20 Steamiest Photos Of Desperate Housewives Cast Members

A show that was on ABC for eight seasons from 2004 until 2012, during the time that Desperate Housewives first aired on network television, it was one of the most discussed shows around. Tackling a number of controversial topics each and every week, the series never seemed to flinch in the eye of controversy, instead seeming to adore the opportunity to shock and surprise its many viewers. Making stars out of several women that were relatively unknown prior to taking part in the show and rejuvenating the careers of a few more, the series and its cast had a great relationship. Led by a number of women that were beautiful, to say the least, there is little doubt that it was aided greatly by the looks of its many attractive female stars. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of Desperate Housewives cast members.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the female stars of Desperate Housewives can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with the show will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. We did limit ourselves to the stars of the show, so photos of guest stars, no matter how many appearances they’ve made, were never going to find their way here. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Nicollette Promotion

Via Twitter.com

A show that was a sensation when it debuted, Desperate Housewives owed its immense success to a number of factors. First off, the series had a great deal of intrigue from the get-go because of the fact that it was narrated and told through the eyes of the dead friend of the female stars of the series. Secondly, it portrayed a suburban world that a lot of people are all too familiar with but imbued it with more drama and backbiting than all but a select few neighborhoods will ever know. Finally, it starred a bevy of beautiful women including Nicollette Sheridan, which is why this photograph that was used to promote the show was perfect. Showing off her innate good looks while also showing that her character oozes attitude, it advertised two of the reasons why the show was a success.

19 Felicity’s Figure

Via Pinterest.com

An actress that we wish was a much more regular presence on television and in film, Felicity Huffman always seems to bring a great deal of talent and gravitas to every role she plays. Best known for this series as well as her critically acclaimed acting in the film Transamerica, those two projects were immensely different in tone but she was wonderful in both. Currently appearing in the anthology series American Crime, we’re pleased that she is still gainfully employed but we would love to see her popping up in front of us all the time. On top of her incredible acting skills, looking at this picture makes it immensely clear that she is an appealing woman too as that dress that is very tight to her body shows off that she has it going on.

18 Drea The Sopranos

Via tvtime.org

One of the most acclaimed series in television history, The Sopranos seems like it will go down in history as one of the standout examples of the potential of the medium. Introducing the world to a long list of actors, aside from Lorraine Bracco, none of them were stars but several were able to become them as a result of taking part in the series. These days, however, the two biggest success stories from the cast are Edie Falco, who went on to the fantastic series Nurse Jackie, and Drea de Matteo. Earning major parts in the series this list is based on, as well as Sons of Anarchy and Shades of Blue to name only a few, she has had an amazing career. Seen here in a screengrab from The Sopranos, her character always turned heads, and we totally get why because seeing her in this sports bra in real life would cause us to stop in our tracks too.

17 Teri On Seinfeld

Via Pinterest.com

Inarguably one of the most talked-about and acclaimed sitcoms of all time, Seinfeld made stars out of its four main cast members. Focused on the daily lives of their characters, because of George and Jerry being single through much of its run, it featured a long list of attractive women that the pair would date. As such, many of them came and went and were easily forgettable once they departed. However, we think that Teri Hatcher’s appearance was much more memorable. The topic of discussion in the series about whether or not her chest was natural, ultimately, she discovered that and is done with Jerry. Seen here in a moment where she tells him that “they’re real and they’re spectacular” before leaving him, looking at this screengrab, we believe that her character knows exactly what she is talking about.

16 Marcia Lingerie

Via hawtcelebs.com

One of the four core women at the epicenter of this show, Marcia Cross brought her Desperate Housewives character, Bree Van de Kamp, to life in all eight seasons that it aired. Nominated again and again for her time on the series, including an Emmy and three Golden Globes, it is clear that her work was well-received by virtually everyone. A woman that always seems to carry herself with grace and poise, it came as no surprise to us that she was able to give a performance that made an impact on the masses. Seen here laying down, this shot of her is hot because of her top covering as little as possible without being scandalous, and she also looks like a sweetheart with a shining smile on her face.

15 Nicollette NFL

It may seem quaint now but there was a time when Nicollette was at the center of a whirlwind of controversy due to starring in an NFL commercial. Shown standing in an NFL locker room wearing nothing but a towel when Terrell Owens turns around and sees her, when she then dropped her towel to the floor, it shocked many viewers at home. With Teri and Felicity also showing up in this commercial, it was meant to introduce Monday Night Football while also advertising Desperate Housewives and was great at doing both. After all, the idea of watching more of the woman that seemed to be in the buff in front of you is a pretty enticing prospect, especially when her nude back is a thing of beauty as it is here.

