20 Pics That Prove Hollywood Has The Most Undeserving Parents

Having a baby is rewarding, but it’s also very difficult. All those diaper changes, the crying at night, the bottle feeding, the washing, the temper tantrums, they can drive a mom nuts. But after the first few months or so, taking care of a baby becomes a routine, and the mother falls into a rhythm. But it makes us wonder how everyone does it, raising a baby.

In particular, as we go through Us or People and see our favorite stars out and about with their baby, we long to resemble them. Look how effortless they look! They must treat their babies with tons of love. They don’t lose their temper while taking care of their baby. They aren't the subject of controversy. There’s Christina Aguilera, who has never had a DUI or a drug problem. She can handle popstar motherhood with a level of maturity beyond her years. We look at Cindy Crawford carrying one child in one arm and holding hands with her other child on the other. The supermodel and her husband have never had a scandal, and we can only imagine that they treat their children in the best manner possible.

But not all celeb moms are perfect. These moms neglect their children while high on drugs. They use their teenager as a ticket to get into the hottest nightspots. They wrangle their kids in public and beat them in private. So, feel good about yourself. You are doing a way better job. Here are 20 pictures that prove Hollywood has the most undeserving parents.

20 Beyonce Was In Hot Water (Literally)

Beyonce may be the Queen Bey, but she’s not the best mother. The singer embraced her baby, Blue Ivy, while in the hot tub. According to Livestrong, water that is too hot can “easily scald or burn a baby’s sensitive skin.” This pic looks like B and her baby are in a hot tub, not a pool or a bathtub. If so, B has made a bad mistake. B even looks as if she fell asleep. If she did while holding her baby, can you believe how many scalds the baby may have received? And maybe Blue Ivy took after B and fell asleep in the hot tub too. Just look at how possible that can be. A quick view of this pic shows B bonding with her baby. But if the water was hot, this could be a case of child endangerment.

19 Hilary Duff Locked Lips With Her Son And Pissed Off A Bunch Of People

The pic above of Hilary Duff kissing her son is innocent...depending on your beliefs. A quick look shows a mother kissing her son as a form of affection. The children are allowed to sleep in their parents' bed, fathers tousle the hairs of little boys, and mothers hug their kids. Some will give a peck on the cheek, or kiss their baby quickly on the mouth. It is this act that’s disturbing to many. Of course, Duff and her son should show affection, but this kiss creeped out a lot of people and the mother quickly got a lot of heat for this display of affection with her son.

18 Kim Kardashian’s Toddler Wearing Pearls Is Unsafe

Kim Kardashian is sharing a pillow with her young one. How adorable! But whoops, look at that! North West is wearing pearls. Pearls! Those pearls could strangle her if she sleeps in a certain way or if KK somehow rolls on top of her while sleeping. Whether they are real pearls or not, the pearls can snap, some could fall into the baby’s mouth and the baby may end up choking. KK doesn’t seem aware, as she wouldn’t have taken a selfie of her and her baby if she knew about the risk. But alas, she knows nothing. The best way for KK to learn a lesson is to trot out her baby on her reality show. We can watch as North sits on KK’s lap while KK is on the phone and, while so engrossed in her conversation, the baby falls to the ground.

17 Charlize Theron Was Caught Man-Handling Her Child

Charlize Theron is a single mother. She was at that age when she wanted kids but didn’t necessarily want a traditional family. So, she adopted two children: Jackson, a baby boy and, a couple of years later, Autumn, a baby girl. We’re not sure how she got through the adoption process because it’s very difficult raising a child on your own. And if you have two and you’re still on your own, all hell will break loose. For example. losing your temper is a natural instinct that a mother may have while keeping her kids in line. And it seems A-lister Theron did just that from the paparazzi photos that caught her wrangling Jackson in a parking lot. It’s awful to see and makes us wonder if this is the way Theron treats her kids in private.

