19 Photos Proving Alyssa Milano Will Always Be Smoking Hot

We got to know of Alyssa Milano back in the mid-80s when she portrayed Tony Danza’s daughter, Samantha Micilli in the hit television show Who’s the Boss? During her time on that show, Alyssa was also busy working in movies which boosted her profile. When Who’s the Boss? ended its 8-year run, the 20-year-old found herself at a bit of a crossroads. Not wanting to be typecast in roles similar to the sweet and innocent one she had played for so long, she took a chance and portrayed a teenage prostitute in the film Where the Day Takes You. She followed that up by taking the role of Amy Fisher in the television film Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story. And just like that, she had successfully transformed from a child actor to a bonafide adult actress. Granted appearing nude in the film Embrace of the Vampires is one way to also show she had grown up!

She now has several acting, writing, and producing credits to her name as well as other business ventures. She even released 4 studio albums in the late 80s and early 90s. She has had successes in other long-running television shows and is one of the most sought after faces in show business. Aside from her talent, Alyssa is also an extremely attractive lady. In case you have forgotten just how beautiful the 44-year-old actress is you can check out 20 photos proving Alyssa Milano will always be smoking hot.


19 Dream Mistress

Alyssa has been on several television shows throughout her career. Who’s the Boss?, Melrose Place, Charmed, and even the comedy My Name is Earl. She took the part of Savannah Davis, a sexy lawyer, in the television drama series Mistresses. The soapy drama might not be the best show to hit the airwaves but it was successful enough to be given a third season. The problem was that the show faced cuts to the budget and production was moved from LA to Vancouver, Canada. The sexy starlet decided that she couldn’t make such a move due to her obligations as a mother to a pair of young children so she left the show. Mistresses struggled to attract viewers and was finally canceled after the fourth season. Don’t worry. Those shapely legs and sultry face will undoubtedly be back in a similar role soon.

18 Charmed


Back in 1998, Alyssa teamed up with Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs in the hit series Charmed which followed 3 sisters that happened to be witches. Very charming witches indeed!! Alyssa is pictured here posing on a couch for a promo shot. She sported a bob-style hairdo and gave us a few reasons to tune in. Those full red lips, seductive eyes, and curvaceous figure gave her fans a lot to admire while that sassy shot of side-boob is more than a little hypnotizing. Charmed ran for 8 seasons before running its course. That didn’t mean that the lovely Alyssa was finished though. She manages to remain in the spotlight through her tireless work on television and in movies. We can’t wait to see her in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later.

17 Lavender Lingerie

Alyssa took our breath away when she posed for the camera wearing this lavender and black nightie. While she keeps a youthful appearance, she is certainly all grown up. With such a low neckline revealing so much silky skin, it’s easy to overlook her short hair. It doesn’t seem to matter what she does with her hair though because she has so many attractive features. Her gaze could burn holes through the souls of those who dare to look her in the eyes and her glossy lips make most men want to take a cold shower. Alyssa has the knack for revealing just enough skin without crossing the line. Though there are plenty of film roles of hers in which even the above outfit would look like overdressing! Unlike so many other actresses, you won’t see Milano posing in the buff, but that doesn't mean she won't leave your heart racing.

16 Tattoo You


Alyssa dons a plunging top that shows off her firm abs. You might also notice the tattoo that peeks out above her low belt line? This tattoo is one of many that dark-eyed dame has on her body. This one is a fairy that is kneeling in grass and flowers. She has a winged angel on her left ankle and a chain of roses on her right ankle. On her right shoulder blade is a rosary and a Buddhist symbol is emblazoned on the back of her neck. She also has tattoos on her wrists. Another Buddhist symbol is on her left wrist while her right wrist is wrapped in a snake tattoo. Those are just the ones that we know about. We’d have to ask her husband, David Bulgari if she has any others.

15 Yankees Fan

Alyssa was born in Brooklyn so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see her displaying the New York Yankees’ logo. She must be a baseball fan but she must have a policy against dating guys that wear the Yankees pinstripes. It would be easy to imagine her dating Derek Jeter or running with Alex Rodriguez but she seemed to have a thing for non-Yankees pitchers in the early to mid-2000s. She dated Marlin’s hurler Carl Pavano, Oakland chucker Barry Zito, and Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny. Maybe it was a ploy to throw these guys off their game? It would definitely be hard to concentrate on the strike zone when you know that Alyssa is waiting for you after the game. Especially if she’s wearing a low cut t-shirt such as the one she’s wearing here.

