20 Pics Of What The Cast Of 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Looks Like Today

Dog, the Bounty Hunter or DTBH as die hard fans refer to the show, proved to America that the family who make arrests together stay together and gave a whole new meaning to the term "family bonding." The show had an incredible run, staying on A&E from 2004 to 2012 and developed a massive fan base. While Dog is now retired from official bounty hunting business, he is still hard at work at his role as a TV personality alongside his wife Beth, the buxom blonde.

Many people forgot or simply don't know that Dog got his TV start by appearing on a slice of life reality show called Take This Job. The show took viewers into the lives of "ordinary folks" as they worked their jobs as a professional gambler, bounty hunter, meter maid, funeral director and so on. Guess who the bounty hunter was? Ratings soared and people couldn't get enough of the man with the big personality wrapped in black biker gear, his long blonde hair adorned with feathers flowing behind him as he chased down crooks. Add in some interesting family characters, plenty of drama and TV execs saw dollar signs. And the rest is (TV) history. But we've brought twenty of them back just for you along with a little update on what they're up to these days.


20 Duane Lee Chapman, Jr. - The Son Who Quit And Never Came Back

The now 44-year-old who is better known as "Duane Lee" to avoid confusion with his famous father's name has steered clear of social media as far as we can tell. He does appear to have an inactive Instagram account with only one post and fans clamoring for more posts and updates have gone unanswered. He does not have any other social media accounts and has stayed under the radar after a fall out between Duane Lee, his father and stepmother, Beth that was documented on the final season of the A&E show. Duane Lee claimed to be overworked by Dog and underpaid by Beth. When the family failed to reach a mutually agreeable solution, Duane Lee quit the show, moved to Florida and hung up his hat as a bounty hunter. He has a 22-year-old son named Dylan with ex-wife Teresa Roybal.

19 Garry Chapman - Following In Daddy Dog's Pawprints


Garry Dee Chapman, the apple of his father's eye, has his mother's looks and his father's yearning for justice. The now sixteen-year-old is known as Trooper Garry on his very own YouTube channel. He enjoys keeping up with current events and posting about them on his channel and Instagram. Garry or "Garry Boy" as his father affectionately referred to him, is also quite the gamer. We wonder if growing up in a family of so many bounty hunters will someday inspire Garry to join his older half-brother's bail bond business or start his very own? We're sure that DTBH fans would love to see a reboot... Puppy, The Bounty Hunter: The Next Generation. Go get 'em, Garry Boy!

18 Tim Storey - Spiritual Advisor To The Stars

Tim Storey is a motivational speaker and life coach who was featured on DTBH back in 2006 and 2007 and was introduced as Dog's spiritual advisor. He helped Dog with issues he and the family were struggling with as well as issues that developed later on between the two brothers, Duane Lee Jr. and Leland versus Dog and Beth over payment and over-scheduling conflicts. He also married Dog and Beth during their lavish filmed Hawaiian ceremony. Other than Dog, some famous names Tim has counselled include Robert Downey, Jr. Smokey Robinson, Lee Iacocca and Quincy Jones, who all have given him glowing reviews. Since his appearance on the show, this former traveling minister has continued his work as a life coach and speaker and was featured with Oprah Winfrey on OWN's Super Soul Sunday in 2015.

17 Beth Chapman - Mrs. Dog Is Now Hard At Work As A Lobbyist


Dog's fifth and most famous wife, Beth recently made headlines for her incredible weight loss transformation. Today, this outgoing and more svelte lady is keeping busy working as the president of the National Bail Bonds Association. Both she and her husband are trying to make changes in the bail bond industry and are working as lobbyists since they retired from their positions at Da Kine Bail Bonds that made them famous. “Our industry is under attack,” Beth has said of her and Dog's work. “There are bail reform movements springing up across the country that would end the cash bail systems. This would be a disaster.” Besides her lobbyist work, Beth is enjoying being a mother to her children, some still in their teens and a grandmother to her and Dog's many grandchildren.

