20 Pics Of The Kardashian/Jenner Crew That Need To Be Burned

No social media faux pas is worse than when someone tags you in a bad photo… of you. Nobody’s perfect and everyone has days where they look worse than they normally do but for a group of people whose talent is solely based on their skills and ability to market their non-talent (which is actually kind of amazing in a scary way if you think about it), they should be held to a different standard than us normalolians. Right? If you aren’t famous for your singing, acting, athletic or other incredible, idolize-able talents and certainly not for your good deeds, humanitarian causes or positive contributions to society, but one hundred percent on how self-described “ahhmazing” they look in a selfie, then yeah, we're going to give these gals (and brother) a hard time when we see brutal-looking pics and have no problem doing so.

The paparazzi are usually friends to the Kardashians, many times they "invite" them to show up where they are going to be .... but these are twenty cases where the photographers on a mission were nothing but harsh enemies. Here are twenty pics that the Kardashian/Jenner crew no doubt feels should be burned ASAP. And we would absolutely agree with them... for our sake.

20 Kim Kar-ouch-ian

Ouch. The price one pays for spending the day sunning with oversized designer sunglasses is a steep one. Kim is managing to crack a small subtle smile in spite of the burn because we're guessing, she got to spend the day under the sun not doing hard work or work of any kind for that matter but relaxing and feeling the burn on the white sands of some exotic and unaffordable beach resort or skiing the slopes on some desirable and ultra-expensive snowy wonderland on her 8,143rd vacation. We’re partly surprised that she allowed her photo to be taken and shared since it’s not the nicest look but we’re also partly not surprised because she has been known to like to show the world the pain she suffers through like when she gets her famous vampire facials done. You’re such a trouper, Kim.

19 No Spanx You Very Much!

Mother Nature and especially her element, wind was no friend to Khloe Kardashian on this breezy day. Not only did the wind blow Khloe's dress up in a non-charming, non-Marilyn Monroe sort of way but it revealed her beige secret - a pair of Spanx. Maybe Mother Nature is as fed up with the Kardashians as the millions of other people in the world who are over them. We bet she would have had a pretty good laugh at this gusty little trick. While it's not a big deal that there are tons of women who wear Spanx, which are body shaping underwear, having the world see with their own eyes a photo of any woman wearing shapewear like Spanx is a little bit of a big deal to that woman. It's just not something that you want everyone to see. No thanx!

18 DIY Nose Job

Oh, those plastic Kardashians are it again. The Kardashian/Jenner tribe has gotten accused of having plastic surgery so much and denied the rumors almost every single time, even when the evidence seems pretty undeniably strong that it just seems kind of silly at this point. Maybe they could all get away with their denial if things like predated photos didn't exist. But they do. And there are tons of them that float around the internet... little squares of digital proof that these ladies looked extremely different at one point in time. So maybe it's not that ridiculous to assume that though Kourtney and her sister were goofing around with a strip of clear packing tape that maybe, just maybe, there was some hint of a wish for a new nose job in the works.

17 Always The Joke

Can't a future sock designer catch a break? It would seem not. Rob is the family joke. The easy target. But then again, in a family dominated by females, what else would you expect? Even as a kid, Rob's sole purpose seemed to be to amuse his sisters and provide a good, hearty laugh at his expense. Even though lately, Rob doesn't seem to be helping himself out in the good guy department, it's still tough to see him pitifully trying to get his stuff together while his famous sisters flaunt their success in his face. It's also sad to see Rob's limited success when he is part of a family in which the members snap their fingers and have their wishes granted. "I want to be a star for doing nothing." Yours. "I want to have a different face." No problem. "I want to be a runway model." Done. "I want to be a bestselling author." Sure. "I want my own trashy talk show." You got it, sister. For Rob? He's hit the ceiling with socks. The Kardashian girls must have their own personal genie but he doesn't seem to be a fan of Rob that much.

16 No Sympathy For Swollen Ankles

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but it's not exactly a picnic in the park. Morning sickness, stretch marks and a set of swollen ankles and feet and usually part of the natural package. Maybe that's why she decided to go the surrogacy way from now on. Before she came to that conclusion, Kim Kardashian wasn't any different when it came to her pregnancies. So when her feet and ankles ballooned, her BFFs, the paparazzi had no sympathy for Kim's enlarged tootsies and were there in spades to make sure they didn't miss a moment. We think the embarrassing thing here is that Kim insisted on being "so fashionable" at this time when her body was clearly protesting these tight shoes and demanding comfortable shoes, the kind that won't cut off circulation. There's a time for everything and Kim's moment to choose to wear a skintight white dress and uncomfortable high heels seems like a poor, not to mention, painful decision. Would a comfy pair of shoes really make your Instagram following drop that dramatically, Kim?

