20 Stars Who Are Nothing Like They Used To Be (In Worst Ways Possible)

In order to stay at the top of your game, it is of paramount importance that people see you as someone whose career they want to continue to follow.

If you are a celebrity who wants to remain that way, there is one thing that should be important to you above all else—your image. That may seem like an awful thing to say as morally speaking being a kind person who is good at what they should be striving for, but we’d all be naïve if we didn’t see that something else reigns supreme. After all, in order to stay at the top of your game, it is of paramount importance that people see you as someone whose career they want to continue to follow. That is why most people in the spotlight appear to spend lots of time and money to look as good as they can, which can end well or poorly. As a result of this, there are some pop culture heavyweights whose efforts have completely transformed them. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty stars who look nothing like they used to.

In order for someone to be considered for inclusion on this list, he/she first and foremost needs to be a famous person. It doesn’t matter what that person did to earn his/her celebrity status as long as he/she has a sizable following, which means that you may find actors, musicians, athletes, or people with any other career included here. Next, that person needs to have been a big deal long enough to have gone through a transformation in their look that makes us feel like they look nothing like they did in the past. We will only be comparing them to previous images they had while famous, however, so you won’t find us looking at embarrassing high school shots of people who are now adults. On top of that, we also won’t be including anyone that looks different because they have transitioned to another gender or are in the process.

20 Courteney Cox


Turned into a gigantic star pretty much overnight when the show she was a star of, Friends, became a sensation, Courteney Cox appeared in hours of television that were watched by millions. Also the star of one of the biggest horror movie franchises of the last few decades, Scream, that was her only real success in movie cinemas. Thankfully, for her career, she was also able to find further success on TV with shows like Dirt and Cougar Town, the latter of which she played the main character in for six seasons. Progressively altering her look over a number of years, her face slowly but surely looked more plastic over time, and she has even admitted to regretting the amount of work she had done.

19 Carrot Top

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A comedian with a career that is a story of extremes, Carrot Top made a huge impact on the scene at one time but is also seen as a joke himself by a lot of people. Known for his fiery red hair (which is the reason for the name he goes by), prop comedy, and self-deprecating humor, he has amassed enough following to make himself a wealthy person. Also a big-enough deal that even the movie industry turned to him, at one point, he starred in the movie Chairman of the Board at the height of his career. Shocking the world when he hugely altered his look several years ago, it seemed overnight as people took note of it all at once. Going under enough plastic surgery that his face transformed, he also seems to have worked out like crazy as he is now ripped too.

18 Brendan Fraser

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We’re just going to say it. We really miss the presence of Brendan Fraser in our movie theaters. The star of a long list of movies that were beloved by the masses, he put smiles on faces with his work in Encino Man, Bedazzled, and George of the Jungle among others. Also a part of the highly successful film The Mummy and its sequel, he also gave wonderful dramatic performances in Gods and Monsters as well as School Ties. In short, when he was given roles with regularity, he proved that he was capable of an awful lot. Now out of the spotlight, for the most part, the once-ripped actor seems to have let himself go based on his weight gain and the way he sometimes goes out looking disheveled.

17 Janice Dickinson


Considered by many to be the world’s first supermodel, Janice Dickinson made a huge impact on that industry and in her time seemed to be just about everywhere. Also well-known for her stay as one of the judges on the show America’s Next Top Model, that helped her get her foot in the “reality” TV door, which seems to have been a boon for her career. For instance, she was the star of her own such series called The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency which was based on exactly what it sounds like—her opening her own company representing models. A part of a business that was entirely based on her looks, we can understand why she didn’t want to let them slip. Still, her choice to go under the knife so much to try to hold on to them was a bad one as anyone looking at her can tell.

16 Steven Seagal


At his height an action star of the highest caliber, many saw the name Steven Seagal as belonging alongside the likes of Arnold, Sylvester, Bruce, and Jean Claude. At the top of the industry for a short period of time, his fans adored his work in movies like Above the Law, Under Siege, and Out for Justice, among far too many other films to list here. Getting most of his attention for his antics in real life over the last several years, he starred in a “reality” show and turned a lot of heads when he moved to Russia and came out in favor of the Putin regime. Once an actor that looked as close to being a regular Joe as anyone in the business, these days, he looks like a Bond movie villain between his jet black hair, fake-looking goatee, and he gained a lot of weight too.

