20 Steamiest Photos Of Sofia Vergara That Will Drive You Wild

One of the biggest television stars in the world today, Sofía Vergara is part of the show Modern Family, a show with a massive fan following that also has received a lot of praise. Introduced to many people when she became the star of that series, she was already known to people that follow the most attractive women in the world due to her extensive modeling past. In fact, she was such a big deal among some people that there was a time when she posed for a yearly bikini calendar that she then sold to her throngs of fans. Keeping in mind that she is such a gorgeous woman who has a history of posing for pictures and is often photographed by paparazzi these days, clearly, there are lots of hot images of her out there. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of Sofia Vergara that will drive you wild.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion here, the only prerequisite is that Sofia Vergara can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than this popular TV star will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from shows, movies, or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes, and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 French Maid

Via latinaparadise.com

We here at TheRichest.com are avid viewers of television and movies, which means that we, like many of you, have seen the concept of the French maid fetish play out in front of us many times in the past. That said, we’ve got to say that it has never really been our thing, and we’ve never fully grasped the preoccupation with the idea that seems to be so prevalent in the media. Then we saw this photo of a young Sofía in a traditional French maid outfit, and any confusion we had with the concept instantly fades away. That is because of how her body fills it out, especially in the chest area, as well as the look on her face working for us.

19 Pink Dress

Via glamour.com

A shot of Sofía from the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards, she had actually been in the running the previous year for the Best Ensemble award with her castmates but was ignored the year this was taken. That is a remarkable idea since it seems utterly impossible to forget about a woman as gorgeous as her, especially considering her outsized TV persona as well. If it were her goal to show up to the show that night in an outfit that ensured that she was in the forefront of everyone’s minds, then she knocked it out of the park since her pink dress hit the mark to perfection. Very vibrant and form-fitting, it draws the eye to every aspect of her stunning figure, which is something we celebrate on every level.

18 Leopard Print Dress

Via hawtcelebs.com

A pattern that seems to appeal to the animalistic part of our minds, seeing someone we are interested in from a physical point of view draped in leopard print makes us feel something on a guttural level. A perfect example of why that is the case, in this shot of Sofía, it seems like she is ready to pounce at any second. And if you are anything like us, you’d love to be in her sights too. In fact, every aspect of this image plays into that idea, including the confident look on her face which makes it seem like she knows exactly what she is after. Of course, the fact that her cleavage looks as good as ever in this picture makes this whole thing all the more impressive too.

17 Lovely Lounging

Via gotceleb.com

It is just a fact of life that being incredibly hot can go a long way in many aspects of life. For instance, if you actually look at the pose that Sofía’s body has in here, it is more than a little bit weird. In fact, if you ask us, the disparate directions that each of her limbs are facing and the awkward ways in which some of them are bent is a little bit off-putting when looking at each of them in a bubble. On the other side of things, however, when taking in the whole package, which we highly suggest, all of that fades away and desire takes over. Whether that is because of the seductive look on her face or the outrageous dimensions of her body, one thing is clear; we like it.

16 Glitter

Via buzzbeagle.com

Glitter is a funny thing. It can be extremely annoying. And anyone who has kids can probably attest that in the hands of a child, there is little that can be more obtrusive from a cleaning perspective. Still, there is no denying that on the right body, it can be a wonderful tool of physical persuasion for a reason as instinctual as any out there. A substance whose shine draws the eye in, whatever part of someone’s body it adorns on will soon be gazed upon. A shot of Sofia with it brushed all over her chest, this image is interesting since it proves to us that she never needs to use it again. We believe that for one simple reason—we don’t need any prompting to zoom in on that part of her body. It actually took us several seconds to realize that she had any on.

15 Bad Baking

Via gotceleb.com

Let’s face facts. It really doesn’t matter who you are. In almost every case, it is a very attractive trait in a potential mate to be able to prepare food for you. Whether you’re interested in sharing your bedroom with men or women, it seems universal to be a little bit more interested in someone who can make you some tasty treats. When it comes to this image, however, it seems like it is a great thing that Sofía Vergara is a hot-enough woman that she doesn’t need to rely on much more than her looks to be attractive. We say that because it is clear that the cookies that are implied to have been made by her are burned to hell. Luckily, it takes a long time to even notice that since you are too busy staring at her.

