20 Pictures We Bet You Can Look At Forever

We apologize for what you are about to see. While you will certainly enjoy it, we’re worried that you will probably not be able to look away for a very long time. If you are at work, this may mean that you get in trouble with your boss and maybe even lose your job. If you are at home with your significant other, then they may become very annoyed with you and even storm out for the night. You’re taking a big risk just by scrolling down, but we’ve got a feeling that you might think that it’s worth it.

Sometimes, when you see a photo, you just can’t look away. You get drawn in completely. The model captures you and you are there for what certainly feels like forever, just staring and staring. Time ticks by outside while you remain trapped in a bubble with this image. You just want to drink in every detail of it, and enjoy it to the fullest. That’s what will happen when you cast your eyes down the list at these 20 images.

We have looked far and wide to bring you a prime selection that you are very much going to enjoy. We have only included the best, and these images are even safe for work, which means you can sort of get away with it. Just don’t let anyone catch looking at this list for the ten minutes or more you will require for each image if you want to be able to laugh it off!

20 Shay Mitchell At Sunset

The beautiful pink light from the sunset hits actress Shay Mitchell as she sits barefoot on the steps, wearing a red lacy gown over her tanned body. The wind gently blows through her messy, dark hair as she looks up and sees you. She takes your hand and you help her up, and you head off to the local bar together to get drunk all night. Then you wake up. What a dream it would be to put yourself into this image somewhere! She certainly has a knack for turning everything into a movie set and looking like a star at all times. It’s hard not to stare at this shot and drink it all in with your eyes for as long as possible. What an amazing woman she is!

19 That 'Wild At Heart' Tattoo

At first, you can’t help but stare into her eyes. Her face is beautifully proportioned, and her eyes are that hazel colour that you can’t help but admire against her skin. Her slightly messy bun speaks to a casual look that is actually carefully put together, as does her simple vest top. As you continue to look at the image you end up looking closely to work out what her tattoo says, and then appreciating the simple beauty of the shot. She knows what she is doing for this one – she keeps her make-up nude and uses a very neutral location to ensure that all of the focus is on how simply great she looks. This speaks to Sunday mornings and days spent lying around in bed together without a single care.

18 Savage Selfie

We love that this selfie was taken literally just to show off the outfit and body of this Tumblr user, it seems. We can’t see her face properly, but we can see enough to know that when the phone is out of the way you’ll find someone hot enough to stare at for even longer. Once you get over looking at her body, you realise that the whole shot has been carefully put together with a black and white theme. The only flash of colour in the whole room is the tanned skin of the model. It’s pretty cool that she managed to put together something like this, and her shirt really adds something to the whole shot as well with the slogan emblazoned right across it. We like it a lot!

17 Who Wants To Meet Her For Coffee?

There’s something just so cheerful about this image. The girl pictured is so happy, and it really oozes out of every pore of her. You don’t even need to see her broad smile, showing off her perfect white teeth, to understand that. She is carefully outfitted in mostly blue and white, from the matching vest and shorts to the bandana wrapped around her head and even the tiny stones on the necklace that she is wearing. She knows what she is doing when it comes to putting outfits together, that is for sure. She seems to have stopped out for a coffee with her date, and the place they’re visiting seems pretty cool too. This looks like the kind of date you would like to be out on. Unfortunately, she’s most likely taken since she looks like this!

16 The Whole City

This pool, we can safely say, is amazing. It has tall glass windows all the way around, letting in natural light and giving the water a great sparkle. It has views out over the whole city, so you can look around at the skyscrapers and the busy roads below from a place of total relaxation. It also has hot blondes in bikinis, which is basically just a plus. How amazing would it be to travel to this location right now? We bet the pool would be pretty fantastic at night, too, with the stars all out overhead and the lights of the city twinkling out of the windows. We’ve been looking at this one so long, we even noticed that you’re not supposed to lean against the glass, which evaded us at first.