16 Leighton Meester's Mother Used Money Intended For Her Son On Getting Work Done

Gossip Girl, the first bona fide hit of the Web-zeitgeist generation, made Leighton Meester a star. Many don’t know that she only played rich onscreen. Her childhood was the farthest thing from that and is due to Meester’s mother Constance being absolutely terrible. Meester was actually born in prison where her mom was serving time for drug smuggling charges. Luckily Leighton didn’t take after her. She’s actually a saint because every month she would send $7,500 to her younger brother to cover some of his costly and extensive medical bills. Instead, Constance used the money on herself to get cosmetic enhancements, Botox and hair extensions. Can you believe that? The whole scenario was so bad that Leighton filed a lawsuit against her mother for converting the money. In 2012, Leighton won the long-suffering battle and also successfully sued for custody of her brother. She was not looking for the money to be returned; all she wanted was for her mother to stay out of her life. She got what she wanted and managed to overcome her obstacles with her dignity intact.

15 Courtney Love Killed Two Pets While Under The Influence

Do you really want Courtney Love to be your mother? Thought not. The former wife of Kurt Cobain is a junky and is addicted to painkillers. Even Love admitted that she used heroin while pregnant with her daughter, Francis Bean. Love is such a bad mother that Francis took her to court to get a restraining order because allegedly Love killed two of their pets by accident because of her addiction. Bean was subsequently raised by aunts and her paternal grandmother for a period of time. In October 2003, her mother had an overdose of OxyContin and was charged with possession of substances. In 2005, Francis and Love were reunited after Love regained custody of her daughter. Francis is now a fully-functioning adult who controls her father’s estate. We have no word if Love is still in Francis’ life.

14 Kris Jenner Wanted Khloe To Fix Her Nose At Age 9!

There are so many reasons why Kris Jenner is a bad mom. But here’s something you may not know. Kris wanted Khloe Kardashian to get a nose job. At age 9!! These days Kris is the "momager" of the Kardashians. It is she who made her family famous. Remember Kim’s infamous tape? Who released it? Well, that was Kris and it was rumored that she orchestrated the whole thing. Whose mother leaks a tape of her daughter being close with some man to the world? Jenner used the publicity from the tape to showcase her family’s daily life and pitched it to E! And then the show became a huge hit. So, the next time you see Keeping Up With The Kardashians, remember that the show and the family’s fame rests solely on that sex tape. Thanks, mom!

13 Brooke Mueller Went To Rehab 21 Times And Never Saw Her Kids

Would you want Tiger Blood Charlie Sheen to be your father? Of course, not! Would you want Brooke Mueller for your mother? Who is she again? Oh, right, Sheen’s ex, an unstable prescription medication addict, and alcoholic. She has also spent 21 stints in rehab, and that’s not a typo. She’s unfit as a mother, and 2001 was her worst year. She was arrested for having some white powder in her possession and then completing an ORP. She’s not around her kids because of inpatient treatment or because she is off doing drugs and drinking elsewhere. Eventually, the toddlers were given to her brother Scott, while she was a mess. When she cleaned up her act in 2014, she received full custody of her twins.

12 Gisele Ignored The Choking Hazard And Put Earrings On Her Baby

Gisele, the world’s top model who owned the catwalk in the 1990s, was credited with ending the “heroin chic” look embodied by Kate Moss. By the end of the decade, Vogue tagged Gisele as being responsible for the “return of the sexy model.” This meant larger breasts and incredibly long legs. But Gisele is not perfect. Without her knowing it, she almost choked her own baby. The picture shows an intimate moment with mother and child, but if you look closely, her baby is wearing diamond earrings. That’s an absolute no-no, as the earrings are a choking hazard. Adult women lose their earrings all the time because they are easy to come off. If Gisele’s baby played with her earrings or just had them on, they could’ve come off and she might’ve put them in her mouth—what all babies like to do. Seriously, the baby could’ve choked to death wearing the earrings.

