20 Steamiest Photos Of Big Brother Cast Members You’ll Ever See

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that CBS has opted to cast attractive people more often than not.

Launched in the wake of the monumental success that was the first season of Survivor, Big Brother debuted on CBS all the way back in the year 2000. Focused on a group of strangers who are all plunked in a house that is cut off from the outside aside from access to a walled-in backyard, they vote one another out until a winner prevails. With half of a million dollars on the line and the chance to become a TV star, at least for a while, from the start, there have been a lot of people that were eager to join the cast of this series. That has led to the show’s producers having a large pool to pull from, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that they’ve opted to cast attractive people more often than not. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of Big Brother US cast members you’ll ever see.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the female stars of an American season of Big Brother can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with a show will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of the house guests from interviews or other media appearances are fair game as they have a history of looking incredible wherever they go, and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Tonya Paoni

via Celebuzz

A house guest in the third season of Big Brother, this contestant during the show’s early stages didn’t exactly do fantastic during her run on the series. The second person voted out, she placed eleventh and aside from getting to vote for the eventual winner of her season, she didn’t have that large of an impact on how things played out. Thirty-five at the time she appeared on the show, she was a “retail sales specialist” prior to her tenure, which sounds like it could be anything from someone in charge of sales to a cashier. A buxom blonde that is incredibly photogenic, it was her cast photo that landed her on this list as it hinted at her large chest, and the view of her cleavage was tantalizing.

19 Da'Vonne Rogers


The first of several people on this list that were a big enough deal to be asked back, Da'Vonne Rogers was a part of the seventh season of the show and was asked back for the eighteenth season as well. A rare feat as it points to the producers almost instantly wanting you back once you depart the series, it tends to mean that someone showed a lot of personality and were hated or loved by fans. Actually voted out in the second week during her first season, she placed sixteenth which isn’t exactly amazing. However, her next time around, she at least managed to make it to week six and eleventh place. Appearing in her swimwear in this photo, it was an official still taken for promotion and that makes total sense since a shot like this would make us want to tune in.

18 Becky Burgess


Another person who competed in the seventeenth season of this show, Becky Burgess early on was largely a background figure who was quietly building bonds outside the spotlight. Noted by many as an astute strategic player, there was no question that she was a challenge threat who often was in the running to win physical competitions. Ultimately taking ninth place, which made her the third member of that season’s jury, many were sad to see her depart. Opting to post this photo of herself with a puppy on Instagram, ostensibly, it seems to be about her connection to the dog. But for us, it is all about that impressive cleavage. In fact, if we knew that her social media accounts featured shots like this one regularly, you can bet we’d never stop following her.

17 Paola Shea

via Pinterest

One of the house guests from the sixteenth season of Big Brother, those that watched her time on the show will be able to tell you that it went less than ideal for her. Nominated for eviction during the first week, she was fortunate to be able to stick around since the other person up on the block was seen as a larger threat. Given a reprieve, it didn’t last since the following week she got nominated once again and, this time, was given the boot which made her take fifteenth place overall. We’re just going to say it. In most cases, we’re not going to list suspenders as one of the most attractive items of clothes someone can wear. However, the fact that Paola is wearing one here means that our attention is even more drawn to her impressive chest which is something we totally welcome.

16 Liz & Julia Nolan

Don’t say that we’re not generous since we were kind enough to give you two house guests for the price of one with this entry. The focus of the “twin twist” from the seventeenth season of this show, in the early days of their time on the show, these sisters competed as one by switching out regularly. Only given fifteen minutes together where they could update one another about what had happened in the house, it left them struggling to make sense of things at times. Eventually able to enter the house together since they weren’t evicted in the first five rounds, each of them were given a chance to win but were incapable of doing so, although Liz was the runner-up. Posing together in bikinis in this image, we love the chance to check out both of their bodies from behind.

15 Shannon Dragoo


A figure of great controversy during her time on Big Brother, Shannon Dragoo was hated by many fans because of her egotistical and mean-spirited behavior. Going so far as to place a bag of chips on someone’s pillow to make them feel fat and cleaning the toilet with another house guest’s toothbrush, she could be extremely vicious. Voted out in week three much to the delight of many fans, her antics clearly caught up to her before too long. But for longtime fans, this season two competitor is memorable to this day. Wearing a bikini in this image that feels somewhat dated due to its overall look, one thing never gets old for us—looking at a photo of a beautiful woman wearing little clothes.

