20 Steamiest Photos Of Ellen Pompeo

Realizing how attractive she is and that we don’t think she gets the credit she sometimes deserves is what inspired us to put together this list

We all know that there is a superficiality to Hollywood that goes pretty deep. As a result of that fact, the vast majority of those that make it in the acting industry are extremely good-looking people. With names like Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, and a few others taking up the majority of the praise heaped on stars for their looks, there are a few hotties that fall through the cracks. If you ask us, Ellen Pompeo is a prime example of that. A woman who is clearly gorgeous at first glance, the more time you spend watching her on the big or small screen, it becomes even clearer that she is a very lovely lady. Realizing how attractive she is and that we don’t think she gets the credit she sometimes deserves is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty hottest photos of Ellen Pompeo.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion here, the only prerequisite is that Ellen Pompeo can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the popular actress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from shows, movies, or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes, and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Swinging


If you are anything like us, when you think of spending time on a swing, it likely takes you back to thoughts of your childhood. After all, there aren’t too many times in our lives where you can spend an afternoon absentmindedly swinging back and forth without a care in the world and having the time of your life. Fortunately, there is still a kid in all of us, and given the proper situation, it can be a wonderful thing to go back to a more innocent time in our lives. While that may or may not have been what Ellen was feeling at the time this picture was taken, we adore the opportunity to see her looking overjoyed while also looking marvelous and youthful.

19 Social Media

via Velvet Gossip

Celebrities have never been more accessible to regular folks than they are now. There are a lot of reasons why that is true, including the fact that many of them give more interviews than ever before due to the need to advertise their projects and how many outlets are out there. However, there is no doubt in our minds that the biggest reason why that is the case is that almost every famous person has social media accounts on a number of different platforms. An outlet for them to put their thoughts out to the world, it provides a window into their private lives that never existed before. On top of that, since many of these sites are image-based, it means that we get to see private photos of them including a photo like this of Ellen where she can show off just how beautiful she is.

18 Emmy Cleavage


A picture of Ellen at the 58th Primetime Emmy Awards which was taken in 2006, Grey’s Anatomy had debuted the year prior and made her a bigger star than she had ever been before. A major part of the TV scene since she was a star of one of the biggest shows on television, it was only fitting that she showed up at an event that celebrated the best in the medium. Unfortunately, she wasn’t nominated for an award that night but we’re sure that it was still a wonderful time for her, considering how stunning she looked here. On the other hand, we wouldn’t be surprised if those up for awards that night were annoyed, since she looks exquisite enough here that they were no longer the center of attention.

17 Jimmy Kimmel


Going on a late-night talk show is a rite of passage almost all celebrities must go through. While some may find it to be an awesome experience and others have an opposite reaction, it is important that they make the most of the experience since they exist for a very good reason. Used to advertise whatever project they have coming up, if the companies behind these movies or shows feel like you dropped the ball, it may reflect poorly when they decide whether or not to employ you again. Here, we see Ellen on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and if you ask us, she looks perfect for such a situation. Wearing a red dress that is superb on her, she also looks like she is having a fun time which is exactly the idea and why we find her delightful here.

16 Green Emmy Dress

via Zimbio

US magazine is one of the biggest publications in North America that looks at the fashion choices and lifestyles of the rich and famous. As such, their website and magazine issues are where people who are fascinated with such things immediately go to and purchase. Often covering the comings and goings of some of the biggest awards shows every year, they have an archive of images of many of these yearly events at their fingertips. That is why any celebrity would probably enjoy being including on any of their lists looking at the most attractive people to walk down a red carpet. In 2015, they put together an article looking at the best-dressed stars at the Emmy awards where they included this photo of Ellen, and we must say, we wholeheartedly agree with them. That said, we submit that if it was another star wearing this green gown, it would be half as appealing.

15 The Doctor

via Parade

One of the go-to photos used to advertise Ellen Pompeo’s work on the show Grey’s Anatomy, at this point, it almost seems silly that it exists since it is so obvious that she is a big part of the show. Cast as Dr. Meredith Grey, her titular character has appeared in two hundred ninety-four episodes of this show that has concluded its thirteen season at the time of this writing. As such, at this point, it seems like this picture could easily be forgotten in the sands of time. However, at the end of the day, we’re happy that it hasn’t been, since she looks incredibly pretty in it. We say that because we love the authority that her jacket gives her while she also has a welcoming smile on her angelic face.

