20 Photos Of Sofia Vergara's Best Fashion Moments

When you think of the top fashion icons in Hollywood, which female celebrity tops your list? Although everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, we can all agree Sofia Vergara would score highly on anyone's list. This Modern Family star cares a lot about her image and her fashion style, and since she has the resources to dress in whichever designer clothing she would wish, she does exactly that. Even when she's wearing the simplest of clothing, Sofia will always stand out from a crowd, because there's something special about her style.

It's easy to come across celebrities who look amazing on set, on the covers of magazines, and on the red carpet, but look the exact opposite on the street when going out for lunch or to run a few errands. In Sofia's case, you will have to search long and hard before coming across a single image of her looking weird or anything other than perfect.

This means Sofia doesn’t have to depend on someone telling her what to wear and how to wear it because she has her own stunning style. Furthermore, unlike most other celebrities who do everything they can to hide from paparazzi, it seems as though Sofia doesn't care about who wants to take her picture. She will easily go about her business smiling or focussing on communicating over her phone out on the Beverly Hills streets. Here are 20 images of Sofia looking amazing. Which of these is your favorite?

20 Back On Set In This Cute Gym Look 

Via: pinterest.com

Unlike many celebrities who try everything they can to hide from paparazzi and the public in general, Sofia Vergara never seems to mind grabbing attention wherever she goes. It's possible to find numerous images of her doing normal things such as going out for lunch or going shopping, although this one is an image of her on the set of her hit show Modern Family in Los Angeles.

Although many people wouldn't attempt to wear this color combination, Sofia made it work. Here she looks a bit like candy, which is why we can conclude she looks sweet and definitely looks great. She probably decided to wear the black jacket to cover up all the pink and purple, and although black sneakers would have been the more conventional choice she went with maroon sneaker wedges.

In case someone would want to imitate this look, some fashionistas claim she's wearing pink Zella athletic pants, a Moncler Jacket, and Nike Dunk Sky Hi wedge sneakers.

19 A Stunning White Off-The-Shoulder Top And Skirt Ensemble

Via: pinterest.com

Here's a shot of Sofia, probably coming from lunch with some friends or family members. She looks stunning in white, and the best thing about her attire is that it would look great on any girl. Her Alexander McQueen top accentuated her beautiful feminine and girly charm, especially by the fact that it's a white off-the-shoulder crop-top.

In addition, her knee-length ruffle-hem skirt, which is also an Alexander McQueen, reveals her long legs, making it hard for someone to stop looking at her. To complete her stunning look, Sofia is wearing a pair of brown peep-toe slingback high heels which make her look even taller, and a beautiful brown bag to match her shoes.

Sofia is a naturally beautiful woman, and the fact that she knows how to apply makeup well and accessorize her look with beautiful jewelry is a huge plus. This is one of her simplest but most stunning looks.

18 Floral Pants And A Pink One-Shoulder Top Make A Cute Summer Look

Via: thebudgetbabe.com

Being a rich celebrity is probably what everyone on the planet would want to be, since the only thing we see them doing, apart from appearing in amazing films, series, or talk shows is going out for shopping or clubbing. Since Sofia is still the highest paid TV actress today, she needs to go out on shopping sprees on a regular basis because she can.

On this particular day, Sofia went out shopping for designers at Saks Fifth Avenue, wearing very cute colorful floral print pants and a beautiful orange one-shoulder brightly colored top. Her flirty platform sandals and beautiful leather bag are a smart combination and addition to the overall look, but we can all agree her beautiful smile completes the look.

For the many women who would want to recreate this look, it's possible to spend less than $150 and look just as good from Old Navy and other clothing retail companies.

17 Rocking A Pair Of Distressed Boyfriend Jeans And A Black Sweater With Cut-Outs

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Regardless of whether you're the CEO of a company that's all about image and dressing official all the time or you run your own business where you don’t care about what anyone wears, you have to own a pair of jeans. Although Sofia can really glam up for events as well as the red carpet, she owns numerous pairs of jeans, with most of them being ripped jeans.

It's clear Sofia is stylish both when she's dressed up for a serious event as well as when she's simply out having fun on a casual outing. On this particular day out with her friends, she chose to wear a beautiful black sweater with cut-out details and blue ripped jeans.

Her elegant black peep-toe platform boots and black chain handle bag made her look perfect and the shades and beautiful smile were evidence she was having so much fun. Fashionistas claim the jeans are by AG while the sweater is by LNA.

