20 Photos Of Tiffani Thiessen That Prove The World Should Be Paying Attention

Arguably the female lead of one of the most popular sitcoms from the nineties, Tiffani Thiessen played Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell for several seasons. The romantic interest of the show’s male lead, that put her in a hallowed place on the series, and the fact that she also played a cheerleader and was gorgeous, cemented that. However, viewers could have been forgiven if they worried that the end of the show would ruin her career but she was able to land a gig on Beverly Hills, 90210 which was a hit as well. Furthermore, in the years since, she continuously ends up being cast in show after show and has two series in production this year. Despite that, some people ignore her and realizing that inspired us to put together this list of twenty photos of Tiffani Thiessen that prove the world should be paying attention to her.

In order for a photo to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost has to feature Tiffani Thiessen in one way or another. For our purposes, it should be noted that the inclusion of someone else does not preclude it from appearing here and, depending on the context, could make it more likely to be a part of the list. Aside from that, there needs to be something about it that we think makes it worthy of looking at for any past or present fans and followers of her career, such as her looking fantastic in it. On top of that, images will be given preferential treatment in the ranking if it seems like many people that are aware of who she is still may not have come across it or put much thought into it. Finally, screengrabs of her from media appearances, including shows or films she has starred in are fair game.

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20 Tank Top

A shot of Tiffani Thiessen on the set of a film, considering how long her career has been going at this point, it seems as though that would be the kind of location that she would be comfortable in. Wearing clothes in this moment that are commonly seen worn by people in everyday life, based solely on her attire, this image would have had no business being here. However, when you put someone as attractive as her in any kind of clothes, she is going to raise its game. And in this case, that is absolutely no different. Adorned in a tank top that is tight enough to her body to accentuate her chest, she looks marvelous here. And if you haven’t been following her career, you may be astonished by what she has going on.

19 Tight Dress

Via Pinterest.com

Looking as though she is taking part in a photo shoot in someone’s backyard or some kind of park with a patio area, this lovely picture is a study in dichotomy in our view. We say that because it shows the natural beauty of the world while also showing off that she has some of the best genes out there when it comes to her looks, in our opinion. On the other hand, we also know that she was worked on by a hair and makeup team, as well as being lit and photographed by a crew of professionals. As such, this image provides fans with evidence that no matter what situation she finds herself in, she seems fully capable of adapting to it.

18 Wedding Day

via Pinterest

A shot of Tiffani from the day of her wedding to fellow actor Brady Smith, you may not recognize him but he has appeared in shows like ER, JAG, Charmed, CSI: Miami, and Criminal Minds. That said, this shot does feature several recognizable faces from Beverly Hills, 90210, a show Tiffani starred in for years. Posing alongside Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling, and Lindsay Price, it is pretty great to see a mini 90210 reunion going on in this photo. However, the main reason we think a shot like this should be seen by fans of hers is that it speaks to who she is as a person. After all, if she was a jerk to be around on set, she wouldn’t have her former co-stars wanting to be there with her years after their show came to an end.

17 Cooking With Mario

Via Twitter.com

Like most people, Tiffani is interested in a number of things in life and, as a result, has developed skills in more than one area. As a result, even though there are many people that only know her for her acting career, they may be interested to learn that she has since branched her brand out further than that. The host of a Cooking Channel show called Dinner at Tiffani's since 2015, each episode features her being joined by various groups of celebrity friends and they make some food together. Seen here with a pair of people she has acted alongside, we see her with Bill Bellamy, someone who starred in the short-lived series Fastlane with her. Of course, the other gentlemen present is Mario Lopez, her former Saved by the Bell pal who is accompanied by his wife, Courtney, in a moment fans of that sitcom would be stoked by.

16 In The Sand

Via hecklerspray.com

The kind of picture that fantasies are made of, here we see one of the most beautiful actors that have made a name for themselves lounging in the sand of a beach in front of a rock background. Something that we can only dream we may come across someday in our travels, if someone with a heart issue walked up on this shoot, we could easily understand them having some kind of episode. Exposing pretty much all of her back and revealing how soft and supple-looking her skin seems to be, there is also a very intimate feel here that makes this photo even better. Looking directly at the camera with a gleeful twinkle in her eye that lets us know that she is fully aware of how wonderful she looks, we would be very pleased too if we were her.