14 Dana All Wet

A screengrab of Dana Delany from a largely forgotten movie called Exit to Eden, in it, she plays a character named Lisa Emerson who runs a getaway destination designed only for adults. Appearing as a dominatrix in the movie, in several scenes of the film, she attempts to lead the main characters, who are buttoned-up cops undercover, to embrace their more adventurous side. Seen here in a moment where she has gone for a swim with one of her island cohorts, you can’t see it here but the two of them don’t have a single stitch of clothing on in the scene in question. A very tantalizing idea, being able to picture her in the buff even though we can’t see anything scandalous in this image was enough to earn its place on this list.

13 Teri With Bond

Via tumblr.com

A film franchise that has been a consistent presence in theaters for decades on end at this point, James Bond movies have been coming out since 1954 or 1962 if you only count the Eon Productions movies. Over that time, it has become a mainstay of the series that each new entry introduces at least one, if not more, “Bond girl,” the female stars of the series. The producers of the franchise turn to some of the biggest and most beautiful stars of the era to take on these highly coveted parts. Tapped to appear in the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies which starred Pierce Brosnan, this screengrab of Teri from the film is the immediate precursor to the movie’s steamiest moment. Wearing a gorgeous dress and perfectly made up, we wouldn’t have been able to resist her feminine wiles here either.

12 Alfre Cleavage

Via IMDB.com

Appearing in the first season of this show before becoming a star of the second one, despite leaving the series after that, she made a large mark on whatever project is lucky enough to have her. One of the most acclaimed actors of either gender from her generation, Alfre Woodard has received an Oscar nomination on top of eighteen Emmy noms, four of which she won. As for actually winning awards, she has taken home a Golden Globe and three SAG awards as well. With a resume like that, she could easily rest on her laurels but whenever we see her on our screens, it seems abundantly clear that she does anything but. Seen here taking part in a photoshoot, we have to admit that we’d never noticed how large her chest is. But after appreciating her cleavage here, we doubt we’ll make that oversight again in the future.

11 Vanessa Eyes

Via fansshare.com

One of the stars of Desperate Housewives in the final two seasons, bringing on anyone as stunning as Vanessa Williams to your series is likely going to be seen as a boon by many. At one time controversial due to racy photos she appeared being released after she was the first black woman to win Miss America, nobody in the public should have tried to tell her what to do with her body. Able to show the haters up and become a well-known actress, she went on to be a success story for the ages after revealing to the world that she wasn’t going to be held down by anyone. The subject of this picture in which she seems to radiate confidence from her every pore, if you are like us and are attracted to powerful women, then this image is undoubtedly amazing for you.

10 Eva On Set

Via popsugar.com

Clearly on a set when this photo of her was taken, we have no idea what Eva Longoria was shooting at the time. But frankly, we don’t really care in the slightest. We say that because all that we can think about while looking at this image of her is just how alluring she is even in a moment where she seems to be having a laugh. Wearing a dress that seems like it should be worn at a ball, she seems overdressed in one regard but the opposite also seems true since her long and lovely legs are exposed, much to our delight. In fact, it took us several seconds to even notice that there is someone hiding under the leg covering that she is holding to the side, and we have to say that they should thank their lucky stars.

9 Felicity Cleavage

Via Imgur.com

The second and last photo of Felicity Huffman to appear on this list, there are a number of reasons that we greatly enjoy this image of her. First off, we find that the no-nonsense look on her face is immensely attractive as it makes her seem like a powerful woman who knows exactly what she wants including during sessions in the sack. Second, she’s wearing a top that is very tight to her chest and is cut low enough that it means that her cleavage is on display which isn’t a common thing with her. Finally, we enjoy that it seems she has signed it as that makes it feel like she has agreed with our assessment that she looks great, and we dig that confidence.

8 Marcia Desperate Housewives

Via usmagazine.com

The only image on this list that actually originates from an episode of Desperate Housewives, this screengrab of Marcia Cross in lingerie is proof that the show could get steamy enough to make it to this list. Revealed from another angle in the moment, she was shown to be wearing red underwear underneath that faux fur piece of clothing. Perfectly fitting her complexion, it was fantastic seeing her in them. But for us, this image of her revealing some of her underwear while also remaining partially clothed is a rather bewitching thing. Tantalizing us with a hint of what lies underneath while also keeping her figure mysterious at the same time, that is something we can get behind as it allows our minds to run wild with appreciation.

