20 Photos That Prove That Halsey And G-Eazy Have The Best Couple Style

Celebrity couples are meant to look their best at all times. While 99% of them will look presentable when you spot them, some couples go above and beyond meeting our expectations. Halsey and G-Eazy are an excellent example of that. Halsey, born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, first captured the attention of the world thanks to her self-released music on social media platforms. Soon after, she toured with The Kooks and Imagine Dragons in 2014. Her first solo album Badlands was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. But her collaboration with the Chainsmokers in "Closer" is what skyrocketed her to fame.

As for G-Eazy, Gerald Earl Gillum is an American rapper whose first album was also released in 2014. The album peaked on the charts, and he never looked back. While the two have been friends for a couple of years, it is believed that they started dating in the autumn of 2017. When asked how they met, all G-Eazy said was, "At a party. I'll leave it at that."

Although, he does have some sweet words to say about her: "We could talk for hours endlessly. She's been through a lot in her personal life, in her professional life. It shocks me all the time that she's as young as she is, because even I'll forget sometimes and think she's my age and forget that she's five years younger." Not only do the two share a fierce connection, but they have incredible style! Check out twenty photos that prove they are the most stylish celeb couple on the planet.

20 Plaid Pants And A Sharp Jacket

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G-Eazy and Halsey took the stage on November 30, 2017 to perform at WiLD 94.9's Jingle Ball in San Jose. They did many of their hits as well as "Him & I" for the first time. While a lot happened that night, the most awe-inspiring was that kiss they shared. While the kiss was sweet and unexpected, we really were into those outfits!

G-Eazy had it going on with black skinny jeans and a stylish top coat. But Halsey really stole the show. She showed off all her tattoos by wearing a crop top and she made it look fabulous, yet modest. She paired that with blue and green plaid high-waisted pants. But what was most attractive here was that her iconic braids were pulled back. This brought her outfit together and really made a statement.

19 Wearing Casual Clothes While Chillin' With Mom

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Another trend that is going around is women who wear their boyfriend’s clothes and make them look better than ever. In this Instagram post, G-Eazy said, “The other night at the short film premiere with some of my favorite people on the planet. This is life these days, very grateful. Can’t wait for the world to see the movie and hear the album in 9 days.”

Those favorite people were Halsey and, of course, his mama. How sweet is it that they took his mom with them? He is looking super fine in those black jeans, tee, and jacket. But again, Halsey never fails to steal the show. This time, she has hoop earrings, a braided bun, and an outfit we could all imagine chilling in. Please, Halsey, show us how to make comfy look good. Also, please teach us how to drink from a straw so attractively. She is always super adorable.

18 Award Show Glam

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Will we ever get over her hair and lipstick here? How perfect can one be? While the two look amazing together at the 2016 VMAs, so did a few others. This was when Halsey got “Closer” with the Chainsmokers and we were sure something was going on between Halsey and Drew Taggart. After all, sources said, "They could hardly keep their hands off each other. In bigger news, it was that night that G-Eazy tried to kiss Britney Spears but she wouldn’t let him." Nice.

Now back to that style. Although they weren’t officially dating at the time, they were the best dressed there. Her embellished, sheer white jumpsuit shocked us all. He sported black leather pants and a red velvet shirt. Who does that anymore? Only G-Eazy could make this classy but bold outfit work. This man should be a fashion icon for men everywhere.

17 Sweet And Sassy

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In November of 2017, Halsey and G-Eazy attended Spotify's Inaugural Secret Genius Awards. Many other artists attended such as Rick Rubin, Shawn Mendes, and Hailee Steinfeld. But did any of them measure up to these two? There’s just an aura around them we just can’t shake and don’t want to.

At this point, they were official and proudly displayed their affection for each other. He couldn’t keep his hands off her this time and kissed her frequently. While he looked exquisite, I think he purposely didn’t wear anything showy. Why? So everyone’s eyes would be on her, of course. Nearly all of her tattoos were showing with this one, including her "serendipity" one located on the left side of her body, under her chest.We’re not sure if she’s more warrior or princess in this one.

16 Looking High Fashion

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While out speaking about their album Him & I, Halsey wore this dress, which we all need.  The grey hoodie dress with white laces is incredible. With her natural hair straightened out, she looks like the girl next door and deserves every bit of praise. The hoodie dress is so fitting in all the right places and is one that we want to add to our collection today!

G-Easy also looks great in his outfit. His tee and bomber jacket make the two of them look like they are in the running for homecoming king and queen. Sure, they may be in their twenties, but with these outfits, it seems they’re about ready to go to high school. We hope they keep their youthful features forever.

15 Halloween Glamor

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On Halloween, the two dresses as the iconic pair Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby for Halloween. Their styles are identical to Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio's portrayals of the pair in Baz Luhrmann's 2013 film adaptation. There’s nothing bad you can say about what they’ve done. Her bob is spot on, and her dress has just the right amount of sparkle. He looks stunning as Jay in his white suit and gold tie.