15 In Character

Via popsugar.com

The kind of thing that would be a dream come true for any fan of Saved by the Bell, Jimmy Fallon used his position as the host of major talk show to bring together the cast of a sitcom he loved. Reuniting several of the actors at the core of the series so many people watched in the video this shot was screengrabbed from, there was one major thing about this moment that stood out. Instead of posing together in a series of photos that are rad, this time around, we got to see them actually in character for the first time in years. If you were ever a fan of the Bayside crew and you missed out on this marvelous moment, then that is a real shame and you should be paying a lot more attention.

14 Hat Covering

Via piximus.net

Easily the most suggestive image here that doesn’t actually show much of anything, if you are the kind of person that enjoys using your imagination, this is a feast for the mind. Seeming as though she may not be wearing anything under that hat, as far as we know, she could be fully covered underneath it. But in our heads, that is far from the case. An idea that is very much aided by the mischievous smile on her face that seems to say she knows something hot we don’t, that is enough to make this shot a thing of real beauty. In fact, prior to seeing a photo like this one, we had no idea why this kind of massive hat exists at all. But if they are used to create things this incredible in the future, they will have our full support.

13 In My Place - Photo 1

Via tiffani-thiessen.us

The first shot on this list that was taken as a part of the Me in My Place series, the whole concept behind that is to take a female celebrity and photograph them in their own home. As such, when you see this picture of Tiffani in a bedroom from her house, it is safe to assume that we are looking at one of the most private areas of her life. Arguably the most salacious place in the right person’s house, it is there that many people have intimate times with their lovers. As such, getting to see Tiffani on her bed as she has begun to unbutton her top has to result in one of the steamiest shots of her in existence as it allows us to put ourselves there with her.

12 Cooking With Elizabeth

Via Twitter.com

Another shot of Tiffani from her ongoing cooking show, this time around, she yet again finds herself with a pair of famous friends in the kitchen. First off, the less notable of the two is Emily Procter, an actor who had a very small recurring role in one of Tiffani’s previous shows, White Collar, and is otherwise remembered for CSI: Miami. Then you have another star of the much-beloved Saved by the Bell, Elizabeth Berkley, present. Extremely exciting for anyone that has avidly followed either of their careers, seeing two of the three young women at the core of that popular series together is always going to be really rad. On top of that, the fact that all three of these talented and beautiful women seem to be having a great time makes this shot all the better.

11 Fastlane Chemistry


Another series that Tiffani starred in that isn’t brought up very often these days as it only lasted a single season, Fastlane aired as a part of the 2002 and 2003 season. Co-starring Peter Facinelli and Bill Bellamy, the three of them played people in law enforcement that would use their good looks and fast talking to go undercover and bring criminals to justice. A screengrab from that show, the episode this image originated from featured Jaime Pressly as someone in the crosshairs of the show’s core characters. Asked to ingratiate herself to their target by earning her affections, Tiffani found herself making out with this beautiful blonde in front of the world. Not yet locking lips here, knowing what was about to happen is more than enough to put a huge smile on our face, and we doubt we’re the only ones.

10 Those Eyes

Via dvdbash.com

If you haven’t noticed it after seeing Tiffani Thiessen’s shows or movies or from checking out this list, we’re just going to come out and say it, she is an absolutely gorgeous woman. Put on film in varying ways throughout many stages of her life, there is a lot of content out there about her, so at first blush, you may be wondering what makes this shot so special. Well, first off, we will say that we appreciate the way her top is clinging to her chest as we always enjoy getting a view of that. However, the part of this that stands out by far the most for us is the way her eyes look. Seeming about as vibrant and deep as eyes ever can, they hint at not only her external beauty but also an internal sensuality that we enjoy a lot too and her fans should pick up on.

9 Her Family

Via babynowusa.com

Someone that we first became aware of when she played a sticky sweet high school cheerleader with a big heart and family, Tiffani’s time on Saved by the Bell made an indelible mark on many people. In fact, even though that show hasn’t aired any new episodes in years on end at this point, we still think first of that time in her life as soon as her name is brought up. Something we’re guessing she wishes was not the case, even though she seems to embrace that show’s legacy, we’d be surprised if she wanted to be known for something she did as a relative youngster. An image that instantly communicates how much things have changed for her since she first became a star, seeing Tiffani with her two children and husband is rather striking.

8 Bright Day

Via redbookmag.com

A shot that combines one of Tiffani’s great passions, cooking, and a bright and happy tone that we find very appealing, we doubt it ever looks like this when she cooks but we can hold out hope. Wearing a bright green dress that gives her a more innocent and naïve feel while also carrying herself like a confident older woman that knows who she is, that is the best of both worlds. Combined with a pair of pink shoes that look very lively and full of energy, there is a quality here that makes it seem like being present would have been an invigorating experience. On top of that, the fact that she is running her hand through her hair makes us think of that kind of contact with someone you care about and it can barely get better than that.