14 Julie Chen

Alright, we’re betting you weren’t expecting to see this “reality” show’s host to appear on this list, but maybe you should have been as she is part of the cast and is a beautiful woman. The only constant on the show from a personnel standpoint, she has been involved in every season to date and can be depended upon to be a voice of reason and poise. She may not appear in every episode as many focus solely on the occupants of the house but she is always there to question those that depart about their time on the series. An image of her doing just that, in this picture, we see Julie interviewing someone and while the focus is on her guest, our eyes lie on the host’s beautiful body, full hair, and welcoming smile.

13 Jackie Ibarra


It is quickly becoming clear that the producers of this show really brought it when it came to casting gorgeous women for the seventeenth season of Big Brother. The latest member of that cast to appear on this list, Jackie found herself voted out in tenth place which is respectable but not very remarkable. Also a veteran of The Amazing Race, she entered the house with her partner from that show, Jeff Wheldon, as a part of the cast as well. Seemingly given a major advantage, as a result, she was probably expecting to do better. Seen here wearing her bikini in the Big Brother backyard, between her incredible body and pose, which could have originated from her fan’s fantasies, this shot is a feast for the eyes.

12 Kristen Bitting


Fortunate enough to be made a house guest in the twelfth season of this series, Kristen Bitting was no wilting flower during her time on the show. One-half of a showmance with Hayden Moss, that alone could have been enough for her to garner the attention of the producers but she wasn’t going to rest on her laurels. Also known for her outspoken ways, she would have some very heated arguments with her fellow cast mate, Rachel Reilly, too. Ultimately ending up in tenth place, she was voted out during week four when she found herself on the block alongside the man she’d become involved with during her time in the house. A buxom blonde who seems happy to show off the size of her chest, the angle this image was recorded at and the way her chest is being pushed together here gives her cleavage for days.

11 Christmas Abbott


One of the house guests during the current season of Big Brother, Christmas Abbott is either a part of the nineteenth season or the twentieth depending on if you count the streaming only edition. A so-called “fitness superstar” according to her bio, we’re not sure if she decided to call herself that but if she did, it may mean that she has the personality for a show like this one. Able to remain in the running at the time of this writing, she has outlasted a number of her fellow competitors. Pictured here from behind, she knows that viewers of this image are going to focus on her booty and seems to be perfectly okay with that, judging by the knowing look on her face which makes this shot even hotter.

10 GinaMarie Zimmerman

Referred to as a mean girl and racist for good reason, GinaMarie Zimmerman didn’t seem concerned with turning everyone into a fan as long as she had a team of people to work with. Part of the fifteenth season of Big Brother, during her time on the show, she was mocked at times for her New York accent and odd relationship with her fellow house guest Nick. Able to stand the test of time, she was able to make it to the final two which is an impressive feat for anyone even though she lost the money and title by a seven-and-two vote against her. Seen here in a picture of her sporting lingerie, it certainly does a body good, at least to look at, since it accentuates her best attributes. Plus, we love seeing her exposed hip from the side too.

9 Elissa Slater


Part of the fifteenth season of Big Brother, Elissa Slater was notable from the start as the sister of previous competitor Rachel Reilly. Clearly able to create a connection to the audience at home, she was MVP for the first three weeks of her season before she changed up her style in order to fade into the background after her alley was ousted. Ultimately coming in sixth place after she was voted out in the tenth week, for those that saw that season from the start, that seems shocking as so many eyes were on her from the start. A passionate devotee of yoga, here we see a shot of her that shows off the results of all of her hard work, and we have to say that she has chiseled her body into a work of art, in our view.

8 Elena Davies

A show that is known for casting a lot of attractive people as this list should have made clear by now, there is a body type that seems to be preferred by the casting agents judging by who has made the cut. A much more curvaceous woman than most of the other ladies to find themselves living in the house, we’re shocked that her type of figure hasn’t become a lot more common. We say that because we can’t fathom how anyone attracted to ladies would look at a photo like this one and not want to see more. Possessing a very large chest, seeing a shot of her like this one where she is wearing a sports bra shows that fact off, which makes it a shoo-in for a list like this one.

