20 Photos That Prove That Alexa Vega Is All Grown Up

A former child star that was discovered by writer and director Robert Rodriguez early in her life, she was one of the two youngsters that were cast in the titular roles of the film Spy Kids. Continuing to play her character from it, Carmen Cortez, over a further three films, the series was fully embraced by kids from around the world. Twenty-nine years old today, the former youth that we were first introduced to has been gone for a long time, and she has been replaced by a gorgeous woman who has a child of her own. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty photos that prove that Alexa Vega is all grown up.

In order for an image to be up for consideration for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost has to feature Alexa Vega in it. It doesn’t matter if other people are featured as the only thing we care about for the purposes of this list is how she looks. Next, there needs to be something about her in the shot that reveals that she is a fully-grown person these days, instead of the kid that she was when people first became aware of her. Finally, the only other thing to keep in mind is that screengrabs of her from media appearances she has made, like movies or shows she has starred in and interviews, are all fair game. With that in mind, let’s get to the list.


20 Model Quality

Via movielala.com

Someone who has spent most of her life as a professional actor, Alexa Vega has built her career on an ability to pretend like she is someone other than herself in a believable way. However, we find it interesting from time to time to look at the stars we’ve come to know and love and consider the other routes their lives seem like they could have gone down. In some cases, that means that we imagine something like how Ryan Gosling would have done if he’d actually tried his hand at being a professional singer, which is an interesting thought. In the case of this beauty, however, we think a shot of her like this one where she looks high-class and gorgeous proves just how far she could have gone as a model in the right circumstances.

19 Curves

Via dailymail.co.uk

If there is one thing that we think is simply undeniable no matter who you are attracted to physically, it is this—the design of the female figure is a marvelous thing to take in. You may not want to build a relationship with a woman. But looking at their bodies, there is little doubt that they are a thing of true beauty. That said, as much as we love looking at the body of a woman we think is hot from the front, we are always blown away even further once we see the view from the side. That is because it is an angle that we think perfectly allows you to pick up on the curves that many women develop and appreciating the rise and fall of their body is an opportunity we won’t pass up.

18 Natural

Via celebzz.com

An industry that has largely built itself around showing off the looks of the rich and famous, many modern magazines use pictorials of celebrities in their pages to draw people in and sell copies. As such, there are endless images that were taken after men and women you’d recognize have gone through an extended beautification process. However, while the events that leads to the final product of images like this one is often pretty similar, the results are often anything but. For instance, in many cases, the star in question comes out the other side looking like they’ve been overly made up in order to hide the way they actually look. Then you have a photo like this one of Alexa where she looks like very little effort had to be put into making her look good since she already is a stunning woman.

17 Red Carpet

Via gotceleb.com

Near the start of this list, we promised that we would be including several images of Alexa from various red carpet events, and here we find another example of why that is the case. A shot of her from when she showed to help promote the content put out by the Hallmark Channel, we’re sure she was involved in some TV movie we never saw or heard anything about. However, the message we did get loud and clear is that she has grown into an exquisite beauty that lights up any event that is fortunate enough to be graced by her presence. This picture also proves why entertainment companies are smart to hire her since we’re going find out what Hallmark project she worked on after writing this as we’re always happy to see her at work.

16 Beauty

Via Reddit.com

The first of several images of Alexa as she walked down the red carpet of a public event, one thing that we can say right now is that she knows how to put herself together in the looks department. The type of thing that goes on more and more these days, in the past, companies only tended to throw this style of event prior to things like awards shows or movie premieres, but times sure have changed. As such, you’ll see people show up for any old excuse now but not all things are created equally. So when Alexa opted to show up at an event thrown by Victoria’s Secret, it was a pretty fantastic thing. After all, the idea of seeing someone as beautiful as she is wearing the lingerie they are best known for is a feast for the mind that draws attention to her being a full-fledged woman.

15 At Her Wedding

Via usmagazine.com

There are certain things that are seen by many as stepping stones into adulthood and getting married has to be right near the top of that list. Don’t get us wrong, we understand fully that not being wed doesn’t reflect if you’re a mature person, but in much of the world, a wedding can’t take place unless the people involved are above a certain age. As a result, this shot of Alexa Vega absolutely glowing on the night of her wedding is very strong evidence that she is no longer the child we were first introduced to on our screens. All we can say is that we can totally understand why her husband is beaming too since he has a very lovely-looking woman on his arm, and they seem to make a great pair.

