20 Pics Of The Harry Potter Crew That Would Make Dumbledore Blush

Here's the thing about Harry Potter; this may not have been the case in the first couple of films, but once you get toward the end of the series, it becomes pretty damn obvious that there are some smokin' witches at Hogwarts. Sure, some of them may be a bit older, but there are definitely people who have no problem with that at all.

Any chance to show off some photos of Hermione Granger circa Deathly Hallows era and beyond is a great time. Ginny is not so bad herself. I'm guessing that's why Harry is so into her. That, or he just wants to piss Ron off even more than he already does with the whole "chosen one" business. Either way, Hermione and Ginny are certainly wicked witches when it comes to looks.

They're not the only ones, of course, Bellatrix is a pretty good-looking lady as well. And all of these lovely ladies have, at one point or another, had a photo taken of them that might be a little risqué. I'm sure you're not even reading the end of this intro right now anyway, so let's dig into some fantastic photos of some of the Harry Potter crew that would make poor old Dumbledore blush...if he were still alive.


20 Party Time With The Girls

I'll be totally honest when I tell you that I'm not fully sure what film this shot is from, but suffice it to say that Hermione goes clubbing...I mean, Emma Watson. And you know what? I bet there are plenty of people (guys and gals) who are more than happy with the idea of catching Emms Watson out at the club. I mean, it could end up being a great time. You never know. Personally, I'm not under any delusion that I would ever get the chance to see Watson in person, but I am perfectly fine appreciating her from a distance. And I can only imagine what poor old Dumbledore would think if he, for some reason, wandered into a club and saw Hermione grinding up on some other girl. I can just see his jaw dropping.

19 Ginny Is On Vacation


You know, I think that Ginny gets the short end of the stick a little too often in the Harry Potter series. I mean, she does come from a poor family. She also loses two of her brothers. I think she deserves a vacation. And a vacation away from Harry as well. After all, he's the reason why her brothers died in the first place. And if she wants to spend that vacation wearing next to nothing while she sips on some sort of magical drink that makes her relaxed, and maybe a little flush and giddy, then why not? I'm sure no one would mind that at all. Though, I can see Dumbledore being a bit more than dumbfounded at the sight of Ginny Weasley in a bikini, getting drunk by a pool. Again, I don't think anyone else would have an issue...but he might.

18 Hermione In True Blood

That's exactly what this photo is meant to look like. This is Hermione Granger as a character in True Blood. And I could buy that as a thing. They have vampires, werewolves, pixies, fairies...all sorts of weird creatures. Why not have a human being who also just happens to be able to use magic? And considering that she's being played by Emma Watson, there would finally be another woman on the show other than Anna Paquin to get guys into watching it. And when you sit at home, in your parents' basement, thinking about Emma Watson as a vampire...I bet you just can't get the thought of her biting your neck out of your mind. And I suppose that's a reasonable thing to have stuck in your head. After all...why wouldn't you want her to?

17 Ginny Weasley...The Lounge Lizard


"I've never had a stylist, and I've always chosen my own clothes." Boy, if that's the case, then Ginny Weasley has got one hell of a great sense of fashion. Of course, that quote isn't direct from Ginny. It's from the actor who plays her, Bonnie Wright. Even if that's the case, I can't imagine that Dumbledore could really handle walking into a room and seeing Ginny Weasley there talking about how she chooses her own outfits while she lounges out on the chair, showing off what I'm sure many people looking at this article think is an amazing body. And I bet the thought that Dumbledore could walk in and catch her at any minute must be an exciting thought for you guys to imagine Ginny thinking. Ultimately that's not really a thing, but at least you have your imaginations, right?

16 Fleur Delacour...'Nuff Said

Anyone who is a fan of the Harry Potter series has got to be a fan of Fleur Delacour. She's just simply magical (pun intended). She's like a blooming flower (pun intended). And she's also smoking hot. So, all I can really say is that Bill Weasley is one lucky guy. Seriously. I mean...who would have thought that he could land someone like Delacour. And it helps that she's one hell of a witch too! She was given awards by both the French and British ministries of magic for her fighting. And it seems like, after the war was over, she got ready for some fun times. And there's something about Fleur Delacour in lingerie that is just really exciting. I'm not sure if this outfit would make Dumbledore blush so much as it would make him have a heart attack. I guess it's a good thing that she was only around Hogwarts during the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

15 Hermione Granger Playing The "Bad Girl"


Dark makeup, wild hair, see-through top...yup, I think that Hermione has got one hell of a look here. "It sounds so geeky, but I really do like studying and reading, and if I'm not working on Harry Potter, then my greatest relaxation is to sit with a book." That's just awesome. Not only is Emma Watson a total badass, but she's also a total geek just like Hermione. I think there might be some sort of parallel universe where Emma Watson and Hermione merge together and Dumbledore has to deal with them both. And in that case, I wonder what he'd say about the awesome outfit Hermione Granger is wearing about. I'm sure he would be speechless for a bit. Of course, that all depends on whether or not he actually had some sort of creepy, old-guy love for Harry Potter.

