20 Steamiest Photos Of Grey's Anatomy Cast Members

A show that premiered all the way back in 2005, production of Grey's Anatomy has been a consistent part of the entertainment industry for a long time now. At first based around an ensemble cast that were made stars overnight, in part because of their looks, suddenly nicknames like 'McDreamy' became a part of the popular lexicon. Seeming like it was highly dependent on its core cast at the time, the series has proven that perception was false, as all but a select few have departed and it is still going strong. Instead, it only seems to require compelling stories and characters, most of which are nice to look at, to continue. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of Grey's Anatomy cast members.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion on this list, the only prerequisite was that one of the many stars of Grey's Anatomy can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with the show will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. We do want to make it clear that some of the people featured in pictures on this list are no longer a part of the show, but all of them played memorable characters at one time. Please also keep in mind that this list will have some spoilers in the write-ups of the entries that follow, although we keep things as general as possible. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Caterina Scorsone - Simply Stunning

Via allocine.fr

An actor that seems like she should be a much bigger deal today, we suspect that a lot of people have no idea who Caterina Scorsone is and think that is a real shame. Previously seen in shows including Goosebumps, Power Play, Crash, Private Practice and more, despite her obvious skills, none of those things made her a star. On top of that, when she began playing Dr. Amelia Shepherd in season seven it was only a guest spot she had off and on for two years and then she disappeared entirely before she would return. Clearly, someone that doesn’t get her due a lot of the time, we weren’t going to make that mistake too, as we knew we had to include this shot of her looking stunning.

19 Justin Chambers - From Model To Actor

Via jchambersmedia.com

A former model that spent years being paid to pose for the camera in the clothing of companies like Calvin Klein or Armani, Justin Chambers looking good in a photo shouldn’t surprise anyone. Not content to rest on that impressive laurel, he would then go on to become an in-demand actor which led him to be a part of movies Lakeview Terrace and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Of course, he had to be one of the stars of Grey's Anatomy to be a part of this list and that he definitely has been since he has played Dr. Alex Karev on it since the year 2005. Managing to look smoldering and soulful in this image, the fact that his shirt is open enough to show off a hint of his chest too makes this image stand out.

18 Sara Ramirez - The Sheets

Via fansshare.com

Someone that appears to be great at everything she tries, Sara Ramirez has found success as an actor but also as a singer and songwriter in the past. As a result of that, she combined several of her skills when she performed on Broadway and did well enough with her part in the play Monty Python's Spamalot to earn a Tony Award for herself. Debuting as Dr. Calliope Torres back in 2006, she was a consistent part of Grey's Anatomy throughout much of the show’s run as she stuck around for ten years. Seen here in a photo where it looks like she doesn’t have a stitch of clothing on, that is a really hot thing to consider despite the fact that we can’t see anything too scandalous.

17 T.R. Knight

Via usmagazine.com

Someone that has an inherent ability to come off as very likable on screen, T. R. Knight has what it takes to be a pretty big star if he is given the right opportunities. Starting out his career as a part of theater productions that took place on and off-Broadway, he was great enough at that to earn a Drama Desk Award for his 2003 work in the show Scattergood. Cast as Dr. George O'Malley in 2005, his tenure on Grey's Anatomy was impactful but sadly short as he would only last four years, which may seem like a good run but in comparison to other stars is not. A picture that is imbued with his charisma and kind energy, this shot does a good looking man a great deal of justice.

16 Kim Raver - Legs For Days

Via mikhila.com

A veteran actor that has been around the scene off and on since she was a part of Sesame Street’s cast in the mid to late seventies, the list of roles Kim Raver has taken on is extensive, to say the least. Memorably a part 24’s cast for a few seasons, she also appeared in other shows like Lipstick Jungle, The Nine, Third Watch and more, prior to playing a doctor on television. Making her first appearance as Dr. Teddy Altman in 2009, she was a part of Grey's Anatomy’s main cast for three seasons before leaving but shocked fans when she returned to the show this last year. Wearing a dress in this image that shows off her legs and cleavage, the view is one that we find quite tantalizing and think you will too.

15 Gaius Charles - Jacked

Via 5lst.com

One of a slew of actors that made their first big impact on the entertainment scene as a member of Friday Night Lights’ main cast, in that show Gaius Charles brought Brian "Smash" Williams to life. A series that is well remembered for its ability to create compelling and dramatic moments, he was a great part of it which is why his casting in Grey's Anatomy made a lot of sense. Sadly, it seems as though there was a disconnect there, however, as he played a recurring character in season nine and then joined the main cast the following year but then departed from the series. Even more shocking because of how incredible he looks in this screenshot from the show, we find it hard to fathom that producers didn’t want to feature his jacked body more in the future.

