20 Recent Hot Photos Of Nineties Teen Stars You Need to See

When you spend a long time watching someone on your screens, whether it is as part of a TV show, movie, or music video, it begins to feel like you have developed a relationship with that celeb. Of course, we realize that that only goes one way but there is no denying that you begin to have an emotional connection to the stars whose work you’ve followed for many years. As a result of that, the closest comparison we can think of to looking back on the lives of these stars is a high school reunion. After all, both are circumstances in which you get the ability to catch up with people you once cared about.

If you are in the same age range as us and remember the ‘90s as a more innocent time in your life, thinking of the teen stars of the era is likely going to put a smile on your face. However, the stars of that time frame are no longer the way that you remember them. They’ve matured into adulthood too, and if you haven’t paid attention to their career and life, then they may look far different than the way they do in your head when you think back about them. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty recent hot photos of ‘90s teen stars you need to see.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion here, it has to feature someone who was a star in the ‘90s and is remembered for being in her teens. We wrote ‘remembered for being in her teens’ because we are including some folks that may have actually been in their twenties if they are remembered for playing a character in their teens at the time. Next, the star in question has to look hot in the image, and we are considering anything taken after the start of the year 2012 as best we can tell as recent since it is within five years. Finally, it doesn’t matter if anyone else appears in the photo or how she looks as long as the person we are focused on looks good.

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20 Danica McKellar

Via eonline.com

For those of us that grew up watching The Wonder Years, it is an interesting thing now that we feel so nostalgic for a series that was about being wistful for a bygone era itself. Starring a trio of youngsters that fans grew to love, for many viewers, Danica McKellar quickly became the apple of their eye and their first big crush. Still acting to this day, she continues to regularly play parts in movies and shows, but most of them are either forgettable or she only received a cameo part. However, that isn’t to say that she is unaccomplished as she has written several books about mathematics, something she is an expert on. Shown here from when she was one of the contestants on a recent season of Dancing with the Stars, her body seems chiseled from stone and extremely inviting.

19 Madeline Zima

Via Reddit.com

Cast as the youngest daughter of Mr. Sheffield, the male lead in the sitcom The Nanny, when Madeline Zima started on the show, she was still a little girl. But by the end of its run in 1999, things have changed. Becoming a teenager that kids her age could relate to and fall for, once the show came to an end, she was far from done with the acting scene. Going on to play one of the most important roles during the early seasons of Californication, it was instantly clear that she had matured into a very attractive young woman. Continuing in that trend in 2017, she turned a lot of heads when she was seen without a stitch of clothing on while playing a character from the returned series, Twin Peaks, that was highly touted and talked about. Seen here at the premiere event for the show, if we were fortunate enough to be there, we wouldn’t have been able to turn away from her.

18 Christina Ricci

Via justjared.com

When Christina Ricci was cast as Wednesday Addams in the film reboot of The Addams Family, it was one of the best actor choices we can think of. Also seen in other movies from the decade like Now and Then, Casper, The Ice Storm, and 200 Cigarettes, she went from a teen star to an in-demand adult actress over the decade. Dazzling in many movies since then, films like Prozac Nation, Monster, and Black Snake Moan all heavily relied on her looks to tell their story. Sporting an elegant dress at the 2016 SAG Awards, anyone who has been lucky enough to be romantically linked to her should thank their lucky stars to stand by someone so stunning.

17 Britney Spears

Via popsugar.com

There have been a few singers who have become huge stars from the moment they released their first single–like Britney Spears–and remained relevant for decades afterward. Best known for her hit songs like “…Baby One More Time,” “Womanizer,” “Til The World Ends,” and “Circus,” judging from the sales, nearly every song she releases are critically acclaimed by her fans and it seems as though she has the Midas touch. Also memorable for serving as fantasy fodder for many of the people in her age range at the time, they’d probably be happy to see how she has aged. Seen here in a bikini photo she posted on Instagram, she looks like she’s trying to get some sun but she is attracting a lot more than that.

16 Sarah Michelle Gellar

Via ew.com

We’re pretty sure that it would take an all-time acting performance or gigantic controversy for Sarah Michelle Gellar to be most remembered for anything but starring in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also seen in movies like Scream 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions, as well as franchises like Scooby Doo and The Grudge, it should be noted that she has found a lot of other successful gigs too. Of course, it should come as no surprise that she recently took part in a Buffy reunion as her work on that series has garnered her so many fans. What those that haven’t been following her life might have been taken off guard by, however, is a photo like this one of her from that event where she looks like she remains as vibrant and splendid as ever.