14 Positive Test

Via Instagram.com

The second image of Alexa and the man she has chosen to live her life with on this list, previously, we included a shot of the pair of them on the night of their wedding. As a result, it only seems fitting that we then look to another major moment in the lives of many couples—the discovery that they are going to be parents. Whether that comes in the form of adoption or pregnancy, learning that you are adding a child to your family is a watershed moment in the lives of those involved and won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Clearly overjoyed, Alexa and her man find themselves in a position that is one that millions of adults go through each year, and it is so nice to see how excited they are to be there.


13 Bikini Top

Via IGN.com

A piece of clothing that serves a very specific purpose on the face of things, bikinis were designed for women to wear when going for a swim at either a pool or beach of some kind. However, anyone with a pair of eyes would recognize that they are pretty adept at something else, showing off several parts of a woman’s body that observers are most excited to see. As a result, they’ve become a mainstay of photoshoots to such a degree that Sports Illustrated puts out an annual Swimsuit Issue which has absolutely nothing to do with their stated arena of focus. When looking at an image like this one of Alexa, it becomes abundantly clear why they don’t get complaints since we can’t imagine anyone being mad while seeing how bikinis look on a splendid body.

12 High Fashion

Via theplace2.ru

Another great example of why we think that Alexa easily could have found a great deal of success in the modeling world, this image of her would stand out among almost any grouping. Featuring her wearing a dress that looks like it would have taken hours of painstaking work to put together, there are several aspects of it that draw the eye in. Of course, the aspect that is most awe-inspiring is the way that it is cut on her chest and that it provides a view of her cleavage that is very appealing but still feels entirely classy. When you then throw in how large and lovely her hair looks and how spot-on her makeup is, this shot becomes nothing short of a masterpiece.

11 Ravishing In Red

via Daily Mail

These days, the classic 1986 Chris De Burgh song “The Lady in Red” is seen by many as a cheesy throwback to a bygone era, but that dismissive view of it does a disservice to the mind and ear. A tune that draws the picture of a gorgeous woman wearing red in your mind, if you have any kind of imagination and pay attention to the song’s lyrics, it is a delightful experience. For instance, if you picture Alexa in this dress melodically moving for your viewing pleasure, we can’t imagine how that wouldn’t be an amazing experience for those attracted to women. After all, the way that particular gown shows off what she is working with is one of the great marvels of what fabric can do, and we believe that while only looking at a still image of her in it.

10 Bikini Bottoms

Via YouTube.com

The second image of Alexa in a bikini on this list, if you were paying attention to what she was wearing in the previous image–and you should have been–you’ll know the shots have something in common. Taken at the same time as one another, this time around, we’re looking at an image of her in the same swimwear but showing it off in an all new way. No longer covering herself up with a towel from the waist down for the most part, on top of that, she is laying down on her stomach instead of standing. While that means that we aren’t getting a good view of her chest, which is a shame, we still love this shot since we get to celebrate her booty, and that should happen more often.

9 Pregnancy

Via aceshowbiz.com

Present at an event put on by Variety Latino and City of Hope, the exact point of the celebration that night is unclear to us but one thing isn’t—she was fairly far along in her pregnancy by then. A shocking image not because she was expecting, since an earlier image showed that was the case, many observers would likely be shocked by her choice of footwear, however. Making her way in front of the cameras while wearing a pair of high heels, we do have to say that they look pretty great on her. But for us, it is the fact that she seems so happy that makes this a marvelous image. No matter how much we appreciate this image, however, the fact that she had a little one on the way at the time is pretty strong evidence that she is a kid no longer.

8 Lying Down

Via billyfiles.blogspot.ca

From one image of Alexa laying down to another, this time around, it is her back facing down which is a big difference. But one thing is very much the same; she looks stunning. This time around going back to the high-end look that we previously pointed to as proof that she could have taken on an entirely new career, this photo further strengthens that claim but does something else too. Wearing a dress that is slit down the side almost up to her waist, due to that, we’re looking past the other lovely aspects of her clothing and her fantastic face present here. Instead, we find ourselves incapable of focusing on anything other than how long and lovely her legs are and how that is something we adore on the body of a woman.