7 Maiara Relaxed

Via Pinterest.com

A Brazilian actress that was first introduced to many people as the star of the Disney Channel show Cory in the House, in the years following that, Maiara Walsh took on a much more adult role. Cast to appear as a guest star for Desperate Housewives in its fifth season, she was brought back the following season as a short-lived member of the main cast. Sadly unable to have a lengthy run at the top of this series, that seems like a sad thing considering she is such a pleasant presence on screen but is also able to get down and dirty with the best of them. Pictured here in a shirt that seems just large enough that it is easy to imagine that it belongs to her lover, it allows the viewer to think that is your clothes she has on which seems like a dream most would enjoy.

6 Andrea And The Look

Via Pinterest.com

One of the two women to appear on this list that are the least famous, alongside the star of our previous entry, Maiara Walsh, Andrea Bowen is by far best known for Desperate Housewives. Considered part of the main cast for the first four seasons, she would be brought back for the latter half of the show as either a recurring character or guest star, depending on the year. Not able to make a large impact in the years after this show came to an end as of yet, she was either in something insignificant or played a small role in something large. The epitome of a beautiful blonde today, in this image, we cherish the chance to check out her legs but appreciate the seductive energy that she seems to have here even more than that.

5 Dana Dress

Via Pinterest.com

Starring in the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons of this show, some people may have forgotten that Dana Delany was one of the people that played a big part in Desperate Housewives. Bringing Katherine Mayfair to life over sixty-five episodes, over that time, she added yet another splendid-looking woman to a series that is choked full of them. Also an actress with a resume to be immensely proud of, she was a wonderful addition to the series in every way in our opinion. Seen here wearing a dress that is a throwback to the best of fifties fashion, the way her skirt is flowing in the air, showing off her legs, and the smile on her face makes this one of our favorite photos around.

4 Drea Cooking

Brought in to star in Desperate Housewives in its sixth season, her character didn’t last too long on Wisteria Lane, the fictional area of the show, but she had a lasting impact nevertheless. An actress that seemed like a perfect addition to a series that features several women that carry themselves with great confidence and authority, Drea seems to be incapable of anything less than that. In fact, even when she tried to play a more fluffy character in the show Joey, which was a failed spin-off from Friends, she still was a domineering presence nevertheless. Seen here seemingly cooking while wearing bikini bottoms and a small top for some reason, even though she has a huge smile on her face and looks great, she still seems entirely in command of the situation. We have to say that is one of the main reasons why we like her so much.

3 Brenda Bra

Via 4archive.org

One of the few women that were a part of the main cast of this show each year that it aired, some fans of this series may have no idea who Brenda Strong is when looking at her. Cast as Mary Alice Young, her character narrated the series after her death due to suicide in the first episode that set the story of the series in motion. She was already an accomplished TV actress far before doing voice-overs for Desperate Housewives. In fact, one show she was a memorable part of was Seinfeld, something she has in common with her costar, Teri Hatcher. However, in her case, she wasn’t there to be a romantic interest for anyone, instead being an enemy of sorts for the female lead in the series, Elaine Benes. Seen here in a screengrab from arguably her most memorable moment, her character was tricked into wearing a bra in the streets but looking at this image, it soon becomes clear that the joke isn’t on her.

2 Teri Lingerie

Via Pinterest.com

The most famous woman that was a star of Desperate Housewives, prior to joining the cast of this popular series, Teri had already taken on a much-beloved character. Previously the female star of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman which saw her play Lois Lane, there are few women who’ve played that character with more charisma or charm. Pivotal to the success of the series for that reason, she also helped make Desperate Housewives what it was because she brought her acting skills and gorgeous looks to it. Seen here in a picture that is a perfect example of the latter, here we see her in lingerie and it is safe to say that it is a sight that we adore. On top of the revealing nature of her clothes, we also greatly enjoy seeing her with a belly button ring as it is one of our favorite accessories on a lovely lady.

1 Eva In White

Via gotceleb.com

Someone we were entirely unaware of prior to her starring in Desperate Housewives, by the time it came to an end, we knew exactly what we were missing out on prior to that. Quite possibly the actress whose career got the greatest boost from being cast in this popular series, she has had a large and loyal following ever since. We completely understand why that is the case as we’ve followed her career as well because she always looks so alluring when appearing on screen. Case in point, this image of her is rather simplistic since she is only wearing a plain white top but still is the obvious choice to top this list. Giving us a view of her cleavage and legs, any opportunity to see that combination is something we wholeheartedly embrace especially when her hair looks long and lustrous too.

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