20 Steamiest Photos Of Bachelor In Paradise Cast Members You’ll Ever See

We’re just going to say it. Hollywood and its entertainment cousin television, are dependent on creative people but the powers that be aren’t the most imaginative folks around. As such, whenever they are fortunate enough to have a hit, their first instinct always seems to be milking it for everything they can. When it comes to the TV side of that ledger, that means keeping shows going as long as possible and creating spin-offs if they can. As such, ABC has extended their Bachelor franchise several times, including Bachelor in Paradise, a show with eliminated contestants from that show and The Bachelorette getting busy on an island. A show with good-looking people cavorting in the sun is a tantalizing prospect, for sure. Realizing that inspired this list of the twenty steamiest photos of Bachelor in Paradise cast members you’ll ever see.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the female stars of the Bachelor in Paradise can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with this show will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Typically, we limit ourselves to the stars of the show but there were three recurring characters that made a large enough impact to be made a part of this list. We do want to make it abundantly clear that this list is focused on the one show only so photos of people that appeared on The Bachelor but not this spin-off, were not in the running. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 AshLee Frazier

Via realitytvworld.com

First introduced to the Bachelor audience when she was a part of the seventeenth season cast, AshLee Frazier was in the running to gain the affections of former Kansas State football player Sean Lowe. Making the leap to Bachelor in Paradise during its first season, she entered during week one and ended up being eliminated during week seven. Since then finding a mate in her personal life, in March of this year, she married a real estate agent named Aaron Williams in front of friends, family, and two women that competed on The Bachelor as well. A beautiful blonde with a body that is a sight to see, you know she looks incredible in this photo when it takes several seconds to notice the pretty locale she seems to be in.

19 Jubilee Sharpe

Via bachandbachettefans.net

First joining the Bachelor family when she took part in the twentieth season of the series, Jubilee Sharpe was there trying to get the attention and affections of Ben Higgins, a former software salesman. Showing up in the third season of Bachelor in Paradise to the glee of her fans, they would have been disappointed as she entered in week one and found herself eliminated in the same episode. Known for her incredible looks and horrible backstory, she broke the hearts of many when she revealed that her three brothers and parents died when she was only six years old. Seen here in a unique and stunning piece of swimwear, it looks amazing on her because she has a figure that is exquisite, and it shows off a lot of it.

18 Tenley Molzahn

Via frostsnow.com

A part of the fourteenth season of the original dating show in this series, which was also known as The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, Tenley Molzahn sought a relationship with pilot Jake Pavelka. Next seen as part of the first season of the spin-off series Bachelor Pad, she was not able to win that show’s grand prize. Of course, she then showed up on Bachelor in Paradise during its second season which saw her enter in week one before being eliminated in week six. A mainstay of the franchise for a while, it seems like her tenure may be over as she revealed that she was involved with a man she met offscreen. Sporting a bikini in this photo, that fact provides a look at her sleek stomach and great cleavage on top of her sporting a nice smile.

17 Lauren Iaconetti

Via bustle.com

An interesting entry in the history of Bachelor in Paradise, Lauren Iaconetti never was in the running during a season of The Bachelor but her sister, Ashley, was. Tapped to join this show nevertheless, she went to paradise in week one, and it seems like the producers made a mistake giving her the opportunity as she quit the show during the second episode. The spitting image of her sister, it must have caused some fans to do a double take when they realized she was someone else. Seen here in her cast photo from her brief TV run, it looks fantastic as it does a marvelous job of showing off how large and in charge her chest really is as well as her beautiful face.

16 Corinne Olympios

Via zimbio.com

First coming to prominence as part of the cast of the twenty-first season of The Bachelor, Corinne Olympios was seen seeking the attention of Nick Viall, a software sales executive. The focus of a lot of coverage over the summer of 2017, she joined the cast of the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise and quit during the first episode after an awful incident halted production. Involved in an intimate session with a fellow cast mate after both of them had been drinking extensively, it was alleged that Corrine was taken advantage of in her state. Eventually, Warner Brothers, the parent company of the network which airs the show, put out a statement saying that their internal investigation “does not support any charge of misconduct.” Wearing a one-piece swimsuit in this photo, she looks great since it shows off her long and lovely legs all the way past her hips which really drives us wild.