7 Janelle Pierzina


The only three-time Big Brother cast member to make it to this list, that is far from a typical achievement for those that appear on this show. Clearly the chosen one early on, she was seen as part of the sixth, seventh, and fourteenth seasons of this series. Coming in 3rd during her first two seasons, she returned as a coach the third time and was evicted in week four which earned her twelfth place and meant that she wasn’t part of the jury. A favorite of the producers and audience alike, Janelle perfectly straddles the line between villain and strategist over and over, which makes us hope for a fourth run for her. The focus of this image from one of her tenures on this show, the cut of her bikini top leaves little to the imagination when it comes to her chest, which makes it perfect in our eyes.

6 Amber Borzotra

Remembered by fans of Big Brother for her time as part of the cast of season sixteen, her game was riddled with many highs and lows. A part of an alliance in her early days, when it broke up and a new group was made up of its nucleus, not only was Amber Borzotra excluded but they quickly targeted her as a threat. Opting to backdoor her, as a result, she was put up on the block after the veto so she couldn’t pull herself off. Voted out with a nine and zero tally that same week, her run was over in pretty grandiose fashion. Fortunately, she has other things going for her, including a booty to die for as can be seen in this image of her she posted on her Twitter account, much to our delight.

5 Alex Ow


Another member of the current season of Big Brother, this image of Alex Ow is somewhat difficult to put our finger on. Looking rather nerdy in some of her promotional material, she looks rather unassuming while wearing glasses, a smile on her face, and jean shorts which she has placed her hands into the pockets of. However, if you seek out her Instagram account, you’ll find something completely different as it is filled to the brim with sultry images of her. Seen here in our favorite example of that fact, for us, this shot stands above the rest but there are several other awesome pictures on there too. Looking like a beautiful person both inside and out in this photo, she has a kind look on her face and seems a little bit shy while also making sure to keep her chest in frame so viewers can check it out.

4 Candice Stewart


A part of the cast of the fifteenth season of Big Brother, Candice Stewart was beloved by fans but some of her fellow cast mates were horrible to her. On the receiving end of racial slurs from two of her fellow competitors, it was a disgusting chapter in the show’s history but she handled herself well by refusing to back down in response. The first member of the jury from her season, she wound up in eleventh place but more important than that, she found a home in the hearts of many fans. A cheerleader prior to finding herself a “reality” show star, Candice certainly had the looks for such a career as is obvious in this shot of her with her glorious stomach and legs exposed.

3 Amanda Zuckerman

Also part of the fifteenth season of Big Brother, Amanda Zuckerman also was a controversial figure which really makes us wonder about the psychological testing going on that year. Prone to threatening her fellow cast mates, she had run-ins with Candice, Jessie, and Elissa over her time on the series which led to her getting a lot of hate online. Ending up in seventh place overall, her final position doesn’t reveal the level of control she had early on in the game, which proved that she was a capable strategist. On top of that, she was able to turn herself into one of the most notable villains in the history of the show. For the purposes of this list, however, that means nothing, as we are only looking at the quality of an image, and shot of her is a masterpiece in revealing tons of cleavage.

2 Jessica Graf


Arguably one of the most controversial figures in recent seasons of Big Brother, let alone of all time, Jessica Graf is beloved by some and hated by many others. However, more often than not, it seems to be people that are attracted to her that are open to liking her while she is loathed by others that don’t fall for her feminine wiles. Looking at a photo of her like this one, we have to admit that we understand those that appreciate her despite her antics, as her body and face are a sight for sore eyes indeed. Seen here lying face down in the sands of a beach, we can understand anyone that wishes they could be allowed to come into contact with her body like the water or sand.

1 Natalie Negrotti

via Twitter

Our top five on this list was dominated by controversial figures in Big Brother history but when it comes to our top pick, that is far from true. One of the most popular cast members from the eighteenth season, Natalie Negrotti was even among the top three in the voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest that season. Coming in sixth during her season after she was ousted in unanimous fashion, it was an inauspicious exit for a lovely lady and fan favorite. All we can say is that it seems like a no-brainer to us that she should be brought back to this show as soon as possible. Seen here in a photo that was used as a calendar photo, she looks stunning in that swimwear, to say the least, and we’d love to see her all wet again really soon.

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