20 Photos Of The Saved By The Bell Ladies Fans Can't Miss

One of the most popular shows on television when it came to the teen demographic during much of the nineties, Saved by the Bell was a total sensation among fans during its height. Beloved by an entire generation of people, as a result, there is little doubt that the show holds a special place in the hearts of kids that were around during that period. On top of that, however, it has managed to hold on to relevance years after its first airing as it has remained in syndication ever since. Due to still airing and its fun and silly tone, the series has managed to create many new fans among young people in the years since it was canceled even though it is dated in many ways. Starring a group of attractive young people, there is also little doubt that many have developed massive crushes on some of the cast members, including the female leads. Realizing all of this is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty photos of the Saved by the Bell ladies fans can’t miss.

In order for an image to be considered for inclusion here, it needs to feature someone that was a female cast member of Saved by the Bell at one time in an obvious way. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter if anyone else is present as the cast member is the only person we are concerned with. As a result, any picture of them was looked at, including those taken on red carpets, sets, photoshoots, or anywhere else they may appear. On top of that, any screengrab of them taken from any of their media appearances, including movies, shows, or talk shows were in the running. The only other thing is that the picture needs to be one that we think fans of the show simply have to see.

20 Lark Posed

Via silverscreenpr.com

Cast as Lisa Turtle, a fashion-obsessed gossip hound that spends much of her time beating off advances from Screech Powers, Lark Voorhies embodied a character that many people loved. Given more nuance as the show continued on, she was also shown to have a wonderful heart and was fiercely loyal to her friends, including the awkward weirdo she constantly fended off. Growing up in front of the world for many years, fans were able to watch season after season as she matured into a more beautiful young person each year. As such, this photo of her that shows her from before she seems to have changed her looks through plastic surgery shouldn’t surprise anyone, as she looks lovely when put together so well and posed.

19 Elizabeth Red Carpet

Via celebzz.com

We don’t know about you but we had absolutely no idea whatsoever that an event called the Celebration of Dance existed. But as of now, we are happy that it does. After all, if it was never held, we’d be missing out on this photo of Elizabeth Berkley on the red carpet for it, and that would be a travesty as we think she looks absolutely incredible here. Wearing a dress that is slit down the middle and shows off enough cleavage to really get the mind going, it is pitch perfect as it is still safe for work as nothing too scandalous is on display. Additionally, the material of her dress and the cut of it also makes it cling to her figure, and considering whose body is under that gown, we can’t think of a better outcome.

18 Tiffani Leisure Wear

Via Pinterest.com

An image that was taken as a part of the Me in My Place series, this shot of Tiffani Thiessen was taken of her while she was in her own home and wearing her own clothes which make her feel comfortable. Not spectacular in any major way, we like that she has short shorts on and her top has a welcoming feel to it, but in all reality, they aren’t anything all that grand even on someone so hot. However, what we love about this image is the look on her face and knowing where this picture was taken. With an expression that screams intimacy to us, it seems as though she is welcoming us into her living space, and when you envision the concept of spending time with her alone, it is truly wonderful.

17 Leanna And Her Sisters

Via thecoli.com

If you were a casual fan of Saved by the Bell or came along late and watched it passively in reruns, then you may have been left wondering why there was suddenly a new female character on the show. Furthermore, where did Kelly and Jessie disappear to and how is it that suddenly Zack is dating this Tori person in one episode and then she is gone the next? Turns out, Tiffani Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley refused to sign on for the final season of the show so they created the character of Tori. But when they returned, Tori was dropped quickly. The actor that played that character, Leanna Creel, is in the center of this image looking healthy and happy alongside her two sisters. And we have to say, the resemblance is clear and they are pretty.

16 Lark’s Reveal

Via landthieves.com

An actor who shepherded a lot of young people through puberty, there is no doubt in our minds that Lark Voorhies was the first celebrity crush of many people out there for good reason. Born with natural beauty and blessed with fantastic skin and genes throughout her life, when it came to her, it was the beauty of her face that often got the lion’s share of the attention. However, when you see a photo like this one which shows off her cleavage, something that is usually hidden from the camera, it becomes clear that that aspect of her should have received more credit. Wearing a dress here that is cut like a V but deep on her chest, it hints at what she is working with in a way that we greatly appreciate.