15 Splash Zone

Yikes. We apologize in advance for the loss of your appetite. It's actually not as bad as it looks. Kylie didn't have an embarrassing accident of the bodily function variety, it just looks that way. The accident she had was spilling a drink on herself in the backseat of a luxury car filled with her friends while in motion. Accidents happen but apparently, Kylie's a klutz and things like this have happened quite often. The thing that we can't figure out is why after having a spillage in such an unfortunate location (front and back), she chose to have her friends document the drink drop drama and share it on her Snapchat for the world to see. Go figure with these girls. Even though she chose to show it, we'd like to nominate this pic for the burn pile.

14 Fur Hag Flour Bomb

Many people have criticized Kim and most every famous family member of hers for supporting animal cruelty by the several animal fur garments they own. One animal lover thought that Kim's "true reflection" was that of a fur hag and called her that as she emptied a bag of flour right onto Kim's head while the reality star tried to peddle and promote her new fragrance, True Reflection at the London West Hollywood, the hotel where the promotion was being held. We briefly wondered if the incident caused Kim to truly reflect on the morality of fur but she was photographed shortly afterward wearing a fur jacket so we think not. Ever the supportive sister, Khloe chimed in on Twitter to say, "I wish I was with my sister tonight. I bet you that woman wouldn't have dared tried a thing..." Yes, she is quite the intimidating thug, isn't she?

13 ¡Ay Caramba!

Madre-ager es muy loca! If there's one thing that Kris Jenner is out to prove, it is that she's just one of the girls... you know, more like a friend or even another sister to her daughters. Ahem... sure, Kris. Whatever you say. But you know how it is when someone's got a point to prove. They'll go to great lengths to make sure all of their attempts get duly noted. That's all we can assume from the posting of these photos to Lady Jenner's very own Twitter and Instagram accounts. For a mother of six, these party girl pics definitely remind us of the final scene of the movie Hangover where the guys vow to look at the incriminating photos of them having a wild time once before deleting them. Too bad Kris never saw the movie and took the tip.

12 The Mystery Of The Disappearing Pants

Someone get on the case, quick! Well, you know as the say, when in Paris, do as the Parisians do. Wait… she does know they wear pants in Paris, right? Get with the program, Kris! The famous fashion week in Paris of 2015 brought a nearly pants-free Kris Jenner to the center stage (that she loves so much) of embarrassment as she practically humiliated her daughter, Kendall to tears. It also seems that at some point, Kris realized that she wasn’t wearing full pants and perhaps this look is one best left to teenage pop stars because she tried to use her Chanel clutch as a cover up of her nether regions. It seems that this mystery has been solved: Kris Jenner is desperate for attention. Book her, Dano. Please.

11 Behind The Scenes

At a Beyonce concert, Khloe gave those without backstage passes an unwanted glimpse of a behind the scenes sneak peek - the scene of her own behind. What is it with the members of this family and their love of parading around with their big bottoms encased in sheer stockings? We’ll never know. Although it’s highly probable that the youngest Kardashian sister spent hours picking out the “perfect” outfit to impress at the concert, we think this scores a major fail across the board. Maybe she looked okay from the front in her bizarre bodysuit made from tights but the photographer who thought to think outside the box and break away from the pack of his paparazzi brethren to get this shot from behind really didn’t do Khloe any favors.

10 Casual Friday Fail

Khloe has caught a lot of flack for this pic online. People have called her everything from a she-beast to an ugly troll. If this was a photo taken of a random person on the streets of Hollywood, no one would think twice. Just an ordinary woman in a tank top and sunglasses with her hair down. Maybe heading to a hair or nail appointment post-workout. No big deal. When it comes down to it, she really doesn’t look that bad. But that’s just the point. She looks so completely average because she really is so completely average. And that alone, being found as average, might be something that the Kardashian/Jenner women fear more than fear itself.

9 Braided And Beaded

So in 2011, this craziness happened. We know what you're thinking. What in the actual what is going on in this picture? Allow us to explain. In 2011, Kim believed that she might have a good shot as America's next pop star. If you missed this news, it is because that’s how quick her music career ended but the laughs will continue on forever. This look was created for her music video. As you shed tears because you'll never make it to that Kim Kardashian concert, take a moment to read this quote. There was one person who actually thought she pulled this look off - Kim herself! "Hype Williams came up with this Bo Derek braids look for the music video and I loved it! It took about four hours to do, and believe it or not I fell asleep! I wish I could have worn it longer. We tried out a number of different looks in the video, and I’ll be sharing the other looks with you guys here on my blog. I’m excited (and a little nervous) for you all to hear the song and watch the video. I really hope you all like it!" Um, brace yourself, Kim. We didn’t. And still don't.

