20 Steamiest Photos Of So You Think You Can Dance's Cat Deeley

When shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and The Real World made the “reality” television genre a huge deal, it inspired most North American television networks to look away from scripted shows. As a result of that, it also resulted in the newfound popularity of competition shows. But it should be remembered that this style of television had been a mainstay of the medium for years. That said, in the past, series like The Gong Show and Star Search, were presented in vastly different ways including being hosted by people like Ed McMahon, Chuck Barris, or Arsenio Hall. Don’t get us wrong, those gentlemen were great at what they did but we enjoy seeing someone as beautiful and talented as Cat Deeley on our screens any day of the week. Realizing that fact, we knew we wanted to see more of her, which is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of So You Think You Can Dance’s Cat Deeley.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion here, the only prerequisite is that Cat Deeley can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than this popular TV host will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from shows, movies, or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes, and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.


20 Head Shot

via QuotesGram

You’re reading this list so we can likely assume that you enjoy at least one television program. But if you are a devotee of the medium as a whole, as well as films, then you’ll recognize their recurring themes. For instance, when telling the story of an actor just making their way in the Hollywood machine, one thing that may pop up quickly is the demand for someone to have head shots to hand out. A photo that is meant to give someone gazing at it an idea of how someone would look on film, this picture of Cat Deeley may not have been one, but it certainly looks like it was to us. If that is the case and this image was designed for that purpose, then we’re sure it was a boon to her career since she looks great and that is often very important in the acting world.

19 Curves

Via dailymail.co.uk

The first of several images of Cat attending a red carpet event that you’ll come across while looking over this list, this shot of her is a great example of the fact that she brings her A-game on them. Photographed from the side, we’ve always thought it is a wonderful angle from which to see a beautiful woman as it gives a different perspective on their many attractive attributes. Case in point, here we get a view of her uncovered back while at the same time seeing the front of her face and luxurious hair. For us, though, the highlight of this image is being able to appreciate the rise and fall of her rear end and chest at the same time, which is always a marvelous thing.

18 Booty

Via popsugar.co.uk

A type of photograph that Cat Deeley hasn’t posed for a lot over the years as far as we can tell, this image of her provides the viewer with the chance to check out her booty which is a rare thing. Somebody who doesn’t rely on her looks all that much, instead focusing more on her personality a lot of the time, we understand that that may inspire her to avoid shots like this one. That doesn’t mean that we are pleased with her making a decision like that as it makes us sad to contemplate the idea that we are deprived of this view the vast majority of the time. At least we can always come back to this picture and fall for it all over again.

17 Yellow Dress

Via tvrage.com

Definitely most famous for serving as the host of So You Think You Can Dance starting all the way back in 2006, Cat has appeared on the production’s stage over and over again. An appealing woman that looks great in almost every situation we’ve seen her in, we, therefore, had oodles of images of her from the show to consider for inclusion on this list. Still, despite that fact, this turned out to be the only one of her one from that series’ many tapings that we’ve opted to include here. That isn’t because she didn’t look great the other times. Instead, we didn’t want this list to feel repetitive. Fortunately, if you ask us, this image of her was great enough to represent her time on the show admirably. Wearing a bright yellow dress that is cut high on her legs and a huge smile, they are a wonderful combination on her, to say the least.

16 Glamour Magazine Cover

Via famousfix.com

A magazine cover that is emboldened with the words ‘celebrity bodies’ in big letters, those words, in relation to Cat Deeley, equate to something we’re going to enjoy every time. Also included in that same blurb are famous names like Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson, yet the powers that be opted to have Cat featured on their magazine cover. Kind of shocking on the face of it since those other two women are among the best known and most lusted after ladies out there, looking at this image of the issue, we support their decision. Pictured without a visible stitch of clothing on, we can’t see any of her naughty bits at all but the idea that she is in the buff under that ribbon of words is glorious in our view.

15 Laying

Via cloudpix.co

An image that appears to be from earlier in her career than many of the others you’ll find here, this shot of Cat laying on her stomach on the floor has a lot of things going for it. First off, there is something that we will always find hot about seeing somebody we find attractive laying down as it brings certain activities to mind. Next, we get a view of her silky smooth legs that are very inviting and a thing of beauty. Finally, we’ll gladly take any opportunity to check out Cat’s cleavage since we feel that we don’t get that opportunity nearly enough. Adding up those three elements of this great picture, which are only its most obvious positives, makes it abundantly clear that it is worth our weight in gold.