15 Elise Mosca

Via Pinterest.com

Okay, okay, we admit it. We’re kind of breaking the premise of this article by including an image that is a collage of three photos. But since they are all related, we think it meets the spirit of the concept. Seen as part of eighteenth season cast, which involved a previously mentioned soccer player whittling down potential mates, Elise Mosca ultimately wasn’t chosen. Making the leap to the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, she was a part of the cast from the first episode but decided to leave in week three. A shocking turn of events as she departed alongside fellow cast mate Chris Bukowski, it seemed like it could be the start of something big between them. A buxom blonde that is a sight for the ages in this shiny blue bikini, we just can’t get enough of her figure.

14 Dominique Alexis

Via realitytvworld.com

Another person who spent time trying to land a relationship with software sales executive Nick Viall in the twenty-first season of The Bachelor, Dominique Alexis found herself eliminated in week three. Making the leap to Bachelor in Paradise to be a part of the fourth season which is airing at the time of this writing, she joined the series in week two and remains in the running as of now. A little bit of a surprising person to be chosen to return to the franchise, Dominique did not make a huge impact in the story of her season of The Bachelor. On the other end of things, we can understand the decision as the show features people in bikinis a lot of the time and looking at this photo of her, who wouldn’t want to see her more in one?

13 Ashley Iaconetti

Via gotceleb.com

Part of the nineteenth season of The Bachelor, Ashley Iaconetti was one of several women that went after Chris Soules, a farmer from Iowa. Then going on to compete in the second season of Bachelor in Paradise, she entered in week one and just like her sister, we previously touched on her quitting. However, in her case, it was in week five. A gorgeous woman to be sure, here we see her in what appears to have been a photo that was taken by a paparazzi, and it is impressive that she looks so good. After all, we all know a lot of work goes into a professional photo which makes them a little bit unreliable, but here we see Ashley without any of that and she still looks stunning.

12 Jennifer Saviano

Via Pinterest.com

Another woman that tried her hand at love in the twentieth season of The Bachelor, Jennifer Saviano was not able to win but still made her mark up until leaving in week five. Part of the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, she was added to the cast in week three and made it until week six before splitting. That isn’t the full story of her time in the latter series, however, as she was matched up with Nick Viall during her time there, and he would end up being the focal point of a season of The Bachelor. Spending time on the beach in this photo, typically, people are blown away by the beauty of the ocean but we’re guessing those present were more impressed by her looks especially with a body like that.

11 Lucy Aragon

Via ebaumsworld.com

Someone who took part in the eighteenth season of The Bachelor, Lucy Aragon was one of several ladies that sought a relationship with Juan Pablo Galavis, a Venezuelan-born former pro soccer player. Going on to take part in the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, she joined the show in week five but didn’t last very long as she exited during the same episode, much to our chagrin. Known as something of a free spirit, her fellow cast mates and fans also knew that she was prone to undress at unusual times, which made her quite memorable. Due to that last fact, a photo like this one where she is topless but strategically covered comes as no surprise but that doesn’t make it any less tantalizing.

10 Jasmine Goode

Via realitytvworld.com

Watched by millions during her run on the twenty-first season of The Bachelor, Jasmine Goode was in the thick of things up until she was eliminated in week six. Cast in the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise, at the time of this writing, she hasn’t been taken out and could still end up being one of that season’s winners. An accomplished dancer that represents a pro basketball team, she knows how to get attention on the court and in life, as evidenced by the coverage of her calling a fellow cast mate scallop fingers. Seemingly wearing nothing but a jean jacket and underwear in this shot, we love the view of her booty on display and the mental picture of her nude under that top.

9 Danielle Maltby

Via thehollywoodgossip.com

Here, we’re looking at someone whose tenure with this franchise is remarkably similar to our previous entry. We say that because just like her, Danielle Maltby was seen during the twenty-first season of The Bachelor, and in her case, she wasn’t eliminated until week seven which is an impressive run. Heading over to the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise too, she joined the cast in week one but opted to leave of her own accord the following week. Seen making out with fellow cast mate, Wells Adams, during her time in the latter series, it seems like there might be something budding between the two of them as they have been seen on social media together a lot. Seen wearing lingerie in this shot that also shows her fit figure in all of its grandeur, it is safe to say that she is a total catch in that department.

8 Emily & Haley Ferguson

Via realitytvworld.com

If one beautiful woman isn’t enough for you, we’ve got two for you this time around. Appearing as a pair during much of their time on The Bachelor, these beautiful twin sisters competed on their own which led to Haley leaving in week 4 while Emily lasted until week seven. Also opting to show up on Bachelor in Paradise as a pair, they both showed up during the first week and quit in tandem during the fourth. Notable enough to also get a spin-off series of their own called The Twins: Happily Ever After?, that was a huge deal for them. Pictured laying alongside one another seemingly without tops on, it looks like the only thing between the camera lens and their exposed chests are some flowers which is extremely hot.

