20 Photos The Duggar Family Doesn’t Want Us To See

The Duggars are one family that everyone loves to talk about these days. If you're not familiar with them, they are the family behind the show 19 Kids And Counting. Just like the name implies, this family has a whopping 19 kids, all of whom have been given names starting with the letter "J." Why do they have so many children? Well, the couple, Jim Bob and Michelle, do not believe in birth control. Instead, they say that they want to let God control how many children they have. 19 kids are obviously a lot to handle, and raising them is like a full-time job. Luckily, this family has the money to do so with several businesses including real estate.

You may think that a family like this is squeaky clean in terms of their public image. After all, they are devout Baptists, and do not believe in things like pre-marital sex, or even wearing bikinis at the beach. Their children must be chaperoned at all times when they're meeting potential love interests, even the older children. But despite all of their efforts to appear traditional, conservative, and clean, this family has definitely had its fair share of controversial moments. And often, these moments are caught on camera. Although they do their best to hide them, these pictures have made their way onto the Internet, and are now in a position where everyone can see them.

20 Josh's Molestation Scandal 

The biggest scandal ever to hit this family had to do with their eldest child, Joshua. In a huge shock to most people, Josh was forced to admit to molesting 5 underage girls years ago, some of whom were his own little sisters. This came to light after numerous women came forward with allegations against him. This was such a major blow to the Duggar's image that their show, 19 Kids And Counting, had to be cancelled entirely. Later, the show came back with a spin-off, called Counting On. 

The impact on the family was huge. It was now common knowledge that the eldest son had serious problems, and it was also known that several of the daughters were molestation victims from the incident. Several of the siblings came forward and publicly denounced their elder brother, with some saying that they "no longer looked up to him." But probably the most embarrassing moment was when Jim Bob and Michelle had to go on national TV with an interview, trying to explain their son's inexcusable actions.

19 Josh Duggar's Cheating Scandal 

But if you think that was the only scandal Josh Duggar was involved in, think again. Not only did he molest 5 underage girls, but he also cheated on his wife. And not only did he cheat on his wife, but he did it with a porn star. This became common knowledge after the porn star, a woman named Danica Dillon, came forward and publicly accused Josh Duggar of physically assaulting her after he had paid her for sex at a strip club. She also followed up these accusations with a lawsuit, suing him for $50,000.

The lawsuit was later dropped, but what didn't go away was the huge impact on Josh's reputation. In the eyes of the public, he was not only a child molester, but also an unfaithful husband. More than that, he was someone who solicited prostitutes for sex, and then allegedly hurt them while in the act. Could things get any worse for Josh Duggar? Tons of magazines featured him on the front page, along with pictures of Danica Dillon. I'm sure he never wants to see these pictures again.

18 Jill Dillard's "Hispanic" Child 

Another strange moment of controversy involved one of the baby's in the family. This was not yet another child born from Michelle and Jim Bob, but instead a grandchild, born to Jill Dillard (their daughter) and Derick Dillard. What could be so controversial about a baby, you ask? Well when Jill posted pictures of her child on Instagram, she got tons of hate. According to many of the fans, the baby looks more like a Hispanic child than a white person. They point out the fact that his skin is much darker than normal.

If this is true, which is probably isn't, that would mean that Jill had been cheating on her husband. While this might seem a little far-fetched, remember that cheating does run in the family. If Josh cheated on his wife (probably multiple times), maybe Jill has that same "cheating" gene... And you have to admit, the baby does look pretty dark. I guess we'll have to see what the child looks like as he gets older.

17 Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison Profile 

Let's go back to Josh Duggar for a second. We've already established that he cheated on his wife, (allegedly) abused a prostitute that he paid for sex at a strip club, and molested 5 girls as a young man, some of whom were his own little sisters. Can it get any worse for Josh? Well as it turns out, it can. Josh Duggar's cheating antics were made even more public when his Ashley Madison profile was discovered. Ashley Madison is a dating website specifically geared towards married people. Their slogan is "Life is short. Have an affair," which pretty much tells you all you need to know about the kind of people who use their services.

The exposure of Josh's profile on Ashley Madison made it clear to the world that his cheating was definitely not a "one off" thing. It wasn't like he had felt a moment of weakness, gone to a strip club, and paid for sex, just that one time. The existence of his Ashley Madison profile proves that he was actively seeking out extramarital relationships in an organized way. It also suggests that he was probably having numerous affairs at the time he was caught.