14 With Ariel

Via fundalize.com

A shot of Sofía with one of her co-stars, Ariel Winter, over the last several years, both women have gotten a lot of attention for the way they look, for good reason. A pair of women with bodies that they seem to have a lot of deserved confidence in, there are many images out there of each of them wearing outfits that flaunt their figures to the delight of their fans. Photographed together here, both of them look rather lovely. On top of that, it is wonderful to see how relaxed with one another they seem since so many co-stars of years past soon began to feud. Of course, for our purposes here, the main thing that we’re taking away from this image is the gander at Sofía’s body it allows us to take.

13 Beautiful Booty

via gotceleb.com

An accomplished actress in her own right, over the years, Sofía has played many notable roles and has taken home some highly coveted accolades, which means that she is one of the most successful actors around. Still, as of this point in her life, she has never found herself in the running for an Academy Award. So when it came time for the Oscars in 2017, the Vanity Fair after party was her opportunity to shine. She did just that due in no small part because of the dress you are looking at here for pretty obvious reasons. Posed to perfection for those of us that appreciate her incredible derriere, between that and the fit of her dress, it is clear that she has a booty for the ages.

12 Vanity Fair

Via Reddit.com

Jumping from a photo of Sofía at an event put on by Vanity Fair to a shot of her that was published in the pages of its magazine, it is clear that the company and actress make a fantastic pairing. Photographed by Norman Jean Roy in this 2011 image, it seems like he has it all figured out when it comes to how to best accentuate the most attractive aspects of her. There are obvious reasons to say that, including the mind-blowing amount of cleavage on display while all of her naughty bits are still covered here. On top of that, however, we also adore the way he was able to frame her face which is always one of the most stunning aspects of her, no matter how impressive her body remains.

11 Paparazzi

Via thecelebrityauction.co

A shot of Sofía that was taken while she was set to attend a taping, it seems clear that she remains the picture of class and beauty wherever she goes in this image. Obviously taken by a paparazzi considering the framing of it and the fact that many in it have no idea that their picture is being taken, she seems to have an awareness unlike those around her. Staring into the camera with an endearing smile on her face, we find it immensely attractive to see that she appears to be a happy person more often than not in life. However, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend that it wasn’t the view of her curvaceous body that is on display here that really does it for us.

10 Commercial Shoot

via Pinterest

From one photo taken by a paparazzi to another, this time around, it seems like someone stole an image of Sofía while she was in the midst of being filmed for a Diet Pepsi commercial. An advertisement she appears in alongside another international heartthrob, David Beckham, they make a rather attractive pair but even though his involvement must have cost a lot, he takes the back seat. An interesting idea since he is such a superstar, it is only when looking at her in the outfit she wears in the commercial that it makes sense. We believe that because her blue swimsuit fits her body to a tee which means we get to take much of it in and there is little we can think of that is better than that.

9 Sensual Dancing

Via celluloidportraits.com

An image of Sofía that originates from the movie Fading Gigolo, she can be seen alongside John Turturro who was her co-star in the movie, as well as the person who wrote and directed the film. Clearly a man of pure genius, he was brilliant enough to write himself the role of a lothario and then cast one of the most attractive women alive in a part that required her to be within his grasp. Not only an attractive woman to look at when she is sitting still, anyone who has seen her move can also attest that Sofía Vergara can move her body with the best of them. You can’t tell any of that when looking at a still image of her, as is the case here. But the sensual look on her face and the confidence that is evident here makes it clear in our mind.

8 Lingerie

Via celebzz.com

A type of garment that is designed to emphasize the innate beauty of the human body, especially in the female form, anyone with eyes could likely tell you that Sofía doesn’t need any help in that regard. Still, that doesn’t mean that her insanely hot body won’t look even more incredible when wearing something that is designed to make it look its absolute best. Case, in point, this shot of her in underwear gives the viewer a great view of her cleavage and legs, as well as the way her body curves with the rise and fall of her chest and hips. In fact, seeing that the image also features blue lines pointing out the hot parts of her body seems so unnecessary since they are self-evident that it seems silly.

