20The Hill Climber

Most of you have probably spent a fair amount of time in a gym setting or a designated workout area, so the hill climber shouldn't look like too much of a foreign object. What is more likely to look like a foreign luxury is the beautiful physique pictured here; given

to us by the glorious and generous Sommer Ray. The beauty that lies in the ‘yoga pant’ that you will become very familiar with after this article becomes self-evident, and nobody does it better than Sommer Ray. The traditional black yoga pants simply don't do enough for Sommer, she has upgraded to the pink leopard print choice and we thank her very much for doing so. To get a booty as nice as Sommer Ray’s you have to be willing to put in the work, and caught here is Sommer Ray mid-workout going hard AF. Sommer Ray has captured all of our hearts with her captivating rear-end, and as you peruse through the rest of this article we think you will understand why she is so popular!

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