20 Steamiest Photos Of Forgotten Nineties TV Stars

A decade that saw the number of television stations expand dramatically, that influx of TV options led to a demand for more shows than had ever existed in the past. Able to take chances, as a result, the decade created today’s golden age of television since it spawned series like Twin Peaks, Freaks and Geeks, My So-Called Life, and ER that began the trend we enjoy today. Still, not all of the series that were broadcast in that decade are as well-remembered and even those that are can feature stars whose place in TV history is no longer remembered. In some cases, the idea of some of those actresses being gone from the public view is a real shame, especially if you enjoy looking at images of beautiful women. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of forgotten nineties TV Stars.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the largely forgotten female stars of a series that came out in the nineties can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with the series in question will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. For the purposes of this list, we are counting anyone who starred in at least one notable TV entity, no matter if it was released by a major network or not. It also doesn’t matter if the series was a big hit on its original release or has become a cult hit since.

20 Alanna Ubach – Beakman’s World

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Someone who is almost always associated with eliciting laughs, when you see Alanna Ubach on screen, you may smile in dim recognition of her comedy past while still not quite placing her. Despite the fact that she has appeared in films like Meet the Fockers, Legally Blonde, Waiting, and several other amusing movies, she probably won’t come to mind unless you are looking right at her. For instance, if you are a child of the nineties who watched the science show Beakman’s World, you’d probably remember the titular scientist or guy in the rat suit instead of thinking about her. Despite that, she was a star of the series nevertheless. Seen alongside a beautiful blonde while both of them wear bikinis here, Alanna has a really nice figure, and it is tantalizing to see another woman pulling at her bottoms like that.

19 Carrie-Anne Moss - F/X: The Series/Models Inc.

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An actress that briefly became a big star because of her role as Trinity in the Matrix franchise of films, Carrie-Anne Moss has already been steadily working as an actress for years at that time. Starring in two short-lived nineties dramatic series, Models Inc. and F/X: The Series, neither of the two shows was a huge hit but it speaks to the confidence that those in authority had in her. These days, outside of those that are familiar with her work in the Netflix Marvel shows as Jeri Hogarth most likely haven’t seen her in years while those that have probably barely ever think of her. A real shame since she has been fantastic in several roles, also including in the film Memento, this shot of her with cleavage for days also proves that she is a marvel to look at.

18 Brigid Brannagh – True Colors

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There is no doubt that Brigid Brannagh is far from a household name despite starring in the sitcom True Colors at one time. She needs another big role but we’re sure that her notoriety isn’t helped by the fact that she has gone by Brigid Brannagh, Brigid Brannah, Brigid Brannaugh, Brigid Walsh, and Brigid Conley Walsh in the past. Hopefully, for her sake, she will find greater success in 2018 when a series she is a part of called Runaways premieres on Hulu. While we’re unsure if that streaming service is a great home for a potential star-making series to air, the show takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is a big deal. Looking away from the camera in this photo, that doesn’t take away from her physical appeal in this image where she is wearing a top that really draws our eyes to her ample bosom.

17 Angie Harmon - Baywatch Nights/Law & Order

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One of the stars of the series Rizzoli & Isles as recently as 2016 when that series came to an end, Angie Harmon has yet to take on any role of note since, and that show flew under the radar for most of us. Fortunately, her resume has other impressive tenures on television including starring in two nineties shows, Baywatch Nights as well as Law & Order, the latter of which was a huge hit. Judging by her history of success, there is every reason to think that she may yet rise like a phoenix once again. But as of now, this actress is firmly entrenched on the bench. At least she makes the sidelines look good since she has curves in all of the right places as evidenced by this picture of her in a blue bikini and nothing else aside from earrings.

16 Nicole Eggert – Baywatch

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If you are someone who grew up in the eighties and were attracted to women, there is a pretty good chance you had a thing for Nicole Eggert. First coming to prominence as one of the stars of the sitcom Charles in Charge, her role on that show allowed her to develop a fan following, many of whom only had eyes for her. An adult by the time her fortunes changed in the nineties, she made the leap to Baywatch, one of the most watched and longest lasting shows that aired in that decade. A show that featured a number of gorgeous women in swimwear running around, it served up fantasy fodder views of this actress from 1992 until 1994. Seen here from an issue of FHM she appeared in because of being a part of their list of the most attractive women out there, her bikini and the angle this was taken from shows off what made her so hot in the first place.

15 Traylor Howard - Two Guys, A Girl, & A Pizza Place

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A show that underwent a name change during its run, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place became Two Guys and a Girl. But one thing remained constant; it had three actors at its core. Best remembered by most for starring Ryan Reynolds because of him becoming a big star, Richard Ruccolo and Traylor Howard were equally important to its storylines. For the purposes of this list, it is the latter performer that matters as she is the one who qualifies for inclusion here. Also known for the shows Boston Common and Monk, you could also remember her from movies like Son of the Mask as well as Me, Myself & Irene. An actress that didn’t take part in too many photoshoots that were overtly designed to focus on her body, this shot of her that shows off her incredible figure is worth its weight in gold.

