20 Pics That Prove Sommer Ray Has Better "Assets" Than Jen Selter

The 21st century has given way to new fame and popularity via social media platforms, these podiums have given birth to a new type of model, the Instagram kind. Instagram has been an incredibly useful apparatus for young, gorgeous girls around the world to get their ‘brand’ out on the internet airwaves. First there was Jen Selter, most of you are probably familiar with the workout model who took over the internet when she started posting pictures of her incredible rear-end that left us all speechless. Then there was Sommer Ray, flying relatively under the radar, well, if you consider 15 million followers on Instagram ‘under the radar’, she has started to gain notoriety more and more over the past year. Her ‘behind’ has quickly been touted as the best on the internet, and for good reason. This 20 year old beauty has taken a similar route as Jen Selter, an ‘Insta-famous’ workout model who has created the ultimate workout for our eyes. By workout for the eyes we're talking about how she keeps our eyes moving up and down in every single picture she posts; and she posts a lot.

Born in Colorado, and daughter to a professional body builder, Sommer Ray has left us in awe on more than one occasion. Below we have included some (but not all) of the most incredibly jaw-dropping photos of Sommer Ray’s incredible physique. We’re sure that she won't be the last to become famous for her assets, but right now she certainly has the title on lock. Leaving 15 million users desperately waiting for her next post, Sommer Ray is starting to heat up with endorsements, having already modelled for a bungee jumping company, it’s safe to assume that more endorsements will be rolling in soon. She has earned every single follower with her extremely revealing photographs, no if ands or butts about it.

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20 The Hill Climber

Most of you have probably spent a fair amount of time in a gym setting or a designated workout area, so the hill climber shouldn't look like too much of a foreign object. What is more likely to look like a foreign luxury is the beautiful physique pictured here; given to us by the glorious and generous Sommer Ray. The beauty that lies in the ‘yoga pant’ that you will become very familiar with after this article becomes self-evident, and nobody does it better than Sommer Ray. The traditional black yoga pants simply don't do enough for Sommer, she has upgraded to the pink leopard print choice and we thank her very much for doing so. To get a booty as nice as Sommer Ray’s you have to be willing to put in the work, and caught here is Sommer Ray mid-workout going hard AF. Sommer Ray has captured all of our hearts with her captivating rear-end, and as you peruse through the rest of this article we think you will understand why she is so popular!

19 The Locker Room Selfie 

What’s a fitness model’s Instagram account like without the nostalgic ‘Locker Room Selfie’? If you can focus enough to realize where she actually is, you can tell she’s either just getting done with a monstrous workout, or preparing to make all of the boys drool inside the gym. Sommer Ray has made a name for herself with these types of revealing and curvaceous images that are jaw dropping, to say the least. If we ran into Sommer while we were trying to get a workout in, just about the only thing we’d be strenuously working out would be our necks and our eyeballs. Sommer Ray has undoubtedly solidified her spot for the best booty in the game with pictures like this one, we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us!

18 Pink On Pink

Looking like a thugged out, pretty in pink Tupac, Sommer Ray flaunts a gentle ‘cute’ side, more so than we are accustomed to seeing. If you actually took the time to look into the view it’s a pretty breathtaking view of what appears to be Los Angeles, but we’re guessing you didn't take the time to look that closely (we don’t blame you). It’s photographs like this one that helps us understand why she has what is being talked about and considered the best butt in the game. Her devious smile and ‘come and get me grin’ make her all the more seductive, and just take a look below her hips, it's absolute heaven. Her tan and busty physique look like something out of a Columbian fairytale, but the Colorado native is entirely of American nationality.

17 Dressed For Success 

Does anyone do the hair flip better than Sommer Ray? We haven't been so captivated by a flip of someone’s hair since, well never. In a silk blue and white ensemble, Sommer boasts a curvy and sexy personality that we’ve become quite familiar with. Her juicy lips and sinister gaze put off the ‘bad girl’ vibe, and the insidious nature of most of her pictures suggests that maybe she isn't so innocent. The combination of her ‘girl next door’ persona and the actuality of her promiscuity leaves her audience in a gaze, but to be honest we don’t care which side she’s on, just as long as we can see her body!

16 The Innocent One

We’re not sure that anyone can pose as a more innocent ‘bad girl’ better than Sommer Ray. All jokes aside she has an incredible knack for leading us one direction with her smile, and in an entirely different direction with her outfit. She has a unique way of leaving us in a spiral when it comes time to get back to our daily lives after staring endlessly into her photographs. Her freckled face and skin-tight ripped jeans have us gasping for air, and her virtuous eyes leave us weak at the knees. Her luscious brown locks seem to effortlessly fall from the sky, and she has no problem showing us some skin. Pictures like this give value to the comments that Sommer Ray might be one of the hottest women in the game today.

