20 Photos That Prove Bella Thorne (And 19 Other Celebs) Need A Stylist Now

When it comes to style, we look to celebrities for inspiration. We check their latest Instagram posts to see what they're wearing and even try and find the exact same outfit to look just as good as they do. However, not all of these celebs dress themselves, and they rely on fashion stylists to keep them on trend. These stylists know what's popular and it's their job to keep their client looking good, even when they're out doing something simple like getting the groceries.

Celebrities love to splurge, whether it's on homes, cars, or vacations to the Caribbeans. However, one thing that some stars seem to be missing is a good fashion stylist. While celebs like Kim Kardashian probably pay thousands of dollars to have a professional dress them, other stars should take note and get their own. When we see photographs of Bella Thorne or Lena Dunham, we always have to wonder why on earth they don't have their own stylist with the amount of money they are making... Some celebrities just have awful taste, and their personal style needs a ton of help.

That's why we came up with this list of twenty celebrities that need to trash their personal style and hire a professional fashion stylist ASAP. Check out which stars made the list below!

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20 Bella Thorne - Wears Clashing Patterns And Mix Matching Colors

Photo Via: imgur.com

This former Disney star has totally lost it when it comes to personal style. Bella Thorne has worn a number of ridiculous outfits, including this checkered print leotard that we are still questioning to this day. Thorne is a very talented actress, but when it comes to choosing what to wear, she lacks major talent. Bella has been photographed wearing outfits that tend to show off her body, and although she's got a great one, it comes off as trashy. From mix-matching patterns to vibrant colors and lots of fishnet stockings, Thorne doesn't seem to care about how she looks while walking down the streets of L.A. Even her makeup is over-the-top. We take it that this starlet is just begging for attention.

19 Lena Dunham - Sticking To Her Funky Style

Photo Via: marieclaire.com

Girls star Lena Dunham knows she's got a rather awkward taste when it comes to clothing. She's even said that she realizes people are questioning her fashion tastes in an interview for the New York Times.

"I've gotten this reputation as someone with notoriously bad style. I would say the fashion blogs enjoy a bit of a roast of me. I don't mind; I've always thought the worst dressed were the best dressed,"

she said. The feminist seems to be on the more conservative side when it comes to dressing up for a red carpet event, but when she's out and about, Dunham likes her patterned dresses and Oxford shoes. Her funky style may need an upgrade, but we don't think she'll get a stylist anytime soon.

18 Taylor Momsen - Goth Rocker Style Needs A Change

Photo Via: perezhilton.com

Taylor Momsen got rid of her preppy style from her acting days on Gossip Girl and has been turning heads in her all-black rock-and-roll fashion. Momsen is the definition of grunge and her style reflects it.

From band t-shirts, fishnets, and all-black everything, Momsen might need a stylist to help put some color in her life.

Her rock style isn't all that bad, but dressing like a Goth definitely causes people to raise an eyebrow. If you want to embrace your alternative edge, then Momsen is your guide. However, we think it's time for this actress to change it up and embrace color or at least start with some shades of purple or blue in her wardrobe. Even her makeup is a bit dreary with raccoon eyes and dark lips, and we just can’t take it any longer.

17 Mickey Rourke - L.A. Street Style Is Extremely Strange

Photo Via: woman.hundo.com

It's not surprising to see a Hollywood star dressing badly, but when it comes to Mickey Rourke, his fashion sense is extremely bad and very questionable. The retired boxer has created his own type of fashion and his L.A. street style is just downright awful.

From red leather cowboy boots to this terrifying army print number, we just can't understand why anyone allows him to get out of his house in the clothes he wears.

And apparently, Rourke only owns one t-shirt, and when he's not wearing it, you can spot him going t-shirtless and baring it all in a tight zip-up that looks like it should be for a size-small woman. His odd fashion choices make us wonder if he's just having a life crisis.

16 Helena Bonham Carter - Turns Heads With Wild Looks

Photo Via: gofugyourself.com

15 Miley Cyrus - Queen Of Outrageous Outfits


Miley Cyrus is the queen of outrageous outfits. Although she's calmed down quite a lot lately, given up drugs, and is rumored to be engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth, no one can forget about her wild and crazy past. When Cyrus was twerking on stage with large stuffed animals, the singer would come out wearing nothing but pasties, sheer leggings,

and even once wore a gigantic banana between her legs.

