20 Photos That Prove That Christina Ricci Is All Grown Up

An actor that first made her mark on our pop culture when she played Wednesday Addams in the film adaptation of The Addams Family and its sequel, a lot has changed for Christina Ricci since then. Working throughout her early years and as a teen, she was seen in a slew of other movies like Casper, Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain, and far too many more films to list here. Thirty-seven years old today, she still looks stunning enough that at times it’s easy to forget that she has been an adult for a very long time at this point. On top of that, the work she did in her youth is evergreen despite her being a beautiful woman today. Realizing all of this is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty photos that prove that Christina Ricci is all grown up.

In order for an image to be up for consideration for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost has to feature Christina Ricci in it. It doesn’t matter if other people are featured as the only thing we care about for the purposes of this list is how she looks. Next, there needs to be something about her in the shot that reveals that she is a full-grown woman these days, instead of the kid that she was when people first became aware of her. Finally, the only other thing to keep in mind is that screengrabs of her from media appearances she has made–like movies or shows she has starred in and interviews–are all fair game. With that in mind, let’s get to the list.

20 All Natural

Via taringa.net

Early on in the career of this talented actor, there is one thing that remained pretty static—she was heavily made up. That took the form of looking very pale while playing Wednesday Addams or looking as though there was a pound of powder on her face in Buffalo ’66 and in other cases, a lot of effort went into her look. Then you look at a photo of her like this one where it seems as if she has a small amount of makeup on but otherwise wants to cultivate a back to basics image. Proof positive that she doesn’t have to put a lot of work into how she looks these days, if she sees fit, this shot shows she has matured into a beautiful woman.

19 Domestic Fun

Via popcornnews.ru

Like many other celebrities in today’s world, Christina Ricci has created social media accounts on more than one major website. A technology that has been embraced by the world, for everyday folks, Twitter, Facebook, and their ilk are used to connect with our friends and family and look at the lives of the rich and famous from afar. On the other hand, for those that are well-known, it is an opportunity to create a relationship with their fans that hopefully will inspire them to continue to support their entertainment efforts. As such, it is important that you post things that aid your effort to be seen in an advantageous way. For instance, this shot of Christina sitting in a sink while cleaning serves two purposes—it shows that she is old enough now to be leading a domestic life while also showing her to be having fun with it.

18 Backseat Chic

Via stocklandmartel.com

Someone who has always seemed like she is the artistic type, in one way, that takes the form of her longstanding career as an actor who spends her time trying to elicit reactions with her work. However, had that not been the career route she went down, it seems pretty clear to us that she could have found success in another industry which is based entirely on a person’s look. Seen in the backseat of a car in this image, despite the way this shot comes across, that is a location that is pretty much as pedestrian as can be. Yet, Christina is so striking visually now that she is an adult that her presence in what appears to be a swimwear here is such an incredible vision that it feels like we’ve entered into a whole new world. As such, we think she easily could have become a model if she so chose.

17 Then And Now

via Cosmopolitan; HawtCelebs

A pair of images put together, they draw attention to the obvious changes to the look of Christina Ricci now that she is an adult. Here, we have a before-and-after shot of her as a kid and woman. Considering that is an obvious representation of that change, you may be wondering to yourself while it is so low on our list. There are a couple of reasons for that. First off, it is so clear that it kind of feels cheap so we don’t want to push it too hard but we still opted to include it as we feel like we’d be remiss otherwise. The other reason, which we see as more important, is that it doesn’t allow you to draw that conclusion for yourself so it isn’t as effective at making you realize that she is indeed already an adult on an instinctual level.

16 FHM Photoshoot

via Pinterest

A publication that clearly attempted to follow in the successful footsteps of Maxim Magazine, which was a sensation in the mid-nineties, when FHM came along, it was a hit very quickly. However, these days, the publishing industry has found itself in the midst of a really bad time and the once-successful magazine no longer hits the newsstands. That does allow some longtime fans to look back at their golden years wistfully, however, and if you ask us, that absolutely should include appreciating the time in which Christina Ricci appeared. An awesome issue that was put out during the mid to late 2000’s, not only is this shot incredibly hot but it also proves that she has been fully grown for many years at this point.

