20 Photos Of ”Power Rangers” Cast Members You Need To See

A franchise that came to prominence in the early nineties, the Power Rangers have been a mainstay of television ever since. Also popular enough to be the focus of two major movies over the years, there is no telling if there will be more films released wide to theaters in the coming years at this point. Featuring a seemingly endless assortment of cast reshuffling, over the years, there has been a long list of actors that have joined and left this franchise. Considering that the powers that be prefer to employ people that appear on screen that are beautiful, it should come as no surprise that most of the female Power Rangers were played by pretty women. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty hottest photos of Power Rangers cast members.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the female stars of one of the Power Rangers shows can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with the franchise will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. We did limit ourselves to the stars of the series, so photos of guest stars, no matter how many appearances they’ve made, were never going to find their way here. Of course, there will not be anyone on this list that isn’t over the age of eighteen at the time of this writing. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

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20 Erin Cahill - Power Rangers Time Force

Via Pinterest.com

Cast as Jen Scotts from Power Rangers Time Force, Erin Cahill was the Pink Ranger for forty episodes that aired in 2001. On top of that, she had a cameo as the same character in an episode of Power Rangers Wild Force that aired the following year. A character from the year 3000 that was a member of the “Time Force Police,” her efforts had been useful as she and her peers were able to rid the world of the majority of crime. Going on to be a pivotal part of the Rangers that season, Jen was a character that fans are unlikely to forget. A beautiful brunette that looks like a warm and welcoming person in this picture, that is something that we find very attractive which makes this a wonderful photo.

19 Rhoda Montemayor - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Via way2enjoy.com

First becoming a notable actress when she was cast as a part of the film Finding Neverland which is a movie about the creation of Peter Pan, she played the part of Tiger Lily in the play we saw in the film. Since then, best known as part of the history of the Power Rangers, she played Rose Ortiz in the series Power Rangers Operation Overdrive which aired in 2007. The Pink Operation Overdrive Ranger, she was a formidable warrior in the battle against evil which was aided greatly by how fiercely intelligent her character was. Pictured here leaping in the air at a beach, it makes her seem like a very fun person to be around on top of giving us a view of her midriff which is outstanding.

18 Melanie Vallejo - Power Rangers Mystic Force

Via zimbio.com

One of the few actresses on this list that is best known for something outside of the Rangers world, Melanie Vallejo played Sophie Wong from the show Winners & Losers from 2011 until 2016. Still, there is no doubt that her time in this long-running franchise is a big part of her career. Cast as Madison Rocca in Power Rangers Mystic Force, she appeared as the character for thirty-two episodes which aired in the year 2006. The Blue Mystic Ranger, Maddie, was notable for her relationships, which included her sister Vida and her would-be romance with Nick. Photographed here with the Sydney Opera House in the background, it takes someone as appealing as Melanie to be able to distract us from that fact for quite a while when first seeing this picture.

17 Alycia Purrott - Power Rangers S.P.D.

Via listal.com

First entering the acting scene at the young age of fourteen, Alycia Purrott began her career mostly gaining roles in commercials and various television spots. Cast as Sydney Drew, she would appear in thirty-eight episodes of the show Power Rangers S.P.D., all of which aired in the year 2005. The S.P.D. Pink Ranger during her time in the series, her character was well-cast because she was known for her pride in her looks and history as a model. While there are many people that could play a character like that, if you ask us Alycia was a wonderful choice since she is so hot. Seen here in a photo of her in the midst of conversation, we would bet that her many fans would give their right hand to have her look at them like that.

16 Tracy Lynn Cruz - Power Rangers Turbo & Power Rangers In Space

Via thecoli.com

There are a lot of actors out there that are best known for a single role but despite that fact have played several in the past, Tracy Lynn Cruz is not one of those people. Instead, if you go to her IMDb page, literally every credit that she has listed as an actress is a part of the Power Rangers world where she played Ashley Hammond. In fact, the only other character she seems to have brought to life is “girl,” funnily enough from an episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Remembered as the Yellow Turbo Ranger II and Yellow Space Ranger, she appeared in a total of seventy-five episodes as Ashley from 1997 until 1999. Pictured here at a fan event, we’re very jealous of that young man as we’d love to be near her while she looked that good, especially with so much of her legs exposed.

15 Kimberley Crossman - Power Rangers Samurai

Via listal.com

The second actress on this list that starred in Shortland Street, appearing in more than three hundred episodes, Kimberley Crossman is also well-known for her part in the indie horror film Deathgasm. Of course, most of the readers of this list will know her best as Lauren Shiba from Power Rangers Samurai where she was the Red Samurai Ranger. At one time the leader of the team when they went to battle against Nighlok, we’re shocked given the importance of her role at the time and her looks that she only appeared in five episodes. Seemingly getting back to nature in this photograph, judging by the background, Kimberley brings an energy of relaxation and beauty to this picture that we find hard to look away from.