7 Women’s Health

via Pro Cinema

The first and only shot of Sofía on the cover of a magazine to make it on this list, that fact seems odd to us for a couple of reasons. Both a huge star and a woman of unparalleled beauty, it seems like the publishing industry should be embracing her wholeheartedly, which would lead to an embarrassment of riches for this list. Don’t get us wrong. There are other magazine cover shots of her out there that were pretty great, but there should be more that can compete against the images we’ve included on this list. Come on, publishers, you can do better. But at least we can’t complain while looking at this image of her in a tied-off shirt and bikini bottoms that leave little to the imagination.

6 Wonder Woman

Via varietylatino.com

A true icon of pop culture, Wonder Woman is arguably the most famous female superhero in history which makes her important for many young people searching for something to look up to. As a result of the character’s place in history, there have been a lot of people over the years that have cosplayed as her, including a long list of celebrities. In some cases, that may mean that we are looking at dwindling returns since it has become a little bit pedestrian. But when someone like Sofía is dressing in anything revealing, it is always exciting. Blessed with a body that can fill out any item of clothing, this image where we get a great idea of what she is working with, body-wise, is simply wonderful.

5 Curls

Via gceleb.com

Let’s get real here. When it comes to most shots of Sofía, one of the last things we’re all likely to notice is the exact style of her hair for very obvious reasons. That is why this hot shot where it immediately jumps out at you is pretty remarkable on the face of it. Thankfully, when your interest in her hairdo wanes, there is more than enough here otherwise to keep your interest. First off, you’re likely to take note of the sheer quantity of her cleavage that is on display, which can perfectly be summed up in a single word—amazing. However, don’t allow that to make you ignore the way her blue dress grips her body elsewhere too, as her hips continue to impress.

4 Curves

Via taringa.net

Previously on this list, we’ve made mention of this actress’ awe-inspiring curves a few times since it bears discussion from time to time, on top of praising her ability to play characters. In fact, we think that the way her body rises and falls to such a degree is so attention-grabbing that it becomes nearly impossible to ignore, especially when it comes to a shot that emphasizes that part of her. Quite possibly the best shot of her that accentuates her hourglass figure in existence, you can really take it in when it comes to this image. We suggest that you sit back and appreciate her large hips to start off with and then transition to gazing at the size of her chest next to get the greatest possible results.

3 Leopard Print Bikini

Via birlesikbasin.com

We’re not going to go into what we like about leopard print yet again since that is unnecessary at this point. But if you questioned the idea in the past, we’re guessing you aren’t now. Instead, it is the position that Sofía’s body has been placed in here that we think is truly worthy of consideration and praise. Looking as though she is getting up after laying on her stomach for a while, her pose allows us to see her cleavage and legs, but we’ve taken them in several times in this list already. For us, however, our favorite part of this picture isn’t what we’re actually looking at but what it allows us to imagine. If you’re not sure what we mean, then we suggest you picture in your mind the view that would be on display if you were able to stand behind her in line with her feet, and it will become much clearer.

2 Miller Lite

Via esquire.co.uk

The second picture of her that was taken while she was working to promote a brand that appears on this list, looking at it, we’re shocked that she isn’t a billionaire at this point. We feel that way because it seems like almost any adult company with the cash to pony up should be knocking on her door at any moment to take advantage of similar opportunities. A part of an ad for Miller Lite beer in this image, we can only imagine that their sales saw a quick uptick in its wake since it seems like anyone attracted to women would be entranced by her beauty. As they take in how gorgeous her smile is and the fantastic view of her legs and chest, they are forced to enjoy looking at their brand’s emblem and relate it to a positive experience in their mind.

1 Profile

Via taringa.net

A former model, Sofía has been the focus of far too many photos over her lifespan to even try to count them. Pictured from every side of her in at least one image, despite that, there is no doubt that she has been shot from the direct front the most which is most likely followed up by shots from her backside next. When you see this image of her in profile, that seems like a real shame since it does as good a job as any at revealing her for the hottie that she is, in our opinion. Able to see the size of her chest, legs, and rear end, all at the same time in a single shot, if that isn’t a recipe for one of the best photos of her ever, we don’t know what is.

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