20 Photos Of The Girls From Below Deck

Below Deck is the reality TV show on Bravo which follows the lives of the crew members on a mega-yacht right in the middle of charter season. The producers changed the name of the boat and bring in temporary staff each season to replace those who normally work on it, but still, we’re more interested in the drama than the reality.

Each episode centres around a different group of guests, and follows the crew members’ personal lives as well as their work duties. From season to season, the cast list also tends to change, with new members coming and going. There are a few who have been back for different seasons, and many who have only managed to last for one.

One thing about the crew members who get picked for the show is that they tend to be fairly good-looking. They’re also normally quite young, which means you have a cast of hot young singletons all cooped up together on a boat for the course of filming. Naturally, this means that a lot of hijinks ensue. From catfights and arguments to hook-ups and parties, the crew get up to all kinds of antics.

The ladies of the show tend to be particularly hot, so if you have ever wondered what they look like and what they get up to when they’re not on deck, you’re in luck. We have 20 of the hottest, most shocking, and most interesting pictures from their personal lives. Ready? Let’s cast off!


20 Brianna Adekeye On The Rocks

Brianna now goes by the name Brianna Nicole on most social media, although she does proudly proclaim herself as a member of the Below Decks crew, so she’s clearly not trying to be anonymous. With a body like this, there’s no way that she ever could be. She is pictured here on a rocky outcrop, where the waves are crashing near her and creating small rock pools. It’s quite an epic setting, and she clearly shows no fear of the waves or the water. She could be a screen siren with the way that she confidently holds herself. It doesn’t hurt that she has chosen to wear a mismatched bikini, consisting of a cute pink top and knotted black bottoms. She is definitely rocking this look, and we’re on board with it.

19 Emily Gets Covered In Sand


Sand, in the words of Anakin Skywalker, gets everywhere. That certainly seems to be true for Emily Warburton-Adams, who is covered in the stuff here. She is sitting on a sandy beach and that explains where it all came from, but she looks like an ice cream cone – her legs have been dipped in sprinkles and the rest is left clean. She has a monogrammed bag to show off here, as if we had forgotten who she is (spoiler alert: we haven’t). Her white bikini is so tiny that the clutch bag just about covers the whole of the bottoms, and the strapless top must have been a frequent wear all summer as she has only the faintest of tan lines over her shoulders. This is a really hot look and a very good reason to keep following her after the show.

18 Samantha Orme Celebrates A Birthday

As a stewardess from the first season, it’s been four years since Samantha graced our screens. She happens to have just celebrated her 29th birthday recently, and you can tell it was a great event. She has a beautiful cake decorated with real flowers, as well as what looks to be a big birthday buffet. She is joined by her family and friends and they must be either on a boat or by the sea, because she is not the only member of the party dressed in a bikini. We’re sure it is coincidence that at the exact moment her birthday photo was being taken, her long flowing robe happens to have blown open to reveal her perfect body clad in a little black bikini. Total coincidence, for certain. Anyway, if you have a body that good and you’re now staring down 30, you might as well show it off as much as you like.

17 Emily Warburton-Adams By The Pool


Emily Warburton-Adams is the petite crew member from England that you just have to love. She’s so cute, you could pick her up and put her in your pocket to take home with you. Or in this case, you might prefer to take a ride along in her pocket, since she is obviously visiting somewhere fabulous. The clear waters of the pool, the private loungers under shelter, the crazy chairs – why wouldn’t you want to go? Emily has obviously just been for a dip, as her bikini top, unbuttoned tiny shorts, and wet hair all attest. She looks fantastic, and she’s obviously having enough of a great time to want to share this moment with everyone. She has such a toned, fit body – there’s not an inch of fat on her anywhere, and even her arms have well-defined muscle tone without looking like a bodybuilder.

16 Brianna Swinging In A Hoop

This is something you probably didn’t expect to see in Briana’s personal archives. She is hanging upside down from a suspended hoop, her legs stretched out in front of her for balance. She is holding on by just one hand, which is quite the impressive feat. Meanwhile, she knows exactly what she is doing when she uses her other hand to touch her face sensually, leaning back to give the camera a knowing look. The arch of her back brings her chest right in line with the camera, as her hair catches the wind below her. All in all, it’s a pretty sultry shot. She’s right at home too, enjoying a sandy beach as usual! Out in the distance you can just see the sea rising at the horizon, if you can drag your eyes away from Brianna for long enough to look.