14 Kate Walsh - Ravishing Redhead

Via celebritiesinleather.blogspot.ca

One of the most underrated performers in film and television for years if you ask us, Kate Walsh has made a name for herself but we don’t think her comedic timing and acting skills get their due. Best known for her television work, she would do her thing as a part of shows as varied as The Drew Carey Show, The Norm Show, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. All of that took place prior to her casting as Dr. Addison Montgomery on Grey's Anatomy which was so well received that producers decided to give her a spin-off series called Private Practice. A ravishing redhead that lights up the screen and the red carpet, this shot of her shows off how exquisite her face is and we love the way that blue outfit frames her figure.

13 Isaiah Washington - Owns The Suit

Via baskino.co

An actor that was highly respected for his charisma, ability to commit to his character, and leading man looks, Isaiah Washington seemed like he was just waiting for his star-making role. Seen in a number of impactful films like Crooklyn, Clockers, Get on the Bus, and too many more to list here, if he was cast in a film it became a lot more interesting to a number of people. One of the original stars of Grey's Anatomy, his time on it should have been a career highlight but due to horrible things he did behind the scenes, it did a great deal of damage to his reputation. Still, there is no denying that he is a hunky man and if you need any proof of that then you need look no further than how good he looks in his suit here.

12 Jessica Capshaw - Bright Light, Bright Career

Via huffingtonpost.com

One of the current stars of Grey's Anatomy, if you haven’t been following the career of Jessica Capshaw then you may not realize that isn’t her first claim to fame. Previously a part of the drama series The Practice, even that wasn’t her only major TV role as she had also played a part in a little show called Odd Man Out. Someone that was brought into the cast of Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Arizona Robbins in 2009, at first she was just used in a recurring role but it didn’t take long for her to be promoted to the main cast. A beautiful blonde that is perfectly famed to look amazing in this image, the bright light shining down on her draws the viewer’s attention to both her chest and face.

11 Jesse Williams - Winning Smile

Via celebuzz.com

An actor that has turned his time on the show this list is based around into a career maker, since starting out on Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse Williams has also popped up in a number of movies and shows. In fact, if you’d never watched a single second of this series you may be aware of him due to films including The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, The Cabin in the Woods, and The Butler. Also well-known for his support of civil rights, his 2016 BET Awards speech garnered a great deal of attention, both good and bad. Pictured here at a red carpet event, his winning smile, remarkable fashion sense, and handsome-beyond-all-reason face lights this photo on fire in a way that is undeniable.

10 Martin Henderson - Masculine Energy

Via patrasevents.gr

One of those actors that many people will instantly recognize when they show up on screen even if they can’t quite remember where from, Martin Henderson’s career has been going strong for many years. Previously seen in movies like Kick, Windtalkers, The Ring or Smokin' Aces, if that weren’t enough, he also appeared in a long list of recognizable shows too. One of the more recent additions to the cast of Grey's Anatomy, his time as Dr. Nathan Riggs only began in 2015 and it seems as though it is at an end. Assuming he never returns to the halls of Seattle Grace Hospital, one reason he won’t be forgotten anytime soon is the masculine energy he brings to anything he does, including this photo.

9 Ellen Pompeo - Dr. Meredith Grey

Via usmagazine.com

The person that plays the role that this show is named after, there is little doubt that the inclusion of Ellen Pompeo has been incredibly important to the success of Grey's Anatomy. Previously seen in a long list of shows and films, when she landed the most important part of her life she was already known for movies like Catch Me If You Can, Old School, and Daredevil among others. One of a few actors that have been a star of Grey's Anatomy throughout the entirety of its run, she not only plays Dr. Meredith Grey on screen but it is her voice that serves as the narrator of the series. Seen here on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine, here we see her wearing nothing but a doctor’s jacket and this image is a sight for sore eyes.

8 Jason George - Cleans Up With The Best Of Them

Via fractured-simplicity.net

An alumni of the world of soap operas, Jason George’s two year run as Michael Bourne on daytime television’s Sunset Beach was a great training ground for his time as a part of Grey's Anatomy’s cast. However, if that weren’t enough he’d also been a mainstay of television during all of the years in between, including as a part of shows like Titans, Eve, and he even had a guest spot on ER. First landing the role of Dr. Benjamin Warren in 2010, his run on Grey’s Anatomy was not a simple one as he was only a guest star and a recurring character for years before finally joining the main cast. Proof positive that he cleans up with the best of them, we find the idea of a bad picture of Jason hard to imagine but when he put on a fitted suit for this picture the results were incredible.