At awards shows, like the MTV Music Awards, the Wrecking Ball singer wore a jaw-dropping silver Versace ensemble that barely covered her. However, the singer has toned down her look tremendously, and we're glad she's back to being her old self.

14 Snooki - One Sloppy Mess On Jersey Shore

via Celebuzz

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has made drastic changes in her wardrobe after the end of MTV's Jersey Shore, but we can't forget her memorable outfits during filming. Remember those frog slippers she wore everywhere? Or what about the leopard or zebra nightclub outfits she thought flattered her? Her choice of clothing was downright trashy, and her roommates, JWoww and Deena, were all in the same boat when it came to tacky fashion. But all three ladies have seemingly cleaned up their act, and we're pretty impressed that they seemed to have thrown away all those animal print dresses and trucker hats.

13 Nicki Minaj

Photo Via: peopleschoice.com

Nicki Minaj once sported a pink chicken wing necklace to the IHeartRadio Festival and not everyone was feeling her choice of accessory. Minaj is known to wear wacky clothing like this leopard leotard and Frankenstein wig shown in the above photo. Wearing a number of colorful pieces during her concerts and outrageous wigs, Nicki was definitely dressing herself back then.

Let's not forget that Versace little red riding gown she wore at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

However, she's grown out of those wacky costumes and has possibly hired a fashion stylist. Her outfits aren't as crazy when she's walking red carpets, and she's seemed to tone down her look while still showing off her amazing curves.

12 Bai Ling - Wears Very Little To Every Event

Photo Via: moejackson.com

This Chinese-American actress is known for wearing barely-there clothing. If there's a "bare" beach around, you can bet Bai Ling would be there ASAP. The actress leaves nothing to the imagination because she constantly dresses in the skimpiest outfits. Her choice in style is trashy, but she's very well-known for it. She has a great body to show off, but we don't need to see every little detail. Bai Ling definitely needs a fashion stylist, but we think it'll be hard for her to put anything that doesn't resemble lingerie on. In her latest controversial outfit, Bai Ling stepped out at the International Fashion Film Awards in Beverly Hills wearing an outfit made of signs that read: "Bai Ling's Cooki: Film Proposes: Will You Marry Me? Fashion Says: YES!" Just Google it.

11 Mariah Carey - Too Many Diva Outfits

Phoot Via: thesun.com

Everyone knows that Mariah Carey is the ultimate diva. Look up the definition for the word and we're sure there is a photograph of Mariah Carey. It's safe to say that even her clothes match her big personality.

You won't catch this Hollywood star without a long gown that sparkles and shines.

We'd like to see Mariah make a return to her 90's outfits, especially that simple black crop top and long skirt she wore in 1993 while out in New York City. It was simple and sophisticated and not at all similar to the diva-like outfits she chooses to wear today. We get that Carey can wear whatever she pleases, but it would be nice to see her in something simple where we see her shine rather than her dress.

10 Tila Tequila - Loves To Show Off (Too Much)

via BuzzFeed

Tila Tequila gained famed after being the most popular person on MySpace. Since then, Tila has gotten her own reality shows on MTV, released a few songs that you probably never heard of, and got the boot from Celebrity Big Brother for her support for Adolf Hitler, as well as saying some anti-Semitic and white nationalist comments. Besides all of that controversial stuff, Tila's sense of style needs some work too. You can usually find her dressed in outfits that she probably purchased at a lingerie store. Her dresses always expose some part of her body, and she's way too proud to show off any way she can for some sort of attention.

9 Courtney Love - Lost Her Sense Of Style After The 90's

Photo Via: magazine.com

Everyone loved Courtney Love's look back in the 90's. She was the queen of grungy style and made looking messy cool. However,

her style has pretty much gone downhill, and it almost looks like she raids her grandmother's closet.

Her choice of clothing is questionable, and it's time for her to get her own fashion stylist ASAP. The 90's trend is back, and while she may be too old to dress like she had before, it's a lot better than what she has been spotted wearing now. Love's been photographed wearing clothes that are mismatched, and it doesn't look like she cares about her appearance when she’s out and about in L.A.

8 Bjork - Can't Get Rid Of Her Experimental Fashion Style

Photo Via: showpo.com

Bjork's sense of style is unlike any other. The singer experiments with her fashion and likes to play around with her looks. From that famous swan dress for the 2001 Oscars to Avant-garde pieces that no one would dare to wear, Bjork knows how to get people talking.