7 Target


The second image of Alexa Vega on a red carpet wearing a red dress featured on this list, it seems obvious that she too realizes that the color is one that looks great on her. This time around seeming a little bit on the nose since the event she finds herself at was in part put on by Target, a company that is known for its red logo, she may just have known what she was doing. We think that is the case because we feel like seeing her in this dress draws a pair of targets on her body as seeing her cleavage and legs exposed to the light of day makes it nearly impossible to look elsewhere. A way to make it so that the lens of the cameras present have her in their crosshairs as long as possible, looking so incredibly photogenic seems to be second nature for her now that she has become an adult.

6 Motherhood

Via Twitter.com

A former kid star that spent much of her childhood in front of cameras, it only seems fitting that Alexa’s kid would look cute on camera, even though that doesn’t make the tot an actor in the making. Seen here pictured alongside the young one whose development this list has previously documented, despite that fact, seeing her with her offspring still feels much more real than when it was on the way. Someone whose first film came out when she was only six years old, when many of us first became aware of Alexa, she wasn’t that much older than her child is here so this is a somewhat astounding image. As such, this is, without a doubt, one of the best examples of a photo that shows she is all grown up now.

5 Emerging

Via superiorpics.com

Earlier on this list, we touched on the shared history of swimwear and photography and pointed out why they make such good bedfellows, but we left out one thing about them together that we love. A type of clothing that almost always shows off a lot of a person’s body, that, in and of itself, is enough reason to pull out your cameras. However, once someone we like looking at gets wet too, things heat up. Looking at water making its way down their body is something that makes the viewer reflect on how soft and supple their skin looks which is quite alluring. When you then factor in knowing that the liquid was just able to flood around all of their body and our ability to imagine what that might be like, it is no wonder why the wet look is one we love.

4 Public Event

Via nothingsnormal.com

An instance in which Alexa attended an event where the press or fans had the opportunity to ask her questions about an upcoming project or her past, some people may find this a reason to be nervous. However, when wearing an outfit that absolutely screams confidence, it makes perfect sense that Alexa looks like she has the room completely under her thumb. While that is helped by the fact that a lot of the time this type of thing is attended by friendly faces, we could easily imagine that even if someone showed up with an ax to grind, things would quickly change. We think that is the case since they may be so bowled over by the visual feast in front of them that any semblance of anger would quickly fade away.

3 Machete Kills

Via comingsoon.net

A film in which she reunited with Robert Rodriguez, the man that behind the Spy Kids films, working with this talented storyteller is what sent her career to a whole new level at the time. The sequel to Machete, a film that was inspired by the trailer he created for his Grindhouse experiment, the over-the-top style of the series called for its stars to do some outrageous things. One of the ways in which that was the case was that some of those involved dressed in eye-catching outfits, as perfectly evidenced by what Alexa has on here. Barely covered by the clothes she has on, nothing too scandalous of her is showing here but this image makes it clear that her body is that of a full-grown woman’s.

2 Reading

Via Twitter.com

A photo that Alexa herself uploaded on Twitter, in this image, we see a lot of evidence of why we think that she has been able to be a successful actor now that she has grown up. First off, we’re going to bet that the fact that her drink is perfectly posed to show off the logo printed on the outside of it, points to a likely business agreement which shows that she is a businessperson first. Next, the script that she appears to be looking through has a series of sticky notes in it which makes us think that she puts a lot of thought into the roles she considers and takes on. Finally, and most obviously, her choice of clothing does little to cover up her alluring body.

1 The Tomorrow People


A show that could be argued is further evidence that many in the entertainment industry relies too heavily on pre-cooked ideas, The Tomorrow People was a remake of a previous British series. Lasting only twenty-two episodes, Alexa was tapped to play the character Hillary Cole in eight episodes of it, and in one of them, the world was graced with the hottest moment of her career to date. Entering a room while wearing a large jacket that covered her up, before too long, she opened it up and dropped it to the ground, revealing the fact that she was only wearing underwear underneath. Yet again adorned in the color red, which we’ve come to realize is great on her, to say that she looks delightful here is an epic understatement.


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