15 Tia Mowry

Via gigionthat.com

One of the stars of Sister Sister, a show that was quite popular in the ‘90s, Tia Mowry was constantly seen alongside her twin sister, Tamara. Identical sisters who were beautiful in their youth, since then, they’ve both aged so well that it remains hard to distinguish between them as your mind can only sit in appreciation of how wonderful they look. Also the star of the series Instant Mom, that and several other roles she took on that her sister was not involved in, proved that she is far from a one-trick pony. Shot lying down for the photo that was published by Sheen Magazine, it proves that her derriere is to die for and her legs look long and luscious.

14 Rachel Stevens

via Pinterest

A member of the pop group S Club 7, Rachel Stevens was a part of a quite successful and memorable group from the ‘90s. Best known for songs like “Bring It All Back,” “S Club Party,” “Two in a Million,” and “Reach,” S Club 7 sold music all over the world. Part of the reason why they did so well in CD sales was that they also had a television presence with series like Miami 7 and S Club 7 in Miami. Over the last decade, she has been seen mostly as one of the coaches on shows like The X Factor New Zealand and The Voice of Ireland whose audiences are lucky to behold her. A gorgeous woman who would be the most alluring person in nearly any room she enters, seeing her in a photo like this one where her body blows us away and her face is sultry, simply puts a smile on our face.

13 Melissa Joan Hart

via Pinterest

A big star of the ‘90s, Melissa Joan Hart was a mainstay of the television scene throughout much of the decade. Best known in those years for a pair of shows in which she played the titular character, Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, she also appeared on several other popular series at the time. Included on that list are series like Are You Afraid of the Dark, Clueless, Boy Meets World, and That 70’s Show to name only a few. On top of all of that, she also gave pivotal performances in movies like Can’t Hardly Wait and Drive Me Crazy which were hits that are fondly remembered. Now a forty-one-year-old mother of three, she lost forty pounds in 2016 which led to a spectacular picture of her like this one.

12 Danielle Fishel

If you are asked to name the preeminent shows from the ‘90s that featured kids in pivotal roles, we’d be surprised if Boy Meets World didn’t come to your mind quickly. Starring Ben Savage as Cory Matthews, when it started, he had no interest in girls. But by the end of the show, the love of his life, Topanga, who was played by Danielle Fishel, was as important as anyone. Recently returning to the character when she was one of the stars of the sequel series Girl Meets World, her acting didn’t skip a beat, and she looks as pretty as anyone on a Disney Channel show. On the other hand, when she posed for this photo, she was trying to be a lot more salacious and absolutely succeeded as it appeals to something guttural in us.

11 Tatyana Ali

Via BET.com

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of the most beloved sitcoms of the ‘90s as it was able to make us laugh hysterically, cry, and sing along with it whenever it chose. When the show started, Tatyana Ali’s Ashley Banks was there to play into her cousin Will’s crazy antics. But by the end of the series’ run, she was as entertaining as ever while also being quite enticing to the eyes. Also a singer who embraced a more adult tone to her lyrics and dance moves in her music videos, she never became a huge recording artist but we loved seeing her whenever we could. Speaking of which, when she walked the red carpet at the 2014 BET Awards, that heavily hinted at her chest and we were overjoyed.

10 Lacey Chabert

The youngest member of the Salinger family that was at the center of the primetime drama Party of Five, Lacey Chabert was in front of our eyes when she was only a child. Boy, how things have changed. Going on to appear in movies like Lost in Space and Mean Girls, she also appeared in so many other movies and shows since, that we won’t even bother to try to sample them here. Instead, we’re just going to focus on her looks now that she has become a woman and how much we enjoy them. Blessed with a large chest, great smile, and slender body, a photo of her like this one, shows all of her assets and it makes it on par with a work of art in our view.

9 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Via Maxim.com

From one star of Party of Five to another, this time around, we are looking at Jennifer love Hewitt who was the longtime girlfriend of one of the sons of the Salinger family. Leaving the show partway through for a spin-off, it wasn’t really a huge hit. But leaving TV gave her freedom enough to star in a number of films. In fact, she is the star of movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer, its sequel, Can’t Hardly Wait, and several others that made a big impact at the box office. Eventually returning to the TV world, she made that medium a lot more interesting when she starred in shows like Ghost Whisperer and The Client List. Pictured here on the cover of a Maxim issue that was looking back at “Girls of the 90s,” they chose their image well as she looks as magnificent here as anyone could in our eyes.