15 Kate Chastain’s Festival Look


Kate Chastain shared this photograph with her fans, with a caption mentioning that feather crowns are the new flower crowns. She should know, as she looks like a real stunner in this one! The flamingo pink feathers somehow match perfectly with the drapes behind her, making her look like a queen in her domain. We love her dark sunglasses which are a little cat-shaped, the perfect complement to the shape of her face. She is also wearing a lace-up black top which definitely adds a lot of appeal to the overall look. She appears to be somewhere pretty sunny given the lack of clothing of those behind her on sun loungers, and it looks like a sandy beach underfoot too. We wouldn’t mind joining her there! Judging by the reflections in her glasses, though, she already isn’t alone.

14 Brianna Lounges Around

Brianna is a pretty daring woman, and she's not afraid to wear a gown that really knocks your socks off. This black number features a low cut in the front as well as a slit that goes all the way up to her hips - which makes for a pretty stunning combination. In this shot, she looks pretty relaxed and cool, which is even more attractive on a woman wearing a dress like this. She knows that she's hot. She doesn't need you to validate it. In fact, she's almost daring you to notice. This look is so crazy hot that we barely even managed to notice the parrot in the background. That's a little odd, but it looks as though she may be attending some sort of party at someone's house, so maybe the parrot is part of the entertainment. We'll probably never know.


13 Emily Warburton-Adams Takes A Dip


Emily isn’t afraid to share all kinds of personal moments on her social media profiles, and that’s something that we have been enjoying very much. This shot shows her in a pool of water, as the foam rushes down and covers her body while she calmly waits. It’s just as well it does, otherwise this shot would not have been safe for work at all. She appears to be skinny dipping, unless of course this is some kind of giant bath (which we would really like to visit, if it is). She appears completely calm and at peace, with her eyes closed as the water rushes over her. Considering she can’t possibly have taken this shot, we’re beginning to wonder if someone follows her around to take pictures for her.

12 Adrienne Goes All-American

If there's one member of the cast who knows how to rock a costume bikini, it's Adrienne Gang. This time she has opted for a stars and stripes look, and she doesn't stop at just the bikini. Oh no - she goes all out. She has teamed it up with a pair of denim shorts, a cropped denim jacket repeating the stripes motif, and even a cowboy hat which has the US flag printed on the underside of the brim. Could there be any more of a patriotic look? This is one cowgirl that we wouldn't mind meeting on a boat - or anywhere for that matter. She looks like she is ready to party, and we can definitely approve of that. This look shows off her body in all of the right ways while still managing to comprise a whole costume, which is pretty skillful if you ask us.

11 Lauren Burchell Out With Friends


Lauren Burchell looks like she has a lot of fun when she goes out with her friends. As you can see here, a lot of laughs are had all round. She posted this shot to her Instagram to let everyone know about what a good time she had had the night before. She is with one of her friends, and also added more images on the same morning of a few other mates as well. They know how to party by the looks of things! Laura doesn’t post a lot of shots where she is really letting her hair down and looking hot, so this is a great one to see. She may only be wearing a simple grey vest, but somehow it does the job for us. We also love her with a grin on her face!

10 Emily Eats On The Beach

Emily definitely knows how to get her nutrition right – just look at that hot body! That’s not a girl who binges on pizza and drinks vodka until the sun comes up. She’s clearly more into clean living, and you can see that by the fact that she has a bowl of healthy food in front of her. It looks pretty good too, which is probably why she asked someone to take this snap. She’s just come out of the sea with wet hair and is now sitting on the white sands to make her pose. She is wearing a tiny bikini with a map of the world design, which is really appropriate for someone with her chosen career. We enjoy this one a lot, for reasons that should be obvious just from looking at it!

9 Samantha Orme Always On Board


Samantha Orme really does seem to always be on board a ship, at least if her social media profiles are anything to go by. Does this woman ever set foot on dry land? Anyway, here she is pictured on board the deck of a ship with one of her friends. She looks pretty much at home, which is normal for someone who spends all of their time at sea. She is wearing a mismatched bikini - a white crochet top which is only just not see-through, and tiny pink bottoms which have rolled down enough to show off her bright white tanline. Now that’s some tan – especially when you know it has to have been gained naturally! She has a wide grin for the camera, and there’s no wonder. She seems to be living the life!

8 Connie Arias And The Whipped Cream Bra

Connie Arias was known for wanting to get naked as often as possible on the show, and that’s a trend which she has easily continued on social media since her season. She loves to strip off as often as possible, and you will see a lot of her if you follow her. This is just one example of her having a good time – she has her beer in hand, she’s wearing a whipped cream bra, and she’s good to go. You can see more in the full picture that she posted to her Twitter. She looks pretty happy with the whole situation, and we have to say we get it. We like it a lot too. She is also wearing a tight pair of yoga pants with a stars and stripes motif that we also love a lot. She has such a neat figure, it’s understandable that she would want to show it off as much as possible. Wouldn’t you?