16 Derick's Transphobic Tweets 

We've already briefly mentioned Derick Dillard - he's the guy who married Jill Dillard (the one who allegedly gave birth to a Hispanic baby). Derick first came into contact with the Duggars when he met Jim Bob on a mission to Nepal, where he was Jim Bob's prayer partner (whatever that means). I suppose Jim Bob took a liking to him and thought that he would make a good husband to one of his daughters. The rest is history. But Derick Dillard has proven that he can be every bit as controversial as the other Duggars, especially with his comments on social media.

He famously bashed the TLC show I Am Jazz, which follows the life of a young transgender individual. His tweet read "What an oxymoron... a "reality" show which follows a non-reality. "Transgender" is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it's ordained by God." Obviously these comments were hugely controversial with not only the LGBTQI+ community taking offense, but a huge portion of the general population as well. Even the star of the show he bashed, Jazz, started having a Twitter war with him. Does he wish he could take back these statements? Probably...

15 Michelle's Controversial Stillborn Photo

The Duggars are known for doing some really weird things at times. One can argue that their entire lives are pretty weird. After all, who in their right mind decides to have 19 kids? In addition, their devout Christian Baptist lifestyle can seem like a pretty foreign concept to most people. I suppose all of this is a main reason why the show is so interesting. People like to see lives different from their own. But things can get pretty depressing when it involves death. Michelle Duggar gave birth to a stillborn child when she was well into her forties. That was an undeniable tragedy, but the strange thing was that the Duggars decided to take a picture of Michelle holding the dead baby's hand.

A lot of people were understandably confused by this strange picture, which was released to the public. Some were even disgusted. Although miscarriages are a terrible thing, one has to ask the tough questions. Why did Michelle Duggar try to have a child when she was in her mid-forties? The risks for miscarriage are huge when women reach that age...

14 Josh Sued Over His Ashley Madison Profile Picture 

We're not done with Josh Duggar just yet. Yes, that's right, there are even more controversial moments involving this guy. Remember that Ashley Madison profile that was released to the public, proving without a doubt that Josh had been unfaithful to his wife? He actually didn't use his own photo in that profile. Instead, he used the picture of some random guy he had found on the Internet. Well, after all the publicity he got, this "random guy" took huge offense to Josh using his picture without permission. So he decided to sue him.

This guy was actually a Los Angeles-based DJ named Matthew McCarthy. He ended up suing Josh for $25,000 because he says the scandal negatively affected his business. He says that he has been ridiculed and shamed as a result, and that his family has also been affected. This whole scandal is ridiculous because the Duggars are supposed to be this super conservative Christian family who value faith and faithfulness to their spouses above everything. Obviously this is not the case, at least when it comes to Josh.

13 Amy Duggar's Child Abuse Confession

Amy Duggar has always been the so-called "Black Sheep" of the Duggar family. She's much more liberal and open-minded than the rest of her family, and has broken off from the main, close-knit group of the Duggars. This is great for those of us who want to learn more about the ins and outs of the family. Amy Duggar isn't as close to the family as some of the other members, so she's more likely to spill the beans about some controversial stuff that goes on behind closed doors, when the cameras aren't rolling. And probably the most controversial confession she ever made was about her childhood.

She once claimed in an interview that Jim Bob Duggar might not be the loving uncle we all think he is. You can probably imagine that raising 19 kids can make any parent a little frustrated. But Amy Duggar tells a story that goes way beyond mere frustration. Speaking about an incident with her uncle, Jim Bob, Amy said in an interview "And he picked me up by my throat, all the way to the ceiling. He was like, 'You will brush your teeth.' And I was scared s-less." She later claimed that she was exaggerating, but was she just trying to stay on good terms with her family?

12 John David Duggar Is Packing Heat

Another thing that is pretty controversial when it comes to the Duggars is their love for guns. Of course, in Arkansas this is hardly a controversial thing. You don't have to be a devout Christian Baptist to have an entire arsenal of firearms at your disposal. Pretty much everyone in this state loves guns, and it's not a big deal to see photos of people posing with them. But to an outsider looking in, it can be a bit of a shock. Those of us who live in European countries, for example, would be really taken aback by photos like these.

John David Duggar is the 27-year-old son of Michelle and Jim Bob, and is actually one of the family's least controversial members. But posing with a number of guns like this puts him at a center of a debate that has been raging in America for countless decades. Is America's gun policy really working? Opponents to it would point out the large number of fatal shootings, and are triggered by pictures like these.