16 Pulling Off 70s Style With These Wide-Leg Jeans And A Patterned Top 

Via: pinterest.com

Of all the themed parties you've attended, which one would you say you had the most fun? Apart from all the Halloween parties where you dress to scare or make people laugh, events where you feel like you've stepped into a time machine and gone back a few decades are arguably the most fun.

Here's Sofia in her 70s-style bell bottom jeans, which she complemented with a beautiful purple top which appears to be made of silk, and a stylish beaded necklace and bracelet. It's hard to tell what type of shoe she's wearing, owing to the fact that her pants are covering them, although we can clearly see it’s a peep toe of some kind.

Although some people might think this looks a lot like a pair of 1990s flare jeans, it's not because it's a bit loose around the thighs, which is the main difference between flare jeans and bell-bottom jeans. The pair of jeans she's wearing is probably denim, so it's possible and very affordable to replicate this look.

15 She Can Spice Up An All-Black Look With A Pop Of Red

Via: justjared.com

Here's Sofia on a Monday morning walking towards a building. Sources claim that on this particular day she was headed to her doctor's office for an appointment in Beverly Hills. I don't know what you wear to the doctor's office but you can see just how gorgeous Sofia looks, plus the fact that she's smiling.

She's wearing black from head to toe. It is a simple but very elegant look. Since she's wearing a black stylish jacket, it's hard to say anything about her top. However, her black tights and high heel boots look great on her, together with her red designer bag. She loves walking while holding her phone as opposed to putting it in her bag; it's probably just her style.

The day before this image was taken; she had been at the Golden Globes, where she had been nominated for an award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Modern Family. Although she didn't win, she was looking amazing and won our hearts with her style.

14 Sometimes A Form-Fitting Black Tank Dress Does The Trick 

Via: popsugar.com

Here's Sofia in a black dress, which looks great on her despite appearing to be very simple and plain. Although most women love to wear their black dresses slightly shorter such that they're always above their knees, it's clear Sofia was looking for a more conservative but elegant look here.

We also notice just how her gold chain matches her earrings and her bag's strap, her bag matches the color of her shoes, and her black shades match the color of her dress. It's a combination that brings out this amazing look.

This look is both elegant and minimal, and women out there regardless of their income and most preferred styles can look great in it. The black dress is an item of clothing every woman should have in her wardrobe because unlike all other types of clothes, designs, and colors, nothing has stood the test of time as well as the black dress.

13 Looking Glam While Out Shopping In This Boho-Inspired Top

Via: tomandlorenzo.com

If someone from the late 1800s to the late 1970s would somehow make his or her way to today, he or she would be shocked about many things, especially how people dress. For example, if you look at Sofia over here, we can claim she looks stylish today, but several decades ago people would have seen her pants and thought they belonged to the hardest working factory worker out there. Such an individual would imagine how terribly difficult it would be to tear jeans to this extent and would be even more curious as to what the wearer does for a living.

However, since it's 2018, we can comfortably say Sofia looks stylish in her ripped blue jeans and her green off the shoulder top. Her gorgeous bag is arguably one of the best things about her whole attire, and her beautiful brown heels are a close second. When this picture was taken, she had gone out shopping in Beverly Hills.

12 A Beautiful Striped T-Shirt Dress With Sky-High Heels Make A Great Combo

Via: popsugar.com

The heat of summer forces a woman to wear as little clothing as possible, although she has to look decent and stylish at the same time. The t-shirt dress is a very close relative of the shirt dress, and these are proving to be very popular with the ladies and the men in their lives.

As is the case with Sofia, many other female celebs and fashion trendsetters love to wear these dresses. In this image, Sofia looks amazing in her black and white stripped designer t-shirt dress, although her beautiful bag and matching shoes have a lot to do with just how beautiful she looks.

For ladies who don't want to go through the trouble of spending a lot of money on a t-shirt dress, they can easily pull off a look close to this by raiding their boyfriend or brother's wardrobe. The largest and coolest t-shirts are ideal for pulling off this look, although it would be best to wear tights or shorts in case the dress becomes too short.

11 This Summery Strapless Coral Dress Looks Fab 

Via: instyle.com

Everyone knows the golden rule for dressing in summer is less is more, which is the reason Sofia looks so stylish and comfortable in this image. This stylish look almost makes you want to relocate to a part of the world where you'll experience mild summer temperatures throughout the year since the blistering heat in some areas can be very uncomfortable.

