20 Steamiest Photos Of Nineties Sitcom Stars

Highlighted by shows like Friends, Seinfeld and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, we can’t think of another decade that offered up so many great comedies

These days, there is a lot of talk out there that we are in the golden age of television. And from a drama standpoint, we think that is totally valid. However, when it comes to sitcoms, we submit that the golden age came in the nineties. Highlighted by shows like Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and so much more, we can’t think of another decade that offered up so many high-quality comedy series. As a result of that, these shows were often ratings behemoths which led to networks creating as many sitcoms as they could which, in turn, caused there to be loads of attractive actresses hired for them. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty hottest photos of nineties sitcom stars.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the female stars of a nineties sitcom can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with a sitcom will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. For the purposes of this list, we are counting anyone that starred in a show that aired during the nineties as qualifying for consideration. We did limit ourselves to the stars of the shows, so photos of guest stars, no matter how many appearances they’ve made, were never going to find their way here. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Debra Messing – Will & Grace


Let’s face it, in the acting world, there is a disappointing amount of redheads that seem to make it big. We’re not counting actresses like Scarlett Johansson who will dye their hair red for a role here and there. Some people may not be as sad as we are that that’s not the case but they may change their opinion when they remember that there could be more women like Debra Messing in the spotlight. One of the stars of the sitcom Will & Grace in-between 1998 and 2006, she earned a lot of fans over the show’s lengthy run as evidenced by the fact that it is coming back later this year. While people had a lot of fun with the show, we think part of the reason why it lasted is that she is enchanting as anyone especially when looking at a photo like this of her almost nude. Oh, and just look at the gaze she’s giving the camera. Now that’s sexy!

19 Jenna Elfman — Dharma & Greg


There are a lot of actors that have become big deals after a long career that has seen their career prospects gradually increase as they receive bigger roles. An example of the opposite case, Jenna Elfman hadn’t received any parts that made a large impact up until the year 1997. Fortunately for her many fans, that was the year she was cast as one of the two leads in the sitcom Dharma & Greg in which she starred for five seasons. A series that focused on the romantic relationship of an odd couple, she played a hippie who married a lawyer on their first date, and the series chronicled their new life. At times a couple that was hard to understand, looking at an image of her like this one where we can admire her impressive legs and gorgeous face makes anyone’s choice to be with her a logical one.

18 Natalia Cigliuti — Saved By The Bell: The New Class


A lot of people who are reading this probably have absolutely no idea who Natalia Cigliuti is and we get why, but we’re guessing they may be Googling her soon after seeing a photo like this one. Best remembered for her many TV credits, she was a regular on many series including All My Children, G.I. Joe Renegades, and more. On top of that, she was able to make forays into the movie world with films like Simon Sez and Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. However, she owes her place on this list because she was one of the stars of Saved by the Bell: The New Class in-between 1993 and 1995. A beautiful brunette with a body that won’t quit, if you are attracted to women and this photo of her in a bikini doesn’t appeal to you, we don’t know what will.

17 Sarah Chalke — Roseanne


An actress that has been a part of a number of beloved series, when Sarah Chalke made her debut in the series that made her a star, it was a very controversial thing. Appearing on this list because of that stint on Roseanne from 1993 until 1997, she was the second person to play the eldest daughter of the Connor family, Becky, and a lot of people didn’t like the change. Thankfully, not all of the major roles she has received involved controversy as her time in series like Scrubs, as well as Rick and Morty, are absolutely beloved by the masses. Fully capable of looking angelic at any turn, a picture of Sarah like this one is truly remarkable not only for her fit figure but also a smile that feels utterly sincere and inviting.

16 Brooke Shields – Suddenly Susan


Barely spoken about at all these days, it is easy to forget that at one time, Brooke Shields was the talk of the town. A model from a very early age, she was a part of advertisements that were far too risqué for someone her age. Eventually graduating to an acting career, she appeared in movies like Pretty Baby, The Blue Lagoon, Freaked, The Midnight Meat Train, and Furry Vengeance. A part of the television scene a lot over the years, she could be seen in series as diverse as That '70s Show, Hanna Montana, The Middle, The Michael J. Fox Show, and more. That said, she owes her placement on this list to her time starring in the sitcom Suddenly Susan from 1996 until 2000. Somebody who is very much aware of how to pose her body, you can tell that she spent years as a model, especially when looking at a picture of her like this one where we get a view of her rear end despite being fully-dressed.

