20 Steamiest Photos Of Forgotten Nineties Movie Stars

Now that we're more mature, we could really appreciate these hot 90s movie stars and everything they have to offer

With each year more and more movies are released to the public that make an impact on those that see them. However, once you become an adult it becomes more difficult for these films to have the same impact they had on you when you were in your youth. As a result, people tend to look at the films that came out when they were in their youth with a particular love that will never be the same once they mature. There is now a whole generation of people that have a special place in their heart for the films of the nineties for that very reason. Now adults, however, they probably look back on these films through new eyes that have the same appreciation for the looks of several of the female movie stars that appeared in those films. Coming to that realization is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of nineties movie stars.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the female stars of movies that came out in the nineties can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people uninvolved with the film scene will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. For the purposes of this list, we are counting anyone that starred in at least one notable film, no matter if it was released by a major studio or not. It also doesn’t matter if the film was a big hit on its original release or has become a cult hit since. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Robin Tunney


An actress that was all over the place in the nineties, Robin Tunney spent much of the last several years almost entirely focused on her television role on The Mentalist, which has led the film world in the lurch. A major part of three films that made a huge impact on pop culture in the decade that this list is based around, Empire Records, The Craft, and End of Days, her films aren’t great any longer. Having not appeared in a similarly important movie since, we’d love to see her make a return to grace any day now. Fortunately, if that never happens we have a picture like this one to enjoy instead, where we love seeing her play with her wet hair in a seductive manner.

19 Kristy Swanson


You almost have to feel sorry for an actress like Kristy Swanson, but not quite. Arguably best remembered for her part in the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when that story was adapted into a long lasting and important TV show she was replaced, which had to be a bad blow to her ego. Fortunately, that isn’t her only major credit, however, as she was a part of other nineties movies like Hot Shots!, The Program, The Chase, Higher Learning, The Phantom, and Big Daddy. Someone with a body for the ages, the fantasy fodder of a picture like this of her dressed in a tight white top while peering through blinds is something we’d kill to see while walking down any city street.

18 Andie MacDowell


A great example of the fact that Hollywood doesn’t treat actresses fairly when they go beyond a certain age, Andie MacDowell is no longer seen in major movies despite a career that deserves lots of respect. A part of several films that inarguably are classics, like Groundhog Day, Sex, Lies, and Videotape, as well as Four Weddings and a Funeral, she should be held on hallowed ground. In fact, in the case of actors that have contributed as much as she has to the movie scene, their careers keep going on those fumes for decades in some cases. Also, someone that is still very beautiful to this day, a picture of her like this on a red carpet proves that she has it going on.

17 Joey Lauren Adams


An actress that was once seen in a slew of films, Joey Lauren Adams made her mark on the film world because of her distinct voice, good looks, acting chops, and ability to come off as cool to be around. Nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in Chasing Amy, the fact that she did such a great job in a beloved film like that is enough for her to be listed here. However, she was also a part of other memorable films from the nineties including Mallrats, Dazed and Confused, Big Daddy, and many more. Seen here in a picture that looks as though it originated from the time period in which those movies came out, it shows why she was such a dynamo on screen since she looks great and full of emotion.

16 Erika Eleniak


If you are anything like us, the first time you saw an image of Erika Eleniak your eyes felt like they could have easily popped out of your head like you were some kind of cartoon lothario. Given a recurring role in the show Charles in Charge in the eighties, as well as appearing in the horror remake of The Blob, it was in the following decade that her movie career took off. Seen in a long list of films from that era, including the likes of Under Siege, The Beverly Hillbillies, Chasers, and Bordello of Blood, her work wasn’t award worthy but was still very enjoyable. Sporting a swimsuit from a show she played a part in during the early stages of the decade, Baywatch knew how to cast people that looked amazing in these suits and clearly Erika is a great example of that.

15 Kelly Macdonald


Most notable in the last decade for providing the voice of the lead character in the Pixar film Brave, getting that gig was a big deal for sure but so few people have any idea that it was her behind the mic. As a result, we feel okay including Kelly Macdonald on a list of forgotten film stars. Cast to play Diane in Trainspotting, she was important to a big film from the nineties that has become a thing of legend. On top of that, if you want evidence that she is no longer as important as she once was, her character was brought back for nothing more than a cameo in that film’s sequel. That feels like an even bigger shame when you see her here looking beautiful beyond belief while also imbuing her motionless face with a perceptible emotion that proves her ability to emote.