14 Karan Ashley - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Via talknerdywithus.com

One of the first people to take over as a new Ranger after one of the originals departed the series, Karan Ashley appeared as a starring cast member of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from 1994 until 1996. The second person to be the Yellow Ranger, she played Aisha Campbell not only as part of the series but also as part of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Given a tough job, to replace the beloved character of Trini Kwan, we have to give her loads of credit for her admirable performance in that position. Looking incredible here, it seems odd seeing her in all blue instead of yellow. But considering how well it compliments her, we almost think that they picked the wrong color for her.

13 Naomi Scott - Power Rangers

Via jivebunnys.com

The first member of the cast of Power Rangers, the 2017 film adaptation of this popular series to make it to this list, Naomi Scott was cast as a new version of Kimberly Hart. A movie that disappointed at the box office, we’re not sure if we will get the opportunity to see this actress appear as the character again in the future but we think she was one of the best parts of the movie. Fortunately, if she never returns to the Ranger world, we have more of this actress to look forward to as she was recently cast as Princess Jasmine in the live action version of Disney’s Aladdin. Seen here with a big smile on her face while at a red carpet event, despite it being yellow, she clearly brought her A-game that night considering she looks spectacular.

12 Emma Lahana - Power Rangers DinoThunder

Via Pinterest.com

An actress from New Zealand that seems to have disappeared of late, her last major role sadly came in 2013 as part of the series Haven. Cast as Kira Ford, she was the Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger for the series Power Rangers Dino Thunder, in what turned out to be her initial run. Another character that was brought back for arcs in other series, Kira also showed up in Power Rangers S.P.D. and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. Ultimately revealed to go on to become a massive singer in this franchise’s timeline, it was really cool that future Ranger Sydney Drew was revealed to be a fan of hers. Seen here from the side, seeing her top after it has slid off her shoulder is extremely tantalizing and judging by the look on her face, she seems to know it.

11 Jennifer L. Yen - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Via yahoo.com

The second actress in a row that has been absent from the acting scene for far too long, in the case of Jennifer L. Yen the last time she showed up in anything came more than a decade ago at this point. At least here we know that is because she is the “founder and the current CEO of her successful skincare company, pur~lisse”. Cast as Vypra, she was a villain from the series Power Rangers Lightspeed Force that was a demon working towards reviving Queen Bansheera alongside two comrades. Evidently starting her skincare business after breaking out, looking at this image of her where she looks radiant and her skin appears to be soft and supple, it seems like her product must work wonders.

10 Erika Fong - Power Rangers Samurai

Via taringa.net

Someone with a history of landing roles in major productions, in the case of Erika Fong, she isn’t known only as a Power Rangers actress since she also appeared in the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction. The person who was able to bring Mia Watanabe to life in Power Rangers Samurai, as part of this series, she was the Pink Samurai Ranger in forty-six episodes that aired in 2011 and 2012. Considered to be a leader of the team her character was a part of, she brought poise and maturity to a role that needed it badly. Pictured here in an image that proves how exquisite Erika is, if you ask us, saying that she looks great with cleavage on display is an understatement.

9 Anna Hutchison - Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Via taringa.net

If you’re an actor and you want to make sure that you will be paid big bucks to show up at comic cons for a long time, then appearing in a major sci-fi franchise is a great way to go about it. Anna Hutchison clearly has that covered. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be appearing here, as her time as Lily Chilman from Power Rangers Jungle Fury more than qualifies. On the other hand, another route you can take is appearing in a seminal horror film, and she has that under her belt as well since she was memorable as Jules in The Cabin in the Woods. Seen here at a red carpet event for the show Spartacus: War of the Damned, which she also starred in, the opportunity to see her in a blue dress that is see-through in strategic places is one we’ll always take.

8 Elizabeth Banks - Power Rangers

Via indiewire.com

The biggest celebrity of anyone to appear on this list, Elizabeth Banks was the person that the producers of the 2017 Power Rangers film turned to in an attempt to add star power to their project. Successful in doing that at least, she is the latest person to bring Rita Repulsa to life, and we have to say that her version of the character was easily the scariest of them all. Also well-known for films like Pitch Perfect and Hunger Games franchises, as well as The Lego Movie and Wet Hot American Summer among several others, she is almost always a joy to see on screen. Clearly, taken as part of a photo shoot, this image of her stood out to us the moment we saw it because it reveals that she has legs for days, and we love that about her.