14 Jimmy Kimmel Live

Via YouTube.com

Anytime someone like Cat gets the opportunity to appear on a show like Jimmy Kimmel Live, it is a huge opportunity for them. Appearing on millions of television sets in homes near and far, it is their chance to promote whatever project they are in at the time which is important for them since success begets more high-profile work. On top of that, they can also come off as highly likable which makes it more likely that some viewers may pay more attention to their individual careers. Of course, all of that requires them to come off well. And looking at this image of this TV host, it seems very likely that she did just that. Seeming entirely engaged and approachable, she looks like she is having a good time which is an infectious feeling in the best ways possible.


13 Legs

Via ravepad.com

A picture of Cat that was taken on the same set as another one that we previously included on this list, where she was laying on her stomach, it is clear that the photographer hit pay dirt on that day. This time around wearing what appears to be lingerie, that, in and of itself, is something that gets our minds going as that is fantasy fodder for the ages. That said, it has very little to do with this picture’s ranking on this list because it is the view of her legs that we’re getting here that is truly remarkable to us. With her long gams front and center and one crossed over the other, it seems like they serve as a magnet for the eyes as we found it hard to peel our eyes away; not that we wanted to.

12 Bikini

Via perezhilton.com

It has always been clear that Cat Deeley has one heck of a body. But if there is anyone out there that questioned that at all, then a shot of her like this one should put those thoughts to rest. Wearing a bikini that is black aside from its white strings, her swimwear is great, for sure. However, there is no doubt in our minds that it only looks so incredible because of the figure it is on. Appearing as though she doesn’t have a single extra pound on her body, she looks fit and feminine in every way. On top of that, we really enjoy the fact that it seems like she is in a private locale which makes it feel like we’re getting a forbidden look at her.

11 Clapping

Via listal.com

Clearly serving in her official position as the host of So You Think You Can Dance here, judging by the show’s emblem appearing behind her, we’re used to seeing her on stage when working on the show. However, if we got to see her looking like this on the show regularly, then we’d be okay with her standing on our level, lower than us, or anywhere else every time, even though it feels a little less grandiose. Wearing yellow yet again, the color works perfectly for her, if you ask us. Of course, we’d be misleading you if we tried to pretend like the bit of cleavage that we can see from the side here isn’t a pivotal part of what makes this picture a feast for the eyes.

10 Suspenders

Via way2enjoy.com

A fashion choice that is far from common these days, long gone are the days where suspenders were a mainstay of the wardrobe of many people. At least that is the case for now, but we think that the release of a slew of photos like this one could turn the momentum of this accessory any day now. After all, they are wonderful on a woman, especially if you are attracted to her. We say that for two reasons; the first of which is that they force the mind to contemplate the idea that they may be all that stands between a woman remaining fully clothed or not. Secondly, if you have an imagination worth its salt, it is easy to imagine that woman slowly lowering each of them off their shoulders slowly teasing the mind with the promise of an exposed body.

9 Paparazzi

Via cloudpix.co

There are a lot of people out there that have a distaste for the paparazzi that is so strong that it seems as though they’ll have bile come up at even a thought of them. There are good reasons for that as some of them pull no punches and will stoop to anything in order to get their coveted picture of someone famous they will be able to sell to the tabloids. Still, there is an even larger group of us that recognize that they are privacy vampires of a kind but still find ourselves enjoying the fruits of their labors nevertheless. A great example of why that is, when checking out this image of Cat taken by one of them while she was on the beach, despite any moral outrage, it seems impossible to not enjoy the view immensely.

8 Sultry

Via fansshare.com

Pretty much all of us have heard the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” before, and that is because it is an accurate and concise thing to say. After all, you may prefer blondes while I could like brunettes and neither of us would be wrong at all as it is simply a preference and each of our right. Still, we’d be pretty surprised if there are a lot of people out there that do not appreciate it when someone they find hot looks at them with a sultry look on their face. In fact, we can think of few things better than looking at someone that you’d like to build chemistry with and having them meet your gaze with a look that makes it clear, they are into the idea too.

