20 Steamiest Photos Of Daisy Ridley (Not in Her Star Wars Wardrobe)

Imagine you’re a young actress that had been getting roles in films and on television for four years but have toiled in obscurity. Then suddenly, you become one of the most famous people alive. That is exactly what Daisy Ridley experienced when her work in the blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released to the public. So far, it seems like she has handled that incredible situation with grace and poise far greater than anyone could have possibly expected of her, which makes us like her even more. Seemingly beautiful both inside and out, we enjoy seeing her do her thing. But now that her career is taking off, we’d like to draw attention to her as an actress outside of her Rey portrayal and also as a person. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of Daisy Ridley not in her Star Wars wardrobe.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion here, the only prerequisite is that Daisy Ridley can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than this popular actress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from shows, movies, or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes, and we’d be fools to exclude them. Of course, the one exception to that rule is that she can’t be wearing any of the clothes her character from Stars Wars is known to have worn.


20 Chic Cutie

Via Imgur.com

An actress that is associated with the sci-fi world, at first blush, it may seem fitting to see Daisy in this vaguely futuristic background. But upon further reflection, that is far from the case. We say that because the reality of the Star Wars universe is that these stories are supposed to originate from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, despite how advanced it seems. Secondly and most importantly, Daisy and her character, Rey, may be capable of great things. But at their core, they seem to be at home in their own skin and enjoy the more natural world. Still, despite all of that, there is no doubt in our mind that this young woman looks amazing in this shot as she seems to be exuding a great deal of confidence and beauty.

19 Ready To Respond

Via Reddit.com

Today’s late-night talk show scene is filled to the brim with hosts, especially when you look at the genre from an international standpoint. If you are from North America, there is a good chance that you are most aware of the skills of men like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, or Jimmy Fallon, but we think that someone else reigns supreme. An Irish gentleman of great charm and charisma, Graham Norton is, without a doubt, the most entertaining late night host in our view because of the relaxed and fun energy on his set. If you’re looking for proof of that fact, you need look no further than a shot like this one of Daisy from her appearance on his show where she looks entirely at ease and absolutely radiant.

18 Nice Neck

Via comicvine.gamespot.com

We’re only at the third entry of this list here but let us give you a little bit of a spoiler. Many of the best photos of Daisy Ridley feature her with a big smile on her face. As far as we can tell, that is because she is a happy-go-lucky person who seems to be very pleased with becoming a successful actress and seems to appreciate those that now passionately support her. Then we came across this image of her where she almost seems to have a wistful look on her face, but she looks every bit as beautiful as ever. In fact, this shot of her is rather breathtaking, especially since that necklace draws our eyes to her neck which is an aspect of hers we clearly don’t take note of nearly enough.

17 Welcoming Wave

via Business Insider Singapore

Let’s face facts. Daisy Ridley is a world famous actress now which makes her a really big deal. We felt the need to point that out because those within the Star Wars fanbase may, at times, feel like they are part of a select group that will show up at comic cons or passionately follows this franchise. However, these days, Star Wars is about as mainstream as possible and the stars made by it have reached into households across the globe which must be a mind-blowing fact for an actress to realize. Of course, you’d never think that the immense stardom of this young actress has gone to her head at all when looking at an image like this one. Seemingly greeting many of her fans from a stage in this shot, Daisy’s huge smile seems entirely sincere which is really attractive as is that dress on her.

16 Stage Stunner

Via pholder.com

Becoming a world famous actor in Hollywood is an interesting thing as you get paid a lot of money but the rewards that your work gets you is much more multifaceted than that. That is the case because companies chomp at the bit to see their products in the hands of celebrities so freebies are given out left and right. And that is to say nothing of getting to the front of every line. Perhaps the most public by-product of their fame is that the best of them will find themselves in the running for accolades regularly. An image of Daisy from the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, we can only imagine the rush of exhilaration she must have felt going up on stage to accept her trophy since we’ll never experience that. Still, we couldn’t be happier for her as we get the chance to see this image from that night as she looked radiant.

15 Bare Back

Via celebritying.com

Picture this, you’re fortunate enough to get a ticket to the latest Hollywood movie release and you are permitted to walk down a red carpet. You’re making your way to the event happy as could be as you realize you’re about to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Stoked to be able to see a big film before it comes out, you’re very excited by that as well as any possibility of being able to hob nob with the rich and the famous. Then, you look up and are greeted by this view of Daisy and suddenly, the night gets away from you as you can’t think of anything else. After all, the chance to see her in that gorgeous dress and with her superb back uncovered as it is here would be a dream come true that would be hard to wake up from.