15 The Hair Flip

Sommer Ray does the hair flip better than anyone in the game, hands down. Maybe it’s her hair or maybe it’s her spunky attitude, but Sommer’s sexy spin on the hair flip takes the cake. Looking like she just rolled out of bed, Sommer Ray somehow still looks like she’s applied hours and hours of makeup. Perhaps because she’s still so new to all of us we haven’t had enough time to process the unbelievable beauty that is Sommer Ray, or maybe it’s just because she is so unbelievably gorgeous that we aren’t use to seeing such an amazing human, but one thing is for sure; we have never laid our eyes on anyone more captivating than Sommer Ray. Obviously, her physique and curves are unparalleled in the world of fitness, but her cute and naughty demeanor, coupled with her smile, well they're enough for us to have a heart attack.

14 ..Focus..

The quilted tile backdrop might leave your vision a little distorted at first, but don't be deceived, Sommer Ray is the center piece of this picture no questions asked. It’s rare to find any picture of Sommer Ray without the newest apparel, but pictured here you can see her Nikes and her olive green stunning yoga pants. Looking like the hottest nerd we’ve ever seen, Sommer once again stuns us with her effortless ability to leave us speechless. From angles like these it’s hard to fathom just how large her ‘rear-end’ is, it looks entirely disproportionate to the rest of her body, but hey, we aren’t complaining. In one swift motion she has the ability to look like the ‘hot girl’ from high school, and the ‘science-nerd’ we all knew as well; her elusiveness is staggering.

13 RaveTastic 

Whatever festival Sommer is at in this picture makes us furious that we weren't there, but at least there’s never a camera too far away when Sommer and her assets are around. One look at her outfit and we can see why she has ruffled some feathers in the realm of rear-ends; frankly, we aren't sure that there is any discussion that anyone has Sommer beat. With all the stimuli that accompany festivals and raves like this one, we think you’d be hard pressed to find anything more enchanting than Sommer’s behind. Her majestic makeup and tan outfit help solidify the notion that she has the best assets in the game, hands down. The next time Sommer makes it to a festival you can be sure to find us somewhere close!

12 Look At The View...

In one of the more advantageous views from any photograph we have included, Sommer Ray once again leaves much to be desired with the backdrop. Let’s be honest, we aren't too concerned with anything that’s going on with the picture that doesn't include Sommer Ray. Her signature hair flip strikes again, and her beach body is something we can’t get enough of. Her lace-up white bathing suit fits her persona perfectly, edgy, revealing, and gorgeous. Sommer possesses the ability to lure in almost any audience with her captivating curves, but her charisma is what keeps us connected for the long haul. Sommer Ray doesn’t have a problem keeping our focus, and her new emergence onto the scene leads us to believe that she’s going to be around for a long time to come.

11 A Perfect Game 

Sommer Ray might be the worst bowler in the history of bowling and we couldn't care less, pictures like these that might make us strive to go bowling everyday for the rest of our lives. We highly doubt that her bowling game is something to write home about, but her curvaceous features certainly are. The high-waisted yoga pants are a secret weapon of sorts for Sommer, allowing her to add emphasis to her curves, while still hugging those long legs and tightly covering her tiny physique. Whether Sommer is a good bowler or a bad bowler is irrelevant, what remains to be at the forefront of the conversation regarding Sommer Ray is this; does she possess the nicest curves in the game? We certainly think so.

10 Look Back At It

Her well-placed rips in her jeans seem to have been architected with utmost consideration, allowing us to get just a glimpse of her rear-end, just enough that we start drooling and begging for more. To be fair, Sommer Ray keeps us begging for more in just about anything she wears, however, this outfit seems to hold a certain grasp on our attention. Her selfie game from the side is unmatched, especially with a curvaceous body-like-a-backroad that she has. Once again Sommer Ray’s body seems to be a bit disproportionate when you take a look at her bottom half, especially in comparison to her tight torso and upper body. Sommer Ray is incredibly fit, but with a rear-end as large as hers, one might think she spends all day eating junk food to fortify her walls; that’s not the case, however.

9 God Bless Yoga Pants 

May God bless the yoga pants and the man who created them, for without them images like this one would not exist. Pictures like this one boggle the mind, and for good reason. How could someone so tiny and fit have such a large rump? Well, however she does it we’re impressed, and as long as it’s there for us to ogle we couldn't care less how she obtained it. The teal colored yoga pants are a nice edition, and the gold standard Calvin Klein sports bra accompanies them well. It may be helpful for Sommer Ray to learn CPR, she’s likely to be giving a lot of guys in the gym cardiac arrest, so it may be prudent she learns the skill to help save a few lives. The 20 year old fitness phenom has used pictures like this one to become a staple in the Instagram and social media game.