15 Elizabeth’s Back

Via fansshare.com

The person that won the role of Jessica Spano on the mega-hit Saved by the Bell, Elizabeth Berkley was the perfect person for the role as she often committed entirely to her part, even when it got goofy. An environmentalist with strong feminist views, she believed strongly in changing the world for the better and was a great role model for many young people that tuned into the show each week. Also notable for her height, the producers at the time focused on the fact that she was larger than some of the boys on the show which was rare on TV and a good thing as she took pride in her body in the end. Wearing a backless dress in this image, that provides us with a view of her that is fantastic as following her figure rise and fall like that is a sight for sore eyes.

14 Tiffani’s Eyes

Via dvdbash.com

There are a lot of things about Tiffani Thiessen to be very attracted to if you are someone whose preferences have you looking for women that look good. First off, there are the obvious things when it comes to her physically as she has an ample chest that is a delight to look at and the rest of her body is on point too, which is to say nothing about her comely face. Then, you have her personality which seems quite delightful from what we can tell when watching her during interviews or clips from her new cooking show. With all of that in mind, there is still another aspect of her that we think deserves more credit for its beauty—her eyes, which look kind and inviting as well as colorful and deep.

13 Leanna’s Smile

Via IMDB.com

An actor that is all too often a forgotten part of the Saved by the Bell legacy, Leanna Creel came along in the final season of the show and was a valuable part of the series in our view. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that she should be held on the same level as the central six actors or Principal Belding, but fans of the series do owe her some appreciation nonetheless. We feel like that is the case because without her, we’d have missed out on some memorable and great episodes. And while we love the characters she replaced, she did a good job with her role. A modern photo of the actor that brought Tori Scott to life, with her sporting a massive and quite sincere-looking smile on her face, it is nice that it seems as though she is very happy with her life.

12 Elizabeth’s Top

Via picarena.com

Someone who is sadly no longer a part of the conversation very much when it comes to landing high-profile roles today, Elizabeth Berkley’s last role came when she guested in an episode of New Girl. As a result, we don’t get to appreciate just how dazzling her body is very often, as images of her aren’t in front of us on a regular basis. Not something we think about often, when we see an image of her like this, we realize how unfortunate that is. Wearing nothing but a top of some kind, it is open enough that we can see the highest part of her chest. Of course, the appeal of that is nothing in comparison to how much we’re enjoying checking out how impressive her legs are since they look pretty much perfect.

11 Tiffani Bikini

via GotCeleb

A photo of Tiffani as she is walking around a beach that looks absolutely beautiful, we would totally understand if you hadn’t noticed how gorgeous her surroundings are. After all, that would mean that you took a moment to look away from her which is something we wouldn’t be enthusiastic to do either since her bikini is doing her body good. Wearing mismatched swimwear in two pieces that are both quite eye-grabbing, her bottoms draw in the eye and makes us notice her tattoo which we previously were unaware that she had. Then you have her top which we are even more interested in as it is surrounded by her cleavage which is amazing enough that we have to praise any piece of clothing that shows it off.

10 Lark Looking Natural

Via myspace.com

Someone who has garnered a lot of attention over the last several years for her changing look, if you have seen recent pictures of Lark, there is a marked difference in her face. Oftentimes looking as though there is a pound of makeup on her face which is washing the color out of it, some of her features look different as well and even her eyes seem different. Rather unfortunate since she was such a gorgeous person and we always support aging gracefully, on the other hand, if she is happy with the outcome, then that really is all that matters. Still, we’d be lying if we weren’t forthright in revealing that we wildly prefer this look for her where she looks much more natural than she does today and is quite alluring.

9 Magazine Cover

Via ladylibertyevents.com

An event that many people anticipated ever since the show Saved by the Bell came to an end, the idea of seeing almost all of the main cast back together again was really exciting. Sure, Dustin Diamond who played Screech and Dennis Haskins who played Mr. Belding were both absent, but this still felt pretty complete even without Ed Alonzo who played Max either. Of course, the fact that this list is based on the female members of the cast makes the absences even more palatable when it comes to ranking it here. Finally, it doesn’t hurt at all that Elizabeth, Lark, and Tiffani all look so dazzling here that they look far more beautiful than any single image of them from the heyday of the show that made them stars.

8 Lark Midriff

Via theboldandthebeautiful.wikia.com

An actor that makes us feel nostalgic for a previous time in our lives, just like her co-stars in Saved by the Bell, seeing Lark Voorhies is always going to be a welcome thing in our lives. However, that doesn’t mean that every image of her looks as though it was a throwback to a previous decade, But, if you ask us, this one definitely does. Standing in front of a background that looks as though it is directly out of a yearbook from the nineties, we could easily imagine a child positioned on a stool in front of that design. However, her pose in the photo and the fact that she is showing off her midriff is the exact opposite of the innocent images that backdrop brings to mind, and we love how splendid she looks.