14 Ali Larter


A beautiful blonde that looks like she was designed to be a huge deal in Hollywood, it is shocking to us that Ali Larter is no longer a very big deal. At one time a star on TV with the show Heroes, that doesn’t mean her resume isn’t impressive when it comes to the movie side. A major part of films like Varsity Blues, Final Destination, Legally Blonde, and far too many more to include here, her movie career hit its zenith in the nineties. These days, however, her only recent role in a big film is 2016’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and she likely only got that film because she was already a part of the franchise. If that wasn’t surprising enough, when you see a photo of her like this where you can see her tight midriff and good-looking face, it is all the more sobering.

13 Gretchen Mol


From one hot blonde to another, this time around we are looking at Gretchen Mol, an actress that seemed to be tapped to be the next big female star at one time. A part of nineties movies like Donnie Brasco, Rounders, Celebrity, and many more, she actually appeared in four films in the year 1999 alone. If that isn’t a great indicator of where her career seemed to be at the time, we don’t know what is and we have to say we are shocked things have gone so downhill for her. Most recently playing a small role in Manchester by the Sea, as of yet she doesn’t even have a single film that is set to come out this year. Enchanting enough that she can be seen as the spitting image of women like Marilyn Monroe, an image like this one shows that even when she seems to be avoiding the camera, it still loves her.

12 Natasha Henstridge

If you are an actor or actress and you are hoping to appear in a single film that ensures that you are remembered by a large group for the rest of your life, the genre you want to go into is sci-fi. Followed by legions of fans, the best movies from it end up being cherished forever and ensure that your work in them go down in history as you can ask any actor from Star Trek or Star Wars. That is why it is great for the legacy of Natasha Henstridge that she was one of the stars of Species, in which she played an alien desperate to mate. Made a star for a while as a result of the hit film, she was also able to be a part of other big movies like The Whole Nine Yards, Maximum Risk, and Ghosts of Mars.

11 Lela Rochon

One of the most competitive industries in the world, if you want to be a world famous actress, you are going to have to deal with so many people wanting to take your place it is startling. That is why it is hugely advantageous to have a seemingly effortless physical appeal to you that also comes off as charming. Lucky enough to have been born with those attributes, they helped Lela Rochon get roles in films like Boomerang, The Meteor Man, Waiting to Exhale, The Big Hit, and Any Given Sunday. Not having appeared in anything major in more than a decade now, we’re still holding our breath and hoping she makes a return somewhere down the line. Pictured here in a dress that does a marvelous job of showing off two of her biggest physical assets, it is tight enough that we get a great view of her chest which blows us away.

10 Alicia Silverstone


We all know that there is a long history of so called “it girls” in the movie scene that appear to be in the running for almost every major film role. These days there are women like Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie that have recently enjoyed such a period and been able to extend their career after the fact, but that isn’t always the case. An example of someone that was on fire and then largely disappeared, Alicia Silverstone was cast in unforgettable movies like Clueless, Batman & Robin, as well as Blast from the Past in the nineties. Still acting to this day, she no longer gets the coveted roles she once did but still looks the part. Epitomized by a photo of her like this one where her rising dress provides a vantage point of her legs and booty, we’d love to see her in such a state on film more often.

9 Tia Carrere

Over the years there have been several films that were adapted from SNL skits that have spectacularly failed, but one that bucked that trend was Wayne’s World. A comedy classic that starred Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, Tia Carrere was also pivotal to it as well as other movies from the nineties like Rising Sun, True Lies, Jury Duty, and High School High. Yet another actress whose career seemed to hit the skids as she began to age, her last notable performance is in the Lilo & Stitch films that she lent her voice too. Seemingly seen here on an average day for her, that is a testament to the fact that she is someone that doesn’t require hours of careful work to look exquisite.

8 Bridgette Wilson-Sampras


A former Miss Teen USA winner in the year 1990, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras began her acting career shortly thereafter and it took very little time for her to become a movie star. A part of three films from the nineties that are still held in very high regard, Billy Madison, Mortal Kombat, and I Know What You Did Last Summer, we miss seeing her pop up in films regularly. No longer acting on any kind of major level, it makes us sad that she hasn’t been seen on television or in a movie since the year 2008. Seen here in one of the most lasting moments from her film career, this scene is from Billy Madison. A moment where her character uses the tease of undressing to teach has to be one of the hottest yet tame moments from the decade, so we adore it even in still form.