8 Trunk Full O' Junk

If there's one thing this family loves it's a good set of show-almost-everything, hide-almost-nothing sheer leggings that they choose to wear as pants. Kim proves that in this picture when she was caught running an errand of some kind in workout clothing. Those dang paparazzi happened to catch this very unflattering, junk-showing picture taken at such an unfavorable angle. Kim looks perfectly normal from the front, just a woman in active wear. But from the back, it's a very different story. We can't imagine traveling back in time before Kim was famous, showing anyone this photo and telling them that this person will be famous in the future for... well, all the junk in that trunk and pretty much nothing else. We have a feeling they might have immediately arranged for life on another planet. And rightfully so.

7 Have A Nice Trip!

In May 2014, when the world was anxiously waiting on the edge of their seats for the biggest event of the year, Kim and Kanye to tie the knot in the most self-absorbed way possible, there was scandal brewing! Young Kylie who is seen here with a different looking face that wasn't complete in its final phase of morphing, tripped in her high heels in front of a sea of paparazzi. The actual trip was a short one as she was able to catch herself on sister Khloe but we still think she'd rather this series of embarrassing photos get eaten by fire as she curses burst mode for existing. Oh, and where was sister Kim while this was happening? Too far away to help catch her little sister, busy getting the 85,987th photo taken of her for the evening. See you next fall, Kylie!

6 Something's Missing From This Picture

Like a proper pair of pants. Either Kim had a few too many late nights out or she thought her level of fame was big enough that she could start a new trend a la Regina George from Mean Girls with her cut out white tank top and purple bra combo. But no one is famous or influential enough to start a fad where all you wear for pants is a pair of patterned tights. Not even leggings but tights. On second thought, after looking at this photo it seems that maybe instead of trying to be the fashion innovator that Kim fancies herself as, she was just lazy and put on a big coat, thinking that no one would be the wiser. Then she forgot, unbuttoned her coat and - voila! A picture that needs burning was born.

5 Large Yet Not In Charge

This guy. We can’t help but feel a little sorry for Rob. Granted, we don’t feel sorry for him in the same way that we feel sorry for sick children or people who are down on their luck or animals who are treated poorly but still, there seems to be a great sadness in this man. He never asked for the fame that his family lusted after and then latched onto like sugar-starved kids around a busted piñata. And by all accounts, he doesn’t seem to be taking the fortune or the fame very well at all. Obese. Unhealthy. Sloppy-looking. Unnecessary relationship drama. He just seems to be in total misery. This photo just shows how much Rob is on the fast track for a tragic E! True Hollywood Story in his honor/exploitation years down the road.

4 Pole-r Mama Bear

Kris seems to like to think of herself as a mama bear but from all that we know of her (which is more than we are proud to admit), she seems to be in competition with her offspring more than anything else. She once took a pole dancing class with Kim and Blac Chyna and was over-the-top embarrassing in typical Kris fashion. Taking a pole dancing class with your daughter and future daughter-in-law isn’t the most wholesome of activities for a mother to begin with but Kris’ non-stop booty-smacking, ridiculous immature comments and general embarrassing behavior had her seeming more like a goofy teenager than a respectable mother. No big surprise there. We bet that if she were in a right state of mind, she would want this photo to be burned. Even if she doesn’t, we want it burned for her.

3 Flashy Kardashy

Yeah, we don't mean flashy in the sense that Kylie and Kim are wearing flashy, impressive dresses. No, flashy in the sense that they are flashing the camera with what Kim's beloved paparazzi refer to as "the money shot." We can't imagine why Kylie would wear a coat without bottoms or with a skirt so short it's nothing more than underwear unless it's for the sole purpose of getting attention. She must have learned well from her big sis and role model, Kim who flashed the photographers with her front side during fashion week in Paris. She had to have known that her dress was completely exposed on one side. We can't believe anything different. We call fake wardrobe malfunction fail. These are clearly two examples (of many) of full-on grabs for attention.

2 Overrated And Underage

Ah, those bright lights of Hollywood. Famous faces, loud music and the legend of fun times that have no limit. Endless possibilities for epic times and experiences to always remember. That kind of allure can stir a curiosity strong enough to pull even the most responsible young person to the dark side for at least one night. So when it comes to the youngest Jenners, well, let's just say the allure probably didn't have to pull too hard to get them over there. The disturbing thing here is that Kylie and Kendall are reported to have been under the U.S. legal drinking age when this photo of the sisters, completely bombed out of their minds, was taken. Kris, where were you? Maybe in the seat next to them with a blinding headache of your own?

1 Bad Hair (And Face) Day

This tragic looking memento was captured as Kim left a juice bar in L.A. one afternoon. It's not a very complimentary look for the reality star. She looks almost sickly as her skin tone looks washed out. Her eyes are too dark as if she's not well rested and we are pretty sure this pic was taken in between surgeries because it certainly looks like a totally different Kim - and not just because it's not a great photo. Kim would want this photo burned for both of those reasons... it's unflattering but mostly because it's proof that her current face looks ninety-five percent different... and plastic. After this photo was taken, she must have realized that not all the healthy juice in the world can change her look the way one visit to her plastic surgeon can.

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