20 Photos Of Margot Robbie's Most Stunning Red Carpet Fashion Looks

Margot Robbie went from Jaime Pressly look-alike to making Jaime Pressly want to be Margot Robbie instead. The Australian beauty queen earned her way to superstardom by first starring in mostly independent films rather than serving as the typical eye candy model. She then ended up joining the Neighbours cast where she first had her taste of fame.

With her star rising beyond the land Down Under, she made her move to the United States, where she starred in Pan Am as a flight attendant. The show was short-lived, but not her career. She ended up becoming a breakout star because she ended up being cast in The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese. She didn't just ride the coattails of Leonardo DiCaprio either. She actually earned critical acclaim for her supporting role performance. She's now most well-known for portraying Harley Quinn in the comic book movie Suicide Squad by David Ayer. She was able to excellently showcase the adorable insanity of Harley Quinzel as well as her abusive relationship with the criminal mastermind The Joker that would've made creator Paul Dini and originating voice actress Arleen Sorkin proud (Harley Quinn was an original character made for the Batman animated series).

For a superstar, she has starred in only 9 mainstream movies, from 2013's About Time to 2017's I, Tonya as the titular character. She is relatively new to the industry, but she has already risen to the top. She has also appeared on Saturday Night Live as a host. With that said, here are Margot's most stunning red carpet looks that are sure to make her a red carpet mainstay for years to come.

20 The Oscars 2015

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Margot looks absolutely breathtaking in her red carpet dress at the 2015 Academy Awards (which was hosted by the inimitable Neil Patrick Harris). Then again, expect her to take your breath away in every dress or gown she wears on this list anyway. The gorgeous blonde Aussie bombshell stole many stares and hearts with her black low-plunging gown with low sleeves by Saint Laurent. Up top, the gown looks more like bedroom wear than formal wear with its see-through sleeves and plunging V-neck top that left little to the imagination. The contrast down below with the classier long skirt appearance epitomizes what Margot herself is all about. She has portrayed both bombshell characters as well as more serious roles, thus making her a multidimensional beauty (like her red carpet dress). Her shoulder-length hair and makeup match her outfit well as well, and that shade of red lipstick definitely looks great on her.

19 White Gucci At The Golden Globes 2014

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While at the Oscars 2015, Margot looked like a devilish seductress. Meanwhile, at the Golden Globes 2014, she instead looked like a goddess who had graced mere mortals with her presence and holiness. As seen in this photo and the last, she can be both angelic and devilishly stunning. The white dress by Gucci looked positively immaculate on Margot, who sported an updo to match the elegant and tasteful dress. She's like the epitome of the duality of femininity indeed, showcasing how naughty and nice she is in two pictures. Speaking of duality, the mostly conservative and sophisticated Gucci dress comes with a hint of leg on the side, so it's mostly a play of contrasts in reverse. While her Oscars 2015 gown was mostly seductive with a classy twist, this dress is a mostly classy and clean ensemble with a seductive or even flirty twist. And she looks gorgeous in either theme.

18 The Oscars 2014

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For the 2014 Oscars or the 86th Academy Awards hosted by Ellen Degeneres, the would-be action girl looked almost unrecognizable with her dyed black hair that blended well with her similarly dark dress. She is indeed like a chameleon even on the red carpet. Her portrayal of Harley Quinn, after all, entailed loads of acrobatic stunts without wires and while on heels — something that even women who wear heels all day every day couldn’t do. Then again, the all-black ensemble she sported back in the Oscars 2014 makes her even more reminiscent of the Femme Fatale roles she's been increasingly getting since she was cast as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. With that Veronica Lake hair, sequined top and long skirt that draped over her similarly long legs, it's not hard to imagine her in the titular role of La Femme Nikita or as a wealthy socialite in a film noir project.

17 2017 Time 100 Gala

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For a change, Margot wore something seemingly simpler than her usual array of expensive brand-name dresses from Versace, Saint Laurent and Gucci. However, a closer look at what she's wearing reveals that it's not a simple polka-dot dress because those dots are actually different precious gems. But even without the gems, she's a precious diamond in and of herself that could pull off the sundress look with ease, making it look like her Sunday best instead.