8 Alicia Silverstone

One of the biggest teen stars of the ‘90s, Alicia Silverstone’s path to the spotlight was an interesting one. First coming to most people’s attention when she starred in a series of Aerosmith music videos, the fact that she was given the chance to be a movie star as a result attests to how great she looked in them. Going on to be known for movies like The Crush, Hideaway, Clueless, as well as Batman & Robin, for a short while, she seemed to be everywhere. Largely seen as a relic of the ‘90s these days, an image like this one that shows off her wonderful booty, legs, and face reveals that she is just fine in the corner looking as dazzling as ever.

7 Jodie Sweetin

Via Maxim.com

One of the stars of Full House from the days when she was a child, by the time the sitcom came to an end, Jodie Sweetin had entered her teen years. Like all but a pair of her costars from that series, she hasn’t been able to escape the shadow of the series that made her a star. For many years, we’re sure she saw that as a bad thing, as she struggled to get major outside work. However, now that she is starring in Fuller House a Netflix spin-off show, we’re guessing that must seem like a godsend. Remarkable for a curvaceous body that she seems proud to show off–which we applaud her for–in this photo taken for publication by Maxim, we can totally see why she’d feel that way.

6 Jessica Alba

Via shape.com

Of all the people on this list, Jessica Alba is the one that is likely to surprise people the least as she is still incredibly hot. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that she has consistently been considered one of the most attractive people alive since she became a star, we would have put her on our top spot. However, we wanted to have the top picture come as a little bit of a surprise but she looks far too good to exclude from this list, so we are pleased to present this picture to you. Sporting a tight blue bikini, her choice of clothes here gives viewers the opportunity to yet again appreciate how mind-blowing her looks are, so let’s sit back and enjoy for a moment.

5 Brandy Norwood

Via dailymail.co.uk

One of the biggest teen stars in the nineties, Brandy Norwood seems to have been great at everything she tried her hand at. Releasing hit songs like “The Boy is Mine,” “Sittin’ Up In My Room,” “Have You Ever,” and “Baby,” her voice was the soundtrack of the time for many. On top of that, Brandy starred in the sitcom Moesha as well as movies like I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Double Platinum. Photographed by a paparazzi as she spent time on a beach, this photo that resulted from that is proof positive that her body is incredible even without the aid of a crew of people trying to perfect her look.

4 Christine Lakin

via Pinterest

One of the lesser known people on this list, unless you were a fan of Step by Step, it is entirely possible that you’d have no memory of Christine Lakin. Don’t get us wrong. She has appeared in more movies and shows since that decade than almost anyone you will find here but much of that work seems to have gone largely unnoticed. Starting out her time on Step by Step playing a tomboy, as she grew up, it became harder and harder to ignore her looks and while looking at a photo like this one, it becomes all the more impossible. Sporting nothing but a bikini here, she makes it hard for us to find any flaw of her and that’s one thing we definitely adore about her.

3 Mel B

Via dailymail.co.uk

One of five women that made up the pop group called The Spice Girls, Mel B and her cohorts were an absolute behemoth on the radio as well as the Billboard charts. One of the most successful groups of all time, they were one of the biggest deals in the music industry at the time, due in large part to being a sensation all around the world. In fact, they were even huge enough to star in a movie called Spice World as well as being merchandise-selling machines. Forty-two years old today, if you ask us, she is more attractive than she ever has been in the past as evidenced by a photo like this one that showed off much of her body. And we find that totally delightful.

2 Christina Aguilera

Via Maxim.com

One of the biggest vocal powerhouses in pop history, Christina Aguilera’s skills and lovable energy have allowed her career to go through many phases, all of which have gone well to varying degrees. Best known for songs like “Genie in a Bottle,” “Lady Marmalade,” “Beautiful,” and “Fighter,” her ability to record music that speaks to millions of people speaks for herself. Oftentimes competing with Britney Spears in the court of public opinion because they came up together, Christina could take pleasure in beating out her famous rival on this list. Seen here in a photo that was taken as part of a recent Maxim photo shoot, she looks like she is seducing the camera and her marvelous legs and large cleavage are on display.

1 Tiffani Thiessen

One of six young actors that starred in Saved by the Bell, Tiffani Thiessen was cast as the bubbly cheerleader with a heart of gold that her peers competed to win the affections of. Not exactly a big departure from the life it seems like she has led, all of these years later, we find ourselves still enraptured to view an image of her. Seen here taking part in a series of pictorials called Me in My Place, she was photographed in her own home here. As such, this image gives us the opportunity to see her largely undressed in her bedroom. We can’t think of anything our younger selves would have valued more in a photograph than that.

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