14 Nicole Sullivan – MADtv

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If you have watched television over the last few decades, you probably recognize Nicole Sullivan but are not at all capable of placing where from. Popping up in far too many shows to list here, you could be thinking of her from series like Party of Five, The Drew Carey Show, Titus, Scrubs, According to Jim, Cougar Town, or several others. She also was one of the stars of a number of other shows too, including Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, The King of Queens, or The Penguins of Madagascar. With that said, she made her way on this list because she was one of the original stars of the sketch comedy series MADtv from 1995 until 2001. Seen here wearing a bikini because she wanted to celebrate dropping a lot of weight because of using Jenny Craig, her efforts resulted in this steamy shot of her.

13 Lela Rochon – The Wayans Bros.

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Just barely qualifying for this list because she was only a part of the main cast of the nineties sitcom The Wayans Bros. for a very short time, Lela Rochon only appeared in thirteen episodes. That said, we are very thankful that she was a part of that show for that time since it means that we get to sit in appreciation of her impressive career and great looks. Also known for showing up in a number of films, fans will remember her from Boomerang, The Meteor Man, Waiting to Exhale, The Big Hit, and Any Given Sunday, all of which came out in the nineties. A dynamic woman that could strike quite the pose at any time, this shot of her in a dress that is cut in strategic fashion highlights her great figure.

12 Liz Vassey – All My Children/Brotherly Love

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An American actress that has popped up in far too many series to list here, Liz Vassey is a wonderful guest star for shows of all kinds since the audience is almost always immediately drawn to her. That doesn’t mean that she hasn’t found steady employment, however, as her first role in a major project came when she landed a recurring role in the nineties soap opera All My Children. On top of that, from 1995 until 1997, she played the female lead in the sitcom Brotherly Love that starred Joey Lawrence and his two younger brothers. In the 2000’s, she also received recurring roles in the shows CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the live action version of The Tick. But since then, the networks have been largely hands off. Looking at a photo like this one where it seems like she has full control over our gaze as our eyes dart between her eyes and cleavage, that is really hard to fathom.

11 Sherry Stringfield – ER

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One of the best TV shows that began in the nineties, ER would run for a mind-boggling fifteen seasons and would earn so many award nominations and wins during that time, which is truly remarkable. One of the original stars of the series, Sherry Stringfield had two runs on the show, from 1994 until 1996 and 2001 until 2005. Bringing a doctor named Susan Lewis to life over those years, she was able to create a fully fleshed-out character whose story mattered to millions of fans around the world. Despite that, she hasn’t been able to land a single other role that came close to that importance in the many years since, which has resulted in her career flying under the radar. Wearing a dress here that draws attention to her cleavage and a big smile on her face, they combine to make this shot both accessible and alluring.

10 Nikki Cox - Unhappily Ever After

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When Married with Children became a sensation for the Fox Network in the nineties, it allowed its creators to amass power in the industry. One of those people, Ron Leavitt, would also create another series called Unhappily Ever After that followed the pattern of his previous show almost entirely, including casting a family of four. When it came to the latter series, it was Nikki Cox that was cast as the hot daughter of the clan, and she would play that role from 1995 until 1999 when the show’s run came to an end. Routinely appearing in revealing clothes, she proved week after week that she was one of the hottest women on television. Photographed from behind here, we love the fact that almost the entirety of her back is exposed to the world, which we find immensely attractive. And need we mention that the look on her face does it for us too?

9 Janine Turner - Northern Exposure

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A beautiful actress that immediately stole the audience’s attention when she first walked on screen in the series Northern Exposure, it was clear that Janine Turner would play a major part in the series. Performing on the show in between the years 1990 and 1995, over that span of time, she hosted a Golden Globes ceremony and was nominated for one of those awards as well as an Emmy and SAG award. On top of that, she was cast as the female lead in Cliffhanger, a 1993 Sylvester Stallone action film that more than tripled its budget at the box office. In short, she seemed poised to be well-known but she is no longer a big deal. It certainly seems clear that her image isn’t the culprit for her lack of stardom since images like this one of her are a total feast for the eyes.

8 Shiri Appleby – Roswell

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Over its history, television has been the home of virtually every kind of genre there is, but there are ebbs and flows when it comes to the popularity of them because network heads love to follow trends. As such, when The X-Files became a hit, it resulted in a lot of sci-fi shows being created. One of them, Roswell, was one of the best of the group but seems to be largely forgotten, much to our chagrin. Starring Shiri Appleby as the female lead, a teenager that becomes involved with a trio of humanoid aliens, the series relied heavily on the audience’s affinity for her. A charming and dazzling actress, it is a real shame that she hasn’t cast a larger shadow over the industry. We say that because we love seeing her perform but also because she is so wonderful to look at, especially in a shot like this one where she is seducing the camera.