15 Ray Of Sunshine

via Pinterest

Another shot of Christina that largely flies in the face of the image that she had at one time, she used to be someone that was perceived to be overly dramatic and gothic most of the time. While that isn’t a bad thing inherently, as it can be quite the attractive quality, we’d hope that as she continues to mature, she would see the world in a less black-and-white way. A funny thing to say as this image is only in those two colors, for us, it proves that she is much more in tune with herself and the world at large due to her growing up. We say that because it shows that now she is not only able to have fun in the sun but she no longer tries to hide her lovely smile while doing it.

14 Venice Vacation

Via Twitter.com

One of the greatest things in life, travelling the world and going on vacations is something that everyone should have the opportunity to do off and on throughout their life. However, there are huge differences in the way going on these trips feels depending on where you are in your life. For instance, when you are a kid and you travel with your family, it is awesome but you often have little to no control over the location you travel to or the things you do once you are there. An image of Christina from the time she went to Venice, this shot of her seemingly on a gondola ride appears to have her overjoyed and that isn’t something we think would hold true if she were still a kid.

13 Old-School Makeover

Via etonline.com

A show that didn’t have the impact those involved might have hoped for, Z: The Beginning of Everything aired its pilot in 2015 but wasn’t picked up for a ten-episode season until 2017. Starring Christina in the titular role, she played Zelda Fitzgerald in a show that initially was renewed for a second season but had its fate turn around when it was decided that it would be canceled instead. As a result, we won’t be seeing Christina return to the role which is a shame since we always enjoy seeing her work, but at least we have a shot like this one to look back at. Having undergone a makeover to look like a flapper, it turns out that she should do more period piece films as she fits a previous era like this to perfection which underscores that she has indeed become a woman.

12 Atypical Flower Dress

Via Pinterest.fr

The fashion industry is an interesting thing. Even if you pay it no mind, it still has a big effect on you. After all, if someone shows up to an event in their pyjamas or a three-piece suit, the way we look at them in that moment (and possibly going forward) is going to be vastly different. You could also consider the floral print dress. An item of clothing that is typically associated with two age groups–the very old or extremely young–it is seen by most as an unremarkable choice. Yet, here we have a picture of Christina wearing a variation of this type of dress despite falling right in the middle of those groups. Different because of how tight to her body it is and how much of her skin it reveals, this unusual dress proves two things—Christina is a gorgeous gal and she breaks the mold.

11 Rolling Stone Cover

Via rollingstone.com

A magazine that has been so important that the rock band Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show put out a song about what it means to adorn its cover, The Rolling Stone is a huge deal. As such, when Christina Ricci was chosen to appear on the front of it in 1999, we can only assume that she was happy about it, to say the least. On the other hand, the editors of the publication must have been thrilled as well since they got to use this image of her to bring people in, and we can only guess they sold more than a few extra copies. On top of that, the fact that she turned nineteen the year this was put out and that we are coming up on the twentieth anniversary of that event is more than enough to earn this hot shot a place here.

10 Stunning

Via filmow.com

A shot that lacks any semblance of artifice, here we see Christina seemingly at an event considering the rows of seats behind her. But otherwise, we have no idea what is going on. She could have been in the running for an award the night this shot was taken or about to see a screening of one of her films for all we know. Furthermore, she doesn’t appear to be surrounded by a throng of fellow celebs, fans, or many photographers. In fact, for all we know, it could have just been her and one person with a camera present at this time. As a result of all of that, this shot forces us to focus solely on the woman present in the image which is why we love it so much. After all, if you get the opportunity to reflect on how hot Christina Ricci is these days, it is one you should take.

9 Engagement

Via ritani.com

A kind of life that most of us could never relate to, being a famous person means that complete strangers take an interest in the major events of your life. As a result, things that are none of their business become important to people you will likely never meet which has to be a very odd experience. A perfect example of that, here we have images of Christina taken when she was out and about while wearing an engagement ring. Not only have the people that put these images out taken note of the change in her planned marital status but they have gone further than that. Opting to zoom in the photo on the right so that they can examine the ring she received, seeing the fact that this happened must be weird for the subject of the images. Aside from that, however, this shows that she was set to be married at the time, something that ideally happens with adults only.

8 Interesting Attire

Via bashny.net

If there is one thing that should be abundantly clear about Christina Ricci by this point in this list, it is that designers of clothing should totally adore her. We believe that is the case because we’ve poured over these images and have taken note of the fact that one thing that stays consistent is her ability to make any outfit sing on her. Another great example of that, in this case, we see her wearing an outfit that comes across as wholly unique. Seeming somewhat similar to a one-piece swimsuit, it is adorned with odd accents on either side of her chest. While that is a choice we couldn’t put our finger on at first, after really looking at this photo, the brilliance of that became clear. We believe that because anything that draws the eye to her chest and how great it is ought to be embraced by the world.

