20 Photos That Prove That Hilary Duff Is All Grown Up

One of the biggest teen stars of the 2000’s, at that time, Hilary Duff seemed to be pretty much everywhere. If you were interested in watching something on television, she was there as the star of Lizzie McGuire or as a part of interstitials called Express Yourself. On the other hand, if you feel like a movie is more your speed, then you could always check her out in Cheaper by the Dozen, A Cinderella Story, or even the horrible animated film Foodfight! Finally, if you felt like sitting back and listening to some tunes, she could be heard singing as well. No longer as big of a star as she once was, now the major thing about her that we focus on is how hot she has become as she matured. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty photos that prove Hilary Duff is all grown up.

In order for an image to be up for consideration for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost has to feature Hilary Duff in it. It doesn’t matter if other people are featured as the only thing we care about for the purposes of this list is how she looks. Next, there needs to be something about her in the shot that reveals that she is a full-grown person these days, instead of the kid that she was when people first became aware of her. Finally, the only other thing to keep in mind is that screengrabs of her from media appearances she has made, like movies or shows she has starred in, as well as interviews, are all fair game. With that in mind, let’s get to the list.

20 Face View

Via caught.com

A shot from the waist up, when it comes to this picture, there are a lot of very attractive aspects of Hilary Duff that are not visible simply because they are out of frame. As a result, you may be wondering how we could possibly think this image is one that shows that she has become a full-grown woman better than most since so much of her is missing. The reason we feel that is the case is that the lack of distractions allows the viewer to really focus in on her wonderful face and how beautiful it has become. Also, we love the fact that she is sporting a hair color that we rarely see on here, and we think it fits her to perfection.

19 Uncomfortable-Looking

Via teoti.com

Someone who became a star as a teenager and appeared in a number of family-friendly shows and films that showed her taking part in immature behavior in that time frame, things have changed for her since. An image that we think is great evidence of that fact, there are a couple of things going on here that underline that she is now a mature woman. First off, in this image, we see her wearing a tiny dress that reveals much of her body, and more than that, she also looks like hours have been put into making sure she that is as good-looking here as possible. A bigger reason we think this image proves that she is all grown up, however, is the fact that we can tell she is lying on a hard floor that would be very uncomfortable. After all, there aren’t too many kids that would make that sacrifice for silliness like a photoshoot.

18 Shape

Via Fropky.com

A magazine that began publication in 1981, over the history of Shape, it has featured a long list of gorgeous women who are physically fit on its cover. A perfect example of that, this image of Hilary on its front page was a part of its May 2015 issue, and on it, she looks absolutely fantastic. Wearing something similar to a bra or bikini top as well as an opened button-up shirt on top of her jean shorts, it seems clear that her outfit was chosen to make sure that much of her body was exposed. A publication that always chooses adults for its cover, on top of being an image we could stare at for a long time, this shot also proves that she falls into such a group.

17 New Year’s Eve

Via pholder.com

An event that conceptually takes place on an annual basis, for a lot of people, New Year’s is all about the night that happens while people wait to count until midnight. Often highlighted by good times and fellowship with family and friends, in a lot of cases, days or even weeks of planning can go into figuring out the plans for New Year’s Eve. Also enjoyed by children, there is still no doubt that the way that kids and adults look at this event is markedly different, and in this image, there are hints at what type of night Hilary is hoping to have. Wearing a blue/green dress that shows off a lot of her cleavage, we balk at the idea that she would choose to wear that gown to a family party so this image is further proof of her station in life.

16 Workout Wear

via Imgur

Showing off most of her body, her outfit in this shot reveals how curvy her figure has become now that she is an adult, and all we can say about that is bravo. However, there are lots of images on this list that show off what she is working with so you may be wondering why this one is included, let alone being put in a spot that is higher than some others. The thing that we think makes it worthy of its location is the clothing that she has on and not due to the way it shows off her figure but because it is something that, for the most part, only adults wear. After all, when we were kids, we would run around in just about anything and it is only once we grew up that we thought we needed to dress accordingly.