16 Leland Chapman - The Chip Off The Old Block

Leland, had almost as many female fans proposing marriage to him as his older brother, Duane Lee Jr. had. Now the heavily tattooed forty-year-old is married to his second wife, equally heavily tattooed Jamie Pilar Worley. He remains close with his sons from ex-wife Maui Chapman. Dakota is now twenty-two years old and Colbie is sixteen. He also posts photos regularly on his Instagram account of his daughter, seven-year-old Leiah with ex-girlfriend, Lynette Yi. Along with his father and Tim Youngblood Chapman, Leland helped chase down Andrew Luster, heir to the Max Factor fortune. The capture helped propel Dog (and his family) into the spotlight. Today, Leland runs his own bail bond company, Kama'aina Bail Bonds. Out of all of Dog's children, Leland is the one who seems to really walk in his father's shoes, work-wise anyhow.

15 Duane "Dog" Chapman - The Long-Haired Legend


The man himself. The self-proclaimed "greatest bounty hunter in the world" Duane "Dog" Chapman has made more than ten thousand captures in his career which spans more than forty years of chasing bad bruddas who failed to show up to court. Dog refers to himself as the "king of comebacks" being a born-again Christian who once served time in a Texas prison and got his nickname from being associated with the motorcycle gang, Devils Disciples. "I am what rehabilitation stands for," Dog has said of his eighteen months behind bars. He first gained fame after he along with Tim Youngblood Chapman and his son, Leland, tracked down and captured Andrew Luster. Then he appeared on a show called Take This Job and wound up with his very own show thanks to his one of a kind personality. These days, he leads a much more relaxed lifestyle but is still active in the world of bail bonds by being speaking out against bail reform movements alongside his wife, Beth.

14 "Baby" Lyssa Chapman - The Baby Of The Bunch

Lyssa Chapman, affectionately known as "Baby Lyssa" (her mother is also named Lyssa) was definitely the baby of the show. The beginning of DTBH featured Dog, Beth, Lyssa and her two older half-brothers, Duane Lee Jr. and Leland, fighting crime in a family way. While the show was on the air, Lyssa got married and divorced to Braham "Bo" Galanti and had a baby, her second child, Madalynn "Maddy" Galanti. These days, Lyssa  seems to be enjoying life if her Instagram account is any indication in the lovely island of Honolulu where she raises her two daughters, lives with her partner and runs her own business, a tanning salon called No Tan Lines LLP which has great online reviews and calls itself "Hawaii's Premiere Tanning and Anti-Aging Salon."


13 Moon Angell - Beth's BFF


Moon Angell is Beth Chapman's best friend and mother to Justin Bihag who appeared on seasons one through six of DTBH. Although Dog refers to Justin as his nephew, it is an honorary title only as Moon and Justin are not blood-related to the Chapman family in any way. Moon appeared in a 2004 episode of the show and was also featured in Dog and Beth's wedding as a bridesmaid. Since the show, Moon appears to have an active life online, with social media accounts across the board and an Etsy shop, too. On her Instagram account, she enjoys posting inspirational quotes. Though she was not a recurring cast member, her Instagram profile states, Hollywood Assistant/Dog The Bounty Hunter 16 yrs * Bail/Fugitive Recovery Agent so it would appear that she still very much considers herself in the biz!

12 Ili Suka - The Hunter Who Turned Into The Hunted

From 2004 to 2005, Vaisaili Suka otherwise known as "Ili" was a good friend of Dog's and appeared on the show, helping out with bounties from time to time. Before the show was picked up, she worked at Da Kine Bail Bonds part-time. Ili might be best known for the time she posed undercover as a drug buyer in order to get information from a perp. But that was all before Ili herself became a fugitive of the law. For reasons that are unclear, in 2005, Ili set fire to the property she was renting. She was issued a court date to face her charges of criminal property damage and failed to show which prompted the judge to issue a bench warrant in her name. So did her file then end up on Dog's desk? We found out that this was not the only time Ili had been in trouble with the law and Dog had posted bail for her in other cases but not this time. My, how the tables turned on this gal.