15 Axl Rose


The lead singer of one of the biggest hard rock bands of all time, Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose’s voice has been a part of the soundtrack of millions of people’s lives. A highly controversial figure throughout much of his career due to his diva behavior causing riots in the past since he refused to play shows without a good reason, he appears to see himself as above the masses. In fact, he even had the guts to continue fronting the band under the same name when the other members of the group had moved on, largely due to him, much to the anger of some followers. At one time seen as a heartthrob by some fans, he was a decent-looking dude at the height of his fame. But as time has gone by, his plastic surgery choices altered his face, and his weight gain changed the rest.

14 Renée Zellweger


An actress that earned the hearts of the movie-going audience with her breakout role in the movie Jerry Maguire, Renée Zellweger brought a great deal of charm and personality to the role. Two traits she would exhibit over and over again, that fact helped her to get a devoted following that seemed to support almost every movie she appeared in, for good reason. Able to make many films better due to her inclusion, she was an integral part of movies like the Bridget Jones franchise, Chicago, Cold Mountain, Cinderella Man, and far too many more to list here. Known for her gorgeous and sweet looks throughout her career, it took the world by storm when she showed up on a red carpet with her face looking so different that many didn’t recognize her.

13 Mickey Rourke


An actor with as complicated a legacy as any performer that hasn't committed a serious crime, Mickey Rourke’s career and life has been very topsy-turvy. At one time poised to take the movie industry by storm as their latest gigantic star, he all but disappeared after taking on some bad roles and weirding people out when he started a boxing career. Best known for movies like Diner, 9½ Weeks, and Barfly early on in his career, he managed to put together a comeback with his work in The Wrestler and Iron Man 2. Breaking his nose in that endeavor, he went under the knife to try to fix the damage but seems to have constantly been trying to perfect his face ever since, which has had the opposite effect.

12 Daryl Hannah

One of the most natural beauties in the history of the industry when she first rose to fame in the early to mid-eighties, Daryl Hannah seemed like she was born to be a star based on how attractive she was. Also proving that she was a talented actress, she was fantastic in many films including Blade Runner, Splash, Roxanne, Wall Street, Steel Magnolias, and more, she quickly became a big deal. Able to have a career renaissance later on in life as well, she blew us away later on with movies like the Kill Bill series. Somebody who seemed like her genes would make her age with the greatest of grace, it seems like she chose to fight the tide instead, which her doctors failed at since she no longer looks natural in the least.

11 Wayne Newton


A singing superstar that reached a certain threshold of fame and has managed to hold onto the spotlight to some degree ever since, Wayne Newton has earned a good living singing for decades. Able to make his name with his library of songs like “Danke Schoen,” “Shangri-La,” “Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast,” and “Red Roses For A Blue Lady,” he seems like he knew exactly what he was doing. Also notable for his unique image and persona that he has carefully crafted, it is safe to say that he probably wouldn’t be seen as the entertainer that he is today if he didn’t work so hard on his looks. That said, there is no question at all that the world has sat by and watched as his face has continued to change year over year and not in a way that denotes typical aging.

10 Tara Reid

Part of a group of actors that became a big deal because a little movie they were in became a big hit, American Pie, at one time, Tara Reid seemed as well-positioned as anyone to take advantage of that. Moving on to appear in two sequels to that film, Van Wilder, as well as Josie and the Pussycats, she landed some highly-coveted gigs which was awesome even though the finished films underperformed. Ultimately turned into an afterthought after she appeared in several ridiculed projects, appearing in the Sharknado movies was the biggest thing to have happened to her in many years. Notable for being on this list due in large part to the way her body has changed, she got work done on her stomach that went awry. Also altering her face in the intervening years, that seems to be in large part due to her party lifestyle.

9 Courtney Love


The lead singer and guitarist for the grunge band Hole, at one time, Courtney Love was talked about most as the wife of Kurt Cobain, but she deserved a lot better at the time. Able to perform on a litany of songs that were well-received, she and her band mates in that band released tracks like "Miss World," "Malibu," and "Celebrity Skin," all of which were hits. Also able to make the transition to the acting world at the time, she was absolutely fantastic in the movies The People vs. Larry Flynt and Man on the Moon but never was that great in a flick again. Someone with a well-known past that includes struggling with addiction, that has ravaged her body which altered her look as has some of her surgical choices.

8 Lark Voorhies


If you weren't old enough to have been around and aware during the peak of popularity that the show Saved by the Bell enjoyed, then you may have no idea who Lark Voorhies is. One of seven actors that were at the center of the series, the teens along with their principal, Mr. Belding, she played Lisa Turtle, a goodhearted and fashion-obsessed young woman. Since then finding her greatest success in the soap opera genre, she was a part of both Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful at various times in the past. An attractive young woman who earned the unrequited affections of millions of viewers, her most devoted fans were shocked when a shot of her with her face virtually unrecognizable made the rounds. This time around, we’re not sure what she did to herself but we can say it didn’t work, for us at least.