14 On Leopard Skin


This is one of a few shots of Alyssa that were taken a few years ago. She posed in a tiny night dress while lying on a leopard skin blanket. She’s very adept at staring down the camera which gives photos like this an intimate aura about them. The string strap hanging off her shoulder and her looking like she’s about to lower the other one just adds to the intimacy. One of the things about Alyssa Milano is that she knows how to wear makeup. There’s usually just enough to accentuate her features but very seldom so much as to make it look obvious. She is also a pro at knowing exactly what shade of lipstick to wear. The natural beauty and healthy aura that she gives off is simply amazing.

13 She Red Your Mind

She may be among dead and tangled wood but Alyssa brings a lot of life and color to this picture. This photo is symbolic of her short-lived television show Romantically Challenged back in 2010. She was surrounded by dead wood and the show was canceled just four episodes into its run. It’s one of her few failures but it definitely wasn’t her fault. Many critics approved of her performance but the writing and story line lacked. One critic wondered exactly how any studio or network would waste her talent on a show that was doomed out of the gate. While she couldn’t single-handedly save that show, she absolutely brings this picture to life in her busty red top and a charmingly pensive look on her face. It is just one more of the countless scenes that she has stolen. Not that she has too much competition is this particular photo.


12 Peek-a-Boo


Here is Alyssa in a dark tank top that she appears to be trying to burst out of. Or maybe the photographer just got an eyeful and she’s scrambling to cover up again? Either way, this is one of 20 photos proving Alyssa Milano will always be smoking hot. Her hair is teased and getting in her face as it gently touches her delicate shoulders. Her skin is flawless and there is plenty of it showing. Her camouflage skirt is riding a little high exposing to yummy gams that may have been freshly waxed. If you look close enough, you can see the top of the fairy tattoo that’s peeking out from the narrow strip of silky skin between her skirt and top. It makes one wonder what else she has hidden under there.

11 Glistening

In this more recent shot of the 44-year-old sexpot, Alyssa looks like she’s beginning to break out into a sweet sweat as she poses in a corner. She is deep in thought as she hikes her dress up over her knees. Her open neckline reveals glistening curves but she remains cool and collected. It’s not all that often that we get to see her standing still. She has been working almost non-stop for over 30 years to build her impressive resume. It’s truly amazing that Milano has never really been involved in any real controversies like so many other celebrities find themselves embroiled in. No stints in rehab, no embarrassing mugshots, not even a hint trouble. Her support of PETA and Hillary Clinton might raise a couple of eyebrows but you can’t fault her for standing up for what she believes in.

10 Laid Back


Here is a great shot in which Alyssa really stands out. She’s laying back on a soft couch in a black single-shoulder top and what looks like a black skirt and black knee-high stockings. She has her head comfortably resting in her hands as she stares at the camera with a look that is begging for a bit of excitement. Her tight olive skin is as smooth as ever but it’s too bad we can’t see more of it. She looked almost as good when she played the role of a woman who was looking to rekindle an old flame in the second episode of the Fantasy Island reboot in 1998. Even with her star power, the series fizzled out and was canceled after one season. Alyssa, however, goes on and on.

9 Striking Pose

She is still posing on the couch but this time she gives us a great view of her back as well as the rosary tattoo that she has on her right shoulder blade. She tries her best to lock eyes with you but you can’t help but to break her stare and slowly scan her awesome figure. Her tender shoulders, rounded chest, and slim waist. She has transitioned from an awkward teenager into adulthood very well. She took a gamble when she took the role of Amy Fisher in the television movie Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story. She wanted to shake her image of the innocent girl that she portrayed in Who’s the Boss? Mission accomplished!!

8 Lounging Around


Alyssa is flopped backward on a lounge chair and casts a curvy silhouette on the wall behind her. She is focused on the camera but viewers are more than likely concentrating on something else. Get a load of those legs!! The makeup that highlights her dark eyes and the lipstick that draws us to her lips compliment her flowery summer dress quite nicely. This dress is a lot more attractive than the dress she wore that was made out of vegetables in a 2007 PETA ad. For such a hard-working and busy woman, Alyssa manages to find time to support various charities and causes. Maybe that is why she appears exhausted in this pic. Even if she didn’t have a cold beer waiting for you, coming home to this scene would be a dream come true.