11 "Don't Mess With Jessa"

John David is hardly the only Duggar to pose for a picture with a firearm. Jessa Duggar also posed with a semi-automatic rifle 3 years ago when she was 21, and again this proved to be a pretty controversial moment when it was shared on the Internet. Opponents of America's current gun policy once again took offense to this, and many commented on how wrong it was to be posing with such a dangerous firearm. Many others came to Jessa's defense, pointing out that the right to bear arms is an age-old American tradition. The photo was taken by her boyfriend at the time, Ben Seewald. He captioned the photo “My AWESOME girlfriend. #DontmesswithJessa."

I guess the main debate that was sparked with this photo is the controversial nature of semi-automatic rifles like this one. Most shootings have been carried out by rifles like this one, and it's a pretty fair statement that these rifles are designed to kill people, not deer or other game animals. But for all we know, Jessa didn't even buy this rifle. She might have just picked it up and posed with it because she thought it looked cool.

10 Jeremy Vuolo's Embarrassing Past 

Jinger Duggar is perhaps one of the more rebellious members of the Duggar family. This is evidenced by many things, but probably the biggest factor is her choice of husband. His name is Jeremy Vuolo, and he's known for his tumultuous past. He used to be a professional soccer player in the MLS, and he's the first to admit that he had some pretty wild days back as a young man. One embarrassing photo surfaced of him that undoubtedly made his wife Jinger and the rest of the Duggar family pretty embarrassed. The photo shows Jeremy shirtless with what appears to be women's necklaces draped over his forehead and neck.

Jeremy might've had a wild past, but he's now a reformed man. He's actually a minister now, and takes his Christian lifestyle very seriously. Despite his devout Christian lifestyle, it's probably not as strict as what Jinger is used to, and she's relaxed her own lifestyle since moving in with him. She actually moved away from the Duggars to live with Jeremy in Texas, and since then she's started wearing pants and sleeveless tops, both of which are banned in the Duggar household. There are also rumors that she's using birth control (gasp).

9 Amy's Bikini Body

While Jinger might be a rebellious Duggar girl, she still has nothing on Amy. This "black sheep" goes a lot further than wearing pants and sleeveless shirts. She's even posted videos and pictures of herself in a bikini! This might seem like no big deal, especially in a world where girls and women post essentially naked pictures of themselves all over Instagram, but to a devout baptist this is a major sin. Amy Duggar doesn't really care though - she's living her own life! Such individualism should be praised - it must have been really hard to break free of traditions and rules that have been instilled since birth.

This picture is actually taken from a video that Amy posted on her Instagram when she was on her honeymoon. The video starts looking around the hotel, and pans across to find Amy Duggar splashing around playfully in the pool wearing just a tiny bikini. The video was taken by her husband Dilon King, and judging by her hot bikini body it's clear that he's a pretty lucky guy.

8 Amy's Breaking All The Rules 

But that was hardly the first time that Amy Duggar was snapped in a bikini. While it's true that pictures of her in a bikini are somewhat rare, they're still quite easy to find. There might only be a few of them out there on the Internet, but even one of these pictures making their way to the public eye would be massively frowned upon by the Duggar family. This is breaking so many of their family rules. It's clear that Amy Duggar doesn't care what her family thinks anymore.

As a result of her breaking the family rules, there have been some consequences. In a recent interview, Amy was asked if she ever has "girls nights" with her young female relatives, where they are allowed to come over to her house for a sleepover. She replied by saying that she's not allowed to spend time with her "sisters" alone, because their parents feel that she might have a bad influence on them. She is still allowed to come over and visit, however.

7 No Looking Back 

Amy Duggar poses once again in a tiny purple bikini. Jim Bob's face probably turned a similar shade when he first saw these photos. After all that education about modesty and being a good Christian girl, she goes and takes pictures of herself wearing a skimpy bikini. How did Amy turn out so different from the rest of her family? It's a total mystery, but one thing's for sure - she's broken off from the Duggar family and she's not looking back. It's worth pointing out, though, that Amy Duggar is Jim Bob's niece, not his actual daughter.

Amy Duggar has also emerged as one of the most successful of all the Duggars. She went off to become a Country music singer, and she actually became very popular. Nowadays, she enjoys a pretty great career doing what she loves. One wonders if she's taking these sexy pictures of herself to promote her image as a singer, at least in part. These pictures would definitely increase her popularity, that's for sure.

6 Joy Anna Duggar With El Salvadorian Militants

You've probably already got the picture that guns are a huge deal in the Duggar family. We've seen certain older siblings posing with guns before, and we all know how controversial that can be. But it's even more controversial when the younger members of the family are snapped holding high-powered assault rifles. Such was the case when a picture of Joy Anna Duggar surfaced from her time on a mission to El Salvador. For some reason, she decided to pose with a few El Salvadorian armed guards, even holding one of their rifles up in the air. The result is a very strange, almost eerie photo.