7 Magazine Cover

Via pinsdaddy.com

The second image of a Saved By the Bell reunion to make this list, this time around, we are looking at a photo that adorned the cover of a People Magazine in 2009. Featuring five of the six main stars of the show that we spent hours on end watching in our youth, it was the first time that many people got to see them among one another in more than a decade. Also awesome not only because of the length of time they’d been apart from one another when this was taken, there is another quality of this shot that we took a lot of pleasure in. Seeming as though they were very comfortable in one another’s presence, it makes us feel as though they weren’t only co-stars but friends, which is very heartwarming.

6 The Ladies Man

Via YouTube.com

A movie that didn’t exactly light the world on fire, The Ladies Man should have had a pretty good chance of making money considering its pedigree going in and it not costing a lot to make. Made for twenty-four million dollars and originating from a recurring Saturday Night Live skit, there was a built-in audience that should have shown up. However, it didn’t even manage to bring in fourteen million dollars at the box office and wasn’t received very well by critics at all. That said, it did give us one fantastic thing, a scene in which Tiffani appears in some of the most scintillating lingerie you’ll ever see. A screengrab from that moment, if someone opened their door to us looking like that we’d be overjoyed.

5 Comfortable Shirt

Via tumbex.com

The second and final shot of Tiffani from the Me in My Place shoot to make this list, this time around, we don’t find her on her bed, which is obviously a little bit of a disappointment. Still, if you actually scour what is going on behind her, it seems as though it is behind her which makes us think she is peering out at us from her bedroom all the same. More covered up here than in the previous shot, you’d think we’d find this one less attractive as a result, but you couldn’t be more wrong. After all, we would be overjoyed to see her looking at us with that inviting expression on her face in that area of her home. Furthermore, the fact that she is wearing a slightly oversize top allows us to imagine she has our clothes on which is one of the hottest things any woman in our life can do.

4 Christmas With Mark-Paul (And Others)

Via chron.com

The final shot of Tiffani that is associated with her cooking show, this time around, there are more people present than in any of the others as it originated from a special holiday episode. Among three of her most important co-stars, this time around, Tim DeKay, one of the other lead actors in her show White Collar, is there but he is the least exciting of the stars. We are definitely more excited by the inclusion of Jason Priestley who she worked with on the show Beverly Hills, 90210 for a number of years. However, without a doubt, we are most jazzed by Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s presence. The person that brought Zack Morris to life, seeing her in the same home as the man who was her onscreen beau all of those years is spectacular.

3 Bikini Babe

Via gotceleb.com

A paparazzi photo of Tiffani as she made her way around a beach while presumably on a holiday of some kind, this shot is simply extraordinary. Strolling along looking as though she doesn’t have a care in the world at this moment, she looks so incredibly comfortable in her own skin that it ups the ante on this image tenfold at least in our eyes. We feel that way because she seems like she knows exactly who she is and what she wants, and that is an alluring trait for anyone to have. When you then factor in the view of her body this affords us, then all we can do is thank our lucky stars we came across it in our internet travels.

2 Hollywood Ending

Via filmweb.pl

A movie that underwhelmed when it was released and is seen in an even poorer light today, Hollywood Ending came out in 2002 and didn’t manage to make fifteen million dollars at the box office. Directed by Woody Allen, at that time, his involvement would have been seen as a huge boon to its prospects which is likely no longer the case, given the things people know about him today. All of that aside, however, the movie should be taken on its own merits, and we have to say that it was a pretty mediocre effort overall, which is never a great thing. On the other hand, the fact that Tiffani was cast by a man who was then a Hollywood heavyweight should have been awesome for her. For us, we also got to take away a screengrab from the film like this one where she is as alluring-looking as anyone could be.

1 Side View

Via radass.com

A vantage point of women that we don’t get to see in photographs nearly enough, seeing a lady’s body from the side has to be one of the most under-appreciated visual experiences out there. Don’t get us wrong, we love lots of photos of attractive women that show them from the front and back as well, but we really feel like there is something special about images like this one. We say that because it is fantastic to be able to check out the rise and fall of a woman’s chest, and it really doesn’t get any easier to be able to do that than when checking them out from the side. Of course, when someone has a chest as bountiful as Tiffani’s, that makes this especially awesome too.

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