20 Steamiest Photos Of Forgotten 2000s TV Stars

The 2000s has left some shows largely forgotten and the actresses at the center of them no longer being discussed regularly.

A decade that ushered in the so-called golden age of television, the 2000’s saw the debut of so many amazing shows that it seems like there were very few missteps even though that isn’t the case. In fact, The Wire, The Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Office, Arrested Development, Scrubs, The West Wing, Six Feet Under, and too many other quality shows to list here aired during those years. With so many amazing series being on television during that era, it has left some shows largely forgotten and the actresses at the center of them no longer being discussed regularly. If you are like us and enjoy seeing images of beautiful women, that is a total shame as many of them were very attractive. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of forgotten 2000’s TV stars.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the largely forgotten female stars of a series that came out in the 2000’s can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with the series in question will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. For the purposes of this list, we are counting anyone that starred in at least one notable TV entity, no matter if it was released by a major network or not. It also doesn’t matter if the series was a big hit on its original release or has become a cult hit since.

20 Lake Bell – Boston Legal


A legal comedy-drama that aired on ABC from 2004 until 2008, Boston Legal didn’t last as long as series like Law & Order but still made an impact nevertheless. Remembered for starring people like James Spader, Candice Bergen and William Shatner, there were a number of other people that were part of the show’s main cast including Lake Bell. An actress that seems to be good at pretty much every element of the filmmaking world, she has been great in comedies and dramas as well as serving as a writer, producer, and director too. Blessed with a body for the ages, any opportunity we have to see her figure in a revealing image is going to be a welcome one. But the way this shot shows her off is a thing of beauty.

19 Nancy Pimental - Win Ben Stein's Money


A low-stakes game show with a grand prize of only five thousand dollars, Win Ben Stein’s Money seemed like a series that wouldn’t last since there was so little up for grabs. That wasn’t the case, however, as it lasted six seasons due to the personality of the show that was made up by the style of questions asked and the attitudes of those that appeared each week. Remembered by many for the man whose name appeared on the series, Ben Stein, as well as Jimmy Kimmel who is now a big star, for a season, there was a beautiful woman that asked the questions. Nancy Pimental is an actress with small roles in terrible comedies like Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd but has found more success of late as a writer for shows like South Park and Shameless. A beautiful woman who has a big personality and beauty nearly as loud, this shot of her shows her pretty smile and fantastic chest.

18 Summer Glau – Firefly/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


The star of two of the most beloved sci-fi series of the 2000’s, Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, it is safe to say that there are some people that Summer Glau will always have as fans. Also previously seen as a recurring character in the shows Alphas and Arrow on top of a cameo in The Big Bang Theory, this actress has done a lot over the years. Still, there are many people that followed her career at the time, including a stint on Dollhouse, a 2009 and 2010 series, that never think of her any longer. Wearing a white bikini while lying on the beach in this shot, she looks magnificent and it is wonderful to envision her cavorting in the water revealing her body even further.

17 Holly Marie Combs – Charmed

via Imgur

There are millions of actresses around the world that would have loved to switch places with Holly Marie Combs as she was one of the stars of the popular and long-running series Charmed. Very fortunate for that fact, she was still somewhat unlucky in the fact that she shared the screen with her co-stars, Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to stand out among so many exquisite women that starred in the show which is why Holly has mostly been forgotten in the years since. Photographed for the Stuff Magazine shoot this image resulted from, we love this picture where we get to appreciate her curves and check out her booty which was largely ignored even at her height.

16 Emily Osment - Hannah Montana


A Disney Channel show with an interesting legacy, when Hannah Montana aired, it was known for its sticky sweet storylines, pop music, and starring members of the Cyrus family. Since it left the air, however, Miley Cyrus, the person that played the titular character, has massively changed her image and has taken on a more out-there energy. She wasn’t the only star of the series, however, as Emily Osment was cast as her best friend, Lilly, and appeared in all one hundred episodes too. Also known as the younger sister of Haley Joel Osment, she has had quite the career herself as she has landed main or recurring roles in other shows like Cleaners, Rainbow Brite, as well as Young & Hungry. Wearing a bikini top by the water in this shot, that allows us to get a great view of her chest which is incredible, to say the least.

15 Constance Marie – George Lopez

Don’t worry, we’re not confused and claiming that Constance Marie starred in the life of George Lopez, the man; instead, that she was one of the main figures in a show that was emblazoned with his name. Currently one of the stars of the ABC Family show Switched at Birth, that show has lasted several years but we still see her as forgotten as it isn’t likely to be watched by the viewers of her previous show. After all, George Lopez was a series that wouldn’t have been welcomed on networks like ABC Family or The Disney Channel. Sitting on a bed in this shot where she doesn’t appear to have a single stitch of clothing on, we can’t see her naughty bits but we love thinking about so little standing between the camera and her body.