Her unique take on fashion has even been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City,

where they showcased a look at three decades of Bjork. It would be difficult for the Icelandic pop star to change her ways because it is so different than any other Hollywood star's fashion style no matter how hard they tried. Bjork is known for her wacky outfits, and it'll probably style wacky for the rest of her life.

7 Marilyn Manson - Fashion Reflects His Music

Photo Via: papermag.com

Marilyn Manson has always sparked some sort of controversy, whether it's the profanity and vulgarity in his music or the way he dresses and does his hair and makeup. His look may terrify some, but it's just for the show. His look has pretty much stayed the same since he started in the music business and that's wearing all black. His way of dressing is sometimes twisted, and it’s all very dark.

The rocker almost always wears tight leather black pants and a black button-up with black boots.

It might be a little difficult hiring a stylist for this singer because his sense of fashion pretty much reflects his music. We're also not sure if anyone would want to mess with his decisions.

6 Mary-Kate Olsen - Frumpy Clothing Isn't Working On The Small-Framed Star

Photo Via: huffingtonpost.com

Mary-Kate Olsen and her sister, Ashley, have their own fashion line called Elizabeth & James, selling contemporary and trendy clothing. But, it appears as though Mary-Kate isn't wearing her own pieces. Instead, she chooses to wear clothing that makes her look thirty or even forty years older. She's always photographed wearing frumpy clothes and clothes that are way too big on her. As a fashion influencer, we'd expect Mary-Kate to look more stylish, but it's pretty upsetting to see her in layers upon layers of clothing that literally swallow her whole.

5 Lil Wayne - Remember When He Dressed Like A Skater?

Photo Via: looklive.com

Lil Wayne may be an okay rapper, but his style isn't the best (we can also make the claim that it's not the worst). The shirtless and skinny jean-wearing singer has it bad when it comes to picking out what to wear on the daily. And with all that money he makes, we're surprised he hasn't paid for someone to dress him.

Does anyone match their brightly-colored shirt with their sneakers anymore?

Apparently Lil' Wayne still does. And can we end the saggy pants trend already? It's not a good look on anyone, whether you're a millionaire or not. Lil Wayne has also tried to rock a skater style and that ended quickly.

4 JWoww - Created Clothing Line Named Filthy Couture

Photo Via: huffingtonpost.com

Just like her gal pal, Snooki, Jersey Shore star JWoww also has bad taste in fashion. We would see her wearing barely-there outfits while going out to the clubs on the show, constantly showing off her chest. The star even launched her own clothing line named Filthy Couture, and you can just imagine what she's selling. From bedazzled dresses to lingerie-inspired beachwear,

if you want to look like JWoww when she was on the show, then her clothing line is for you.

Apparently, she decided to create this line because her fans were constantly asking her where she bought her clothing from. I'll leave that there.

3 Paula Abdul - Needs To Let Go Of The 80's

Photo Via: lipstickalley.com

Paula Abdul has gotten the title of worst dressed a number of times in the past, and maybe it's because she hasn't left that spunky side of her from back in the 80's. While on red carpet events,

Abdul's style has always been colorful, sparkly, and made heads turn.

She's another one of those celebrities that loves to experiment with fashion (sometimes a bit too much), but it just doesn't work out for the star. One year at the Emmy Awards, the former American Idol judge wore a dress made up of all gold that covered her neck to toe, literally mimicking an Emmy statue. It was certainly a metallic mishap!

2 Fergie - Needs To Find Her Own Style

Photo Via: huffingtonpost.com

Black Eyed Peas singer and star Fergie always looks confident in whatever she chooses to wear, even if it's in bad taste. When the star joined the music group, she would wear tracksuits, wife beaters, and large hoop earrings. Since then, she's tried to dress like a rave girl, a 1950's poodle, a naughty schoolgirl, and somewhat of a business woman. Her looks are seemingly always changing, and she never keeps a style that's simply her own. We'd love to see a fashion stylist dress the star because she has a killer body and needs to find a style that suits her.

1 Katy Perry - Red Carpet Style Always Turns Heads

Photo Via: elle.com

Katy Perry always has heads turning when she walks down a red carpet. She is definitely no wallflower when it comes to fashion. She's either spotted wearing neon hair or outfits that make a statement.

During the 2015 Met Gala, the singer wore a graffiti-splattered gown, and at an L.A. award show, she wore an all pink outfit that made her look like Barbie.

Let's not forget that time Perry channeled Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards and wore an all-denim Versace gown. Katy Perry is definitely one celeb that is daring when it comes to her fashion choices, but we'd like to see the star tone it down from time to time.

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