We love how Halsey is nearly unrecognizable and takes on the persona of Daisy so well. If it weren’t for her tattoos, many would not believe that it was her. The two chose the perfect Halloween costumes for 2017.

14 Casual Cuddles

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This casual look is amazing. How in the world did Halsey wear a worn out sweater, cut-offs, and Adidas sandals and make it look so good? It dumbfounds us to no end. G wore a white tee, ripped jeans, and a baseball cap, and looked like a star in this Instagram post by Halsey in September of 2017.

In some ways, they look like your average hometown couple going out for a romantic weekend. But on the other hand, the two just scream “fame” in an unmistakable way. Halsey and G-Eazy both posted this photo on Instagram and had people in a tizzy over how adorable the two look when not performing. Halsey's outfit is so understated, but she pulls it off. The girl has skill. The best part is that she never seems to try that hard; it’s all so natural to her and it makes us super jealous.

13 Leather Is Back

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Here the stunning couple decided to create an overall look with matching leather and black. Halsey is taking on G-Eazy's classic black leather with style, and elevates it with her own twist. The fitted skirt is sassy, and her cropped black denim jacket bring the fancier elements to a more casual and playful level. Halsey clearly has a natural ability to make unique outfits that encapsulate both street style and formalwear.

The couple is simply too adorable, and their music perfectly reflects their deep connection. G-Eazy's album has a lot to say about their relationship and lets you get to know the two of them better than ever. Hopefully, it will be their first collaboration of many.

12 Best New Year’s Eve Ever

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This is hands down one of the best Halsey/G-Eazy photos ever taken. The photo is from a shoot on New Year’s 2018 when G-Eazy and Halsey rang in the new year at E11EVEN in Miami. Not only is this photo alluring, but it seems to capture their connection, passion, and love perfectly. If you look at other photos from the night, you’ll see that her dress has silver chains that cover her hips, showing quite a bit of skin. Somehow she made it look so classy and modest! The rose tattoo on her shoulder looks so perfect when coupled with the dress.

Her hair is short and blonde, unlike how we usually see it. On that note, she also either let her nails grow out or has fake ones on. She is known for leaving them short, so the feminine change is mind-blowing. But even without the clothes, zoom into their faces, and you’ll see that it’s not about the dress, but the love they share.

11 Silver Details

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What were you doing mid-September in 2017? Halsey and boyfriend G-Eazy were all over each other at the V109 Launch Party at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City. Likely the best part of the ensemble was that the two were matching! The black is a no-brainer, but adding the silver studs to G-Eazy’s collar made those silver straps that Halsey was wearing stand out.

Halsey’s short black hair looked so natural and chic. How can she wear the most revealing clothes and make them look so appropriate? It is beyond us. But she has something that not many are gifted with and that is apparent with this perfect little flirty black dress. It’s also nice to see her with natural dark hair without braids. Changing up your style is something that’s necessary in this world, and she does it right.

10 Halloween's Most Iconic Duo

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On October 31st, 2017, Halsey and G-Eazy decided to channel their inner Jedi and dress up as the infamous duo. At Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party, the two dressed as Leia and Han Solo, and boy did they do it right. The gold bikini was a replica of the one Carrie Fisher wore in the 1983 Star Wars film Return of the Jedi.

“Han Solo and the princess hoppin out of the millennium falcon 1 time,” G-Eazy captioned some Instagram photos of the night. “Would it help if I got out and pushed?” Halsey added more photos of the costumes. If we didn’t know better, we'd say they liked this ensemble better than The Great Gatsby pair. We can’t decide which we prefer, all we can think about is what they will be wearing in 2018! Will they go for something romantic like Romeo and Juliet? Or perhaps something daring like Sandy and Danny from Grease?

9 Looking Chic And Funky

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What’s so special about this fab outfit Halsey is wearing? Well, how often have you seen her in pink? She doesn't choose pink too often, but this pink ensemble is probably her best yet. She wears baby pink right! She was spotted with a pink dress and matching beret as she was leaving Avenue Nightclub in New York City last fall. We can’t get over how swell the two looked together and we are glad someone thought to snap a picture. They didn’t seem to be in the mood for a shoot, but it’s hard to feel bad when we are repaid with such class.

As for G, well, he looked as good as ever in the patched leather jacket holding his love’s hand. We sure hope those unlaced shoes come back because he’s making them very appealing.

8 Rocking Neutrals

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“Halsey and G-Eazy hold hands as they attend Jay-Z’s concert at The Forum in Inglewood, California,” read headlines back in December of 2017. Now G-Eazy must really like his patched leather jackets that bring out the pilot/biker in him because he wears another one in this photo. And is it just us, or does Halsey look like Jason Momoa’s wife, a.k.a Lisa Bonet, the woman who played Denise Cosby on The Cosby Show? She had her long braids down around her shoulders, and she was wearing a long sleeve crop top tied up like a pro, and black plaid paper bag pants we can’t get enough of! Paper bag pants are making a comeback, but this is so '90s and we are so in love!