14 Alison Haislip - Attack Of The Show!


The G4 network disappeared from the television scene in 2014 after launching all the way back in 2002, which means that it had a pretty good run for twelve years. One of the mainstays of its existence, Attack of the Show! was around in-between 2005 and 2013 which makes it one of the most important series in the network’s history. Focused on all things nerd culture, it featured a long list of hosts and correspondents that appeared over and over again and helped define the show with their unique takes. One of those people, Alison Haislip, showed up in ninety episodes in-between 2008 and 2011 and served as a field reporter and occasional co-host. Photographed as part of the Me in My Place series, this picture of her with her legs and midriff exposed and a great vantage point of her chest originated from her private place which makes it even hotter.

13 Chyler Leigh – The Practice/Grey’s Anatomy


Chyler Leigh has had an interesting career in the TV and film world since she has appeared in a number of notable projects. But aside from Not Another Teen Movie, she was never in the lead role. For instance, she was one of the stars of The Practice from 2002 until 2003 and was a part of Grey’s Anatomy’s main cast from 2007 until 2012. Despite that, many people are likely to be unaware that she was a star of both series or is currently a part of the main cast of Supergirl which makes her deserving of an appearance on this list. Photographed for Stuff Magazine wearing lingerie, this image that resulted from that shoot features her holding up her top to expose her stomach and with a wonderful look on her face.

12 Susie Feldman - The Two Coreys


Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are two people whose acting careers will always be inexorably linked to one another no matter what. A product of the eighties and nineties, it seems odd to bring them on a list that is dedicated to the 2000’s but here we are nevertheless, since they were the focus of the “reality” show The Two Coreys. A show from 2007 and 2008 that focused on their relationship as adults, Corey Feldman’s wife, Susie, was a major part in the series due to her everyday involvement with at least one of them. A beautiful woman that would end up appearing in a shoot for Playboy Magazine in an episode of the series, looking at this picture of her fit figure shows why many would pay to see her exposed in their pages.

11 Maggie Grace – Lost


One of the most memorable parts of the 2000’s television scene, it seems odd to think of Lost’s stars as forgotten but the cast was large and unwieldy, which makes that very possible. Part of its cast right from the start, Maggie Grace’s character, Shannon Rutherford, could be quite irritating at times as she tried to live on the island like she was at a beachside resort. Best known as a part of the Taken series of films since then, her character served as the inspiration for the original film since she was kidnapped, thus necessitating the action that followed. Wearing a very appealing black bra and panty set that are exposed because her robe is opened just enough to tantalize, we love that, the view of her legs, and the intimate look on her face.

10 Sara Jean Underwood - Attack Of The Show!

via Sugoi

The second person involved with Attack of the Show! to show up on this list, Sara Jean Underwood hasn’t done much since her time on the show. However, she was a bigger part of the show during its height, even serving as co-host for an extended run after Olivia Munn departed the show for greener pastures. On top of that, she was the bigger deal of the two prior to being added to its cast as she had already attained some notoriety as a former Playboy Playmate of the Year. A gorgeous woman that is clearly very comfortable in her own skin, she has proven many times that she is open to sharing her body with the world. Seen here in an R2D2-styled dress, it is fun to see things related to a character we love but hot to see her lift up part of it to reveal her silky skin underneath.

9 Audrina Patridge – The Hills


A spin-off from the previous MTV “reality” show Laguna Beach, The Hills is remarkable as it was easily able to exceed the success of the series it was spawned from. Focused on the daily life of Lauren Conrad as well as those of her friend and enemies, one of the people the show introduced the world to is Audrina Patridge who became a main focus of the series. Given her own short-lived reality show that lasted only a few months, she was also unsuccessful in getting an acting career off the ground which makes it seem like her time in the spotlight is over. Possessing a body that would be at home among the hottest out there, this photo of her in a bikini reveals her stunning dimensions and is likely to overcome some with lust.

8 Yunjin Kim – Lost


In a previous entry, we touched on how large the cast of Lost was, which has led to some of them easily fading away. But there is nobody that we wish had a better fate from the cast than Yunjin Kim. She has tried a couple of times to retake her place in the spotlight by appearing in a number of films and starring in a show called Mistresses. However, we’ve never heard of that show or her movies. Arguably the focus of Lost’s sweetest storyline, where she and her husband sought to reunite for several seasons, that led to us having a great affection for her. Then, we saw this image of her lying on a beach in a bikini, and we realized how attracted we are to her as well.