7 Adrienne Gang Is The Captain


Is there anything hotter than a woman in charge? Adrienne Gang might not be the captain on the show – even if she was the Chief Stewardess – but she has managed to grab a captain’s hat for herself from somewhere. This shot of her is a great one in all areas. There’s the setting of a beautiful sandy beach, which just about anyone would want to visit. There’s the outfit, which brings in sailor chic and definitely highlights her physique in all the right ways. And there’s Adrienne herself, who isn’t afraid to take charge, strike a confident pose, and show off how fit she is. Seriously, have you ever seen so many hot and toned women with their sea legs in one place as in the cast alumni of this TV show?

6 Adrienne Gang Is A Pirate

Alright, we’ll admit the picture is grainy, and dark hair doesn’t actually suit Adrienne at all. It makes her look a bit mumsy, which we don’t appreciate – she is much better with her hot blonde locks. She’s wearing a hat at a pretty odd angle, which doesn’t really do her any favours. But then you look down and it all becomes clear. Adrienne is wearing a pirate outfit, and the conclusion to that outfit is a skull and crossbones patterned bikini which doesn't really cover very much at all. We take everything back. This shot is one of the best in the list. It really doesn’t matter what kind of wig or hat Adrienne chooses to wear so long as she keeps that part of the outfit the same - preferably as often as possible.

5 Amy Johnson Enjoys Festive Cheer


When it comes to the end of the year, it’s always great to pitch in and feel that festive spirit. Why not, right? It’s a time of parties, presents, and fireworks that everyone can enjoy regardless of their religion or background. Amy Johnson definitely likes to get involved, as this snap from her personal social accounts shows. She is dressed up in a red vest and green skirt ensemble which not only looks great, but also matches the festive colours required to really celebrate Christmas. She has topped it all off with a pair of felt antlers on a headband. What’s left to do then? Well, only to strike a seductive pose and look back into the camera, of course! She does it like a pro. This is one home-made Christmas card we would be happy to get.

4 Connie Arias Plays Golf

Connie Arias really knows how to make every sport possible into one where she wears as few clothes as she can. This time out it’s golf which is in the firing line, although it’s not clear what kind of course she is playing on. It can’t possibly be championship level, because they tend to have strict rules about dress code – and shoes would be one of the top items on the list. You usually aren’t allowed to drink beer while you play, either. Connie seems to have left not only her shoes but also her pants behind, wearing just what looks like bikini bottoms with a matching tank. She seems to have been practising her swing, and this pose shows off her toned leg muscles to the maximum. She works out, that’s for sure!

3 Samantha Orme Lying On Deck


This shot from Instagram shows Samantha Orme laying back on the deck with one of her friends. They are having a whale of a time waving their arms and legs in the air – it looks like they might be doing some leg cycling exercises, or at least having a bit of a laugh. This gives her a perfect excuse to show off her toned body, and wouldn’t you know it – they both happen to be wearing bikinis as well! Samantha’s black and white striped bikini top is definitely doing a good job of keeping everything in place, which must naturally be a bit of a struggle against gravity. She has paired it up with a pair of plain black bottoms – doing the trend of mismatched swimwear but still keeping it classy without clashing colours or patterns.

2 Adrienne Is Pretty In Pink

Adrienne really seems to like this bright shade of pink, but we’re not here to judge. Well, we are, but we’ll pass on this case. Instead, let’s talk about the get-up that she’s wearing. It’s not clear why she is wearing a curly-haired pink wig, but it’s an interesting look for sure. Hopefully it was for charity or for some kind of costume. We have to say that a lot of her costumes seem to have something in common in the chest area. She looks great in this pink bikini, and she is definitely doing well on the four years it has been since her season aired. We have to wonder where she was when this was taken, though – the foreground is infinitely more attractive than the background! Whatever is going on here it doesn’t look quite as glamorous as some of her other snaps.

1 Connie Arias With Her Peanut Butter Bikini


So, the story goes that Connie Arias was banned from wearing a whipped cream bikini on board the ship during filming. What’s a girl to do to get past this injustice? Well, the answer, apparently, is to wear a peanut butter bikini instead. This is actually a lot of peanut butter, and we hope that the boat was going into port soon or there might have been a peanut butter shortage. That kind of thing can cause a riot. Either way, Connie managed to get her wish of appearing with nothing but food to cover her chest on a TV show, so we bet her parents are really happy about that! Not everyone found it funny, but we’re just happy that the screenshots of this moment are available for any to see. By the way, on the show they went full-frontal with a shot of her whole chest, so you can look out for that if you need some extra entertainment.


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