11 Britney Spears Risked An Accident By Driving With Her Baby On Her Lap

Remember the Britney Spears photo above? No one has forgotten it, as it is a major child endangerment offense. The proper way for you to ride in a car with your baby is universally known. The baby is placed in the back seat wearing a car seat. Holding the baby while driving is such a huge mistake in bad judgment. You have to concentrate on the road while the baby starts to play around with the steering wheel, or begins to play around with her mother’s hair. These and more are an exhibit of reckless behavior. And what happens when the baby starts to cry? All hell will break loose. Before she had the baby, the press was concerned how Britney could handle being a mom because of her breakdown. Well, they were worried for a reason.

10 Mayim Bialik Breastfeeding Her Kid In A Filthy Subway

Yep, subway trains are full of filth. You would never nurse your child while on a train. But lo and behold, here’s the star of The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik, breastfeeding her child on a subway! Let's not even get into how old that child is and still breastfeeding.

Moms have been spotted breastfeeding in public, from Trader Joe’s to Starbucks, all over the world. It seems now that whipping it out while in public is an accepted trend. But feeding your baby on a subway is just downright wrong. There are so many germs there, and nothing ever is cleaned. The last person was sat in Bialik’s chair could’ve had mono or a severe cold. Well, Bialik, you may have a Ph.D., but you have obviously missed your class on how to treat your baby in a safe manner.

9 Drew Barrymore’s Mother Took Her To Infamous White Powder Nightclubs Before She Could Even Walk

Everyone knows that Drew Barrymore burst onto the Hollywood scene after starring in 1982’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. It’s her mother, Jaid Barrymore, who’s to blame for Drew's drug problems. It’s very difficult for a child actor to live a private life and resemble normal kids her age. But Drew lived in the spotlight and grew up with a bad mom. Drew was her mom’s ticket to get into the hottest clubs. Allegedly, she used to bring Drew along to Hollywood parties and venues starting when Drew was just 9, which was the time when Drew was first introduced to alcohol. At age 10, she dabbled in weed. At 12, she tried the white powder. Jaid even brought Drew to Studio 54 at such a young age that she couldn’t even walk yet. No wonder Drew tried to emancipate herself from her parents.

8 Alec Baldwin Called His Daughter A “Thoughtless Little Pig”

It was nearly ten years ago that Alec Baldwin left his daughter Ireland a voicemail on her phone where he told her she’s a “rude, thoughtless little pig.” She was 11 at the time. In the leaked voicemail, he goes on:

“I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old or 11 years old, or that you are a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the a** who doesn’t care about what you do as far as I am concerned.”

But that’s not all. He ended the message by saying, “I’m going to straighten your a** out when I see you”. If this is not a parent gone wild, we don’t know what is. Baldwin looks bad even to this day. He told Good Morning America that the remark is “thrown in [his] face every day” and that Ireland was hurt in a “permanent way.” Can you imagine if your parent sent you that VM? And at age 11 or 12?

7 Michael Jackson Dangled His Baby Over A Hotel Balcony

The Michael Jackson we knew is still the ultimate king of pop. Every song, every album he released topped the charts in a big way. But Jackson’s personal life was tainted. Rumors about his plastic surgery to his alleged pedophilia cases have caused people to wonder about Jackson’s sanity. We still don’t know, for example, how he treated his kids, and in what manner. He never molested them, that we know from several credible sources, but he did put one of his kids in danger. The picture above of Jackson dangling his baby over a hotel balcony with a blanket over the baby’s head was like a shot heard around the world. Millions saw the image and were horrified. Was he on drugs? Did he think this was a good move? Alas, we’ll never know.

6 Britney Spears Almost Dropped Him Her Baby

In 2007, during Spears’ public breakdown, her mental health and addiction were in question before she was eventually placed in an involuntary psychiatric hold. She lost custody of Sean and Jayden who, at the time were only toddlers, to father Kevin Federline. But maybe this was the best. Check out the photo above. It shows Spears almost dropping her baby! Do you know how bad that is? There was help—some guy sprung into action to assist her—but what if no one was around? What if the baby fell to the ground? Spears doesn’t even look good; she’s a total mess, and her boobs are falling out. Online sites agree that she was drinking at the time. She even looks drunk. Nice!