15 Yoga Pants

Via Imgur.com

A shot of Hilary as she made her way down a city street, in this image, there are things going on that we enjoy and a lot that we think point to her being a grownup today. First off, her decision to wear yoga pants provides viewers of this image with a view of her booty that is one for the ages. That aside, we see her walking and talking which is something that a lot of adults do these days as they have to get things down in a finite amount of hours. Also, the purse she carries with her is a cute one but most younger people we see have much smaller ones as they don’t need to have things for them and their kids on hand.

14 Lip-Lock Anticipation

An actor that no longer gets much attention for her work in that industry, that is because most of her projects seem to come and go without much fanfare. However, there is no doubt that was not the case in the past, as evidenced by the fact that she was brought in as a guest star for a then-popular show like Gossip Girl. Given a recurring role in that series’ third season, in it, she was wrapped up in a love triangle with two of the show’s leads which led to this incredible moment. Shown kissing Jessica Szohr in this moment, the story of her arc led to it well but we all know that the producers chose that direction because they knew it would get attention. The fact that seeing her in a lesbian liplock is a ratings bonanza points to the fact that she is now a beautiful woman.

13 Horizontal Stripes

Via pholder.com

Just picture it. You’re lounging around on the beach trying to have some fun in the sun, and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you are greeted by a view like this one of Hilary Duff. Wearing a black-and-white swimwear set that is very tight to her body, the resulting view that we are getting here is amazing in pretty much every way. Showing off the way that her frame rises and falls in the best ways possible, the mind boggles at how impressive her body has become. One of the most ideal female figures we’ve ever seen, not only does her body look tight, but at the same time, she isn’t stick thin which is something that we absolutely love.

12 Red Carpet Cut

Via celebzz.com

A shot of Hilary from a red carpet event, if you pat any attention to the celebrity world, there is a decent chance that you’ve envisioned what it might be like for the stars invited to these things. However, we doubt that you reflected on how important looking your best at one of them is for a star as it can get them attention, which is the lifeblood of a famous person. As such, in this image, it is safe to assume that Hilary wore clothes that she thought would garner the right kind of attention. The fact that she turned to clothes that reveal a large amount of her cleavage gives us a great idea of how she sees herself and seeing that she is comfortable with her body shows where she is in life.

11 Vampire’s Kiss

Via YouTube.com

The second screenshot from her run as Olivia Burke during the third season of Gossip Girl included here, this time around, we see that her character is an actor herself and pretending to be someone else. Pictured writhing around on a bed as a vampire approaches her, in this shot, we can see the results of his embrace as he has left behind a pair of bite marks on her neck. At the same time, we’re sure that like us, our readers took a moment to realize that as it is near impossible to not look at her cleavage when you first come across this image. Every bit the woman that she has become, when she looks as good as she does here, we can understand why anyone would want her to not live forever.

10 Squatting

Via starmagazine.com

A shot of Hilary while she was on vacation in Hawaii, right off the hop, it is impossible to not take note of the fact that her bikini provides a view of her cleavage here that is worthy of celebration. However, as much as we love that and presume that our readers will too, that isn’t our focus at this moment. Looking as though she has noticed the fact that a paparazzi has spotted her and is taking her image without consent, the look on her face does not seem like a happy one at all. In fact, it is the stern look of disappointment that many of us will remember from our mom’s face when we did something dumb when we were kids. A mother herself, as a result of her expression, this image is a great reminder of that fact in our mind.

9 Bubble Bath

Via imgmax.com

Adults ourselves, we know that one of the most interesting things about becoming mature is looking back at the way you used to look at things when you were a kid with bemusement. For instance, we remember that when we were young, we often saw having to take a bath as a punishment of sorts as it took us away from playing with our toys or otherwise messing around. Oh, how things have changed for many of us. After all, once you grow up and have responsibilities that claw at you every hour of the day, taking time out to yourself seems like a godsend. An image of Hilary seemingly doing just that, we see her taking a bubble bath here, and we can just imagine the feeling of relaxation she must have been enjoying.

8 GMA Legs

Via Reddit.com

A shot of Hilary from an appearance she made on Good Morning America, there are a few things to take note of here. First, and most obviously, there is no way we could go without appreciating her legs in this image and how long and lovely they are. Secondly, we feel the need to draw attention to how well put-together the whole image is here, from her perfectly-quaffed hair and on-point makeup to her whole outfit put together. Finally, and most notably for a list looking at her age, as we pointed out earlier, she was performing on Good Morning America and, no offense to the people behind that show, but it isn't cutting edge. As such, the fact that she found herself there points to her possibly being out of touch, like most of us older people are.