8 The Bathroom Selfie 

With all of the other selfies covered, we eventually knew we would stumble across the notorious bathroom selfie, and she didn’t disappoint. Sommer Ray’s banging body is out of this world, so much so that we think her ‘belfies’ deserve to be nominated as the best as well. It’s fair to say that Sommer Ray wins every category that has to do with rear-ends, no questions asked she has the best rump in the game. If pictures like this don’t lead you to that conclusion that we don't think you are worthy enough to stare at her behind. With her hair done up in a bun, and her trademark effortless look she rocks, Sommer Ray appears to be able to do this in her sleep.

7 Side By Side Action 

Are you kidding? That’s it....we’re done. Sommer Ray’s rump in these yoga pants is downright unfair. Even the women must be drooling....right? Her body is unreal, but even her face can go unnoticed sometimes (gee, wonder why) when it’s actually one of the more beautiful, natural looks in the game right now. Her innocence is easily erased when you take into consideration the size of her rear-end, but even then she has a deceptively calm demeanor. We’re not sure what to call these yoga pants, but whatever they are she needs to keep wearing them, and a lot. Pictures like this one make us realize that there’s actually no competition when it comes to beating Sommer Ray at her own game; case closed.

6 Snapchat Sensation

It truly is a good day when you get new yoga pants, Sommer, it is indeed. It’s the small things that get us through our daily lives, and by small, we mean THAT LITTLE THING. A picture like this one can either give us the motivation to get our butts in the gym or just keep us in an eternal couch potato mode drooling at pictures of Sommer all day. Whether this photograph gives you a boost of energy or eternal damnation, we think both parties can agree that her rump is out of this world. If you haven’t started following Sommer Ray on Snapchat we suggest you do so immediately, she has a lot more pictures like this one flowing constantly throughout the day, and we sure do appreciate it.

5 Look At Those Shoes! .....

If you took the time to actually notice her shoes, more power to ya. We’re venturing to guess that you certainly didn't, and we don't blame you either, neither did we. In a combination of the bathroom selfie, the belfie, the ‘look back at it’ pose, and the view from the side, Sommer Ray leaves us in awe once more. Wherever she works out is liable to become the most popular gym in the world if she continues to strut her stuff around like that. We’re sure gyms don't mind letting Sommer in for free considering the mass appeal that she is, fully clothed or not. If you haven’t started following Sommer on every social media platform possible by now, we’re not sure what else to do to motivate you.

4 The Infamous Zebra Leggings 

They may not be zebra print, but these zebra inspired yoga pants are from another planet, especially when Sommer Ray is so elegantly showing them off. In another Snapchat shutdown, Sommer takes her following by storm by continually rocking our worlds via selfie. Even after she suggests that she’s eaten “sour patch kids all day”, she looks like she hasn't eaten a carbohydrate since 2004. The bathroom she’s in may look a little beat up, but Sommer Ray couldn’t look any more in shape if she tried, and judging by how much she works out, the results might only get better. Pictures like this one that remind us how important it is to never skip leg day, and thank god Sommer never does.

3 Wow...Just Wow 

This photo takes the cake. Her outfit is unreal (as always) and her posture makes it pop that much more. Her body is perfect from head to toe, and everything in between that is quite alright as well. The way she’s gazing off into the distance makes us think that there’s something incredibly important out there, but more than likely this is just for show. Either way, it makes our hearts melt, and we’re sure it makes yours too. Her tone and slender frame are incredible, combined with her muscular back and larger than life rear-end, it’s the perfect combination. Pictures like this that leave us not only in awe but ready to give it all up for Sommer, she deserves it!

2 Myokore Photo Shoot

Sommer Ray’s popular Myokore photo shoot is one of her few endorsement deals that she has going for her currently. We believe that she will soon lock up several more endorsement deals, but for now the newly popular Sommer Ray has only one, and she killed it. As if all of the customers could focus on anything other than her behind, it’s easy to assume that on that premise alone she attracted the attention the company fancied. Sommer Ray has such outstanding assets that there’s no reason to believe that she won't land a serious endorsement from a fitness agency or clothing line in the near future. The way she rocks her pink bandana and sexy outfits, she might even consider doing some Victoria's Secret modelling, or even a Playboy shoot.

1 Hot Santa Outfit 

Sommer Ray’s most infamous photograph came around Christmas Time, hence the red get-up, and it was so fantastic that even the worldwide phenomenon Worldstarhiphop got a hold of it. A lot of her recognition early on came from this photograph, with so many users worldwide tuning into Worlstarhiphop every day, her popularity grew immensely overnight. Her unbelievable backside is something that might even make Santa Claus skip a few houses so that he can hang around Mrs. Claus for a little bit longer. Sommer Ray has taken over the internet almost instantaneously, and it’s not hard to see why. With her trademark physique and unreal poses, she has a chance to be at the forefront of fitness modelling for a long time to come. Sommer Ray has the best rear-end in the game, hands down.

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