5 Dina Lohan Used Her Sick Daughter To Get Into The Hottest Nightclubs

These days Lindsay Lohan lives a clean life and is currently a humanitarian. While she’s still unemployed, there are no more DUIs and illegal substance addictions. But what about Dina Lohan, her mother? Dina is not Lohan’s agent, but rather the pushy parent. While Lohan was still hot, Lohan’s mother used her to be her ticket into the most exclusive nightclubs, and to the insular world of Hollywood parties, the moment Lohan turned 17. Dina made sure she was on the list at every hip hotspot and would use being at these venues as a way to get snapped by paparazzi so that she would stay relevant in People and other gossip rags. The worst part was that Dina—as well as Lindsay’s father—knew of Lindsay’s several addictions and yet they were enablers when Dina started partying with her. Yep, totally bad mom.

4 Kate Moss’ Addiction Forced Her Daughter To Grow Up On Her Own

Supermodel Kate Moss made “heroin chic” famous. Her life is an endless party, and she’s addicted to heroin, cocaine and other illegal substances. She is truly a bad mother because she overmedicates herself. In the early days, while her child, Lila Grace, was growing up, she cared nothing for her baby. She has cleaned up her image since then, but her life is still tainted, as she was arrested multiple times because she had illegal drugs in her possession. But the worst thing she did was dumping her daughter to her then-boyfriend, Pete Doherty, who also happens to be an addict as well. Lila Grace reportedly had to grow up on her own while her mom remained addicted or was in and out of rehab. Nope, we would not want her to be our mother.

3 Victoria Beckham Kissing Her Baby On The Lips

This is the infamous photo that brought about a whirl of controversy. Victoria Beckham, who posted the pic, is shown kissing her daughter, Harper, on her mouth. Beckham’s huge following started debating about whether the kiss is wrong or if it is just a parent showing affection. Some claimed the photo made them uncomfortable while others said the kiss is disgusting. So, is locking lips with your kid wrong? One psychologist said it was perfectly harmless. A psychiatrist at the Weill-Cornell School of Medicine said she found the criticism of the photo to be ironic since our culture “promotes the over-sexualization of everything.” She saw no problem with the photo but emphasized that "a good guide is to let your child set the tone. . . When children are young, they may want those kisses on the lips, but their attitudes may change as they become teenagers, so follow their lead.”

2 Madonna Is Named The Worst Celebrity Parent Alive

Madonna was named “Worst Celebrity Parent” by the New York Post after her very public custody battle concerning her son Rocco. It was pretty bad when Madonna won custody and Rocco left her to live with his father Guy Ritchie to have a more “low key” lifestyle. His refusal to live with his mother and making some damaging statements about her suggests that she may very well be a bad mother or an inexistent one who often disappears when she’s on tour. Madonna shared the photo above of Rocco when he was still a minor (he was 13 at the time) holding up a bottle of liquor flanked by two friends who are also holding up a bottle and who are at some kind of party. From that photo alone, many insiders wondered if she was promoting underage drinking. Now that’s bad.

1 Kate Gosselin Hits Her Son As A Form Of Punishment

Kate Gosselin, famous for her reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, is such a dysfunctional mother that she was investigated for child abuse, a very serious allegation. When her journal was leaked, she talked about Collin, her son, spilling a bag of beans. Kate was so mad that she punished the then 2-year-old by “grabbing him and spanking him as hard as [she] could.” She went on to write that she feared she may have seriously injured him but instead of doing anything, she put him in his crib. When Kate sent Collin to a treatment center, he noted the abuse to the facility staff and the next thing they knew, Children and Youth Services and the police were called to action. A source said, “ [Kate’s husband] used to have to grab Kate by her wrist to stop her from beating Collins.”

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