In this particular image, Sofia had gone to Bristol Farms grocery for some shopping in her beautiful coral strapless dress with stylish ruffle detailing. This look makes us see just how toned and beautiful this celebrity is. Her stylish brown wedge sandals, brown bag, red earrings, and red beaded bracelets are evidence of her stunning style.

The simplicity of this dress is great news for women who would want to replicate this look. You can get such a dress in any clothing store, although a better option would be to ask your tailor to make a similar one for you in your preferred color.

10 This Bold Printed Skirt Elevates Her Black Tank Top 

Via: wstale.com

If you look keenly at all her images, Sofia attracts all the attention wherever she goes, even among the people who want to keep calm and pretend they don’t want to get her autograph. Apart from being a celebrity, Sofia's beauty has a way of grabbing everyone's attention, and her stunning style makes it impossible for you to look at her just once and then move on.

On this particular day, Sofia wore this beautiful sheer maxi skirt that had elaborate yellow, white, red, green, and black designs whirling on a black background. Her trendy black tank top suited her well, and we can only imagine just how beautiful her heels are, but we can't see them because her dress is covering them.

She has such long and beautiful brown hair, which she loves setting free to fall on her shoulders. Her shiny bracelet and pale pink purse with latticed patterns also add to her amazing look.

9 This Olive Green Off-The-Shoulder Dress Is Stunning 

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Celebrities love spending time in Beverly Hills where they enjoy dining and wining, shopping and staying in high-profile abodes. It's unusual to spot high-profile celebrities without their band of escorts, but the reason we love Sofia so much is how often we are able to catch her without her hovering entourage getting in the way. In this photo, Sofia is taking a stroll on the streets of Beverly Hills with a happy grin on her face.

In this picture, Sofia looks flawless in this green chic Bardot jumpsuit. It has a ruffled off-shoulder neckline, which draws attention to her amazing tan. She's also wearing a green heart-shaped pendant and matching tassel earrings to make her outfit pop.

She completes this look with tan wedges and a chocolate leather tote, which she slings casually across her shoulder. She has managed to make a simple outfit look fetching.

8 She Can Even Make A Pair Of Leggings Look Stylish

via: huffingtonpost.com

Sofia is one of the few actresses who can rock a pair of leggings stylishly. Sofia looked adorably chic in her black top which she paired with black leggings and a grey shawl. She had amazing bootie heels and her Chanel bag was on point.

However, when she turned around to open her car door, the paparazzi caught a glimpse of her sheer leggings. She probably thought her shawl was covering all that including her top, which had revealing lace at the back, or maybe she wanted to have a slightly shocking outfit. This particular outfit would attract salty remarks from many people, but since Sofia is never inappropriate. We chalk this up to a simple mistake on Sofia's part. The rest of the look, however, looks great.

7 This Beautiful Green Dress Was Made For Her 

Via: dailymail.co.uk

The ever-bubbly Sofia Vergara always wow the crowd on the red carpet. In this picture, her simple yet elegant dress is so stunning and hard to miss. The long flowing green dress with a plunging V-neck line fits her every curve at the top and then flows out from her hips to the floor creating a mermaid-like detail.

This dress isn't for everyone, especially since the top displays generous bust, the kind that ends up in a wardrobe accident if not handled properly. Sofia has accessorized the dress with fabulous dripping emerald and diamond choker and matching bracelets by Lorraine Schwartz.

This emerald neckpiece formed a snug web of diamonds and emeralds ensemble around her neck with larger teardrop emeralds dripping from the main choker at different levels. Her designer was obviously making a statement with the neckpiece, which worked perfectly since she looked stunning.

6 Playing With Neutral Tones On A Date With Her Husband

Via: instyle.com

What is better than being one of the highest paid people in Hollywood? Being married to a man who was literally part of the cast of Magic Mike. Sofia and her husband Joe Manganiello hit the gene pool jackpot. Sofia and Joe got married in November 2015 after a romantic Christmas day engagement in 2014. The power couple has been cozy and romantic and they're not afraid of a little PDA.

In this picture, the two lovebirds looked perfectly coordinated coming from a fancy romantic date. As always, Sofia didn't disappoint. She was on point. She was in a camel form-fitting dress that featured bronze metallic detail down the front and a low cut neckline. She had on nude pumps and a matching tan clutch.

