20 Steamiest Photos Of One Tree Hill Cast Members

A show that debuted in 2003 and lasted an incredible nine seasons before ending in 2012, One Tree Hill shocked many when it started by tackling serious topics with a grace that only few shows can muster. Seen by many as a prime time teen show that was about the lavish lifestyle of its main characters, there are episodes of the series that deserve a lot more credit than that. In fact, when the show included a school shooting as it progressed and showed the fear and tension these incidents create, as well as treating the topic with great care, it was a true highlight of the series. However, that doesn’t mean that this series didn’t include many women that were beyond beautiful and whose looks deserve a great deal of celebration. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of One Tree Hill cast members.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the female stars of One Tree Hill can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with this show will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Typically, we limit ourselves to the stars of the show but there were three recurring characters that made a large-enough impact to be made a part of this list. As such, we’ve opted to include Lindsey McKeon, India de Beaufort, and Bevin Prince as their runs on the series was so memorable and steamy. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.


20 Hilarie Legs

Via Reddit.com

Introduced as the female lead of One Tree Hill during its debut, fans of this series will likely never forget the moment that her character and Chad Michael Murray’s shared the screen for the first time. Going on to be at the center of the show for several seasons, over those years, viewers grew to love her character, Peyton Sawyer, and truly care when something bad happened to her as it so often did. That was due in large part to the extremely empathetic energy that her performance was always imbued with since she always seemed to have such an open heart. Someone who is extremely photogenic, to say the least, we love seeing any image of Hilarie Burton. But one like this that was taken in her home and shows off her legs drives us nuts.

19 Danneel Maxim


An actress that was only considered a part of the main cast of this series in season four, Danneel Harris was also featured in the third, fifth, and seventh seasons in a recurring role. We have to say that we find the decision to demote her from her starring role to be a rather perplexing one as she had a large impact on the show whenever she appeared. On top of that, anyone who looks at her would likely also realize that she brought a whole lot of seductive energy to the series, and she seemed able to get whoever she wanted with a simple look. Pictured here in a convertible with the top down, it is fitting as she has her top off too, and the view of her in a bra is a glorious thing.

18 Lindsey Soaked

Via chandlermarlowe.blogspot.ca

Appearing in only eight episodes of One Tree Hill, that didn’t stop Lindsey McKeon from immediately coming to mind when we set out to put this list together. Introduced as Taylor James, the sister of one of the series’ main characters, Haley James Scott, she was the polar opposite of her sweet and loyal sibling. Portrayed from minute one as an emotionally manipulative person that enjoyed going after the attractive men in her vicinity, she even turned her eye to her new brother-in-law in short order. As such, she appeared in several sequences where it was obvious that she was intentionally getting herself into revealing situations in front of him. An example of that, here we see her character as she wears a tank top in the rain which led to it clinging to her chest in the best ways possible.

17 Sophia Booty

Via brosome.com

Made famous by her inclusion in the show this list is based around, One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush has been in the spotlight for more than a decade now as she came to prominence in 2003. Over that time period, she has taken part in a long list of photoshoots which is something that we are very thankful for, especially when putting together a list like this one. However, it is clear that the photographers that she has worked with have taken exponentially more pictures of her that show off the front and side of her body as opposed to ones with her rear end. Looking at her booty here while she is wearing an outfit that truly accentuates it, we have no idea why that is and wish we could change it.

16 Jana Dancing With The Stars

Via ibtimes.com

A country music star in real life, Jana Kramer was added to the main cast of One Tree Hill in its seventh season where she played a formerly famous musician that has fallen on tough times. Taking a job representing Brooke Davis’ clothing line, she soon socializes with her friends even though the two of them butt heads over the affections of one of the show’s male leads. A part of the series until its demise, despite making enemies within the core group, over her time on the series, audiences got to see in a variety of attractive moments. That said, it was her time competing in the twenty-third season of Dancing with the Stars that led to this image of her where much of her dress is see-through, and all of it is enticing.

15 Barbara Cleavage

Via Reddit.com

Cast as Deb Scott, the matriarch of the Scott family that is at the core of this series early on, as the show progresses, the audience felt more and more sympathy for her. Married to a total sociopath that is capable of awful acts of violence and fits of rage, the more awful he got, the more we pitied his much put-upon wife. Eventually leaving him and creating a life for herself that allowed her to become closer to her son, we were sad to see her leave the series when she did, which would have surprised us early on. A buxom blonde with a body that she deserves to be very proud of, there is no doubt that her character is a total MILF. Seen here in an image we find immensely attractive, her choice to allow her top to drop from her shoulders results in amazing cleavage which combined with the sight of her legs makes this photo very hot.