7 Arena Magazine Cover

Via moejackson.com

A British bi-monthly men’s magazine that has been published since 1986, if you are from countries outside the UK, there is a chance that you’ve never heard of Arena Magazine before. Featuring a slew of celebrities on its cover over the years, not all of them are created equally when it comes to posing for an image used in that role, but Cat absolutely has it going on in our view. Not exactly redesigning the wheel here, whoever opted to put cat ears on a woman that has that name isn’t exactly doing the most creative thing we’ve seen. Fortunately, it is an appealing choice, and she is wearing something that looks skintight and provides one of the best views out there.

6 With Her Husband

via Daily Mail

One of the prettiest women around in our view, when Cat Deeley was on the market, there were probably long lines of people that wished they had a chance with her. Married since 2012, it was a gentleman named Patrick Kielty that managed to live that dream. A comedian and TV personality from Northern Ireland, he is also known by some as Shane ‘the shark’ O’Kane. But if you are like us, you may have been entirely unaware of him up until very recently. Clearly, there has to be something pretty great about the dude, however, since he managed to steal the heart of a lovely woman. Seen here together, we think this is a marvelous picture of them as a pair and her by herself, considering that she seems to be glowing with happiness which is a fantastic look.

5 High-Cut Dress

via Daily Mail

If it isn’t clear by now, Cat Deeley has fantastic legs and more than that, she seems to know it too based on how many shots of her showing them off made it on to this list. Additionally, it should be pretty obvious but there were several more that easily could have made the cut and didn’t quite as well. Seen here in a dress that is actually quite simple, we love the fact that is cut so high on her legs that it seems like we can see every inch of her thighs much to our delight. We also have to say that we appreciate that her outfit brings to mind a robe for us, which isn’t something we usually think of as being high fashion. But just imagine she opens up her garment and try not to smile.

4 Falling Fine

Via 9gag.com

Let’s be honest here, we’ve all been walking down a street or sitting pretty and thinking to ourselves that we’re coming off well. Then all of a sudden, our balance fails us, and we find ourselves falling. A situation that makes it almost impossible for anyone to look cool, as we flail and try to save ourselves from hitting the ground, the look of panic and surprise on our faces are odd at best. At least, we always thought that was the case up until seeing this shot of Cat where it looks like she is falling from a bench. Instead of looking silly here, she has a fun look on her face, her legs are sprouting out and looking good, and her dress looks spotless and on point which are all the reasons why we’re hugely drawn to this photo.

3 Strut

Via Imgur.com

From an image of Cat off kilter to one of her entirely in control and owning the moment, this shot of her is the polar opposite of the last one in some ways, but we still really enjoy them both. Pictured here with a smile that seems to be beaming and showing off her fantastic teeth, we also really enjoy the placement of her one hand on her own hip. We say that because those elements of this picture communicate a confidence in herself which is a hugely attractive thing on anyone. Finally, we feel the need to point out again that it seems like the color yellow should be forever linked to her in people’s minds because she should sport it whenever possible as it makes her look good.

2 Beauty

Via Pinterest.com

The second and final image of Cat on this list where you can’t see anything below the waist, it blows us away that two shots like that made the cut on this list. After all, so many of the attributes that people are likely to find attractive about a woman exist beneath that level, and the opportunity to check them out is stripped away here entirely. If you ask us, the fact that two pictures of her like that could make a list like this one is proof positive that she is the type of beauty that grabs the eye in nearly every way. In fact, it feels as though every aspect of her is likely to appeal highly to someone out there and even if it is an attribute that doesn’t work for us, she is gorgeous enough that we get it.

1 Women’s Health

Via magspider.com

When an editor sits down and decides which image they will allow to be placed on the front of their magazine, it is a really important thing for the success of that issue. That is because a shot that is eye-grabbing, for one reason or another, is more likely to inspire people to check out their product which makes it more likely that they may end up purchasing it. As such, magazines like Women’s Health need to choose shots for its cover that will entice further observation and make readers think they may look like that one day if they read their content. That is why it was such a stroke of genius for them to include this shot of Cat Deeley in that slot as she looks incredible in that pink bikini, and we could easily see their sales skyrocketing as a result.


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