14 Beach Beauty

via Radar Online

Considered by many to be one of the scourges of the celebrity scene, paparazzi seem to be skulking around every corner that famous people find themselves near, based on the photos we see online. A shot of Daisy that was clearly taken by one, or at least was sold to a service that traffics in those images, it is quite clear that she had no idea when she went to the beach that the world would be watching. Far from made up by the fleet of hair and makeup professionals that often accompany professionally taken images, here we see what she looks like when left to her own devices. Still looking fantastic in this swimsuit, we like seeing her in clothes like that as well as getting the chance to see that she has a tattoo on a spot of her leg that is covered up almost all the time.


13 Elegance Exposed

Via Pinterest.com

Today, it seems easier to become a celebrity than ever between things like “reality” shows, YouTube Fame, and access to the technology of the pop culture world becoming much more widespread. As a result of that fact, we’re pleased to say that the type of people that reach that stature is a lot more varied than one might expect. That said, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend that we don’t miss the type of people that were stars in bygone eras, including the statuesque Hollywood starlets of yore. Then, we came across a photo of Daisy like this one where she seems like the spitting image of their intense beauty, and we realize that there is at least one of them still out there.

12 Delightful Derriere

via Twitter

When it comes to most famous people that are known for their good looks, there are usually parts of them that receive a lot more attention than other aspects. For instance, Jennifer Lopez is known around the world for her incredible booty, whereas Kate Upton’s impressive chest is talked about much more than any other physical attribute of hers. When it comes to Daisy Ridley, it seems to be her splendid-looking face that gets the lion’s share of the credit. And when looking at her here, we’re okay with that as her delightful features are worthy of it. That said, it is a shame that other parts of her fly under the radar as should be obvious when looking at this great shot of her where we get to check out her rear end.

11 Pretty Profile

Via Twitter.com

When writing a list like this one, it becomes interesting to reflect on what really appeals to us about women we are attracted to. When it comes to this actress, there were a few things that we felt confident was most appealing about her such as being an actual person that is enjoying their station in life while still seeming low maintenance. The latter point we listed there is a wonderful thing as there are some celebrities that come off like they would be a huge pain in the butt to be around, like the Kardashians. However, this shot of Daisy looks like every part of her has been tirelessly perfected by a hair and makeup team, and we find it to be totally stunning nevertheless. Still, at least we weren’t entirely wrong as our favorite aspect of this image is the view of her exquisite neck that it provides us.

10 Lovely Legs

Via taringa.net

The second shot on this list of Daisy on late night television, here we see her from an appearance on one of the most popular series on television as a whole, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. A show that is largely known for the charm of its host and its ability to create content that is likely to go viral, we’re shocked this image didn’t make a much larger impact online. After all, Daisy has the perfect outfit on and is shot from just the right angle to make sure that viewers were able to pay their respects to how magnificent her legs are. On top of that, her whole body language and the look on her face shows that she is someone that is totally at peace with herself and her appearance even when on the grandest of stages.

9 Wonderful Wink

Via iheartdaisyridley.tumblr.com

By this point in this list, it should be clear that there are many parts of Daisy Ridley we find attractive, and we are betting that you do too. Of course, that shouldn’t be shocking as that holds true for most attractive women since the female form is a thing of intense beauty, especially when someone works on perfecting theirs. The interesting thing when looking at a photo like this one, however, is that many of those attributes fall under the neck which means a shot like this one leaves all of those parts of her out. Fortunately, this specific woman has a face so beautiful that we love looking at it alone. When you then throw in the wink she has going on here, which we have to admit is somewhat goofy-looking, it only adds to her appeal more as her personality seems so charming.

8 Ravishing Reflection

Via taringa.net

When putting together the ranking of this list, there was one thought that kept coming back to us. What could be better than a photo of one of the most exquisite celebrities in the world. When looking at this picture, the answer becomes quite simple—an image where it seems like we are looking at two of her. Of course, we know full well that we are just seeing Daisy looking at herself in a mirror so we didn’t put this picture at the very top of this list. But the thought was still appealing enough to earn a high spot. Additionally, she looks absolutely angelic in this shot if you ask us, and you’re here so we’re the only ones chiming in at this moment, although we love hearing your feedback on our Facebook page too.

