20 Photos Of Paris Hilton Getting Smashed With Everyone In Hollywood

Some of the people Paris parties with might be a bit surprising, but she seems to manage stumbling her way into any party she wants.

For those who don't know, Paris has pretty well partied with everyone, at one time or another (and in one way or another in the case of Rick Salomon). She is a firm believer in loving life, and living it to the fullest...or at least until she's consumed enough to pass out in the night.

There are all manner of celebrities that Paris has had a fun time with over the years, and boy does she ever love partying. From Britney Spears, to Lindsay Lohan; from Hef, to Chris Brown, Paris has been out on the town with everyone (even a chimp)!

Below are twenty photos of Paris Hilton, smashed with everyone, not just from Hollywood, but all across the pitifully superficial pantheon of celebrities. Some of the people Paris parties with might be a bit surprising, but she seems to manage stumbling her way into any party she wants.

20 It's Britney B*tch

Well it seems this hang out was some time before Britney completely crashed, shaved her head, and disappeared from the spotlight for a few years to clean up. And one must say, it truly shows. It's amazing that in this photo it is Spears who looks completely bombed. Usually Paris doesn't have such a big smile on. She tends to have a sly smirk, with very squinted eyes. Almost like she's a pussy cat, relaxing in a warm ray of sunshine. Of course, instead of sunshine, she's taking in copious amounts of booze. Given that Hilton is holding a Sharpie in hand, it seems perhaps that Spears is trying very hard to focus on some sort of writing, or illustration. Though given where Paris is looking, it seems Britney have overshot just quite where she's meant to be focused.

19 Kim K. Holding Up Hilton

My goodness. Who remembers back when Kim Kardashian wasn't all that famous, and was more predominantly a hanger-on of Paris Hilton? In this photo there is a clear visual as to why Kim was a's because Paris can't keep herself upright. However, this shot does give ample opportunity to point out the cat-like look mentioned in the first entry. Here is that inebriated smirk, and squinted gaze. It seems to portray complete contentment, while not being quite fully aware of just what is going on nearby. And look at Kim. She seems completely content, and even happy to just be one of Hilton's friends. Things changed a lot once she got into the spotlight a bit. She certainly doesn't seem as content with things in life anymore. Does anyone wonder if either of these ladies think back, and wish for things to be like old times?

18 Hef's Honey Bunny Hilton

Because of course she would. Paris Hilton attended several of Hugh Hefner's birthday parties in outfits that are unfortunately not safe for visual consumption on TheRichest. The above photo is from an Easter event for Playboy, and what better holiday for Hef to have Paris Hilton dressed in a bunny outfit? Especially a strange, pink, psychedelic leopard print sort of number. Hugh looks like he's having a great time, but notice the look on Paris' face. It's a bit coy, but also seemingly a bit she's vulnerable, and trapped. But given that it's Paris Hilton, at probably around age twenty one, it's unlikely that there's any real sense of danger in her. Surely she's more than happy for the attention, and for the party that ensued, following this shot.

17 Hilton And Hayden

Who'd have thought that even Hayden Panettiere of Heroes, and Scream 4 fame would end up partying with Paris. It doesn't seem like it would quite be Hayden's sort of scene. Of course there's not often any sort of age inappropriate gap between celebrities (proven by the previous Hef photo). But the ten year difference between Hilton and Panettiere might make one think that Hayden would find Hilton a bit of a has-been. But perhaps, to Hayden, the party would be a great story, and a good way to get some high-profile contacts. Either way, the more important thing about this photo is that it is entirely clear that Paris is gearing up to dance the night away on that pole. And in spite of her hailing herself as kind of a prude, it's surely no shock to anyone that Paris may very well drunkenly pole dance a whole night through.