In such a star-studded event as the 2017 Time 100 Gala, Margot ended up attending with a gem-studded dress (appropriately enough). There's more than meets the eye when it comes to that dress. It's just like Miss Robbie (or Missus Ackerley) herself, what with her being witty enough to snark Will Smith of all people on BBC Radio's Playground Insults show. Only she could cut down one of the most charming men in the world down to size.

16 I, Tonya Premiere With Versace Gown

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Margot Robbie looks great wearing anything, doesn’t she? Or, as husband Tom Ackerley (and co-star Leonardo DiCaprio because of their numerous romantic scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street) could attest, she could wear whatever she wants and wow everyone in the room. She looks positively dazzling in her silver Versace gown that shows off her supermodel figure and long legs. The dress with an even more plunging neckline also leaves little to the imagination, but it is still demure. She also looks like she's completely comfortable wearing those high heels, which makes sense since she was able to perform acrobatic stunts as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad while wearing a pair of sky-high heels.

15 2017 Governors Awards

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Speaking of the sundress look, as predicted, Margot Robbie pulled it off and somehow made it look stunning. For some models, actresses and celebrities, it's the dress that makes them glamorous. For Margot Robbie, it's her that makes the dress glamorous. With that said, on any other girl, the flowers over the black backdrop would look like they re-purposed curtains into a dress. Not so with Margot, who makes the flowers look like silver linings on a dark nimbus cloud. She has had different looks on the red carpet through the years, from the working girl look to the socialite look to even wearing what would usually amount to sleepwear. The Femme Fatale of movies like Suicide Squad, Focus, and The Wolf of Wall Street can pull off anything, including a simple "flowers in the dark" print on a dress.

14 The Oscars 2016

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In regard to the Oscars 2016 or the 88th Academy Awards, Margot Robbie has found a way to figuratively and literally shine once again. She herself looks like the female version of the Oscar Awards statue. As the internet would say, she's fulfilling Rule 63 of the internet, which states, "For every male character there is a female version. No exceptions." Kidding aside, she really does showcase her King Midas' touch when it comes to fashion. Other than being at the Oscars with her golden fashion sense, the dress itself is the perfect complement to her blonde hair and immaculate skin. The dress matches her hair perfectly, which almost makes her the perfect Bond Girl for the film Goldfinger (or perhaps an alternate heroine to Beyonce in the third Austin Powers movie Goldmember).

13 Christian Dior Dress At The 2015 Vanity Fair Party

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Black has always been such a complementary color for the cream-skinned, platinum-blonde beauty, like how the sun shines brightest in the cold blackness of space. White is also something that Margot can wear without looking ridiculous. How about a Christian Dior ensemble featuring black and white stripes? Normally, such a look would look better with the Wednesday Addams or the Gothic chicks of the world since this is Gothic chic. However, because Margot is such the consummate professional, she somehow pulls it off yet again and showcases that a blonde bombshell could serve as the perfect contrast with the checkers-patterned Gothic chic Christian Dior dress. Then again, she wore clown makeup in Suicide Squad and still found a way to create one of the fan favorites when it comes to the top Halloween costumes to wear in the 2010s. She's so fashion versatile you'd be forgiven to presume she's a model (actually, she's been an actress all her life with no modelling experience apart from recent endorsements).

12 2016 Met Gala With Calvin Klein Gown

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Margot Robbie's fashion ability is like that meme dress that became a viral sensation back in 2015. You know the one. The dress that looks like white and gold in the shade to some or black and blue to others. Margot has the same ability to appear white as porcelain when she's wearing a black dress or perfectly tanned when wearing a white dress. Her tanned Aussie skin looks downright golden in a completely white Calvin Klein gown during the 2016 Met Gala. The Wonder Woman bracelets are a nice touch too that matches her shiny gilded hair. She's a master when it comes to plays of contrast, whether it's through her most famous role of Harley Quinn or through her ability to make any branded or non-branded ensemble work on her svelte figure.