14 Sideways Glance


By now, we’re sure that it is abundantly clear that Ellen Pompeo is a gorgeous gal who looks awesome in any number of situations. Often cast in roles that show off the sweet side of her personality, the fact that her biggest gig to date came as a doctor, a profession that is all about helping out others, is the epitome of that. As fans of her work, we can totally understand why she was given the role, but looking at a photo of her like this one really makes us wish that someone would give her a part that played to how she looks here. With heavy eye makeup and positioned away from the camera, she makes it look like she is sizing us up in a sideways glance and is in total command, which we think looks very hot on her.

13 Delightful Dance


At one time, Chris O'Donnell seemed poised to be one of Hollywood’s leading men, and while he has fallen short of those expectations, he has still been a consistent TV and film presence for years now. While there is no doubt that he is a good-looking man, it may be surprising that he was able to stick around after appearing in a bomb as big as Batman & Robin. A great example of what he has going on for him, here we see a screengrab of his time on Grey’s Anatomy as a love interest of Ellen’s character. Dancing with one another, even in a still photo, there seems to be chemistry dripping off the pair; and since he is able to make someone like Ellen look this radiant, his reason for sticking around is clear.

12 Simply Stunning

Since you are looking at this list, there are two things we believe we can likely assume about you—you appreciate the female form and you think Ellen Pompeo is a great example of that. As such, you may find it surprising that we featured a photo where you can’t see any of her other body parts and instead are only able to see her from above her chest. After all, that fact takes away a lot of the attractive aspects of her. But if you ask us, her face looks so appealing here that it more than makes up for it. Made up in a way that brings to mind the looks of Hollywood’s golden age, with her bright red lips, large hair and passionate eyes, we can’t get enough of this view of her.

11 Ravishing In Red


Clearly taken as part of the same Entertainment Weekly photoshoot that the last image on this list originated from, here we get everything that was wonderful about that photo with a lot more. Now able to see her body from the side as well, it provides a view of her slinky body which is extremely photogenic. On top of that, judging by the fact that her hair is flying back here, it seems clear that there is some kind of large fan off-camera here to pull that off. Something that we often see in movies or shows making fun of the fact that photographers do that, looking at how enchanting the results look on film, we think that should never be mocked again.

10 Old School


One of the best remembered and most beloved recent comedies, Old School has a place in the heart of many comedy and film fans out there. Still, when many people think of the movie, it is the work of Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Vince Vaughn that immediately come to mind. While we do think that is somewhat understandable as they are the three leads and the movie is largely about a group of guys, we still think it’s a shame for one reason. The work of Ellen as Nicole, despite the fact that she doesn’t even have a last name, is extremely charming. If you need proof, then you need look no further than a picture like this one where she looks as lovable as anyone could in our opinion.

9 Red Carpet Cleavage

via Pinterest

One of several photos of Ellen on a red carpet that we included on this list, we feel compelled to stress what the point of attending these events is for a celebrity like Ellen. Serving as an opportunity to promote themselves to the world since they are heavily photographed and attended, if you want to take full advantage of it, you must ensure that they pay attention to you. Thus, it is of grave importance that you present yourself in such a way that you pull the eye, which is especially hard since you are surrounded by other famous people. The night this picture of Ellen was taken, there is no doubt in our mind that she brought her A-game. With on-point makeup, perfect hair, and a dress that shows off her cleavage, she really does have it going on.

8 Bad Blood


Whether you love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is inarguably one of the biggest music stars in the world today. As such, anyone who is able to hitch herself to her runaway train of success would probably be well-advised to do so. That is why Ellen was probably very pleased that she appeared in her music video for “Bad Blood,” but we have a very different reason to be happy about her inclusion in it. Dressed in a fashion that makes her look like a total bada*s, it was an opportunity for fans like us to see her in an all-new light. She may look a little bit intimidating here but if you are anything like us, then that wouldn’t have been able to keep you away from her when she looks as ravishing as she does here.

