20 Photos The Full House Cast Doesn't Want Their Fans To See

A show that was a total sensation during its initial television run, despite that, you would be forgiven if you thought that Full House would no longer be talked about much after it came to an end. Of course, that idea would be totally wrong as well since not only were the cast that made the show possible talked about a lot over the years but the series got a spin-off put out by Netflix. However, we have to keep in mind that the men and women that played a part in this popular show are people like you or me, and there are shots of them out there that they would rather be kept private. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty photos the Full House cast doesn’t want you to see.

In order for an image to be considered for inclusion here, it needs to relate to someone that was a cast member of Full House at one time in an obvious way. As a result, any picture of these people were looked at, including those taken on red carpets, sets, photoshoots, or anywhere else they may appear. On top of that, any screengrab of them taken from any of their media appearances, including movies, shows, or talk shows were looked at and could have found their way here. The only other thing to keep in mind is that we could only go off of our instincts and educated guesses since we can’t say for certain how these people feel about anything as we don’t know them personally.

20 John’s Avoidance

Via alloy.com

A picture snapped by a member of the paparazzi one night when John Stamos was hitting the town, judging from the other images taken around the same time it seemed like a merry time overall. Spending the night eating and having fun with Johnny Knoxville, you may not expect the two of them to be a pair but it seems like they get along quite well with one another. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone around them was having a great evening themselves. Case in point, it seems like the other two gentlemen in this image were not exactly getting along. We have no idea what caused the discord between them but the nature of this moment is clear on their faces but much more so on John’s as he tries to avoid them all the while sporting a silly expression.

19 Jodie’s Lawsuit Filed In L.A. County Superior Court

Via radaronline.com

A former child star that had millions of people adoring her from an early age, Jodie Sweetin had opportunities that few of us are ever afforded. Along with the good parts of that lifestyle, like fame and fortune, come the bad including the availability of drugs and alcohol at a very early stage in life. As a result, there is a long history of former child stars struggling with those vices as well as all the problems that come with them like criminality and poor life decisions. Another example of someone that went through that, Jodie has now come out the other side but she still had to deal with the errors she made in life like the horrible person she married. Divorcing him in recent years, the paperwork you are partially looking at here proves how poor of a decision getting involved with him was as she had to sue to stop him from releasing private photos of her.

18 Candace’s Paparazzi Snap

Via boxden.com

When talking to celebrities if the bad side of fame comes up, there is almost always one form it takes, the paparazzi. A group of people that doggedly stalk famous people so they can take images of them in ways that take their privacy, there is no doubt in our minds that having them follow you would suck. After all, we all do things or wear things that we would rather our friends not see, let alone the public at large seeing the evidence and in many cases forever associating the person with these shots. An example of a celebrity having their picture taken without permission, it is obvious that Candace Cameron Bure was not cool with the existence of this image, let alone all of us looking at it.

17 Twins' Big Reaction

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A pair of women that have spent their entire lives with the world paying attention to them to various degrees, at a certain point, it seems like The Olsen Twins have probably stopped paying attention. We say that because when you are having your picture taken over and over again in quick succession, there are bound to be some images in which you look silly for this reason or that. As such, it must become clear that you can’t stave looking off so you might as well just be yourself. Still, that doesn’t mean that you become immune to wishing this wasn't the case. While this image of them with wild expressions on their face seems like it was taken at just the right moment and they couldn’t do much to stop it, we’re still betting they would prefer this shot not exist.

16 Lori’s Workout

Via fansshare.com

Of all the Full House cast members that were not present in the first episodes, there is no doubt in our mind that the addition of Lori Loughlin to the team made the biggest difference. A beautiful woman who played the romantic interest of Uncle Jessie through almost the entire run of the series, on top of her looks, she also added a lot of personality to the show. Still gorgeous to this day, it seems abundantly clear that she works hard on her body, considering how incredible it is. As such, we always assumed that she spends a part of her life working out so we didn’t need this shot of her either stretching or more likely doing yoga to come to that conclusion. As a result, it serves little purpose, and while she looks fantastic to our eyes, we know that we don’t love others seeing us get our sweat on so it seems she wouldn’t either.

15 John’s Hairdo

Via Pinterest.com

A decade that is well-known for its ridiculous fashion choices and hairdos, anyone who was above a certain age during the eighties is likely to have embarrassing images of them out there. An actor throughout that time period and the early nineties that were as bad in that regard, there are more public fashion skeletons in the closet of John Stamos than most. As such, he has exhibited a pretty great sense of humor about it all, including posting some of those shots online himself all the while laughing along with those seeing them for the first time. Still, as good of a sport as he has proven to be, we could see him sharing this image himself in order to get ahead of it but even he must have some looks he winces at, and this has got to be one of them.