7 Chyler Leigh - Marilyn Manson Video

Via YouTube.com

An actor that seems to have the world at her fingertips, throughout her career Chyler Leigh has been handed a long list of roles that were meant to make her a star but she hasn’t made it there yet. After all, you may remember her from movies like Not Another Teen Movie or think of her part in shows including That '80s Show, Girls Club, or Supergirl. Additionally, newer fans of Grey's Anatomy may not know it but there have been two women to play Dr. Grey on the show as she played the sister and co-worker of the titular character. Seen here in a screengrab from a music video for a Marilyn Manson song, in it she wore a black bikini and cavorted around with him in a hot tub while looking amazing, as you can clearly see.

6 Kevin McKidd - Good Choice

Via globedia.com

A multi-talented performer that has tried his hand at acting, directing, and even singing, Kevin McKidd beat the odds and became a well-known entity around the world. First introduced to many people when the movie Trainspotting became a phenomenon around the world, he was tapped to play Tommy, a member of the group of friends at the core of the film. Added to the cast of Grey's Anatomy in 2008, he has played Dr. Owen Hunt ever since and most fans of the series wouldn’t have it any other way. A photo that was taken for an alcohol ad, we can see why it was a good investment for the company considering guys would want to look that good and almost everyone else would like the view.

5 Jerrika Hinton - Fantastic View

Someone that received her first role in a notable project in the mid two thousands, Jerrika Hinton hasn’t been at it for that long but she has already made major progress in her career. Mostly appearing in movies most have probably not heard of or as a guest star in a single episode of a show that is much better known, that alone is impressive but we’re sure she wanted more. Thankfully, for her, she would be cast as Dr. Stephanie Edwards from Grey's Anatomy in 2012 and while it took a season for them to promote her to the main cast she would stay a part of it until 2017. Seen here with her jacket open in order to reveal an unusual and awesome bra underneath, the view of her chest is fantastic and the rest of her looks equally great.

4 Eric Dane - Cereal Bowl

Via tumblr.com

Someone that looks as though he was born to be an action star, Eric Dane went a different route and today is best known for starring in dramatic television shows. Previously a recurring part of the show Charmed, he currently serves as the star of a TNT series called The Last Ship that is set to return for a fifth season in the future. Not quite a part of the original cast for Grey's Anatomy, his character Dr. Mark Sloan made his first appearance in the second season and lasted until the end of the ninth. A jacked guy who is also pretty ripped, this shirtless shot of him is likely to drive his fans wild as he looks incredible but down to Earth too, based on the cereal bowl.

3 Katherine Heigl - Buxom Blonde

Via cloudpix.co

A career we find rather unfortunate to have seen from afar, Katherine Heigl seems to have what it takes to be a star but controversial remarks have largely caused her career to stall of late. One of the stars of the popular comedy Knocked Up, after its release, she decried the way the women in the film seemed and while that was a dubious career it seemed pure of heart. Arguing in favor of more well-rounded female roles is a great thing in our view but unfortunately, her time as a star of Grey's Anatomy also saw controversial comments that cemented her reputation. Either way, one thing about her that can’t be disputed is that she is a buxom blonde we love looking at, especially in a picture like this one.

2 Patrick Dempsey - McDreamy

Via lifebg.ne

The most famous person to be one of Grey's Anatomy’s original cast members, Patrick Dempsey brought a great deal of gravitas to his role early on and was pivotal to the success of the series. Previously known for films like Can't Buy Me Love, Loverboy, With Honors and others, this former heartthrob hadn’t had any major roles of late when he made the jump to TV, which was a great movie for him. Cast as Dr. Derek Shepherd in 2009, he played the part until 2015 and his McDreamy character spent much of that time as the most talked about figure from the show. All dressed up but laying on a bed in this shot, fans of his are getting the best of both worlds since he is in an intimate place and position but also dressed to the nines.

1 Camilla Luddington

An absolutely gorgeous woman that should be on lists of the most attractive people alive, Camilla Luddington is so hot that she was tapped to perform motion capture for the character Lara Croft. Also, the person that producers turned to in order to play a woman that is seen as one of the prettiest alive, she was Kate Middleton in a TV movie called William & Kate: The Movie. One of the current stars of Grey's Anatomy, in it she played Dr. Josephine "Jo" Wilson as a recurring character for a season and has been a part of its main cast ever since. Seen here in a photo that is a part of the “Me in My Place” series, this shot of her was taken in her home and you can tell by how comfortable she looks which is attractive, as is everything else about her.

Sources: ew.com

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