16 Bouncing With Brown

Though it looks like Paris might have just been hit, Chris Brown is actually innocent in that respect. And realistically, the look on Paris' face is probably due to her attempting to speak or sing...with nothing more than incomprehensible attempts at speech. She does look pretty trashed, for sure. There were a number of people who were, for some reason, surprised to see Brown with a pretty white chick like Hilton, but who would really say no? And who the hell cares about colour anyway? Only ignorant people. And good for Paris, having the courage to party with a man who was accused of punching a woman in a Vegas hotel, not to mention actually punching, and threatening to kill Kim Kardashian (another party playmate of Paris Hilton's). One wonders if Paris chose sides, and perhaps that's why Kim decided not to have anything to do with Paris anymore.

15 Out For The Night...Literally

Yes, Paris went out for the night...and then pretty promptly went out for the night. She is more than clearly toasted here, and the guy holding her up on her right side is clearly looking for a feel, as his hand rounds about Paris' knee. This party was at a so-called "Cream Party" in a club in St. Tropez, Brazil, so far as can be understood. Having attempted research into just what the hell this "Cream Party" found a number of photos Hilton, and a number of results that had to do with a sort of cream that one imagines this party had little to do with. Ultimately one could not find out much about this party without stumbling across a great deal of porn (who'd have expected that when searching "Cream Party"?) And even though it seems as though there are not any particularly famous people other than Paris, in this shot, it could not be passed up as an entry for this article.

14 Paris Partying With Nicky And Nicole

Oh goodness, Paris is smoking, and raising the devil horns. What a rebel! If one could not tell by the resemblance, the girl in the centre of the photo is Paris' sister, Nicky Hilton. And the clearly wasted girl next to Nicky is Nicole Richie. It makes perfect sense that these girls would get together to get hammered. After all, Nicole Richie got her rise to tabloid stardom back about ten years who, from the reality television show, The Simple Life. And who did she appear in the show with? Paris Hilton of course. What an aptly named show, to be sure. Of course life is simple when one has nothing but money, and no responsibilities. Of course now Nicole has two children, but back then, there was no care in the world, other than having the whole world care about these ladies' vapid lives.

13 Before "The Hit" Was Put Out

This is a rare photograph now. It's not likely that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan will be seen in photo opportunities together again. And they used to be such fans (probably for all the blow and/or booze they had together). However, Lindsay was partying with Paris' brother Barron at a house one night. And after Barron got punched in the face by the host, Paris got it in her mind that Lindsay "put out a hit on [Barron]". First of all, Paris should know more about mafia terminology, given that her family is a bunch of hotel moguls. A punch to the face is hardly taking a hit out on someone. If it was a bullet to the face, then one could understand. But please, Paris, maybe being just a bit over the top here? Regardless, even the host who punched Barron in the face, admitted to the press that LiLo had nothing to do with the attack. And he even made mention that it was Barron being an asshole, and getting physical first that provoked the face punch.

12 Playing The Trump Card

One can only sigh. Donald Trump may not touch the drink, but it's pretty clear here that Paris had already been a couple in before this photo op. That or she just looks eternally vacant. Regardless, Paris has known Trump for a long time. Since she was a little girl in fact. It makes perfect sense that the Hiltons would be close with the Trump family. So close that, come election time, Paris spent as much time talking about voting for Trump as she did talking about running for office herself, and painting the White House pink (not kidding). It seems though, that this hotel heiress has statistically got better business sense than the current President of the United States. And considering that Trump touts his ability as a businessman, that's got to be a bit of a low blow for the small-handed tycoon. Considering how much Paris parties, and gets ripped, it's pretty crazy to think that she's still got better business sense. And hey, in this new world of celebrity leaders, maybe Paris will run one day. Then the glass ceiling could be frosted pink.

11 Sofia Guiding Hilton

It's pretty sad when a girl who is about twenty years younger than Paris has to guide her down the street at night. And to look at the face of Sofia Richie (Nicole Richie's sister), it seems she is pretty sad about having to baby Paris as well. Of course that could be because Sofia is only eighteen, and therefore not legally able to drink, and if that mattered at all. Surely she's been partying along with her sister, and Paris for years already. There would be almost no way to avoid it, especially with the force of vapid personality that is Paris Hilton. Though given the "Sunglasses At Night" routine that Paris is pulling out in this photo, it seems unlikely that Sofia got much in the way of partying herself before she had to become Hilton's babysitter. Oh well, in a few years she'll be able to legally throw caution to the wind, and maybe Paris will be helping her home.

