20 Photos Of Stallone's Two Steamy Legal Daughters (Wait 4 More Years For The Third)

I don't know if you know this, but Sylvester "Sly" Stallone has some pretty smoking hot offspring. Which is crazy considering how he looks right now. He is hurting. But I have to tell you that his daughters aren't. His two very attractive daughters Sophia and Sistine are something else. I'll mention Scarlett Rose (the youngest) a couple of times, but she's underage so you won't get any inappropriate photos of her.

But hey, there's plenty of Sophia and Sistine to go around in this article. I still can't get over the fact that they are the daughters of Sylvester Stallone. I think it must be that they got all of their looks from their mother. Because...damn. Chances are you saw the featured image of this article and aren't even reading this intro right now because you just want to see these photos.

I totally understand that (even if I don't respect that). So, that being said, I guess I'll leave you to gawk at two of Stallone's daughters and at least see Scarlett Rose and wait a few years before thinking anything naughty– so that you're not a horrible human being. Enjoy!


20 Sistine Putting Her Face On

I don't know why Sistine feels she needs to waste much time with makeup because she's pretty damn good looking without any of it on. And that being said, I think it's crazy that she has so bloody much makeup on her counter. And while it's great to look at Sistine Stallone...I want you to take a look at the bathroom reflected in the mirror. Holy sh*t! The bathroom that Sistine is using (which I assume is owned by her father) looks like it's probably close to the size of my own apartment! That's friggin' crazy! I want to say that I couldn't imagine having a bathroom that large to wander around in, but now I can't stop imagining. Though it would be a pain having to walk so far from the toilet to the sink to wash your hands afterward.

19 All Three Sisters


So here's a look at all three sisters. From left to right we have Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlett Rose. I'm not sure why the stress the 'Rose' part of Scarlett Rose since that's the middle name of each of the three sisters, but apparently, she gets to keep 'Rose' as a regular part of her name. Sistine, in this photo, looks incredibly serious. Almost like you wish she would be a bit more seductive, but you're intrigued that she looks like she might take you out. Sophia has that typical open-mouthed, vacant look of seduction that so many models and celebrities use in photo shoots. And I'm not going to say too much about Scarlett Rose. She's cute. She definitely looks like she doesn't quite belong with Sistine and Sophia, but I guess I can sort of see the resemblance.

18 Sophia Out Partying!

Sophia is the oldest of Sylvester Stallone's three daughters. I haven't decided yet if I think she or Sistine is hotter. But this photo at least shows that she's up for a fun night out! She just looks like an average girl out at the club, having a great time dancing. That being said, her tube top and jeans probably cost over a $1,000 altogether, and she probably has the latest iPhone (or at least the latest one at the time of the photo). But that shouldn't matter. What matters is that she's out at the club and she comes across as just a regular person. I think people often forget that celebrities are just people too. In this case just a person with a ton of money that she never worked a day in her life to get, but that's not the point. She's still a human being...even with the alien on her hat.

17 Sophia Enjoying A Stroll


Let's not pay attention to what seems to be the high-end place that she happens to be at in this photo, and let's just look at her. Sophia really has this way of appearing totally normal, and I really like that about her. She also really seems to love denim shorts. It probably helps that she lives in places that never see winter, so she probably has a walk-in closet full of only denim shorts and bikini and/or tube tops. And you know...I don't even think there's anything wrong with that. I don't want to guess at what the total cost of her outfit and accessories are, but to the untrained eye, she's just another woman who happens to be very, VERY attractive. I still find it amazing that this woman shares DNA with Sylvester Stallone.

16 Sistine All Made Up

Alright, so I guess I see why Sistine might use some makeup. She's plenty hot without it, but she's also plenty hot with it. I'm glad she knows how to apply it. There are some celebrities who seem like they really don't know how to do their own makeup. And there are some who pay people to do a horrible job. So, at least we can plainly see that Sistine knows what she's doing. That being said, I don't really know what she does with her life, and since her dad has basically ensured that she never really needs to do anything with her life, I guess she probably grew up with a lot of time to learn how to do her makeup. I wonder if she bought those jeans already ripped, or if she did that herself. Oh, and I don't know if I said this already...she's pretty hot.

15 Sophia Goes Yachting


You know what I think is amazing? Just how much money someone can spend on something that is made of so little material. How much do you want to bet that Sophia's bathing suit is worth a ton of money? I'm willing to bet it's a lot of money. especially since she's leaning up against the rail of a yacht in some oceanic mountain region. I just have a feeling that everything around her and on her costs a lot of money. That being said...I don't really care all that much. Why? Well...look at her! Isn't that enough? It's not like this article exists so that you can discover how much Sophia spend on her lifestyle. No, it exists so you can check her and her younger sister Sistine out. So much so that I bet you're hardly reading what I've put here about her!