11 Yellow Halter Dress By Rosie Assoulin At Harper's Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards

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Here she is in her yellow halter sundress by Rosie Assoulin that shines as brightly as her smile and attitude that she wore back at Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards. This woman of the year of 2014 hadn't even had her winning Suicide Squad role yet and she was already being treated as part of the A-List. Although the dress hides her well-toned yet shapely legs, it shows off her other assets. She gets to strut around with her favorite plunging V-neckline. The dress also hugs her body just right in order to reveal her hourglass figure. Rather than shimmering like gold in one of the most feminist awards shows of the year, she instead chose to shine brightly on her own with a vibrant, eye-catching dress that grabs people's attention as much as she does on a regular basis.

10 The Wolf Of Wall Street Premiere

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This is a more reserved version of the Christian Dior Gothic chic, black-and-white and checkered-and-striped dress in a previous entry. It's a mostly white dress with a hint of black, much like its wearer, who's also mostly bubbly and cheery but with a snarky edge to her and sense of humor. Then again, as an Australian, she'd naturally have a razor-sharp wit and doesn't take herself too seriously. It's just the Aussie way. Her sense of humor is in full display whenever people accuse her of being older than she really is. They think she's in her thirties, much like her look-alike celebrity clone Jaime Pressly. However, she really is a mature bombshell at a young age and when confronted by such accusations, her tongue-in-cheek response is to change the subject and say, "My name isn't even Margot Robbie. It's Margot Robert.”

9 2014 Jameson Empire Awards

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Despite being the gorgeous new it girl and bombshell in the 21st century, Margot Robbie doesn't take herself too seriously, as previously mentioned. Aside from being willing to wear the occasional no-name, no-brand, seemingly bargain-bin sundress to awards shows (although girls like Bjork and Lady Gaga are more anti-fashion than she occasionally is), she's also willing to parody her status as the "sultry girl" in movies like The Big Short. In that movie, she seductively explains financial terms while bathing in a bubble bath, as though she's the punch line in a Chris Rock joke. With that said, at the 2014 Jameson Empire Awards, Margot also knew how to buckle down and shed her blonde bombshell appearance in favor of a brunette-in-a-red-dress look reminiscent of Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones or Daenerys Targaryen fame. She kind of even looks like Emilia whenever she stops dyeing her hair blonde. The funny thing is that, like Emilia, Margot also dyed her hair blonde. She's a bottle blonde herself, with her hair being naturally brown.

8 2015 Spring Fashion Week

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Again, Margot goes for the tried-and-true color combination of black, white and gold/yellow. Any other combination typically entails her dyeing her hair brown, apparently (which is a shame, because a slinky red dress would go perfectly with her blonde hair). This time around, she goes for an all-white ensemble that really shows off her tan (a la her Calvin Klein gown at the 2016 Met Gala). The added twist she has this time around so that it doesn't look like she's recycling clothes and themes is the fact that she's wearing a Hillary-Clinton-inspired pantsuit. Her trademark plunging V-neckline is there, of course. The pants don't form-fit around her shapely legs, but that's part of the point. In this type of formal wear, she's all business. Then again, this borderline androgynous type of fashion is typical fare when it comes to fashion week.

7 Hugo Boss Opening

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Margot Robbie is almost unrecognizable in this ensemble of sheer Gothic chic dress because of her dyed black tresses that's been tied in a conservative bun. Rather than showcasing the hot librarian look, she now literally looks like a librarian. Not that she isn't still hot. She just looks completely different from what people think of when they hear the name "Margot Robbie." It's like when Katy Perry look-alike Zooey Deschanel of 500 Days of Summer fame looked like a completely different woman altogether with a simple change in hairstyle (she got rid of her signature bangs that she shared with Katy). Again, instead of looking like Jaime Pressly, she instead appears more like Emilia Clarke. Actually, when you take a closer look, that black hair and hairstyle is more reminiscent of a mature and well-developed Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly fame.

