20 Pics Of Hot Celebs Acting Like Total Babies

Celebrity behavior is out of control these days. They lie and they cheat. They are self-absorbed and self-aggrandizing. And in many instances, they act like total babies. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at some of the pictures we have in this piece. It showcases the glitterati at their worst. They suck their thumbs, they wet their pants, and they do the hula-hula dance.

It’s like celebrities get a boatload of fame and fortune, and then innately release their inner child for all the world to see. Meanwhile, the rest of us spend our entire lives suppressing immature urges to eat dessert for dinner, throw tantrums and take two naps a day. Some of these stars are such babies that we want to scold them and make them sit in the corner for a time-out while they think about what they’ve done.

Being in the public eye comes with a certain amount of responsibility, but you would never know it by watching many celebrities. If we acted like they did, we’d lose our jobs, be shunned by our friends and family, and would wind up panhandling on the corner for loose change. But somehow when celebrities act like babies, they don’t suffer any consequences. People think it’s “cute.”

20 Paris Hilton - Pouty Face

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19 Lady Gaga - Butt Picker 


18 Charlize Theron - Tantrum


Charlize Theron is throwing more of a temper tantrum than her son is in this pic. She has totally lost her cool, and can’t control her own child. Just a few years ago this Oscar winner was stunning fans while walking the red carpet in designer gowns. Now, she looks like a frazzled soccer mom. She’s yelling, pushing and pulling at her son. Theron is no better than this little kid – she stooped to his level and is causing just as much of a commotion as he is. It looks like they both need a spanking.

17 Margot Robbie -  Freaking Out

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16 Britney Spears - Cry Baby


Britney Spears looks like a petulant, crying child in this pic. She was given the world, and what did she do with it? She can’t even lip sync right, let alone dance. It’s hard to tell what she’s crying about this time. If we were her, we’d be crying that our career is over or that we don’t have any true friends. But if reports about her are accurate, she acts up about the slightest thing – like not being able to go out for sushi or because her hair extensions are too tight.

15 Jennifer Lopez - Nose Picker

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What’s more infantile than picking your nose? Jennifer Lopez’s finger is so far up in her nostril that you can only see one knuckle sticking out. What’s she digging for, anyway? Gold? Jenny from the Block is definitely unladylike. Only children pick their noses. We’re just happy she didn’t eat the boogers. Yuck!

14 Jessica Alba - Binky Sucker


13 Miley Cyrus - Silly Face

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12 Megan Fox - Thumb Sucker

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11 Lauren Conrad - Cry Baby


10 Miranda Kerr - Stuffed Animal Cuddler


9 Bella Thorne - Nap Time


8 Scarlett Johansson - Silly Face

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7 Kate Upton - Dessert Time


Kate Upton looks sweet and sticky while licking this rocket pop in a pictorial for GQ magazine. She took something totally innocent, and made it seductive. Suddenly, are ears are perked up for the music of the ice cream truck. Sucking on a popsicle would be the next best thing to hooking up with Upton.

6 Gisele Bundchen - So Sleepy

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5 Taylor Swift - PJ Time


4 Ashley Tisdale - Mickey Dress-Ups 


3 Kate Moss - Bunny Dress-Ups


2 Katy Perry - Total Child Embodiment


1 Kim Kardashian - Cry Baby

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Kim Kardashian has two poses: the one where she sticks her butt out, and the one where she cries like a baby. But at least babies have good reasons to cry – they are hungry, they are cold, they are constipated. Kardashian cries over every day mishaps like a lost earring, a facial or a mean online posting. She’s either a major cry baby, or a better actress than Meryl Streep. This shot is particularly intriguing because she somehow manages to cry without ruining her makeup. It’s like a toddler that only cries when someone is watching. Of course, someone is always watching Kardashian. We’d say that maybe the stress finally got to her, but what stress? Her whole job is playing dress up.

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20 Pics Of Hot Celebs Acting Like Total Babies