And to top it all off, Joy Anna Duggar appears to be wearing shorts, which is hugely frowned upon in the family. The Duggars' fascination with guns is a strange thing. Many devout Christian families like the Duggars feel that guns are important to own out of a fear that people will one day try to force them to change their ways. They might fear that one day the government will try to get involved with their family lives and change the way they raise their children. A surprising amount of people actually feel the same way.

5 Michelle's Hidden Past

Michelle Duggar is the picture perfect Christian wife, a huge pillar in the stability of such a large family. Having given birth to 19 children, her role as a mother is unquestionable, and she's accomplished what most women can only dream of. She's actually been given awards for her role as a mother, and we can only say that these are well-deserved. But not many people know that Michelle wasn't always the woman she is now. Jim Bob actually first met Michelle after he visited her after she had just converted to being a Baptist. But what about her life before her conversion?

Well, as it turns out, she wasn't always as "modest" as she is now. As old pictures from her high school days confirm, she was actually once a cheerleader! We all know that today, Michelle (or any of her daughters for that matter) wouldn't be caught dead in a skimpy cheerleading outfit, but that was one of her favorite things to wear back in the day. That's because she was a high school cheerleader, and her family were reportedly always asking her to "cover up."

4 Johannah Duggar's Mysterious Injuries

Raising 19 kids must be incredibly tough. The mere thought of 19 kids running around the house would be enough to drive any parent insane. But the Duggars somehow managed to make it all work. Of course, it's physically impossible for them to be watching all those kids at once, so the older siblings are expected to play a role in looking after their younger brothers and sisters as well. But how good of a system is this? Is it possible for these children to get hurt without their parents even noticing?

That's what some people think when they see pictures of Johannah Duggar. Many fans have pointed out that Johannah has a strange tendency to suffer from a lot of injuries. They've noticed bruises and cuts on her face, and some are saying that the Duggars are at a point where they can't actually look after all their kids and prevent them from getting injured. Even worse, these people are saying that the injuries go unnoticed and untreated. But for all we know, Johannah is just really clumsy. Still, the Duggars definitely don't want you to see pictures that could lead to accusations of poor parenting.

3 Jedidiah's New Shotgun

It seems like even the youngest members of the Duggar family have posed with guns before, which is a pretty shocking image to anyone who's not used to the gun culture that is common in some parts of America. But it's a whole different issue when the parents are actually giving their young children firearms as Christmas presents. That's what happened when a picture surfaced of young Jedidiah Duggar posing with his brand new shotgun. It later became clear that this shotgun was a Christmas gift from his family.

Now I'm sure that the Duggars are very careful about showing their children how to safely operate firearms, but how far does that education go? Can it really prevent accidents from happening? We've seen many instances involving children and guns, often ending in death. More kindergartners were killed from gunshot wounds than police officers in recent years. Many people probably look at this photo and wonder about how safe it is to live in the Duggar household. I just hope they're not letting Jedidiah run around with this thing and shoot it off in the backyard.

2 Jill And Derick Celebrate Columbus Day

Another controversial moment in the Duggar family was when Jill and Derick celebrated Columbus Day. For those who aren't familiar with this holiday, it officially celebrates Christopher Columbus' discovery of the Americas. It is a very old tradition, dating back to the 1800s. The holiday has pretty much always been very controversial. Opponents to this holiday point out that Columbus day is essentially celebrating the massacre and genocide of indigenous peoples, and Christopher Columbus himself took part in these violent acts.

Is this really in keeping with Christianity? Derick Dillard seems to think so, and posted this picture along with a lengthy sermon comparing Columbus' discovery to Christianity. But it's hardly a surprise that he would make such a controversial statement, as we've already gone over his anti-trans tweets. This is obviously a guy who either doesn't care about offending people, or simply has no idea of how offensive his comments can be. Does he want to take back these comments? Probably not.

1 Questionable Parenting Techniques

We turn once again to Jill and Derick Dillard for yet another controversial picture which they definitely regretted posting. The picture shows their baby, who they named Israel, seemingly bound up in a blanket, rolling around and screaming. This raised some serious questions. Fans immediately wondered if the Dillards were using the same "Blanket Training" treatment that Michelle Duggar advocates. Blanket Training entails wrapping your child in a blanket and then beating them in order to make them obey.

While there's no evidence that Israel was the victim of blanket training here, there were some pretty serious questions raised by fans, to the point where Jill actually decided to remove the photos altogether. Clearly she didn't want people to see these pictures anymore. One theory is that Israel was actually suffering from a fever, so that was why he was wrapped up in a blanket.

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