14 Jodie’s Paparazzi Snap

Around the same time where Jodie Sweetin found herself going through a career renaissance due to her return to the role that made her a star as part of Fuller House, she landed a spot on another show. Added to the cast of the twenty-second season of Dancing with the Stars in 2016, she made it pretty far as she was the seventh person eliminated from contention. Like all of the people that end up on that show, she received renewed attention and also found herself getting in fantastic shape since she threw herself into it. Pictured here during that time period, we would definitely say that she looks fantastic in this shot but we’d still contend that she would prefer nobody paid attention to this image. We believe that because of the way she seems to be tugging at her clothes and the very plain nature of what she has on.

13 Ashley’s Swimwear

Via celebmafia.com

From one hot image of one of the younger members of the Full House cast to another, this time around, we are looking at Ashley Olsen in swimwear that makes her body look good. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised in the least if a shot that looked very much like this one but lit better and angled differently ended up in a magazine or photoshoot. Still, the fact that we know this image was taken of her when she was on vacation in Miami makes us sure that she would be looking at this shot in a completely different way. Proof positive that even if she takes a holiday without informing the masses the army of photographers known as paparazzi will still figure it out and take away her privacy, this image seems like a symbol.

12 Candace’s Reaction

Via EW.com

When it comes to Candace Cameron Bure’s public life, she has always been best known as the person that brought D.J. Tanner from Full House to life. However, from all reports, it seems as though those that know her privately will tell you that she is far more invested in her husband and children. We know that may sound like something that applies to all famous parents but that isn’t actually the case, and even if it were, she seems to be particularly passionate about her family. An image that personifies that fact, this shot captured her reaction as her daughter got the opportunity to perform on The Voice. A pretty good reason to have such an exaggerated expression on your face, even with the backstory, we’re guessing she would be embarrassed by this photo.

11 John’s Fashion Sense

Via Buzzfeed.com

The second shot of John Stamos that proves just how awful fashion used to be and that he dove into these terrible looks headlong, yet again we are blown away with the ridiculousness of this look. Wearing a shirt that can only be described as shiny gold, it is so ostentatious and ugly that it is hard to fathom anyone thought it was a good idea. Furthermore sporting a necklace that serves little purpose since it is such a similar color that you have to really look to see it, on top of all that, he still had his trademark mullet too. A total embarrassment, the only thing that makes these paired-together images even more incredible is that it looks like he was already aware of how goofy he looks in the picture on the right.

10 Lori’s Lack Of Privacy

Via digitalminx.com

Another example of one of the stars of Full House being followed by paparazzi and having her image taken without her consent, this time around, we are looking at Lori Loughlin. Evidently making her way through a public area and wanting to be left to lead a typical life, she was then thrust upon by at least one person’s camera which was snapping her from behind. Providing the world with a vantage point of her body that we rarely get to see, and while we have to admit it is a nice view, there is no way to question if she is comfortable with people looking. Putting her hand up in a motion that physically communicates the desire to be left alone, we can only imagine what her words might have been in this moment. But in our version, she is less than polite.

9 Bob’s Retro Look

Via worldation.com

There are a lot of celebrities out there who have a well-defined image that they have worked hard to craft over the years, and as their careers continue on, it seems a lot of effort goes into reinforcing them. Then there is Bob Saget, a man who is seen in two different ways that are extremely incongruent with one another. On the one hand, he played one of the most squeaky-clean sitcom fathers of all time and yet he also is a comedian that can aptly be described as gleefully vulgar. Then you have this shot of him from earlier in his life that totally confuses us. Looking as though it was a school picture, he also appears like he was middle-aged when it was taken, and if he has ever wanted to be seen as cool, this is the Kryptonite to that idea.

8 Mary-Kate’s Heath Ledger Controversy

Via TMZ.com

An actor that we never foresaw being anywhere near the center of a controversy, Mary-Kate Olsen has always appeared like she was more likely to disappear from the public eye in our view. Yet, when celebrated actor Heath Ledger died in 2008, it didn’t take too long for her suddenly to be getting a lot of unwanted attention. That is because he died of an overdose, and his body was found by his masseuse who opted to call Mary-Kate three times time to no avail before calling 911 for the first time. An extremely odd thing to have happened, it made many observers wonder aloud what the motivation behind those initial calls could have been which caused a lot of suspicions to fall on her. Eventually let off the investigative hook when the case was closed due to the finding his death was drug-related, there are still questions it seems she would probably rather not answer.