14 How Much Is That Watson In The Window!?

There is something I can just never seem to get past. I can never get over the fact that I truly think Emma Watson is gorgeous. And the fact that she's a strong, independent, outspoken, and courageous woman on top of that is just f*cking awesome. And that makes the character of Hermione even more amazing because she's fueled by the same drive that fuels Watson day in and day out. As for what Dumbledore might do if he was walking down the street and saw Hermione poised at the window like this...I imagine he would certainly blush. And then I think he might have to decide if he thought it was ok to hit on students at all. I have to point it out to all of you but I'm guessing you all think that would be totally ok to do. The hilarious thing is that Watson/Granger would probably kick your ass.


13 Ginny Is Ready For A Night On The Town


There's something about seeing Ginny Weasley all grown up and not in some sort of frumpy robe that is really sort of shocking and incredibly appealing. I'm sure that's what most of the guys looking at this are thinking (aside from the obvious first thought of "would I? Of course, I would!") Through most of the series, Ginny was definitely far too young to even think about in that manner. But by the time the series had finished, much like with Hermione, there was a maturity and an age difference that made her suddenly incredibly attractive and desirable. And I'm sure this would not have been lost on Dumbledore when it came closer and closer to time for Ginny to prep for graduating from Hogwarts. I'm sure his face would be red if she came up to him in this outfit.

12 Hermione Is The Hottest

There is just no way that you can argue around this one. Sure, you might think that Bellatrix is pretty hot because of how psycho she is and because she's played by the very weird Helena Bonham Carter, but I think there is no real contest. Emma Watson's portrayal of Hermione is just miles away from any other character in the Harry Potter universe. I mean...come on, all you have to do is look at her and you know the truth as well. So, I can't really spend all that much time telling you something you already know. “Oh I see, so basically, you’re going to take the best-looking girl who’ll have you, even if she’s completely horrible?” Well, Hermione. At least people know that you're not horrible.

11 Fleur Delacour Looks So Comfy...


"I think what is interesting in life is all the cracks and all the flaws and all the moments that are not perfect." That's a very interesting quote from Fleur Delacour actor Clemence Poesy. Especially since I'm sure plenty of people think she looks pretty damn perfect in this photo. The outfit is great, the pose is stunning, her eyes are gorgeous...Surely Dumbledore would be as red as a fire engine if he suddenly found himself in that room. I'm sure plenty of you would get some blush going as well. But there are some interesting things in this photo that aren't perfect, and maybe that's what makes Delacour seem all the more perfect. The furniture is messed up, the background is littered with art studio junk...I think those bits of imperfection make for some perfect moments.

10 Hermione Granger Is A Total Punk Rebel

There's something about Emma Watson when she has that medium haircut that just makes her seem like she's giving the world the middle finger while she goes about doing whatever she feels like. And it's not like she doesn't have the power to do that now. "Ignoring fame was my rebellion, in a funny way. I was insistent on being normal and doing normal things. It probably wasn't advisable to go to college in America and room with a complete stranger. And it probably wasn't wise to share a bathroom with eight other people in a coed dorm. Looking back, that was crazy." Alright, so maybe she's not that much of a rebel, but she could still make Dumbledore blush for sure. There is no doubt in my mind that even just the look on her face here could make him go red.

9 Ginny's Day At The Beach!


Sitting poolside in a bikini is nothing. But going for a beach day with the paparazzi following you around all day, now that is exciting for a few reasons. First of all, it's not often you think of Ginny Weasley and then think of her in a bikini...but now that's all you'll be able to think I suspect. Secondly, I'm sure all the guys checking this article out are just very happy with the thought of Ginny being soaking wet and not looking like a drowned rat. Thirdly, Dumbledore would be blushing so intensely at the sight of Ginny's bright white skin gleaming in the sunshine. I can only imagine. Of course, after a day at the beach, I bet Ginny's skin would probably match the color of red that would have been on Dumbledore's face. And that thought is just incredibly painful. I certainly hope she wore sunscreen.

8 Hermione's Actually A Party Girl

Why not. It's not something you haven't thought of before, I'm sure. Who hasn't wanted to see Hermione let loose and party it up with all of her friends? Even if she just partied alone and let people watch, I'm sure you pigs would all be into it. I guess I can't blame you in some ways. After all, Hermione is one attractive witch. Just remember though...she's a witch. I know they're supposed to be wearing their robes when they go to classes, but I wonder if Hermione would be able to get away with wearing an outfit like that to school without immediately getting sent to Dumbledore's office. And if she was sent there right away...I wonder just how red the head master's face would be. I can't imagine he would punish her all that much...or maybe he would punish way too much!