7 Bikini Babe

Via barcodemyanmar.com

Another example of the odd impact that being a star has on the life of the rich and famous, here we have a shot of Christina that was clearly taken by a paparazzi. Looking as though she might have been on her way to the beach or a photoshoot, here we see her wearing a blue bikini that looks great on her and footwear that seems fancy but attainable all at once. In fact, between everything involved in this shot, it seems like it is the personification of her life today. After all, it shows that she not only has to deal with the trappings of the famous life but she also understands the complications of the way being beautiful makes the world see you.

6 Reunion

via Ravepad

The year 1990 was a momentous one in the life of Christina Ricci as she not only turned ten years old but her acting career also took off. Making her debut on television as part of some long-forgotten show, on top of that, she appeared in her first movie ever, Mermaids. Not a gigantic hit by any measure, as it made just over 35 million dollars off a 31-million-dollar budget, it still introduced the world to this fantastic actor. On top of that, Winona Ryder also appeared in the movie and played Christina’s sister in it. Seen together in this 2014 photo, juxtaposing how they looked together when she was still a child and how different things are now that she is an adult is a lot of fun to do for fans of that film.

5 Beautiful

Via razorpics.net

A movie that wasn’t a bright spot in the career of anyone involved in it, Speed Racer came out in 2008 to meager box office returns and pretty awful critical reception. Highly touted since it brought together actors like Christina, John Goodman, Matthew Fox, and Emile Hirsch on top of being made by The Wachowskis, the fact that it underwhelmed let us down. However, that isn’t to say that everything that came of it was bad since we wouldn’t have this shot of Christina looking totally beautiful if the movie wasn’t made. Taken while she and the other stars of that film attended the Grand Prix in order to promote it, the fast car tie-in was obvious, as was the fact that she looked glorious.

4 Wedding Dress

via Glamour

Earlier on in this list, we looked at an image of Christina wearing her engagement ring and the attention that fact got from the media. As such, it must come as very little surprise to you that this shot of her in the dress she wore during her wedding was also released to the public. Clearly taken as a part of a photoshoot, we’re not clear on whether or not it was designed to be sold off to someone, was stolen, or a business opportunity was seen after the fact. No matter what, the one thing we know for sure is that she chose well when she picked out her gown. The only other thing we can say is that her husband was one lucky man and that garment was fortunate too as it couldn’t have been worn by anyone that would have done it more justice.

3 Tight Dress

Via gotceleb.com

An image that made us say wow aloud to nobody the moment we came across it, there are two things about it that are worthy of pointing out. The last thing that we took note of but the first thing we’re looking at here, behind her in this image, we can see several other people making their way past her. The fact that all of them don’t look happily stunned by how she looks here and are going about their lives like nothing is going on is shocking to us. Aside from that, the other thing going on here is far more clear—Christina is wearing a dress that blows us away. Looking as though it couldn’t get much tighter to her body, this image proves that she has developed curves for the ages.

2 Ravishing In Red

via Sherdog Forums

The final shot of Christina from a red carpet event on this list, being among the chosen few that are allowed to make their way in front of the cameras at that type of thing has always seemed fantastic. Looking like one of the most glamorous things you can do from the outside looking in, we think it may not feel quite that way for people like Christina. After all, your image is about to be taken over and over again and that is a huge opportunity for someone in an industry that requires its stars to have a strong relationship with the public. As such, at the moment this photo was taken, Christina must have been under a lot of pressure. Fortunately, she seems to be taking it in stride probably because she has been acting for decades, and now that she is a gorgeous woman, her confidence should be at an all-time high.

1 Pure Seduction

Via desktopbackground.org

We’re just going to say it. Christina Ricci is hot as hell. The only problem with that in our view is that it seems as though many in the world have yet to take full note of that despite how incredible-looking she is now. There may be a lot of reasons for that fact. For instance, there are some people out there that have never been able to look past the fact that she was first introduced to the world as a youngster when she starred in The Addams Family. On the other hand, it may have something to do with the fact that she stands at only five-feet-one, even though we think that is a very attractive quality. Whatever the reason, we think this shot of her with a seductive look on her face and cleavage to spare should show the unaware that she is incredible-looking now that she is all grown up.

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