11 Tim Youngblood Chapman - Dog's Trusted Pawtner


If you weren't into the show that much or missed out on the first five seasons, it would be easy to mistake Tim Youngblood Chapman for just another relative of the famous Dog especially considering how Dog seems to prefer to hire within his own family. But in this case, the last name is just a coincidence although Dog and Tim refer to each other as "blood bruddas." For five seasons, viewers watched as Tim worked as Dog's right paw man at Da Kine Bail Bonds. In 2008 and 2009, Tim went under controversy for his own arrest after an incident in a parking lot where a security guard responded to complaints of a man fondling himself in the backseat. Tim claimed it was a misunderstanding and seems to have slipped under the radar as of now... understandably so.

10 Cecily Barmore-Chapman - From Tween To Bounty Hunter Trainee

Cecily is Beth's daughter from a previous marriage but Dog has always treated her like his very own as seen in the intro for the show when he hugs and kisses her before each of his children with Beth, Garry and Bonnie. Fans of the show liked seeing Dog and Beth's three children wave goodbye to him with the hang loose sign before he embarked on his bounty hunting duties. Cecily grew up on the show alongside her half-siblings and was a cute little presence on the reality series until later years when she actually joined the show as an active staff member in Dog and Beth: On The Hunt. Today, Cecily is pretty and happy, all grown up at twenty-four years old and still lives in beautiful scenic Hawaii. She's in a committed relationship and joyously documents her life on her Instagram account.

9 Sonny Westbrook - The Hardcore Hunter


In July of 2016, former DTBH cast member Sonny made news along with a fellow former cast member, Leland, when the men were involved in a fight in a hotel lobby. But this wasn't any ordinary fight. It was a brawl between Sonny and UFC fighter and hall of famer Don ‘The Predator’ Frye. The reasons behind the fight are not exactly clear but what was known is that Sonny was able to knock the UFC legend out cold in the lobby and had Leland for back up. It's really not that big of a surprise for Sonny, who is a former boxing trainer and if you've seen him on the show, you'd understand that is a guy who isn't lacking for muscles, bulk or intimidation factors. Today, he is a Kona Club boxing coach, active on Twitter and enjoys spending time with his family.

8 Abbie Chapman - Dog's Granddaughter

Lyssa's first child, Abbie Mae Chapman, was born when Lyssa was the age Abbie is now, fifteen years old. The man who fathered Abbie was twenty-four at the time and later was arrested and served time in jail (in Alaska, where Lyssa lived at the time the conception occurred) for abusing a minor due to Lyssa's age. It's unknown if Abbie has had any contact with her father in the past or at this time. Currently, she lives in Honolulu with her mother and younger half-sister, Maddy. Abbie is attending high school and posts on Instagram that she is "high on life." Based on her mother's social media posts, Abbie appears to be a regular teenager enjoying Hawaii life these days.

7 Dakota Chapman - The Guitar Playing Grandson


Dakota Chapman is Leland's oldest child. He has always shared a special bond with his grandfather and Dakota's nickname in the family is "Dakota Dog." He is a third generation bail bondsman and got certified to be a bounty hunter by the time the show Dog and Beth: On The Hunt was on CMT. Dakota was a large part of his grandfather and step-grandmother's show. Today, Dakota is an accomplished guitar player, still lives in Hawaii where he enjoys posting photos of the amazing scenery to his Instagram account with sweet captions like, "Just in case any of you are having a bad day here's a little sunset to brighten you up" and "if people sat outside and looked at the stars each night I bet they would live a lot differently." That's pretty deep, Dakota Dog!

6 Bonnie Jo Chapman - Dog's Darling

The relationship between Dog and Beth and the gaggle of children on the show can be a little confusing if you're not a superfan especially considering that Dog has twelve biological children and calls everyone brudda, allow us to make things a bit clearer. Bonnie and Garry are full siblings. They are Dog and Beth's son and daughter and only children together. Today, Bonnie is seventeen and has graduated from Sacred Hearts, a private, Catholic all-girls prep school. Bonnie says that she is looking forward to the next chapter in her life. She is off to a colorful start with freshly dyed pink hair! She was just a bitty little girl when the show began and really grew up "on the set" while her family was busy being filmed.