10 Girls From The Shore

Apparently Paris even gets her kicks hanging out down at the shore. The ladies from Jersey Shore must love "bennies" like Hilton coming down for a visit. Paris does fit the general description of a so-called benny, after all. She's both loud and flashy, for sure. In addition to that, Hilton also fits the three general origins of the derogatory term. First off, she's from New York. Secondly, she's certainly up for a healthy "beneficial" whenever the opportunity presents itself. And third of all, she most definitely has plenty of "Bens" (Ben Franklins – $100 bills) to throw around at the shore as well. And while "The Situation" may not be a part of this photo opportunity, it seems more than likely that there will be a pretty exciting situation had by the end of party these girls are having. Some sort of fight, or public drunkenness that will land one of them in jail. The kind of bull that reality TV thrives on.

9 Kidding With Kelly Osbourne

The middle child of the Osbourne family, Kelly is much closer to being of an age with Paris than say Hayden Panettiere, for sure. And surely Kelly had been on the party wagon at a far younger age than either Hayden or Hilton. Kelly had her first go with Vicodin when she was only thirteen years old. Of course that was actually a medically prescribed introduction to opiates. Once she turned sixteen though, she was popping the pills daily, and eventually in vast quantities. "Soon I was taking 50 pills a day. Most people would overdose on ten." One is inclined not to believe that incredible tolerance for Vicodin, but given who her father is, and just how much of a tolerance he had for drugs and makes perfect sense. She's cleaned up now, so far as anyone knows, but surely she had some good times with Paris before Sharon and Ozzy found the five hundred pill stash in her room.

8 Ciara Gets Down

This photo really does make sense, to a point. Surely, if Paris was going to get together at a party and start singing with anyone...well, it would be someone whose commercials success has all but floundered entirely. And Ciara is just such a person. Sure, she's hit the "Hot One Hundred" before, and has had a number one hit even...but the last album she put out only sold seventeen thousand copies in its first week. Not the first day. The first week! There's likely some mutual gratification going on in this photo. Paris gets to party, and sing with a somewhat well known musicians, and not feel intimidated by her voice. And Ciara gets to raise her profile ever so slightly, by joining the "esteemed" group of people to have partied with Paris. Ultimately, whatever makes these two think that they're more important than they are.

7 It Only Cost Paris 50 Cent

Hilton is just passing the time away with all manner of has-been artists. One begins to wonder if partying with Paris raises one's profile, or if it destroys one's career. Sure, 50 Cent is still working out there...somewhere. And he was voted, somehow, the third greatest rapper of the 2000s (which is objectively just false), but he's hardly even a shadow of what he used to be. But hey, at least he's managed to stay away from bullets these past years. Having been shot nine times while working as a poor drug dealer, surely he has much more protection now as a wealthy one. Regardless, 50 Cent must have been having a great night here. Especially considering that it looks as though Paris has simply decided to wear lingerie to the party. One can almost see the decision in his eyes, thinking: this is likely the end of my career, but I'm going to go for it anyway.

6 Blotted Bunnies

Paris just can't keep away from Playboy, it seems. And hey, if there's going to be some crazy, and gratuitous sex appeal...and drugs...then why not have Britney along for the figurative ride? What's interesting about these two ladies is that they both have a sort of strange relationship with Playboy. Britney was certainly never asked to pose for the magazine, but Hef mentioned once that if she could get her act together, he would love to have the magazine. And with regards to Paris, she was featured on a cover of Playboy once, but had never posed for the magazine in any way. Hilton was named "Sex Star Of The Year" for 2005, after her sex tape was made an internet sensation, but she only knew just days before the magazine dropped, that she was going to be a cover girl. Either way, they both still seem to enjoy Playboy as much as the next person. Maybe even more as they get wasted at the bunny bar.