7 Strategic Slits

via CelebMafia

If there is any photo that better exemplifies the level of attention that someone like Daisy Ridley receives these days, we can’t think of it. Surrounded by photographers, we can only see them on one side of her as well as behind, but we can assume that they can be found in front of her and to the other side as well. On top of that, on the flip side of that velvet rope is a group of fans that seem overjoyed to be able to say they were around her at one time. Of course, we’re certain that even more people would be present if they knew how beautiful she’d look that day while wearing that dress. Great on her because it is close to her body, on top of that, we love that there are cuts in the fabric that reveal a see-through material beneath as it lets our minds wander.

6 Great In Green

Via cosmopolitan.it

Looking as though she is having her photo taken in an old school parlor style bar, we can attest that we’d never expect to see someone so stunning when passing the doors of our local watering hole. That really is too bad for the owner of that establishment since any pub that was able to attract women of that caliber would soon find that it had lengthy lines outside its doors. Looking like the picture of elegance in this image, Daisy is put together to perfection here. Wearing a green dress that shows off her curves and a pair of high heels that does wonders for her legs, there are few shots out there that give a better idea of what she is working with.

5 Nice Neon

Via chainimage.com

At first glance, we weren’t quite sure what to make of this shot but that changed before too long. There was a part of us that thought that it was a high fashion version of the cheesy neon yearbook photos that were so prevalent across the world in the early nineties, which isn’t exactly a tantalizing concept. Then, we focused on the fact that we can see the extremely fit midriff of this popular actress which is a very rare thing, and we became entranced by this image. Next, we concentrated on the view of her chest and the look on her face here that makes it seem like she knows full well how attractive she is. Needless to say, we knew this shot would end up near the top of this list.

4 Awesome Abs

Via Reddit.com

In the previous entry on this list, we touched on how excited we were to get a look at Daisy’s midriff so we’re guessing that it is abundantly clear what we find so wonderful about this image. A shot of her that is both innocent and rather salacious, this image works for us both for how attractive it is and because it brings her fun spirit to mind. Wearing a top that reminds us of the sweaters that millions of grandmothers have knitted for their grandchildren, it also makes it seem like spending time with her would be a comfortable experience. Of course, the main appeal of this picture is the fact that she has her arms in the air which has caused that top to rise enough to provide a view of her flawless stomach that doesn’t have an extra pound on it.

3 Stunning Smile

Via gotceleb.com

If you’ve read this article to this point, there is something that must be abundantly clear by now. Part of the appeal of Daisy Ridley is that she is not only a beautiful woman but appears to be a nice person too. A shot of her that is a great example of why we feel that latter point is true, not only does she look gorgeous here but she also has one of the most winning smiles we’ve ever seen on anyone’s faces. When you then take note of the fact that she has her hands in her pockets, it communicates the idea that she is looking good but wasn’t putting any effort into her image at the moment this shot was taken. No matter if our perception is accurate or not, this photo of her proves just how splendid-looking she truly is.

2 Premiere Presence

Via tvgroove.com

As fans of movies and pop culture, we here at therichest.com have always thought about how glamorous and fun it would be to attend a red carpet event. An opportunity to hob nob with the rich and famous and have our pictures taken by a legion of professional photographers, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for someone like us. On the other hand, celebrities end up at them all the time and at first, they must feel immense pressure to look great enough that they take up a good amount of the media’s attention. A picture of Daisy at the LA premiere of her first Star Wars film, the movie that would make her a star, to say she knocked it out of the park from an image perspective is a huge understatement.

1 Smokey Stare

Via pholder.com

If you are attracted to Daisy Ridley and see this photo of her and don’t find yourself blown away, then we just don’t get it. Shot from the side while she looks at the camera, that has made her body turn which allows us to check out how tight her stomach is while also getting a gander at her chest in a dress that accentuates it. On top of that, we don’t typically pay that much attention to a woman’s arms, but here we are making an exception since they are uncovered as is part of her chest which makes it seem like she is partially nude. That said, our favorite aspect of this shot by far is her face and hair which look perfectly put together to make her an instrument of mass seduction.


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