7 Gloria Reuben – ER

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An actress that seems to radiate a likable energy with great ease, when watching Gloria Reuben on screen, it is typically very hard to do anything but root for her. One of the stars of the medical drama ER from 1995 until 1999, her character, Jeanie Boulet, was notable for being a central character in a series that ends up becoming HIV positive and still remains a series lead. By then, it was an issue that was far less scandalous than it had been even a few years prior. Still, a story like that on network television was something unusual but very welcome. The focus of this photo that was taken relatively recently, Gloria still seems like someone that the vast majority of people would love to be around due to her innate good looks and welcoming smile.

6 Nia Peeples - Walker, Texas Ranger

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A former dancer and singer that found her greatest success in the acting world, Nia Peeples has been a television mainstay for several years. A series regular on both Pretty Little Liars and The Young and the Restless in the years since 2007, despite that fact, most people have no recollection of her since her roles haven’t made an impact. However, she did manage to star in the series Walker, Texas Ranger at one time, and that series had an immensely rabid fanbase despite some people seeing it as a joke due to the efforts of Conan O'Brien. An alluring woman to be sure, here, she is seen on a beach largely covered up but her being wet makes her clothes cling to her body, and the exposed parts of her glisten in an appealing fashion.

5 Sela Ward – Sisters

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Here, we look at an actress that has underachieved to a large degree, in our opinion. Now, don’t get us wrong, by no means do we mean that as an insult. Instead, we are trying to point out the failure of the system actresses like her work in. Cast in several large movies where she played small roles and big films where her parts were small, that trend mostly transferred over to her TV career as well. The star of the show Sisters from 1991 until 1996, if you are like us, you’ve probably never heard of that series or Graves, the show she appears on these days. That is a total shame because we can think of few actresses that combine as much class and gravitas as she does and is such a joy to see given meaty roles that she can sink her teeth into. On top of her immense acting skill, she is also an exquisite beauty as anyone looking at this picture will likely come to realize as well. A pro with all that going on for her should be in huge demand.

4 Lauren Vélez – Oz

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A show that was virtually unthinkable only a few years prior, Oz was a show that took place in a maximum-security prison and showed an unflinching world of violence, racial tension, and emotion. The first one-hour dramatic series to be produced by HBO, it was a good jumping off spot since it revealed how far they would go, content-wise, while also denoting the quality the network was capable of. Starring a cast that was dominated by men for obvious reasons, it also featured the work of an actress named Lauren Vélez who brought Dr. Gloria Nathan to life. A character that was iron-willed and didn’t suffer the prisoner’s guff, it was fascinating to see her interactions with such violent men. More often than not seen in no nonsense roles, including other shows like Dexter, a shot of her looking elegant like she does here is hot enough to make us wish she dressed like that more.

3 Melissa De Sousa – Valley Of The Dolls

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If you are a film buff, we’re betting there is a good chance that you are scratching your head in confusion at Valley of the Dolls coming up on a list related to TV instead of movies or books. A story that was created by the American writer Jacqueline Susann for her novel that went by that name, it was adapted into a 1967 film. That said, it was also the basis of a soap opera that aired sixty-five episodes in the nineties and starred Melissa De Sousa, among others. An actress that was also a part of The Best Man and its sequel, sadly, she hasn’t been seen in anything notable since 2015. Tapped to appear in the pages of King Magazine, this shot of her mind-blowing body in lingerie was shot for that purpose but fits our criteria to perfection since she looks amazing in it.

2 Jill Hennessy – Law & Order

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Sometimes, we sit back and look at the career of someone like Jill Hennessy and just shake our heads in amazement. Starring in the series Law & Order from 1993 until 1996, it is amazing to see that was just the start for her, to say the least. After that, she went on to star in or get recurring roles in other series including Crossing Jordan, Luck, Jo, and Shots Fired. On top of all of those series, she also appeared in several films including Nuremberg, Exit Wounds, and Wild Hogs to name only a few. With all of those titles under her belt, she still hasn’t gotten to do her thing of late in anything that has made any kind of serious impact. We really hope that she gets the opportunities she deserves soon, especially since that could also mean we get to see shots of her like this one where she looks like she has just rolled out of our fantasies.

1 Kelly Packard - California Dreams/Baywatch

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Looking at the career of Kelly Packard in the nineties, one thing is clear—the powers that be picked up on how good she looked in swimwear. She became one of the stars of the teen show California Dreams from 1992 until 1997. The series was patterned off of Saved by the Bell and her character was part of a band and an avid surfer. Then, she landed a role as a lifeguard on Baywatch from 1997 until 1999, right after her tenure on the previous series came to an end. Seen here wearing a bikini, it is abundantly clear to us why she landed parts that required wearing one. After all, to say that she looks good here has to be one of the biggest understatements around, if you ask us.

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