15 Tia Mowry – Sister, Sister


If you aren’t aware of the show Sister, Sister, it had a prerequisite to being cast in either of the two lead roles that few shows have ever had. About a pair of twin sisters that discover one another while in their teens and come to live together with each of their single parents, it required the casting of real-life identical sisters. Fortunately, Tia Mowry has such a sister, named Tamera, which worked to perfection as they both had the comedy skills needed to pull off this out-there situation on top of looking almost exactly alike. Now an adult that has matured into a stunning beauty, we’re always happy to see images of her. An example of why we feel that way, this picture of her with a come-hither look on her face takes our breath away.

14 Julia Louis-Dreyfus — Seinfeld


The only female member of the cast of Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was totally pivotal in the success of one of the most roundly-praised shows in the history of television from 1990 until 1998. As a result of that fact, a lot of people never expected her to reach heights like that ever again just like her co-stars in that sitcom have struggled to do. However, anyone who underestimated her had to eat crow when she began playing the lead in another highly-celebrated show in 2012, Veep, which she continues to star in to this day. A highly accomplished comedic actress, at times, that may cause some to underestimate how beautiful Julia truly is. Thankfully, pictures like this one exist in order to remind us of her elegance and that she has a body as tight as almost any out there.

13 Maura Tierney — NewsRadio


There are some actors that are seen as lightweight because they take on easy roles or aren’t able to get parts of very much substance. Then there is someone like Maura Tierney. Somebody who we feel is one of the most convincing actors of her generation no matter the gender, she has given a long list of performances worthy of celebration. If you haven’t followed her career and don’t know what we mean, we strongly suggest that you check out shows like ER or The Good Wife or the movie Insomnia. Still, that doesn’t mean she isn’t great at comedic roles too, as fans of the sitcom she starred in from 1995 until 1999, NewsRadio, can attest to. Also a bewitching brunette that deserves to be on more lists like this, in this photo, she looks totally at peace with herself. Well, we would too if we looked that good.

12 Liz Vassey – Brotherly Love


The least famous person to make this list, Liz Vassey is the type of actress that a lot of people will recognize when they see her but not exactly recognize from where. A television veteran with credits that include shows like All My Children, The Tick, ER, Diagnosis Murder, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and far too many more to list here, she has an impressive resume. However, she is on this list because she starred in the sitcom Brotherly Love from 1995 until 1997. Forgotten by some, it had the unique gimmick of also starring Joey Lawrence of Blossom, as well as his two little brothers, Matthew and Andrew. Sharing the screen with these siblings, she needed to do what she had to in order to get her share of the spotlight. But don’t worry, anyone who can take a photo this alluring didn’t have to try too hard.

11 Courteney Cox — Friends


There are loads of people who immediately remember the show Friends when sitcoms from the nineties are brought up for good reason. Lasting an impressive ten seasons, it turned its entire main cast into stars pretty much overnight and created several other the most beloved episodes of television from that era. Of course, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that Courteney Cox was a part of that cast from 1994 until 2004 and has since had a pretty admirable career. Seen here in a picture from an earlier time in her life, there are a lot of things we really enjoy about this image. First off, we are getting a great view of her legs and there is some slight cleavage present, but our favorite part has to be the relaxed aura in her that reminds us of why we loved her so much at that time.

10 Brandy Norwood — Moesha


A multifaceted performer who was a star for many mediums in the nineties, Brandy Norwood released a number of hit songs on top of being a successful actress. Appearing in movies like I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, it was still her TV work that made her biggest mark in the acting world. First trying to be a sitcom star by playing the main role in the show Thea, it only aired nineteen episodes, meaning it disappeared quickly. However, she clearly wasn’t satisfied with that and landed the title role in Moesha, a sitcom that lasted from 1996 until 2001. A marvelous-looking woman that fills out a bikini like few others, this picture of her wearing one and sporting a huge smile is simply incredible.

9 Jenna Von Oÿ — Blossom


When the show Blossom debuted, it seemed evident that it was going to be all about the titular character and her family’s lives. But before too long, her best friend came to the forefront. Played by Jenna von Oÿ, it was fantastic to see the close relationship her character, Six Lemure, had with the main character in the sitcom from 1990 until 1995 as they always had each other’s backs. That said, the series did nothing to make its audience know how attractive she was as her outfits did little for her. That is why so many of us were stunned when she took part in the photo shoot that resulted in this image where she looks ready to pounce and reveals that her body isn’t to be trifled with.

8 Christina Applegate — Married...With Children


If you weren’t around at the time, you may not realize that Christina Applegate was an absolute sensation. Still celebrated today for her acting skill and ability to elicit laughs, she is a part of many comedies like Anchorman, The Big Hit, The Sweetest Thing, and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. However, for years on end, it was her part in the sitcom Married... with Children from 1987 until 1997 that made her a huge deal. Receiving catcalls from the audience whenever she first appeared on screen in a given episode, that was in response to how alluring everyone found her. Easy to understand to this day, if you see an image of her like this one where she looks like a stunning film siren of old and don’t get why so many were bowled over by her looks, we can’t help you.