5 Nicky's Bachelorette 

Aw, look. Of course Paris would still attempt to be a DJ at her little sister's bachelorette party. In spite of the bridesmaid labels being passed around the dance floor, it seems like a rather undistinguished party. There's even denim and plaid in the background, and that certainly goes to show how plain even the venue they've chosen is. It's almost like the two heiresses are slumming in order to celebrate Nicky's prospective marriage. To be fair she ended up marrying James Rothschild who is part of an incredibly aristocratic family. So maybe she just wanted to get away from it all before she became nothing more than a socialite...oh wait, she was already basically that, thanks to being a so-called "hotel heiress". Either way, at least it looks like they're having a great time before she was shipped off to forge a partnership between two incredibly rich families. And before she had one child, who will likely be one of the single most spoiled, little brats in the world.

4 Oh Tara Reid...

Wow, who remembers Tara Reid from before she went off the rails? Exactly, not many at all. American Pie happened, and then suddenly she was getting wrecked everywhere she went. Paris probably just loved to have her around because she knew she wouldn't be the only "white-girl-wasted" woman in the room, and because she knew she had a better figure than Tara. At least after Tara really started to let herself go. But hey, the two ladies look like they've really got the shine on them, and a healthy buzz to keep them going...for at least part of the night. Before one or both of them passes out heavily somewhere to make for another hilarious shot.

3 Nicole On A Roll

Oh to live the "Simple Life". Then one would simply be able to get completely sloshed with people like Paris Hilton, and have no care for the consequences. Even if the consequences are ridiculous photos like this one. Surely Richie does not care at all, if she even knows that the photos exists. That being said, someone as potted as Nicole Richie in this shot would likely not remember the night, let alone the moment a camera was brought to bear. Either way, the "Simple Life" belongs only to people who have nothing better to do with their day than get absolutely wrecked, and spend their parents' money on frivolous business ventures that are only successful because of their family names. In this way, Nicole and Paris are two peas in a pod. Whether coming from a very famous musician, or a very famous hotel magnate, one has a whole lot of freedom in the pursuit of the "Simple Life".

2 Paris Breaking Into The Bottle

There is a video below of the so-called "Cream Party" that took place in St. Tropez. At a different party in St. Tropez (which is noticeable because of the wardrobe change), the man in the above photo (who also appears incognito in an earlier entry) spends a lot on booze for his friends. He was actually competing with another billionaire. Who is he? Taek Jho Low, a Malaysian man of exceeding wealth, who bought gigantic bottles of Cristal for all of his friends. One of whom, of course, is Paris Hilton. There were rumours, for a time, that these two were dating, and of course the media then jumps all over a photo like the one above as proof. Regardless, it seems pretty clear that Low is concerned, not for Paris, but for the bottle she's holding. She must have already been pretty well in the bag for him to be that worried. And given the "Cream Party" photo from the earlier entry up above, one knows exactly how a night of partying in St. Tropez ends for Paris.

1 Chimp And The Chump

Back in 2009, nightclub/amusement park Carnival opened up in New York. And of course Paris was there for the big opening, and spent some time with one of the attractions: Bentley, the chimpanzee. Now Paris has spent a lot of time with chumps all around the world (she was dating Doug Reinhardt at the time), but she decided to lock lips with a chimp instead. Now this was back at a time that Twitter was described as such: "Today, Paris wrote on social micro-blogging site Twitter: 'Bentley was so cute last night. Carnival is such a fun place to go. A must see place when you go to New York.'" But shortly after her party time at the club (and she was likely a couple in when she met Bentley), she made mention of calming down on the party scene, as it was harder to get up for work in the morning. Sure, she is a businesswoman...but surely she's used to doing things when she pleases. And who's going to say no to her? Now take a look at tabloid headlines from 2009 till now...did she really stop partying either years ago?


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