7 Winning Smile


Seen here in the midst of a mass of humanity, one of the first things we noticed about this photo is that she seems to be surrounded by people at every side. In fact, we can’t say for sure but it looks like that might be Julia Roberts behind her facing away from the camera’s view. No matter if that is accurate or not, since there are people all around, it could be easy for people to not take note that Ellen is even present, let alone looking great. Luckily, the big smile on her face, which shows off how white and nice her teeth are, makes it a lot harder to look away from her. When you then factor in how utterly breathtaking her face looks here, then you’ll know for sure that this is one of the best pictures of her out there.

6 Blue Beauty


Another photo that features Ellen with eye makeup on that is much darker than what she typically wears, yet again, we feel compelled to bring up how great it looks on her with the right outfit. Speaking of the clothes she has on in this photo, in our opinion, that’s the reason why this photo reigns supreme over the previous one. Wearing a blue dress that looks incredibly colorful and forces you to look at her body, it is a joy to pour over her figure area by area. On top of that, we love the way that we can’t see any strap over one of her shoulders since it makes it look as though it is beginning the process of coming off of her. As much as we think the garment works on her, we’d love to see her with it absent.

5 Bikini


Like all celebrities, there are a lot of photos of Ellen out there where her image was carefully crafted. For instance, when she takes part in a photo shoot, there are hours of hair and makeup preparations that make her look a specific way. Also, there are artists who pose and light her in the best way possible. When she appears on a red carpet, she has also spent hours being made up, and someone has worked tirelessly deciding what clothes would work best for her. However, in a photo like this one clearly taken by a paparazzi, none of those things are present. Instead, we see her in her most natural state while doing her own thing, and all we can say is that we love the view.

4 Full Body


For all of the photos on this list, this is the first one that shows off the entirety of her body from a front perspective, which we have to say really perplexes us. The reason why that is the case is because there is a shocking lack of photos where her entire self is in the frame, and we don’t understand at all while appreciating the results here. After all, seeing so much of her gives us the opportunity to see her curves in all of their grandeur and enjoy them. Of course, it should go without saying that the tight dress she’s wearing here goes a long way to making that possible, and we would like to thank whoever it is that designed it to make this possible.

3 Black And White


We’re going to be honest here. There are a lot of times when it seems like taking a photo in black and white these days is the choice of the lazy photographer. We say that because it immediately adds an artfulness to the image that they should have been able to put into it with their own skills. Here, however, we would never say that since this picture is of something so grand that it doesn’t need embellishment in the slightest. A photo of Ellen wearing something that could be described as a dress, lingerie, or some kind of slip, it seems so tight-fitting. And we love that we get to see every nook and cranny of her body in all of its curves and waves. Of course, the fact that there are parts of it that are see-through makes that this image all the more awe-inspiring.

2 That Look


Looking at a photo of someone we find attractive in which they look good is always going to be a fantastic thing, but there is no doubt that they aren’t all created equal. In some cases, the thing that makes the difference is the clothes they wear and how much of their flesh that they expose. Then, there are times, like this one, where it all comes down to the look on the person’s face. Sporting a come-hither expression that seems to be an invitation to embrace her, we’re sure that many of Ellen’s fans would see it as a dream come true for her to look at them like this. Since she is peering directly at the camera here, this is the closest that they’ll ever get, which makes it a thing of beauty.

1 Entertainment Weekly Cover


The picture that graced the cover of the Entertainment Weekly issue which a pictorial of Ellen appeared in, we’ve already included a couple of images from the shoot on this list. That fact shows there were a number of pictures that were competing for the honor of making the cover, but we think that they absolutely chose wisely. Showing her in nothing but a doctor’s jacket which also happens to be wide open, the only thing that is stopping her naughty bit from being uncovered is the placement of her limbs. Knowing that if she had to reposition or even scratch an itch it could lead to a coveted view is highly tantalizing. Now, that’s definitely a top-notch on this list.

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20 Steamiest Photos Of Ellen Pompeo