7 Tiffani In White

Via psclub.gr

The second shot of Tiffani in nature that we’ve included on this list, if being outside makes her look anywhere near this good the rest of the time, then she should barely go inside. Wearing a white lace outfit that is cut in such a way to show off most of her legs, including her hips, it proves that the more of her we can see, the better she looks, which isn’t the case with everyone. An image that looks as though it was very specifically set up and posed, we’re also guessing that her hair running over part of her face was also intentional which we think was a great choice. We say that because it adds a little bit more mystery to the image which is an element we like when it comes to this shot as it leaves us imagining what the covered parts of her look like.

6 Elizabeth On TV

Via Pinterest.com

Someone that seems like she is the archetype of the kind of person that fits the Dancing with the Stars concept, Elizabeth Berkley is no longer a big deal but still holds a place in people’s hearts. However, that isn’t the only reason why we think that she was perfect for the show as she also has a body that looks as though it was designed to be good at moving rhythmically to music. Finally, on top of her potential for transfixing us with the way she grooves, she also has a figure that looks incredible in the kind of outfits that light up the dance floor. A perfect example of that, here she is wearing something that is just see-through enough to make us feel as though we can see what she is working with while her naughty bits are also covered up. That is hard to beat.

5 In Character

Via scribal.com

The second of the two high-profile Saved by the Bell reunions to take place to date, this one was different in a number of ways as it was recorded for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Featuring four of the show’s cast members interacting with Jimmy Fallon, it was also different as it was put together as it reintroduced the world to the Bayside set. However, the main thing that sets this moment apart was the fact that we got to see some of our favorite actors in character together for the first time in many years. Seeing modern versions of Kelly Kapowski and Jessica Spano on our television and realizing that the women that brought them to life are still so pretty was a moment we’ll never forget.

4 Lark Bikini

Via 4archive.org

The type of image that would have driven us wild with desire when we were younger and passionate fans of Saved by the Bell, there were so many reasons why we wanted to see an image of Lark like this. First off incredible because she is wearing a bikini, the fact that she has such a small amount of clothes on, even if we’re only seeing the side of her, is absolutely magnificent in our view. However, when you then factor in the fact that she is soaking wet and the way it allows us to envision the water running down her, it is the type of fantasy fodder we adore. Finally, the confidence in her face as she stares down the camera and seems to dare us to look away while knowing we won’t want to makes this a shot for the ages.

3 Elizabeth Gaze

Via fark.com

A photo in which Elizabeth’s fashion choices seemed to have been very well thought out, there are obvious things about this image that are appealing and others that take a moment to notice. Right off the hop, the first thing that jumped out at us, clearly, is the fact that she is wearing what amounts to a bikini top and the fact that it shows off her cleavage and bare stomach. However, when you look a little closer at her waist, we really enjoy the detail that she has something that looks similar to a necklace around it since we like following how it falls on her torso. Finally, her hoop earrings are a nice touch as well as they take a moment to notice. But once you do, they make us reflect on her neck and ears which are great erogenous zones.

2 Tiffani In Bed

Via fansshare.com

An actor that we will always associate with her Saved by the Bell character, Kelly Kapowski, playing the cheerleader on television for many years caused many people to have a huge crush on her. More often than not the romantic interest of the show’s main character, that alone would nudge some impressionable people to be smitten with her. Of course, most people wouldn’t have to be pushed very hard as she has always been a very beautiful person which has made it easy for people that follow her career to still find her gorgeous. In light of her being so easy to be attracted to, the idea of seeing her wearing underwear in her own bedroom is a dream come true for longtime fans which is why this shot is a can’t-miss one.

1 Reunion Photoshoot

Via slightlywarped.com

The second shot of the Saved by the Bell reunion that People Magazine put together, there are a few reasons why we feel this is the superior image from that memorable moment. First off, it just feels right that the cast finds themselves back in an environment that brings to mind a school and seeing the word Bayside on the chalkboard feels so right. Secondly, the idea that this shot was seen less since it wasn’t the cover image the world saw while they were in line at their local grocery store checkout is appealing. Finally, even though it is clear that the women are posed like they were in the other shot seeing all of them on their own allows us to appreciate their full figures, and that is a huge deal.

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