14 Hilarie One Tree Hill

Via fanpop.com

A screengrab of Hilarie Burton from her time on One Tree Hill, looking at it, our readers can probably tell that it is was always a pleasure when she appeared on screen. Don’t get us wrong. She was a joy to watch do her thing because she did a marvelous job as an actor and helped to create a character that viewers longed to see have a happy ending. However, it would be a total lie if we tried to pretend that her good looks didn’t play a part in our affection for her as well. Seen in her underwear in this scene as she waited for her beau to join her on the bed, being in his shoes would be a dream come true and just looking at her in that moment is wonderful too.


13 Sophia Maxim

Via Pinterest.com

First launched in the UK all the way back in 1995, Maxim Magazine has had created several international versions of itself in the years since then. Run by various editors and employing different photographers with each edition, the one thing that seems to be static is that it regularly publishes some of the hottest photos of celebrities we’ve ever seen. That is why any fan of seeing steamy photos of celebrities should thank their lucky stars that it came into existence and is still going to this day. Pictured on the cover of an issue of the American version of the magazine, Sophia Bush looks absolutely marvelous sporting a garment that reminds us of a corset. On top of that, we have to say that whoever did her hair and makeup for this shoot deserves a raise as they totally killed it.

12 Danneel Basketball

When Danneel Harris debuted on One Tree Hill, her character, Rachel Gatina, was introduced as someone who seemed to desire attention above everything else. As such, if there was someone who seemed immune to her feminine wiles, she had to employ all of them in an attempt to win them over until she got what she wanted and discarded them. Unconcerned with the emotional outcome of her actions, in the scene this image came from, she had her eyes set on Chad Michael Murray’s character and didn’t care in the least that he wasn’t available. Convincing him to take his shirt off through the challenge of a bet, when she followed suit, he rejected her advances and fans rejoiced to see him stay loyal even though the sight of her barely covered is irresistible.

11 Moira Laying

Via Pinterest.com

An actress that we were always pleased to see pop up on our screens prior to joining the cast of One Tree Hill, Moira Kelly was already an accomplished actress. Previously a part of The West Wing and movies like The Cutting Edge, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Chaplin, The Lion King, and With Honors, she was a part of many beloved and respected projects. That meant that her inclusion in the cast of this series added a great deal of credibility to it, which was sorely needed at the time. Someone who hasn’t taken part in too many racy photo shoots over the years, this shot of her with her midriff exposed and a seductive look on her face is worth our weight in gold.

10 Shantel Curves

Via listal.com

Quite possibly the most important character that was added to this series in its latter half, Quinn James, as played by Shantel VanSanten, was at the center of many of its central storylines. Also given a recurring role in The Flash in the past, she is currently serving as the female lead in the USA Network series Shooter. Previously a model that appeared in magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that she knows how to be part of superb photographs given her career path and good looks. Case, in point, this shot of her in a tight white dress in front of a reflective door reveals almost all of her impressive body, and we are most blown away by how impressive her curves are here.

9 India One Tree Hill


Appearing in twelve episodes of this series that aired in 2009 and 2010, India de Beaufort’s character, Miranda Stone, was one of many characters that were added in the later years of the show. Like many of those, her character was directly involved in the music industry which became an obsession with One Tree Hill as it progressed to mixed results. Whether you like the fact that so many new characters that talked about and focused on their careers in that industry were introduced late in the series, there is no doubt that India provided a memorable moment. Attempting to convince a shy male bartender to play his music to a crowd, she walked into the bar with nothing but her undies on to force him to be similarly brave. Possessing a mind-blowing body, it was an incredibly welcome sight.

8 Bevin Behind

via IGN

Probably the most memorable actress in the history of One Tree Hill that was never made a member of the main cast of the series, Bevin Prince appeared in thirty-eight episodes of the show. Portraying a bubbly blonde with a heart of gold, she started out as nothing more than an extra in the background of cheerleading scenes but moved beyond that role soon thereafter. Ultimately given a few storylines of her own as the show progressed, we were always entertained by her character and were sad that she mostly disappeared after the fifth season. Possessing a fit figure that we always appreciated greatly, this shot of her from behind where her derriere is front and center is one that will remind viewers how attractive she is.