14 Sistine And Sophia...Dressed Down?

I would want to say that Sistine and Sophia have dressed up here for whatever event they're at. But I can't really say that given what they're both wearing. I mean, Sistine is showing off the midriff and has a sort of rocker outfit going on. And that's pretty badass. But then, when you think she's showing off more than her older sister Sophia, you then look closer and see that Sophia is wearing a fairly transparent lace dress. And that's pretty f*cking awesome too. And can you ever tell that they are sisters! I can't really tell that they're related to Sylvester Stallone, but I can tell that they're related to each other. I still cannot believe that these two share anything in common with Sly. It's just mind-boggling. But I have to thank Sylvester for them anyway!


13 Scarlett Rose Is Off Limits!


Alright look, there are a couple of reasons why you should not think too much about Scarlett Rose in the same way you think about Sistine or Sophia Stallone. First off, she's only 15 so get your minds out of the gutter. And secondly, remember that her dad is Rambo and he could really f*ck you up if you tried anything. He might be incredibly old and he might have a pretty broken body, but I'm pretty sure he could still snap you in two like a twig. I just have a feeling that that's a possibility. I think it's safe to say that Scarlett Rose will certainly be just as gorgeous as her two older sisters. She's clearly already attractive. And I bet that any high school guys she sees in the hallway really want to make a move, but are terrified to try.

12 Sistine And Sophia...Definitely Touched Up

Ok wow. Sistine and Sophia are smoking hot! Damn. And is Sistine ever fit!? You can really tell that she works out. That's not to say that Sophia doesn't also have a wicked body, but Sistine is clearly very firm and ripped. You can also tell that the two lovely ladies have developed in slightly different ways. I think that's pretty clear without going into any detail. The days I wish I could be out on the ocean and happen upon a boat like this; a boat with Sylvester Stallone's daughters. Why? Because I could probably meet Rocky or Rambo, and in addition to that I could meet his two smoking hot daughters. I would offer drinks right away and hopefully have a whiskey with all of them! I just think it would be a fun time.

11 Sistine And Sophia Having A Dance


Alright, so I'm not sure just what is going on in this photo. I know celebrities can be a bit strange with their families, but I'm going to assume that nothing too strange is going on here. I'm going to assume that there is some dancing going on here. And if there isn't, then we can just skip over what is actually going on here and just pay attention to what they're wearing while we wish that we were pressed against them like that. Sistine (I think like usual) has a more revealing or more attractive outfit than Sophia. But I definitely would not say no to either of these women. However, I don't think I would get very far as I'm pretty sure that that's their mom lounging behind them...oops.

10 Sistine And Sophia Going Tubing?

Are these girls going tubing here? It looks like they're kneeling on something inflatable. But they definitely do not look like they're dressed for the occasion. Again, I have to skip over anything that this photo seems to really look like and just get straight to how damn attractive these two sisters are. You can again see how incredibly fit Sistine is in comparison to Sophia. And you know, I kind of wish that they had just gone tubing and that this photo was of the aftermath. Why? Well, they're both wearing white and I have a feeling that the water might have a specific effect on their clothing. I'm going to guess I'm not the only one to think that when looking at this shot. Aside from all of that, I think I want to find out where they're boating. It looks like a fun place to go climbing.

9 I Think Sistine Needs A Ride


Be honest, many of you are thinking that you wish she was actually hitchhiking in this photo and that you were driving the first vehicle to go by so you could pick her up and help her out. I just have a feeling a lot of you are thinking about that right now. Either way, this is a pretty interesting choice for a photo shoot. It looks like she was just dumped out of a car after some sort of naughty business. I'm not really sure what this shot is supposed to accomplish in that way. I really can't think of a reason why some hot girl would be standing on the side of a mountain highway, wearing almost nothing. It seems strange. that being said, her dad is Sylvester Stallone, so I guess I can't really be all that surprised that she might do something strange.

8 Sistine Taking On A Beach Mission

This shot really makes it look like Sistine is on a mission strolling down that beach. It kind of look like she's got her shoulders up on her way to take someone on. I wonder if she's ever been in a beach fight...I guess if she had though, I would have found something in the tabloids about it. I can't recall a National Enquirer spread on anything like that, but it can't escape notice that Sistine is certainly the Stallone sister with the most attitude. But there are more important things to discuss here. I assume some of you have noticed that she's wearing a white shirt at the beach. Now, you have to she wearing a matching black top under that shirt for a bikini? Or is she just wearing the black bottoms and the white top? It matters for when she goes for a swim.