7 Catherine Bell – JAG


A legal drama that aired over two hundred episodes in its ten-year run, JAG is an interesting entry in TV history since many young people were incapable of listing anyone they knew that watched it regularly. Despite that, it was a ratings behemoth at times and even resulted in more than one spin-off series, all of which included the initials NCIS in their title. Starring David James Elliott in the main role, he was featured in almost all of its advertisements but it was Catherine Bell who had the best chance of enticing many viewers to check it out due to her looks. A curvaceous woman with a large chest that is hard to look away from, that holds true here but we love the way her bottoms look on her, and the view of her stomach is glorious too.

6 Kelly Carlson – Nip/Tuck


One of the first series that showed what the network FX was capable of, Nip/Tuck was nominated for a long list of awards and managed to stick around for six seasons. Focused on a pair of plastic surgeons and their personal lives, at first, it seemed like there wasn’t much room for female stars but Joely Richardson proved that that wasn’t the case. That was fortunate for Kelly Carlson who appeared in the first two seasons but wasn’t upgraded to one of its stars in the third season after proving her worth. We find that hard to understand since it seems like such an easy move to make someone as beautiful as her a major element of your show. Seen here in what appears to be a swimsuit, she is nowhere near water but we support her choice of clothes nevertheless, since her cleavage and legs look delightful here.

5 Aisha Tyler – Talk Soup/Ghost Whisperer/Archer


Aisha Tyler has never been seen as one of the biggest television stars in the world but she has managed to remain steadily employed by the medium for years on end at this point. Made the host of Talk Soup in 2001 and 2002, she was also one of the stars of Ghost Whisperer early on in its run but didn’t last too long as the show focused primarily on Jennifer Love Hewitt. On top of that, she began providing her voice to the show Archer in 2009 and continues to remain a member of its main cast to this day. One of the most bewitching beauties in the media in our view, this shot of her in leopard print underwear is all the proof we need to back up a claim like that.

4 Nadine Velazquez - My Name Is Earl/The League


One of the most creative concepts for a sitcom we’ve ever seen, My Name is Earl focused on a man that comes to believe in karma after winning the lottery and spends his life attempting to make amends. Starring Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee in the two biggest roles, it also featured the work of Nadine Velazquez as the romantic interest of the latter actor’s character from 2005 until 2009. Moving on to The League in 2009 as well, she regularly appeared as the wife of one of the members of the fantasy football league the show focused on and got its name from. Wearing a one-piece outfit in this image, we love that fact as it allows the viewer to check out all of Nadine but especially her long and lovely legs.

3 Rachel Nichols – Alias


The show that helped launch the career of J. J. Abrams as we know it today, he’d previously co-created Felicity. However, it was Alias that revealed his action chops to the world. An important moment since he has gone on to reimagine both the Star Trek and Star Wars universes as well as the Mission: Impossible franchise, he has been a huge figure in Hollywood. The series also introduced many actresses to its audience, including Rachel Nichols who was one of its stars for a while. She has since gone on to star in the shows Criminal Minds and Continuum briefly. However, she hasn’t had a notable credit in many years and isn’t a big part of the pop culture conversation. A beautiful blonde with a figure that looks designed to be seen in a bikini, we can’t imagine anyone attracted to women seeing this and not wanting more.

2 Morgan Webb – X-Play


Previously on this list, we touched on two of the stars of G4’s Attack of the Show! but it wasn’t the only series from the network with an attractive host. In fact, for us, it was Morgan Webb, one of the hosts of the video game-focused series X-Play that we are most disappointed that’s no longer a TV mainstay as we enjoyed seeing her so much. Also earning more attention when she was given a monthly column focused on video games in the pages of the men’s magazine FHM, it also meant that she posed for many alluring images including this one. Published alongside one of her articles, this shot of her likely brought attention to her words but led to few reading them as it meant staying on the page but looking at something aside from her.

1 Brande Roderick - Baywatch: Hawaii


One of the most memorable shows of the nineties, Baywatch was highly viewed because it cast many attractive people and showed them wearing revealing swimwear week after week. Airing in its original format up until 1999, it was then retitled Baywatch: Hawaii that same year and hugely altered its cast for the remainder of its run until 2001. The second former Playboy Playmate of the Year to appear on this list, in the case of Brande Roderick, one of the stars of the aforementioned series, she won that accolade in 2001. Seen here in an image that combines her two biggest claims to fame, the Playboy symbol is present, and she is wearing swimwear in a photo that shows that she seems to be a flawless beauty for the ages.

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20 Steamiest Photos Of Forgotten 2000s TV Stars