7 Bethany Beauty

Via ouchpress.com

The only picture of Bethany Joy Lenz to make this list, there is a part of us that feels very strange about that fact. A gorgeous woman that appears in all one hundred and eighty-eight episodes of this show, those two facts make it seem like she should be all over this list even to us. However, it seems that the actress that brought her to life has as sweet of an image as the character herself, considering that she hasn’t taken part in any photo shoots that resulted in salacious pictures of her. We totally respect that choice of hers but it, unfortunately, meant that there weren’t too many images of her to include here. Don’t get us wrong, virtually every photo of her we came across was astonishingly exquisite but they were also similar in tone to this one, thus making their inclusion redundant. Instead, we encourage our readers to take a moment to sit back in appreciation of how delightful she looks in this shot.

6 Lisa Wedding

Via jikoman.info

Playing a recurring role in the fifth season of One Tree Hill, Lisa Goldstein’s Millicent Huxtable was often one of the most lovable characters on the show. Starting out as the personal assistant to Sophia Bush’s character, Brooke Davis, when she launches her Clothes Over Bros business, she would move on to be one-half of the cutest couple the series created. Eventually married to Marvin “Mouth” McFadden who was played by Lee Norris, who also played Stuart Minkus in Boy Meets World, they were an adorable duo. Seen here in a photo of her during her real-life wedding to Brendan Kirsch who was a member of the One Tree Hill crew, he is a lucky man as she looks stunning, to say the least.

5 Lindsey Robe

Via mademan.com

The second image of Lindsey McKeon from One Tree Hill on this list, it may have been cropped to different dimensions but don’t let that fool you. A moment where she is yet again trying to seduce her sister’s husband, this was one of her more brazen scenes as her intention was very clear despite having plausible deniability. After all, she was just putting some lotion on legs after her shower which could have been an entirely innocent thing. Of course, when you do it in the most alluring way possible and allow your robe to open enough to provide a view of your cleavage, your intentions seem very clear. By far one of the most dazzling sequences in the history of the show, her attempted conquest resists her, and we applaud him for it since it must have taken a Herculean effort.

4 Sophia’s Ribbon

Via Imgur.com

Let’s be real. We all love getting gifts from our loved ones, but not all presents are created equal. We totally agree that it is the thought that matters but we’re not going to pretend that we wouldn’t be more excited to get a TV than a toothbrush, for instance. A screengrab of one of our favorite moments in One Tree Hill history, there is no question in our mind that if we received the gift that is being offered up here, we’d be very appreciative. Wrapping a ribbon around her chest, her character, Brooke Davis, then presented herself as a gift to her lover. Providing the viewer with the mental image of pulling on her ribbon slowly and letting it fall the ground, all we can say to that is wow.

3 Hilarie And The Look

Via Reddit.com

In the previous entry that featured Hilarie Burton, we saw her laying on a bed as well, and it made us realize how wonderful it is to see her in that position, especially while wearing something revealing. Still, even while those two things are a constant thing, not every image is going to be created equal. And for us, this shot clearly went to an even higher level. First off, the dress she has on here is truly tantalizing as it feels like we’re able to see through it via the series of holes it contains, even though we can’t actually make out anything untoward. That said, for us, the highlight of this image is the look on her face which makes it seem like she knows exactly what she wants in the bedroom and has it in her eyes.

2 Danneel One Tree Hill

via way2enjoy.com

One of two people on this list to have two screengrabs from One Tree Hill appear on this list, it should be clear that Danneel Harris was featured in a number of the raciest moments this show had. Featured in a somewhat gratuitous scene here, there was no reason from a story perspective that we needed to see her character getting changed. But if you are like us, then you’re pleased nevertheless. After all, there are few images out there that we think are more appealing than this fiery redhead in her skivvies. If you questioned that concept for even a moment, we find it hard to fathom that those thoughts remained when you saw this image of her incredible body in that state.

1 Sophia Covered

via Pinterest

Someone who has been the object of desire for millions of strangers since she was introduced to the world in the early days of this series, that has led to scantily clad images of her having high value. We’re also guessing that she has dealt with pressure to reveal her naughty bits in a film or photoshoots. But as of the time of this writing, she has opted against doing so. The closest we’ve seen her come to it, however, we have to say that this image of her drives us totally wild. Seemingly without a stitch of clothing on in this moment, the only thing that may be standing between the camera and her body is a single sheet. As such, this image allows us to imagine the view if it shifted, and that is a feast for the mind to be sure.


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