it amazes even us that it didn’t take our top spot. Showing her in a pair of bikini bottoms and a tied-up shirt, her outfit allows us to get an outstanding look at her midriff, which is a thing of beauty. Next, we adore the way she has one of her arms raised like that as it gives the image a more intimate feel to it, which is fantastic for obvious reasons. Finally, we have to call attention to how long and lustrous her hair looks here which really puts this picture on the second topmost spot on this list.

1 Rachel Bikini


In our last entry that featured a photo of Rachel, we touched on the fact that we’ve found that most of her photoshoots are on the less scandalous end of things. Then, we follow it up with an image like this one of her in a bikini top while soaking, and our readers may be thinking to themselves that we are full of it. Actually, the reason why we stand behind our contention is this is another screengrab of her from a show she starred in, Hart of Dixie. Looking absolutely stunning here, all we can say while looking at this picture is that we just can’t get enough of Rachel wearing bikini tops, and being wet like that only serves to make it all the better.

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20 Steamiest Photos Of The O.C. Cast Members