7 Shannon Elizabeth


When the movie American Pie was released to the public nobody really expected it to be a box office phenomenon, but that is exactly what it became. Making stars out of pretty much every major member of its cast, it even turned the woman that played a foreign exchange student that had one speaking scene a big deal because of how ravishing her body was. Going on to appear in other movies in the years following it, including its sequel, Scary Movie, as well as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, sadly her momentum only lasted so long. Pictured here in a photo that shows off her mind-blowing body including some great cleavage and a very welcoming smile, whoever posed her and took this image deserves all of our respect.

6 Rosie Perez


These days the name Rosie Perez sadly doesn’t come up very often, especially among the casting directors who allow people to work on film sets. If you ask us that is pretty shocking considering that she has given some great performances and seems fully capable of still doing so, on top of having a voice unlike many others in the acting scene. A part of nineties films like Fearless, Somebody to Love, It Could Happen to You, and White Men Can’t Jump, there was a time where we were regularly pleased to see her name in the opening credits of many movies. Seen here in a relatively recent picture when she was walking down a red carpet, it seems clear to us that she still has the looks to be a star which is especially evident while admiring her chest.

5 Rachel Weisz


There are a lot of talented women on this list, but if you ask us one of the best of the bunch has to be Rachel Weisz. Nominated over the years for awards at the Golden Globes, BAFTAs, Saturn Awards, Empire Awards, Academy Awards, and far too many more to list here, she is one of the best actors of her generation. On top of those successes, she was also a movie star in big films like The Mummy and its sequel, Enemy at the Gates, About a Boy, Constantine and several others. That makes it seem like she is good at everything an actress does which is why she should be a much bigger deal today. Also, a stunning woman that is very photogenic, this image of her laying on her side and wearing very little clothes provides a marvelous view of a body that makes her stand out even further.

4 Rachel True


An actress that is more recognizable in the flesh than by her name, Rachel True was never a household name but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t a movie star in the nineties. Playing one of the main characters in several cult classics like CB4, Embrace of the Vampire, The Craft, and Half Baked, those roles are proof positive that she was a huge success at the time. Unfortunately, things took a downturn for her in the new millennium and she wasn’t in a single film of note aside from a brief cameo in the silly movie Sharknado 2: The Second One. Seen here in a picture that is certainly unique, you don’t see many images of women with their arms in the air like that and while we are appreciating this one, we find that to be a pretty big shame.

3 Carrie-Anne Moss


During our entry about the career of Natasha Henstridge, we touched on the fact that appearing in classic sci-fi films can be enough to make you a star overnight. Another marvelous example of that fact, Carrie-Anne Moss’ role as Trinity in The Matrix trilogy introduced her to the world and changed her career trajectory. Moving on to parts in movies like Red Planet, Memento, and Fido, it is too bad that it has been a very long time since she was in a film that made a real impact. In fact, her only big role came as a supporting character in Netflix’s Marvel shows and she is far from the star of any of those series. Looking at this photo of her we are flabbergasted that her chest isn’t considered one of the best out there because her cleavage here is as tantalizing as any we’ve ever seen.

2 Rachael Leigh Cook

If you were a teen in the late nineties and you are attracted to women, there is a very good chance that you had a crush on Rachael Leigh Cook at the time. Playing the part of a nerdy high school student that is made over into a popular kid with looks to write home about in the movie She’s All That, it made perfect sense that fans of the film fell for her. Also seen in other movies afterwards, like Get Carter, Antitrust, as well as Josie and the Pussycats, her career was destroyed because none of them became hits even though they were released with great fanfare. Still, there are pictures of her like this one of her lying on a couch with a smoldering look on her face which combines with her toned body to make us remember why we crushed on her, to begin with.

1 Jennifer Connelly


Around the acting scene since the mid-eighties, Jennifer Connelly proved time and time again that she has the goods. A part of many beloved classics from the nineties, including The Rocketeer, Higher Learning, Mulholland Falls, and Dark City, she always brought her A-game no matter how big or small a movie seemed to be pre-release. Also a big deal early on in the 2000s because of films like Requiem for a Dream and A Beautiful Mind, we’re sad that her only big film of late is Spider-Man: Homecoming and she only provided a voice in that case. An award winning actress that also had one of the curviest bodies in Hollywood, we’ve always been impressed by her chest and this picture of her in a bra makes it plain why that is.

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20 Steamiest Photos Of Forgotten Nineties Movie Stars