Joe was also dashing in his dark wash jeans paired with a dark green t-shirt and a brown leather jacket. The two were perfectly effortlessly coordinated and they seemed to enjoy their romantic date night.

5 Inserting Pops Of Color Into A Simple Casual Look 

Via: celebmafia.com

We love Sofia Vergara because not only is she stunning, she is also funny, friendly, easy to work with and she doesn't take herself too seriously. She has managed to stay relevant through her rise to stardom from a small-time actress to superstardom and she hasn't changed the way she treats people.

Some superstars are a nightmare to work with and they don't entertain random paparazzi taking pictures of them in the street. In this photo, we see Sofia smiling at the paparazzi as she continues to go about her business. We can tell from her casual ensemble that she was probably just running errands, but she turned the street into a runway by taking graceful strides for the paparazzi to get a perfect shot.

In this colorful outfit, Sofia rocked a white long sleeved top paired with ripped blue jeans. She added a touch of glamour to this street fashion with her stunning blue stilettos, a matching blue tote, and a Theodora & Callum Corcovado scarf.

4 This Vintage-Inspired Polka Dot Skirt Is Divine 

Via: zimbio.com

Sofia Vergara is an inspiration and good example of a woman who has overcome her struggles and made it in life. She has gone through many struggles before she became a superstar when she was a young mother in Columbia and she's not afraid to share the story with women across the globe.

In September 2017, Sofia promoted her EBY Line, which is an acronym for Empowered By You. It was a series of seamless themed underwear for women of all sizes and ages. Ten percent of the net profit from the line will go to the Seven Bar Foundation, which gives microfinance loans to women to help them start businesses.

In this photo, Sofia was in New York where she launched her line. She stole the show wither compassion, humor and her black top and polka dot skirt. She looked feminine and chic wither off-shoulder black top and high-waisted black skirt with white polka dots. Her skirt had a border of lace between her knees and thighs and flirty knee-length pleats below the border completed her look.

3 Looking Like A Boho Goddess In This Floral Dress 

Via: seenit.in

Sofia Vergara is always smiling in most of her photographs. It may have to do with her bubbly personality or being named as the highest paid TV actress by Forbes in the last year. In this picture, the paparazzi caught a glimpse of her when she was having lunch with her girls.

This silk chiffon floral midi is a difficult yet casual look to pull off especially for Sofia since we are used to seeing her in form-hugging clothes. The dress features nude accents, it is floral, tea-length and in silk with asymmetrical bottom hems, creating a waterfall effect. The only familiar feature with this ensemble for Sofia is the plunging V-neck exposing most of her curves.

She has accessorized it with a tan tote and tan ankle cuff strappy peep toes. She wore her long hair down to complete the dress with feminine grace. She was chatty on the phone while smiling her merry way on the street.

2 This Bold Black Dress Suits Her Perfectly 

Via: eonline.com

Thanks to the advancement in technology, everything around us keeps changing and improving, and how we communicate seems to be the leader in terms of change. If you're one of those old-fashioned people who actually send text messages using actual words, then you will have a hard time communicating with today's young generation, which prefers using emojis instead.

If you watched The Emoji Movie, you probably found out that your phone has so many emojis than you would know how to use, and the interesting thing is new ones are created on a regular basis. You might also have noticed Sofia's voice on the Flamenco Dancer emoji since she's the one who voiced the character.

Sofia's character is the party in the film, doing the Flamenco the first thing in the morning, when she's eating, and probably when she's asleep. The outfit she's wearing here looks a lot like the character because her black lace and beaded dress looks just like what the emoji wears. She looks so stunning in this image that she looks better than the emoji.

1 These Black Platforms Make Any Ensemble Look Fancy 

Via: instyle.com

Regardless of whether she's out running errands, on a shopping spree, on set, or just having fun with friends and family, you will always find Sofia on towering heels. It's not that she's a short woman since she's 5'6". It's just part of her style.

Furthermore, you will find she's smiling in almost all her paparazzi shots and therefore gives the impression she's a very happy person. However, her sense of style will always make her stand out of any crowd, and we'd never look down on any woman who would want to imitate her every look.

In this image, Sofia looked amazing in her blue straight-leg jeans, black long-sleeve top, and what appeared to be a black pashmina scarf beautifully wrapped around her neck. In addition, her lovely signature hairdo, classy leather bag, and hoop earrings made her look even more attractive. However, her towering tall lace-up black platform heels with appealing cutouts added the wow factor to her whole look.

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