5 Kaleo Padilla - The Bad*ss Back-Up


Kaleo, a retired MMA fighter, worked as security for Dog and Beth from 2013 to 2014 on CMT's Dog and Beth: On The Hunt. Today Kaleo works as an assistant boxing coach at The Kailua Kona Boxing Club. By all accounts, this muscle man very much misses his time on the show. Both his header and profile photo on Twitter feature photos from the show and he mentioned his work on the show in his bio as well. We found that Kaleo has also started up his own home renovation company, One Slap Renovations. Maybe this tough guy with a soft heart has retired from his days of protecting Dog and Beth from the unsavory characters of Hawaii but all in all, he seems to be very happy with his life today.

4 Brahman "Bo" Galanti - The Abusive Ex

Bo was married to Lyssa from 2009 to 2011 and fathered Lyssa's second child, Madalynn "Maddy" Galanti. After only two years of marriage, the honeymoon was over and everyone in the Chapman family soured towards Bo once they learned that he was physically abusing Lyssa. In 2010, Lyssa ran across the street to where her father and Beth lived and knocked on the door, claiming that Bo had hurt her. Bo took off, presumably in fear of Dog coming for revenge. When Dog finally caught up with Bo, he reportedly told him, "If you ever touch my daughter again, you’ve got a big problem.” Things seem to be okay these days, as Bo stopped making headlines. On his social media pages, he has written nuggets of wisdom such as "just role with it" and "If it's easy, than it ain't worth it!!!!!!" If you say so, Bo!

3 Bobby Brown - The Former Friend Turned Lawsuit-Filer


Bobby Brown is a bail bondsman from Colorado Springs, Colorado with just as much or dare we say, maybe even a little more experience in the world of bounty hunting than Mr. Dog himself. At one point in time, Bobby and Dog used to be tighter than handcuffs squeezed onto an overweight inmate and Bobby even appeared in several episodes of the show. But over time, the friendship grew stale between the two and in 2011, Bobby filed a lawsuit against A&E and D&D Television Productions saying that he was mainly responsible for forty episodes of the show. According to Bobby, it wasn't fair that he only received six thousand dollars total for his efforts for the show when the series made over four hundred million over seven seasons. A&E declined to comment as did Dog. Ouch.

2 Justin Bihag - The Honorary Nephew

Dog referred to Justin as his nephew even though they are not blood-related. His mother is Moon Angell, a friend of Beth's. Though Justin's "part" on the show was not as big as some other cast members, the controversy surrounding him is quite extensive. In 2007, fans may remember that Justin was involved in a tragic drinking and driving accident which resulted in the partial amputation of one of his legs. In 2014, Justin filed a lawsuit against the A&E Network as well as his fellow cast members in a case that cited "unpaid appearances." Justin felt that the Chapmans were using his car accident and partial amputation as a way to boost interest in the show. Official documents from the court case stated, "Once the Chapmans were informed of the accident, they proceeded to do interviews with the media to use the accident as a promotional tool for the show." Sadly, more bad news soon followed Justin when he fell into the dark world of addiction and lost custody of his child. Today, Justin is an aspiring musician who goes by JBleezy and his music can be heard on ReverbNation.

1 Madalynn "Maddy" Galanti - The "Cast Member" Who Appeared On The Show Before She Was Born!


Madalynn, better known as Maddy, made her first television appearance in her mother, Lyssa's tummy. Lyssa announced that she was pregnant on the show soon after marrying Maddy's father, Braham "Bo" Galanti in 2009. Lyssa's pregnancy with Maddy was often worked into the show as Lyssa obviously couldn't chase down bad guys anymore but was still included on the show and was often seen at the office before the crew left for the day. Maddy is now eight years old and is enjoying life in Honolulu, Hawaii with her mother, older sister Abbie Mae and living close to her many other famous relatives including her grandfather, Dog. Lyssa's Instagram account shows indications that Maddy is probably having a pretty sweet childhood as one photo shows her floating in a giant rubber duck pool float in a picture perfect crystal clear Hawaiian ocean that Maddy appears to have all to herself. What a lucky little duck!


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