We can’t believe that the couple is bringing plaid back too. This isn’t the first time they’ve worn the pattern and it sure won’t be the last. They bring a certain cool factor to everything and we can’t wait to see more.

7 Matching In Plaid

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This photo does not capture the colors of their outfits well, but it is such a stunning shot, we had to include it. You can’t tell from the photo, but her dress was red and black while her top underneath was red. The photo was taken on August 30 at the Bud Light Dive Tour in New Orleans, a place that G holds close to home.

"I got my start in small dive bars in New Orleans, so it’s full-circle to go back and play there now," he says. He even stated that he went to Loyola University in New Orleans where he was "perfecting his flow" at venues nearby. A decade later, he returned with girlfriend Halsey where the two millionaires shared their experiences and voices with the tiny dive bar. We hope that their new album sheds some light on their relationship since they are so quiet about it all. We’ll have to listen to find out!

6 Mixing Masculine And Feminine

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This is outfit pair is fantastic. It’s so nice to see G-Eazy be the focal point with bright colors while Halsey is all in black. With classic Vans and plaid pants, he rocks the streets of NYC. It really does look like the two switched outfits, though we aren’t sure G is into showing his midriff. His red velvet bomber did nothing but good things for him, and we’re pretty sure we can start calling him Gerald now, which happens to be his real name.

Did you know that the longer couples are together, the more they start dressing, acting, and talking like each other? It makes sense. You start becoming one! Here, they have definitely picked up a bit of style from each other, but will always remain unique from one another. After all, we can’t imagine G wearing that cheetah print belt. But who knows, it could happen in the future when the two start to merge further.

5 Flashback To The 90s

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Pink and black are always in. In this photo, Halsey reminds us all of that outfit we had in the '90s (maybe even '80s) that we loved so much! Her adorable t-shirt looks a lot like Rainbow Brite and her pink jeans are ones we would Google for hours looking for. They were spotted like this in Los Angeles during an intimate date at Warwick’s rustic cocktail lounge in Hollywood. This was after G-Eazy hosted his album listening party at Voila Creative Studio in West Hollywood. He even had Halsey perform for his adoring fans with him.

And what woman doesn’t want a leather-pant wearing man that can rock red tennis shoes and black jackets? G does it better than any man we’ve seen. Not all men can wear leather pants and get away with it, but those who can’t need to take a few hints from this dude right here.

4 Street Style Done Right

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Not everyone can rock the Roadrunner like G-Eazy. What is it with these vintage tees that artists are sporting these days? It's definitely a rising trend. Who doesn’t have a tee with a cartoon character on it in their closet? G was seen wearing the Harley-Davidson tee with white pants in December.

Halsey was already his girlfriend by then. Fan rumors had been shut down and the truth came out. Halsey’s abs were shown off looking so fine with her tied up pink tee and grey sweatpants. It makes us all a little sad inside that we can’t wear tees and sweatpants and look that good. The two are definitely channelling Pam and Tommy Lee with this look.

3 Orange And Black

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How does she take the most normal outfits and make them so outlandishly amazing? While G looks great in his black leather ensemble, Halsey shows us another side of her, one that makes us all stop and stare with our mouths wide open. She wore the orange tracksuit in September as the two left a dinner date at Catch LA in West Hollywood, California. Who can wear tracksuits to a dinner date? Obviously, this girl can.

“They were all smiles throughout the entire evening, hardly leaving each other’s side,” a witness admitted. “They couldn’t have looked happier and more in love.”

Not many of us can even wear orange, let alone orange sweatpants. Every guy wishes that he could dress like G and get away with it. Every woman wishes she could dress like Halsey and look like a million bucks.

2 Graphic White T-Shirts

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“Little photo diary from the best birthday I ever had ever. Thanks @donslens for capturing it on the low. I'll wanna remember this forever,” wrote Halsey on Instagram. On October 4th, she celebrated her birthday with her love G-Eazy. Or at least, that’s when she posted this photo, considering her birthday is September 29th. We want to know how she can make glasses, a crop tee, and yard sale jeans look like they cost thousands of dollars.

We hope she had an amazing birthday with her loved ones, and we hope you enjoyed all of her adorable birthday pictures, even though this one is definitely the best one. You can see the sweet love they share in the most intimate way. It gives us something to strive for in our relationship.

1 Classy Black And White

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If we didn’t know better, we’d say the two were getting married! G looks so dapper in his black suit and dress shoes. As for Halsey, have you ever seen a little white dress looking so adorable? She doesn’t usually go for the adorable look, but she sure can pull it off, especially with those blue Barbie shoes! Is it just us or is she channeling her inner Mandy Moore?

Halsey and G-Eazy were spotted holding hands as they left Poppy’s after celebrating Drake’s birthday party in Los Angeles on October 23, 2017. Have you ever seen two people hold hands more often? They are not afraid to show their love off, and that is a breath of fresh air. Will this couple ever stop being flawless?

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