15 Getting Ready For The Shoot

The first thing that you are going to have to stare at this photo for is to wonder whether this is actually Kylie Jenner. It isn’t, but this girl could certainly play her in a movie. She has the lips, the dark hair, and even the eyes for the part. However, you can see that this image was taken behind the scenes at the kind of event that Kylie would never be part of. There are people standing around in the background as well as plenty of chairs for them to sit on, all within a white space, so it looks like this is probably some kind of training session or webinar shoot for photographers to learn from. There must be a lot of models coming, judging by the make-up table behind her.

14 Outfit Of The Day

This shot is incredible, because we don’t understand how this girl managed to squeeze herself into such tiny clothes. We can see enough of the details of the jeans to know that they are real, and yet they look as though they were painted onto her. How did she manage to put them on in the first place? How is she going to get them off? It’s all topped off by the tiny white lace crop top, which also looks like a feat of engineering in itself. Everything about this outfit is totally remarkable, and we can see why she chose to snap some shots and upload them online. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any proof. We wonder if she got her toned stomach just from the effort of putting these on.

13 Thigh High Boots

Kylie Jenner is perfectly proportioned, to the point where she can wear designer clothing expertly. She is certainly doing that with these thigh high boots, which look as though they have found the home that they were made for. The green material reaches all the way up her legs, which look long and statuesque, to where she is making the final adjustments while getting ready. Pair that with a simple little nude dress and she is ready to go. Her long hair falls down off her shoulder, and you can easily picture how she will look once she straightens up again. In the meantime, though, we can enjoy this shot just as it is without needing any extra details.

12 First Cup Of Morning Coffee

It really feels like there are two sides to this image. There’s the real world, where we are looking in, with this rock chick stands with her first cup of morning coffee in her hand. Right now she’s settled comfortably in her white pyjamas, ready to go take a shower and put on her leather biker jacket before facing the day ahead. Then there’s the world inside the mirror. That’s a world in which there is an unmade bed, and she is getting back in it to spend the day with you instead. We’ll never know which one is the true answer, but you’re free to make up your own story for as long as you look at this image. All we know is that it suddenly has us craving a hot cup of joe.

11 We Know It's The Clear Blue Water You're Focusing On

It’s not 100% clear what is underneath the float that this girl is resting on, but it looks either like a shark or a ray of some kind. The water doesn’t look too deep but that may well be deceptive, especially if it is deep enough for sea creatures to be swimming around. Still, she looks completely peaceful stretched out across her butterfly, enjoying the sun on her skin. This is a really surreal shot because she looks as casual as if she was just in the pool, but that is definitely not what is going on here. The area is riddled with sandbars and deeper areas of water, so it’s likely out on open water even if it is near to an island of some kind. What a place to be!

10 Madison Beer In Orange

There are some people who really know the colours that are going to make them stand out. Singer Madison Beer, pictured here outside what is undoubtedly her own front door, is teasing us with a great outfit and a cheeky expression. She is sitting with a fairly simple black vest and ripped jeans, which still looks pretty hot as it is. That pop of the orange jacket and shoes helps to make the whole image a little more special, especially where it matches up to the lighter highlights in her hair. She looks pretty comfortable in front of the camera, which is natural for someone who spends a lot of time there. We’d like to be invited over to her house to hang out and try on some orange accessories for ourselves.

9 The Wall At The Beach

This shot gives you a great sense of actually being there at the beach. The white sands, the palm trees blowing slightly in the wind, and the wall she is sitting on all give you this great sense of location. She looks like she is having a fantastic time, too, with a big smile on her face as she laughs at someone behind the camera. She is dressed impeccably and simply in white sneakers with a black swimsuit, and we love her tattoo as well. She looks pretty fun, so we feel like we’d love to meet her and be part of this moment. It looks like a glorious day for anyone who was there at the time, with the sun in the clear sky and the sands of the beach beckoning.

8 These Green And Blue Eyes

How amazing are this girl’s eyes? It’s hard to determine exactly what colour they are. It seems to be a ring of blue around a mostly green iris. Combined with the way that the colour contrasts against her lightly tanned skin and dark hair, we just can’t get enough of it. We could stare into her eyes in this shot for a long time. How are you supposed to look away? There’s something in her expression that is a little reminiscent of the Mona Lisa – one moment you think she’s smiling, and the next that she has a serious expression, and then you just don’t know which one is true. Either way, she’s definitely drop dead gorgeous. There’s something special about girls that look this good in bare make-up and in plain clothes with no jewellery and their hair back.