7 Hermione Looks Like Annie Lennox!


Alright, for those of you who might be confused by the title of this heading, Annie Lennox is the lead singer from the Eurythmics who came out with the forever popular song Sweet Dreams. I know you at least know the song even if you don't know what Lennox looks like. But if you want to know what she looks like, then just look at this photo. I feel like this is Hermione trying to rebel. And when I say Hermione, I obviously mean Emma Watson. But let's just assume for a second that this is Hermione. Imagine the look on Dumbledore's face seeing that his smartest student has suddenly cut off all of her hair and decided to go with a really nice, tight, and short dress that shows up a lot more than he could probably handle.

6 Bellatrix Might Be Strange...But She's Hot Too

Bellatrix Lestrange, played by the wonderfully talented Helena Bonham Carter, is not exactly one of the most attractive characters in the Harry Potter universe. I mean... she's a huge psycho b*tch, first of all. And secondly, Carter is just known for being sort of weird-looking. But I guess that doesn't stop her from having her incredibly hot moments. I'm sure everyone looking over this part of the article agrees that Dumbledore would be red for two reasons here. One, because Bellatrix shouldn't be anywhere near the headmaster and two because she is incredibly good-looking in this photo. I'm not sure if this was just a photo shoot or if it was part of a film, but I'm sure everyone here is glad that it exists either way. She might be strange, but she's smokin' too. And not just from being wasted by Ron's mom.

5 Hermione's Short...Tight...Dress


There's not much else to say, is there? I mean, she's wearing a short, tight dress and I'm sure that's more than enough for most of the basement dwellers going through this article right now at 4 am. I'm sure just a shot of Emma Watson's face would have done it for you guys. And I guess I couldn't blame you on that since she is a beautiful woman. But still...maybe a little pathetic? Anyway, this dress is incredible and I know that the headmaster would have a few choice words for miss Granger in this instance. I can imagine that they would only be words of compliment or even words of attempted seduction.

4 Maybe She'd Be Better With No Frills

That is one fantastically frilly outfit that Hermione has got one. But I'm sure many of you are thinking you could do without the frills. Of course, given how many there are on this outfit, that would pretty well mean that she wouldn't have anything on. And hey, I bet that lack of frills would be just fine with most of you, if not all of you. Men and woman alike. I don't know that there's much not to like about Emma Watson...I mean, Hermione Granger. And I'm sure everyone at Hogwarts thought the same thing once she reached a certain age of maturity. And that includes the headmaster. I mean, sure she can be a bit obnoxious and arrogant...but those are kind of attractive qualities. This could be why I'm single, but there's something about smarts and looks together that is just a killer combination.

3 Ginny On The Cover!


Can you even believe for a second that that's Ginny Weasley? I mean...technically it's Bonnie Wright, but for the sake of this piece, we're going to call her Ginny because just imagine what Dumbledore would say if he was down Diagon Alley, strolling past a magazine rack and came across this amazing photo! I bet he wouldn't even believe it to be her at first. But then he'd have to take a closer look and blow his mind (and probably something else...if he can) while his face goes beet-red realizing that Ginny Weasley is a total smoke show! I'm sure everyone at the school would already have noticed, but the look of this old professor would be creepily priceless, I'm sure. And even if it wasn't...who cares? We still get this photo to look at!

2 Bellatrix...Please Show Us Some Tricks...

This is one hell of an outfit for the craziest character in the entire Harry Potter franchise to be wearing. I kind of wish that she stuck to these sorts of outfits in the film. That being said, I'm sure everyone is happy even just having this photo. It goes to show that Helena Bonham Carter can be super attractive, even though she's so often just really weird. And it also shows that Bellatrix has got some really great fashion sense. Her outfits were already pretty cool, but I think this takes the cake. I mean...come on. This would probably give Dumbledore a heart attack instantly. It certainly made my heart skip a beat. And I bet it's making people think of certain words. Bellatrix...turning tricks...dominatrix...there are a lot of good sounds right there.

1 Harry Has A Wash Board


I just couldn't avoid doing this to you guys. I know there are some of you looking through this article who appreciate this photo. If nothing else, you have definitely learned that Harry has an airbrushed washboard in place of his abs. And that', I guess. Anyway, the title of this article had to do with photos of the Harry Potter crew that would make Dumbledore blush. Well, I dare say that this photo would make him blush an incredible amount. I mean, he already is said to be in love with Harry. Seeing him in this photo like he's posing for the wizard equivalent of a firefighter calendar has definitely got to stop the headmaster in his tracks. And I am more than sure that he would pay out for a calendar that had photos like this on it.


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