6 The Legend Of Tarzan Premiere

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Although The Legend of Tarzan got mixed reviews and mediocre earnings at the box office that ultimately resulted in it being forgettable, at the very least Margot Robbie's performance there as the redhead Jane Porter was impressive enough to allow her to get other work in projects like I, Tonya. She's almost as adorable as the Jane Porter in the Disney cartoon version of Tarzan. At first glance, she looks like she's wearing something extra daring than usual. However, it's actually just her dress having tan-colored or skin-colored cloth over her favorite black and white (or black and silver in this case) color scheme. Margot knows how to push the envelope without necessarily going overboard, like a true flirt. Then again, the brunette had to learn the art of flirting to make it into the film industry since everyone loves bubbly blondes.

5 2014 Critics Choice Awards

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At the 2014 Critics Choice Awards, Margot Robbie robbed the hearts of everyone with her lace dress. Her silhouette and perfect bikini-ready body (which is to be expected of the beach-loving Aussies) is on full display here with her lacy dress and sheer sleeves. She really does shine her brightest when she puts on something black. Perhaps when she's betting on the roulette table, she always bets on black too? She's not quite super popular here yet at the Critics Choice Awards. Yes, she was already on the A-List due to her work in The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, but she hadn’t yet cemented herself with 2016's Suicide Squad. Nevertheless, she was already starting to define her red carpet look here, although she'd be experimenting with variations of this look in subsequent award shows. She's on the threshold of superstardom and her fashion sense continues to evolve along with her career.

4 Hugo Boss Prize 2014

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As for the Hugo Boss Prize 2014, she's wearing the black variant of her all-white pantsuit that she'd worn to The Spring Break Fashion Show 2015, again showcasing her love for duality. She's so fascinated by how superheroes and super villains have dual identities, their civilian guise and their super version, that she might as well play Duela Dent instead of Harley Quinn. The pair of silver shoes is also a nice touch. So which pantsuit was better? Well, the Hugo Boss all-black pantsuit is even more all-business than the Spring Break all-white pantsuit. There's just something about the color black that exudes mystery and depth. Then again, seeing her in immaculate glory showcases the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Still, there's a reason why she's so in love with black the same way Harley loves the darkly insane Joker.

3 Focus Special Screening

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At the Focus Special Screening red carpet event, Margot wore what appears to be a mix of her black and white pantsuits that's less extreme than her Christian Dior dress at the 2015 Vanity Fair Party. It's more conservative than her usual trademark black top with plunging V-shaped neckline, and the whole ensemble is completed with her choice of black high-heel shoes. Then again, it adds a classy air to the ensemble. The open button-down trench coat is a nice touch. The suit is the epitome of business casual, which is the perfect choice for a screening. This looks like something she'd wear to a meeting with producers without being too overdressed for the occasion. After all, she did let her hair down as well.

2 2016 Gotham IFP Film Awards

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Margot's white dress in the 2016 Gotham IFP Film Awards is nothing short of office or work attire chic. Ironically, she ended up at the "Gotham" Independent Film Awards not because she portrayed a Batman villain but instead because she has a lengthier resume in the independent film scene than her mainstream Hollywood film curriculum vitae. Also though, she certainly deserved the award for Best Dressed or Best Evening Gown with that beauty of a white dress. If Harley Quinn were sane, she'd wear something like this.

While wearing the commanding white dress, she exuded authority like the CEO of a major cosmetics firm or fashion line. Meanwhile, the awards actually got their name from Washington Irving's nickname for New York City back in November 1807. And surprisingly, Batman or Bat-Man first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Arguably, the fictional Gotham City was named after New York City's old nickname.

1 About Time Premiere

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In regard to the About Time premiere where things really started looking up for Margot, we see her in her younger years back in 2013 (which may seem like a lifetime ago to many of us). You'd expect the Indie Film darling who hadn't achieved mainstream success yet to look downright innocent in this picture taken about five odd years ago. However, without context, this looks like a recent picture of Margot. Not only did she barely age in five years, it appears that she already had a good idea of what her red carpet look should be, with her sleeves bare, her legs peeking out of a see-through patterned skirt and the rest of her dress looking conservative in comparison. She hasn't changed her look that much in general, but the tweaks on the nuances and subtleties of her look do tend to shine through on closer inspection. She figured out her winning red carpet formula and hasn't strayed much from it since.

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