7 Lounging By the Pool

We were going to say something about this photo, but got distracted by something. What was it? Oh yes, this model is cooling off in the pool but also wants to tan a bit, so she’s had to compromise by leaving her legs in the water and stretching her body out. Don’t forget that all-important sun visor to ensure that she keeps her eyes and face clear of the dazzling rays. Everything about this shot is just about perfect, and we would certainly love to be beside this pool in particular. If she invited you to come over, how could anyone refuse? Her white swimsuit is a nice touch and really helps to match the tones of the white border, just as her skin compliments the brown tiles. It’s almost as if they did it on purpose.

6 What A Pose

You can tell that this shot was taken somewhere expensive. You have that stretch of beach in the distance and the palm trees. There’s the glass-fronted pool she's probably going to dive into after this stunning photoshoot. Then there’s the model herself, who looks as though she could be very expensive indeed. Just under her white bikini you can glimpse a tattoo, which looks to be the only mark on her. She has toned and trimmed her body to perfection, and we don’t blame her for wanting to show it off in this great location. Her long, black locks and her full lips only help to complete the picture all the more.

5 Red Flowers And Black Net

This girl definitely has her own sense of style and isn’t afraid to show it. She is perfectly juxtaposed against the red flowers and white walls, which give you a sense of a traditional country home, while she is anything but. She wears a thick silver chain around her neck, a thin black net across her chest, and a chunkier net over her shoulders. She has topped that off with a thick black bag strap and a pair of vintage-style glasses to cover up her face. Then she has her choppy, layered black hairstyle and perfectly pouty lips. To put it mildly, we like everything about this shot and we’d be happy to stare at it for quite a long time, making up stories in our heads about who she is.

4 Sitting In The Boat

We’re pretty jealous of this shot, in all honesty. The person who took it is who we want to be right now. They are standing on a boat, looking up front towards a beautiful girl in a bikini. She’s smiling, so she’s definitely happy to see them and comfortable being around them. This boat is heading across blue waters towards what look to be a couple of densely vegetated islands, which must mean that they are somewhere fairly exotic. Neither of the islands show signs of habitation, and it looks all round like we are in the middle of a great adventure. We would like to head down there and join in right away, straw hats and all. Could there possibly be any valid reason for not wanting to go along?

3 Over The Water

This girl seems to have just come out of the water herself – she is creating her own little rock pool where she rests. It seems like the rock has carved itself to create a comfortable place for her to sit, as she looks down over this cove with its rocky surrounds and clear blue waters. Everything about the scene is basically perfect, and you know that you would rather be there than the office any and every day of the week. She is tanned and highlighted in the kind of way that makes you think she is a girl who spends a lot of her time in bikinis and around coves, and loves every minute of it as well. Just dreaming about being here with her could take hours out of your day.

2 Belle Lucia On The Rocks

There are some models that just deliver gorgeous Instagram shots time after time, and Belle Lucia is one of them. Some stylist or other has perfectly matched her up for a photoshoot in a pink bikini with gold shell details, along with a couple of gold pendants. She has that effortless look of someone who would be happy to dive right into the water and not worry about getting their hair wet – and yet you know that she would come up looking perfect anyway. Her body is perfectly proportioned and the location behind her is stunning, even though you can only see this small part of it. You already know that it has to be somewhere that you would love to go on vacation – the crystal water gives it away.

1 Maya Stepper Relaxing

This beautiful model is Maya Stepper, and you can see why she’s currently lighting up NYC. She has possibly the longest legs that we have ever seen, and they are perfectly toned to that look which gives the impression she never goes to the gym and just effortlessly remains this way. Her blonde hair is tossed back artfully and she is poised, reclining on this comfortable chair with her white dress hanging on her model frame. She’s probably at a spa or some high-class hotel, the kind of places where girls that look like this should be at all times. The best thing is, it looks like there is room on that chair for two. Are you going to let someone else get in there first, or will you be squeezing up alongside her?

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