7 Woman In Red

If the famous Woman in Red that helped to bring down John Dillinger was half as good looking as Alyssa is here then it is easy to see how such a sharp guy would fall for her. In this picture, which was part of a seductive photo shoot, Alyssa poses in a red dress as she sits on a leather couch. Those pigtails give her that “naughty girl” look while her mischievous grin tells us she is looking for a little bit of trouble. Wouldn’t you love to take her over your knee? She playfully holds the dress above her knees but she’s not giving anything away. As with many of the 20 photos proving Alyssa Milano will always be smoking hot, she proudly shows off her ample cleavage. She keeps on giving.

6 Something’s Boiling


Alyssa appears to be on the set preparing to do a scene. It looks like she’s fresh out of the shower as her damp hair flows over her shoulders and onto her sexy peach top. She is obviously amused by something or somebody off camera while viewers are amused by her. She even seems to have the attention of the guy in the background who is holding the microphone boom. Even though the stove doesn’t look like it’s on, the water in the kettle will probably start to boil just from being in such close proximity to the stunning siren. If you want to stay for dinner, don’t expect to be served a juicy t-bone. Alyssa is a vegetarian although she has slightly changed her diet since having her children.

5 Well Rounded

This jaw-dropping photo of Alyssa is one of her more recent ones. She looks great in her wavy hair and her darker complexion really brings out her eyes and shiny lips. The light glows off of her shoulder and the inside of her popping chest that is covered by her silky nightie. She posed for several pictures during this photo session but this one might be the best of them all. She makes a lot of professional models look like amateurs just as she makes most of her other sexy co-stars look average. Comparing her to Yunjin Kim, Rochelle Aytes, Jess Macallan, and the rest of the female cast members of Mistresses is like comparing a Porsche to a Ford Escort. It’s no wonder the show crashed and burned without her.

4 Dodgers Blue


We’re not certain when exactly this photo was taken but it may have been around 2005 when she was dating LA Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny. This is one of many photos that were taken of the sweet starlet in an unknown stairwell. Whether she’s dressed up in designer dresses or just sporting a casual look, she always looks great. Alyssa must have really had an effect on the former Dodgers pitcher as he enjoyed a couple of very good seasons after they hooked up. While Brad failed to win a World Series with LA, he can at least say that he got to hold on to one of the most beautiful women in the world for a while. As for Alyssa, it didn’t take her long to settle down after that relationship.

3 Hi, Honey. I’m Home!!

So you’ve just finished another hard day at work. You walk up your front steps and open your front door to be greeted by Alyssa’s welcoming face. She has got the baseball game on for you and a freshly-cracked cold beer sitting on the coffee table beside your recliner. She must have put her vegetarian ideals aside for tonight as you can hear a tender porterhouse steak sizzling away. Then you wake up from the daydream as your boss screams at you to get back to work. It was good while it lasted but now you better close the Alyssa Milano desktop wallpaper and return to filling out those boring purchase orders. Just one more look at those luscious lips, shimmering eyes, and supermodel looks. She’ll be waiting for you during your coffee break.

2 Dreamy


Alyssa really shows her Italian roots in this photo. The dark hair, dark eyes, and olive complexion are the quintessential attributes of classic Mediterranean beauty. Once again, she has chosen the perfect lip color and just enough eyeliner to light up those dreamy dark eyes. Her summer dress hangs loosely off of her fantastic frame reminding us of a couple of other reasons why we are so infatuated with her. In this one of the 20 photos proving that Alyssa Milano will always be smoking hot, Alyssa poses for the camera in a field of green. Natural beauty in the middle of natural beauty is a naturally beautiful thing. It’s good to see her get away from the hustle and bustle of her daily life to take a bit of well-deserved time out in the fresh air.

1 Perfection

Looking like she might be headed out for a night on the town, Alyssa shows off how elegant she can look. It’s a rare photo in which she is wearing her hair up exposing her long feminine neck. She is also subtly displaying her love of baseball by wearing a pair of St. Louis Cardinals earrings. She probably got them from one of their pitchers. Her makeup is perfect and she drives us wild with those loose shoulder straps that look like they could fall off at any moment. One thing that doesn’t look like it will fall off is her career. She might slow down a bit with kids at home but she appears to be keeping a pretty good pace. We look forward to seeing a lot more of her in the coming years. A swimsuit spread would be nice!!


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