7 Dave’s Supposed Twin Hate

Via timeout.com

Dave Coulier is an actor who has been the subject of the rumor mill in the past (we’re looking at you Alanis Morissette), but this paper clipping points at a story about him that circulated earlier on. Photographed years later at an exhibit chronicling the coverage the Olsen twins received, in this article, it was alleged that Dave hated his young identical twin co-stars. A salacious thing to write, it must have gained some traction with readers as it hints at behind-the-scenes drama, but either way, he must have hated it. After all, if it is true, it makes him look bad to smack talk three-year-olds whereas in the instance that it was made-up gossip, it would have been even more vexing to come off so immature.

6 Cast’s Lifetime Biopic

Via notey.com

A television station that has made an art form out of producing biopics about a long list of subjects, in recent years, Lifetime has turned to television shows that there is a lot of nostalgia for to make their content. For instance, Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210 both got that treatment in recent years, and it may not surprise you based on the content of this list, but Full House did too. In fact, you are looking at a screengrab from the production, and it seems likely that the whole cast would probably cringe pretty hard at seeing this made. However, when it comes to this specific scene, it is Bob Saget that was hit the hardest as the moment in the film includes the actor playing him explaining what exotic dancers are to the kids present.

5 Jodie’s Leaked Photos

Via Instagram.com

Throughout this list, we’ve touched on the lack of privacy afforded to the celebrities on this list, as well as the rest of the industry and that has mostly taken the form of paparazzi. As such, it may seem that as long as you have no reason to believe any of those photos are around, it is safe to break free. But, the image you are looking at proves that isn’t the case. A pair of shots of Jodie partying it up with some dude during her substance abuse days, this image isn’t anything overly outrageous but it still shouldn’t be out there so she has every reason to hate it. That said, it is made even worse by the fact that it was shared by a fellow celeb with an ax to grind, Miley Cyrus.

4 Lori’s Daughter And Her Vlogging Incident

Via TMZ.com

A mother of two, Lori Loughlin’s children are getting older and are making their own way in the world including, in one case, earning a measure of fame. Seventeen years old at the time this story went viral online, Olivia Giannulli, Lori’s daughter, had created a YouTube channel with nearly a million subscribers. As such, creating new content was a must so she decided to record herself while singing and driving. Ultimately, her day would end with a car accident which may then be presumed was her fault due to the fact that she drove distracted at one point that day. However, Lori came to her daughter's defense saying that she wasn’t vlogging when the accident happened, but the video was deleted which shows they wanted it to go away. Additionally, that also seems to point to the possibility of guilt on Olivia’s behalf.

3 John Under Arrest And Taken To Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Via Imgur.com

Speaking of one of the stars of Full House being involved with a crime while driving, John Stamos has been put in handcuffs on the side of the road more than once in the past. Both instances stemming from a DUI charge he was given, that is a crime that is the very height of negligence which looks really bad on him. Made all the worse by the fact that this actor’s image has always been very much wrapped up in him seeming like such a lovable dude, to forgive is divine but putting other people’s lives in danger is horrible. It isn’t like he has any money problems so paying someone to drive him to his location shouldn’t have been the slightest problem for him.

2 Ashley’s Private Moment

Via popsugar.com

When Full House became a huge hit, there were a lot of people that earned a measure of fame, but as beloved as all of these folks are, there is no doubt that the Olsen twins were the breakout stars. A huge deal between their fashion lines, videos, and various merchandise, they were able to create an empire for themselves. Since they were the most beloved part of the cast, it therefore makes a lot of sense that the two of them take up the top two spots on this list. In this case, we are looking at a shot of Ashley while she was on holiday in Mexico. Seemingly photographed by a paparazzi with a telephoto lens of some sort, she was not ready to be the subject of a photoshoot based on the fact that she is wearing underwear and oddly-posed.

1 Mary-Kate Looking Scared

Via dailymail.co.uk

A woman who was very private about her love life throughout the majority of her existence, Mary-Kate Olsen took a lot of people by surprise when she got together with a man many years her senior. Starting a relationship with Olivier Sarkozy, her new man was the half-brother of the former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Seen together at a basketball game that same year, it seems like the pair put little thought into the possibility that people would be paying attention as they were openly affectionate all night long. However, this image where he was planting a kiss on her face was taken at the wrong time and tells a totally different story. Looking as though he is pushing unwanted affection on her and she is reacting with abject terror or has developed an early stage of Stockholm syndrome, that dude looks like a total creep. However, that wasn’t the case that night as she was receptive to his intimacy, and on top of that, the pair would go on to be married a few years later.

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