7 Mila Kunis – That 70’s Show


Someone who has starred in a lot of major movies over the years, if you are like us, there is a good chance that, unless you are reminded, the fact that Mila Kunis started out on TV always slips your mind. One of the stars of the sitcom That ‘70s Show from 1998 until 2006, her time as Jackie Burkhart revealed her many charms to legions of fans. That is why many people were so excited that she got to play a part in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Book of Eli, Black Swan, Friends with Benefits, Ted, and Bad Moms. Standing at only five-feet-four, Mila packs a lot of appeal into her small body as a photo of her beginning to undress like this reveals.

6 Alyssa Milano – Who’s The Boss?


If you are in the same age range as Alyssa Milano and are attracted to women, there is a pretty good chance that at, one time in your life, you had a huge crush on her. A mainstay of the television scene through much of the nineties, she appeared in a slew of shows like Spin City, Melrose Place, and Charmed, the latter of which some may count as a sitcom. Even though it has heavy comedy elements, we don’t think it counts but that was fine since she starred in Who’s the Boss? from 1984 until 1992. That is fortunate as we would have hated to leave this picture of her where we love the view of her chest. And need we emphasize that her face is so pretty that it seems like we can feel it to our core.

5 Kelly Packard – California Dreams

If there was any show from the nineties that viewers could always depend on to feature women that were among the most attractive alive, it was Baywatch. One of the women that prove that to be true, Kelly Packard starred in that series for a number of years while doing double duty. Also playing Tiffani Smith from the sitcom California Dreams at the same time, in-between the years 1992 and 1997, she could be seen in both shows. Playing a beach babe in both shows, with the sitcom being much more PG, it should come as no surprise that she feels at home in a swimsuit. Case in point, this picture of her in a blue bikini is one that we could sit and admire for a long time.

4 Jennifer Aniston — Friends


Arguably the biggest star on this list, Jennifer Aniston is a recognizable face all over the world. Made a star by her time on the sitcom Friends, she was able to transition away from the series with a degree of success that is shocking to many actors incapable of escaping other popular series’ shadows. Still best known for her comedy skills, she was a part of memorable movies like Office Space, Bruce Almighty, The Break-Up, Horrible Bosses, and its sequel. However, we hope that people realize that she has given stunning performances in dramatic films like The Good Girl and Cake, both of which blew us away. A gorgeous woman whose looks have become iconic at various times, an image like this where she could seduce virtually anyone is a great example of why so many people want to look like her.

3 Lea Thompson — Caroline Of The City

An actress that will likely be forever remembered for the Back to the Future trilogy, if you weren’t around for Lea Thompson’s heyday and think that is all she did, then you must have been misinformed. Also memorable for movies like Red Dawn, SpaceCamp, Howard the Duck, and too many more to list here, that isn’t even the only medium where she made her mark. The star of Caroline in the City, she appeared as the titular character of the sitcom that lasted for four seasons in-between 1995 and 1999. A ravishing redhead that we always love to look at, it is safe to say that she doesn’t take a lot of unattractive photos. Still, in our opinion, this picture of her really stands out as it shows how pretty her face is and the innate class that she seems to carry herself with.

2 Stacey Dash – Clueless


An actress that doesn’t seem to age like the rest of us, when Stacey Dash first played the character Dionne Davenport in the Clueless movie, she was just shy of thirty years old. Going on to adapt her part for the sitcom that was inspired by the film, she played the character on TV in-between the years 1996 and 1999 which made her thirty-two the year the series ended. Able to play someone who was supposed to be in high school when she was far into her adult years, that is a testament that she is exquisite enough to still be looking very youthful. Seen here in a photo that was taken even farther in her life, her body absolutely looks to be in its prime still, especially when checking out her legs and cleavage.

1 Tiffani Thiessen – Saved By The Bell


An actress that has been around for decades now, she has played pivotal roles in a number of shows. But a lot of people seem to forget how accomplished Tiffani Thiessen is because of her main claim to fame. A part of series like Beverly Hills, 90210, Fastlane, Good Morning, Miami, White Collar, as well as Jake and the Never Land Pirates, in all of those cases, she played one of the main characters. On top of that, she has recently discovered a new career as the host of the cooking show Dinner at Tiffani's and will be starring in an upcoming Netflix series called Alexa & Katie. Still, it seems like she will always be best known for starring in the sitcom Saved by the Bell as Kelly Kapowski in between 1989 and 1993 and reprising that role in several spin-offs. Seen here in a photo from the Me in My Place series, seeing her less than fully clothed in the privacy of her bedroom is something we’ve dreamed of for years.

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