7 Ciara Hanna - Power Rangers Megaforce & Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Via fansshare.com

An actress with a resume that seems like it could be a mile long, Ciara Hanna is best known for her role as a Ranger as well as playing Nicole Parker from Blood Lake to life. Also, she was cast in roles in series as disperse as The Bold and the Beautiful, New Girl, Hawaii Five-0, and iCarly. Someone who is no stranger to “reality” TV as well, she was a finalist in the thirteenth cycle of America’s Next Top Model and dined in an episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Cast as Gia Moran, she was the Yellow Ranger in the shows Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce. A shot that was clearly taken by a paparazzi while she was on a beach, this picture of a wonderful-looking woman in the natural beauty of the water is a combination for the ages.

6 Camille Hyde - Power Rangers Dino Charge

Via IMDB.com

One of the people on this list that was made a part of the Power Rangers universe most recently, Camille Hyde was one of the stars of the series Power Rangers Dino Charge in the years 2015 and 2016. Cast as Shelby Watkins, the Pink Dino Charge Ranger in that series, her character was interesting as she wasn’t your typical kid because her parents were both immensely wealthy. Also set to be one of the stars of the upcoming series American Vandal, she hasn’t yet become a household name but we can always hope this series puts her over the top. Seen here in a top that is tight enough that it gives the viewer a great idea of what she is working with, that is the type of view we’re always going to adore.

5 Sally Martin - Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Via Pinterest.com

Someone who had already found minor success on TV by the time she was introduced to the world of the Rangers, Sally Martin had appeared on several series in the past. Playing the character Tori Hanson from Power Rangers Ninja Storm, she was the Blue Wind Ninja Ranger for thirty-eight episodes in 2003. Also brought back to play the character again in the series Power Rangers DinoThunder the following year and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive in 2007, in each case she had a two episode arc. A member of the long-running show Shortland Street since 2010, her TV success continues as she has been a part of more than five hundred episodes of that series, which is staggering in itself. Clearly a gorgeous woman from the moment you see her, with a smile that radiant, you don’t even have to see any of her body for a picture to be wonderful.

4 Becky G - Power Rangers

Via playbuzz.com

The final member of the cast of the 2017 Power Rangers film’s cast to appear on this list, Becky G. had already attained some notoriety before getting her part in that movie. A singer that gained traction after she uploaded videos of her performing online, she has since become big enough to collaborate with people like Will.i.am, Cody Simpson, and Cher Lloyd. The latest person that was able to play Trini Kwan on film, she likely saw her time playing the original Yellow Ranger as an honor if she is a fan of this beloved franchise. Seen here performing as a character she briefly played on the show Empire, any outfit that is cut that high on her legs and is open enough to show her cleavage and part of her bra is a winner in our book.

3 Adelaide Kane - Power Rangers RPM

Via Instagram.com

An actress that seems to be able to get coveted roles at every turn, Adelaide Kane has appeared in shows like Reign, Teen Wolf, Neighbours, and most recently, the series Once Upon A Time. Cast as one of the lead characters in the show Power Rangers RPM, she played Tenaya 7/1, a human that was modified by cybernetic enhancements by Venjix. Appearing as the character in thirty-two episodes in 2009, it served as a great jumping off point for her impressive career. Thankfully a member of various social media sites, she was kind enough to share this image of herself with the world on Instagram. Possessing a body that would look good no matter what, seeing her in a bikini that allows us to see so much of it is the cherry on top of the sundae of being her fan.

2 Amy Jo Johnson - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

If you were a fan when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers began airing and are attracted to women, there is a very good chance that you had a big crush on Amy Jo Johnson. If you ask us, her character, Kimberly Hart, was the most popular original cast member of this series and probably the only one that competes with her in the history of the show is Jason David Frank’s Tommy. The original Pink Ranger, she was also shown to be a gymnast which allowed fans to fall for her even harder since she wore a leotard which was great for obvious reasons. Someone who hasn’t taken too many revealing photos over the years, this picture of her with her midriff exposed is one of the raciest out there which makes it worth our weight in gold.

1 Cerina Vincent - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Via cloudpix.co

At one time crowned Miss Nevada Teen USA, Cerina Vincent definitely had the looks required to win any beauty contest in our opinion. Transitioning into the acting world as she matured, she has appeared in movies like Not Another Teen Movie, Cabin Fever, and It Waits, to name only a few. Before all of that, however, she was awarded a leading role in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy where she played a wild woman from a jungle planet that would become the Yellow Galaxy Ranger. Appearing in forty-five episodes of that series, she was also brought back for a two-episode arc in Power Rangers Lightspeed Force and the short film Power Rangers in 3D: Triple Force. Blessed with a body for the ages, this shot of her in a tight top and jeans is the type of thing that dreams are made of.

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