7 Rear View

Via Reddit.com

A view of Hilary and other stars that we don’t get all that often, it makes perfect sense that most professional images of her are taken from the front of her since she has a beautiful face. Still, when looking at this image of her, we can’t think of anything other than the fact that we wish we got to see her from this angle more often. Wearing bikini bottoms that are tight to her booty and reveal that part of her to be one of the best aspects of her body, bar none, if you are like us, it shows that she has one of the best derrieres around. Someone who clearly has worked out hard to get the tail end that she has, we think that level of dedication to her looks smacks of adulthood.

6 Bed

Via fashiongonerogue

One of the best rooms in any home worth its salt, a bedroom is a wonderful thing since it is the location where people drop all artifice and are able to relax and get some rest. On top of that, when it comes to the home of someone we find attractive, it is great to know that they are likely to be undressed there more than anywhere else and it is also where they may get intimate. As such, this image of Hilary in a bed is one that we like a great deal since it provides great food for thought even though it is safe to assume that this wasn’t taken in her actual home. Additionally, the fact that she looks so at home in an environment that is decorated in such an adult manner says a lot about who she is today.

5 Faux See-Through?

Via Twitter.com

When looking at Hilary in this image, there is a great chance that the first thing to draw the eye of any viewer is the fact that her top looks like it is see-through. Upon further inspection, it is abundantly clear that it is one where you can make out some of the things underneath but that she is otherwise covered, so the effect is hot but moot. However, that isn’t the only appeal of this shot as we think that the way that her face looks here is quite remarkable. Seeming like one of the best images to point to how pretty she has become, it shows off her natural beauty despite the makeup she is wearing, which is something we love about her.

4 Bikini Babe

Via popsugar.com

First off, let us just say wow. Another shot that was taken of Hilary while she was on vacation, this time around, she was in Italy with her man at that time when the pair of them found this visually-striking location. Walking among the rocks while wearing a bikini that does her body good, if this image panned out some, you’d be able to see that her guy was taking photos of her too, but we doubt he got anything this good. We are confident about that despite having not seen his images and not knowing how good at snapping photos he is since this is simply incredible. After all, this shot of her reveals most of the scope of her body and why it is one that is incredibly worthy of praise.

3 Pink Dress

Via gceleb.com

Another shot on this list that was taken by a paparazzi as Hilary was living her life, seeing how often that happens without her consent, we could totally understand why she may feel frustrated with it. However, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend like we aren’t happy that we get to see what she looked like when this photo was taken. More than that, we also think that maybe she should celebrate that fact too as this image can only help her career as it is likely to blow away almost any viewer. Revealing that she has the kind of curves that most women would kill for, her rear end has to be one of the best of any celebrity we know of.

2 Car Cleav

Via thesuperficial.com

A shot that could aptly be called the best of both worlds, in this image, we get an idea of what Hilary looks like while adorned in the type of clothes worn by business people every day. With her hair slicked back and dressed like she is ready to kick butt, she seems like she is ready to take names and rule the world, which is pretty great. However, she then made the choice to have her jacket somewhat open and wear a barely-there top that emphasizes her chest which is something we always support. When you then put those two aspects of her image here together, the result of them combined is about as powerful as anything we can think of from the fashion world. As such, it seems obvious that only someone who knows herself like a mature woman like her does could pull this look off.

1 Blue-haired Beauty

Via brosome.com

A former pop princess, during her career, Hilary Duff released a number of hit songs like “So Yesterday,” “Stranger,” “Reach Out,” “Stranger,” and “With Love” among others. An image that was part of the packaging for her 2012 album Breathe In. Breathe Out., this image is not one that is as famous as the music videos that she released at the height of her career. Still, we are baffled that this did not make a deeper impact after its release as it is the best evidence we’ve seen of her becoming a fully-developed person. Dyeing her hair and wearing colorful clothes, the thing we think stands out here is that she looks a little bit outrageous, but it doesn’t seem like a teen lashing out. Instead, it looks like this is an image of an adult expressing herself, and when someone has blue hair and that is the case, you know they’ve grown up.

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