7 Sophia In Comfy Clothes


There's something about a woman who just looks comfortable that is really nice to see. And I have a feeling that there are a few guys who are "reading" this article who also think it really helps that the girl who is sitting there in comfy clothes is also pretty damn hot. Sophia really just happens to look really happy right now, and I'm sure that there are a number of guys who also look really happy right now, sitting in their parents' basement, at their computer gawking at Sophia Stallone. I mean, I can't really speak ill of readers being happy that Sophia Stallone is hot. That's pretty well the reason why you clicked on this article in the first place. If you didn't think the Stallone sisters were smokin', you would've scrolled passed this on the way to another article.

6 Sophia Doesn't Seem Sure About That Dress

I think Sophia isn't really all that sure about the dress she's wearing. That being said, the look on her face could also just suggest that she'd been stood up by someone. She is, after all, alone at a restaurant patio. But that makes me think something. Who the hell would stand up Sophia Stallone? Never mind the fact that she's really pretty. What about the fact that her father is Rocky? Or never mind Rocky...he's Rambo! I wouldn't want to piss off any one of the Stallone girls out of sheer fear that their father might come to my house and kick the sh*t out of me. Maybe that's why she's upset. It's hard to find someone daring enough to try an date Sophia because daddy could break most people like a twig, in spite of how bloody old he is.

5 Sistine Taking A Break


What do you think guys? Is it showing off the shoulder, the rips in her jeans, or the look on her face that really get you going? Sistine has mastered that sort of aloof "I don't really care what you think about me and I'm kind of bored" look. For some reason, a lot of people find this sort of look really attractive. I think it has something to do with the idea that since she looks like she's not interested, you just really want her to be interested. It's like that whole "want what you can't have" thing. It's strange that people work that way. After all, anyone who is "reading" this article right now pretty well has no chance of scoring with Sistine. Unless, of course, you happen to actually be Sistine's boyfriend, looking up what people are saying about your girlfriend online.

4 Sistine Rocking Leather, Lace, And Fur

Damn! If you decided to check out this article because you figured there would be a bunch of hot photos of Stallone's daughters...well you don't need to look further. Not at all. Leather, lace, and fur. That's an awesome combination. Though, in my opinion, this could have been made way better if satin was somehow added to the mix. And one can always hope that she's not wearing real fur (even though she obviously would have the money to afford it). I wonder how many of the people checking out this article are wondering what she looks like without the jacket. I'm going to imagine everyone who just read that sentence is now wondering that very thing. It's not a bad thought, I guess. But the look on her face seems to say "f*ck off".

3 Sophia Just Wants to Be Left Alone


Oh, poor Sophia. She looks like she just wants to be left alone. That or she's sad because the cafe she just went to get her whatever-roasted-double-whip-caramel-macchiato-supreme-coffee-thing made the damn drink wrong. Either way, she looks really pouty right here and I have a feeling that she probably gets her way a lot of the time with this sort of look. I mean, she probably gets her way a lot of the time because she has a ton of money thanks to her dad, but still...she probably came up with this look in order to get her way with daddy. Especially once she ended up with two sisters to fight with for daddy's attention. And even apart from all of this, she might just not have had her caffeine fix yet and just got up not long before this photo was taken.

2 Sistine's Slit Dress

Usually, Sistine uses the "go f*ck yourself" look, or the "I don't have any interest in anything you have to say and I'm bored" look. But maybe this outfit has given her a confidence and enjoyment of life that makes her give the "yeah I'm good and what are you going to do for me now" look. And come on, who wouldn't wander around obeying her orders, thinking they might have a shot? The dress she is wearing has got a lot of things going for it. It shows off some great aspects of Sistine's body while still being fairly conservative. And considering some of the outfits that Sistine often poses in, this is actually kind of surprising. I have to say that I like the confident look she's posing with here. Her usual attitude is great, but it's nice to see a bit of a smile for a change.

1 The Sisters In Black For The Golden Globes


Who knew that going to Golden Globes was an excuse to look like you're heading to a fashion show funeral? Ah, who really cares though? All three of the Stallone sisters at one event like the Golden Globes is pretty awesome. Obviously, they must have been there for something that daddy did, but I don't think many people were really focused on Sylvester. Be honest, how many of you would rather meet Sly than his daughters (not including Scarlett Rose, of course, who is not yet of age)? I think most of you would rather have some time to take photos with or of Sophia and Sistine than snapshots of Rocky Sylvester Rambo Stallone. And if any of you are actually saying now that you would rather chill with Sylvester than his daughters...well, it's cute that you're trying to lie.

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