7 Samantha Steffen

Via Maxim.com

A fashion designer that went after farmer Chris Soules during the nineteenth season of The Bachelor, Samantha Steffen ended up being eliminated in week five. Going on to be a part of the second season of Bachelor in Paradise, she won that season’s cash prize as well as gaining a relationship with Nick Peterson who she dated until October of 2015. Part of both popular series, that and her innate attractiveness earned her the attention of Maxim Magazine, a publication that usually has little to do with this franchise. Taking part in a photoshoot for them that resulted in this image, they know how to accentuate the looks of a woman which seems easy with her, but they still made her look even more gorgeous.

6 Jade Roper

via BabeUnion

It just seems fitting to go from one of the co-winners of the second season of Bachelor in Paradise to another one, so here we’ve got Jade Roper. Starting her time with this franchise as part of the nineteenth season of The Bachelor, she went really far there since she lasted all the way until week eight. Meeting Tanner Tolbert who won alongside her in Paradise, the two created a lasting bond and ended up marrying one another in real life and adding a daughter named Emerson to their family. Laying out in a backyard in this photo taken for Playboy, she is only wearing one piece of clothing and seems to be in the middle of peeling it off which is a dream come true for many of her fans.

5 Daniella McBride

Via daniellamcbride.com

One of the ladies that went after former Kansas State football player Sean Lowe, Daniella McBride saw herself eliminated in week six, much to her disappointment at the time. Afterwards jumping to the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, her run went even worse there when she was added to the cast in week one but was eliminated in the first episode too. The focus of a fansite called daniellamcbride.com, it is abundantly clear that she has a devoted group of fans and looking at a photo like this, we can totally see why that may be. Wearing a red bikini while laying in the sand on her stomach, those two things provide a glorious view of this buxom blonde beauty since we can see her cleavage and rear end at the same time.

4 Taylor Nolan

First coming to prominence as part of the twenty-first season of The Bachelor, mental health counselor Taylor Nolan only made it until week five before she wasn’t given a rose. Subsequently added to the cast of the fourth and current season of Bachelor in Paradise, at the time of this writing, she is still a part of the show. A series that is meant to be an avenue to find love, it seems like Taylor and her co-star, Derek Peth, were successful in that regard as they are now engaged to one another in a marvelous happy ending. Someone that has done some modeling in the past as well, here we see a sample of her work, and we’re flabbergasted that she isn’t a bigger deal in that industry considering how hot the image is.

3 Caila Quinn

Via realitytvworld.com

Part of the cast of the twentieth season of The Bachelor, Caila Quinn was not able to land software salesman Ben Higgins but ended up in third place as she was eliminated in week nine. Next part of the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, she didn’t make it nearly as far, as she actually opted to quit in week five after joining the series in week three. We still wouldn’t be shocked to see her back in some form in the future as it seems like the producers like her a lot considering that E News reported that she was almost tapped to be The Bachelorette at one point. Laying out in the sun in a bikini we adore on her, between her magnificent body, winning smile, and slick shades, this shot is irresistible to us.

2 Lacy Faddoul

Via zimbio.com

Part of the eighteenth season of The Bachelor, Lacy Faddoul wasn’t able to go the distance as this nursing home owner didn’t even make it past the first episode with a rose in hand. Happily, for her, things went much better for her with her stint on Bachelor in Paradise since she and Marcus Grodd won and eventually became engaged in the finale. Unfortunately, sometimes things are meant to be and the pair broke up after they were wed in Mexico, which wasn’t legally binding, and he even said that she was “very controlling” and he feels “played.” That is awful if true but has nothing to do with how good she looks in this image where she is wearing a top that really accentuates how large her chest is.

1 Danielle Lombard

Via twitpost.com

When looking at this photo of Danielle Lombard, one word comes to mind—wow. First coming to prominence as a contestant on the twenty-first season of The Bachelor, she wasn’t able to get past the sixth week which we are astonished by. Currently in the running to win the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise, she has yet to be rejected again. But if that goes down, our heads will struggle to understand such a move. We say that because of a picture like this one where she looks splendid in a number of ways. Most obviously, her outfit here seems like it was a custom design for her body since it emphasizes everything about it that makes it worthy of praise. On top of that, she also has a welcoming smile on her face that really draws us in.

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