7 Meg Ryan


An actress that truly deserved the moniker of America’s Sweetheart, at the height of her career, Meg Ryan only had to compete with Julia Roberts as they blew the rest of their competition away. Best known for her work in movies like Top Gun, Sleepless in Seattle, The Doors, You've Got Mail, and City of Angels among others, her filmography is stuffed with success. You may have noticed that we didn’t include When Harry Met Sally on that list, which was no mistake as it has had such a lasting influence on a genre of film that it deserves a place all its own. Known for her effortless chemistry with several co-stars and her innate likability, her girl-next-door looks were a part of that, but they’ve been gone for several years due to poor plastic surgery on her face.

6 Nick Nolte

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Someone who exudes an energy that seems drenched in testosterone, Nick Nolte seems more likely to be at the bar busting chops than being a modern movie star. A unique entity in the business for much of his career, he is good enough to show real vulnerability but also seems like a man’s man who would rather shut his emotions off than anything else. That is why he is so effective when he communicates a silent lake of emotion underneath movies like The Prince of Tides and Warrior. We also love it when he kicks butts, makes us want to cry, or makes us laugh like in flicks including the 48 Hrs. series, Cape Fear, Hotel Rwanda, and Lorenzo's Oil as well. Once put on the cover of People Magazine where they celebrated his looks as the best in the world for men, these days, he looks much more like an old guy looking for his next meal or drink.

5 Lara Flynn Boyle


An actress that seemed to be on the cusp of international superstardom for several years, Lara Flynn Boyle never quite reached that level but she was great in a number of shows and movies. For instance, she killed it on TV with The Practice, as well as being great in flicks like Wayne's World (which was a tiny but hilarious role), The Temp, and Happiness. Also gaining a lot of headlines during her career for her real-life May-December relationship with Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson, they seemed like a bewildering pair as long as they were together. However, our surprise at their pairing paled to our reaction when we first saw her in public after her face became puffy and misshapen due to getting bad plastic surgery.

4 Kenny Rogers


An absolute music legend, Kenny Rogers has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and we think that is only fitting as it would be incomplete without him. Known for a long list of songs, tracks like “Lucille,” “Lady,” “Scarlet Fever,” “The Gambler,” and “Islands in the Stream” had such a big impact on fans and the radio that it seems very difficult to overstate it. Also an accomplished businessman outside of music as well, his namesake restaurant chain, Kenny Rogers Roasters, had a large-enough impact to be the focus of an episode of Seinfeld. He has been very open about the fact that he has extended work done on his face, which isn’t to say that we wouldn’t have known otherwise, he seems happy with the outcome so good for him, we guess.

3 Lil’ Kim


One of only a few women that have been able to make a spot for themselves in the rap scene, Lil’ Kim actually was among the first people of her gender to be given her due respect. Talented enough that a freestyle rap she performed for The Notorious B.I.G. impressed him enough that he made her a part of a group he was mentoring named Junior M.A.F.I.A., she was great at what she does. Best known for tracks like “Magic Stick,” “Not Tonight,” and “Let It Go,” she was also a part of the song “Lady Marmalade” which was a gigantic hit. Almost as well-known at her peak for her looks as her verbal skills because she had a great body she liked to show off, her figure has remained the same but her face is the exact opposite.

2 Nikki Cox


An actress that first rose to prominence as one of the stars of the show Unhappily Ever After that was similar to the show Married With Children, Nikki Cox was given the role of the hot daughter. Going on to star in several other comedic shows like The Norm Show and Nikki, as well as having guest roles in similar series, it was funny since her hotness was far from a laughing matter. Able to branch out some when she was also cast in the more dramatic series Las Vegas, in which she appeared in eighty-seven episodes, it was a remarkable time in her career. Since then clearly going under the knife, there is no debate that her face has undergone a massive change and not in a good way either.

1 Melanie Griffith


An interesting person in the history of Hollywood, Melanie Griffith made her career playing everyday women that were often seemed to be under the thumbs of more popular people. That was remarkable considering that she was one of the most exquisite women of her generation of actors, let alone of all time. Best known for movies like Working Girl, Pacific Heights, Mulholland Falls, as well as Now and Then, she accomplished more than enough to be happy with her impressive legacy in the industry. Now, however, the way she is remembered will forever be changed because of how just how dramatically her looks have been altered. Evidently the victim of a surgeon, or several of them, that were awful at their jobs, if she was trying to hold onto the looks that made her a star, we’re sorry to say that was a huge fail.

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20 Stars Who Are Nothing Like They Used To Be (In Worst Ways Possible)