20 Photos Of Katy Perry Looking As Good As Only She Can

Ever since the rise of services like Napster, there has been a lot of discussion on how the music industry has been heavily damaged by the ability to share files online. Of course, the industry has shifted its focus over the last several years with downloads becoming a big revenue stream. But there is little debate that things aren’t as good as they once were. Still, there are a few artists out there that seem to be above worries like those and continue to be a cottage industry in their own right.

One of the biggest pop stars alive today, Katy Perry is also one of the few music stars that seem to be beyond the worries of so many of her peers. Able to sell millions whenever she releases more music for her fans to devour and play ad nauseam, at times, it has seemed like she is omnipresent in the media world. Not that we’re complaining. Part of the reason why it may seem that way is that she is someone who is easy to look at, so many media entities strive to include her as much as possible. On top of that, she has been in the public eye for a very long time now, so she has been the subject of many photoshoots which have resulted in many pictures we love to look at. Realizing all of these things is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty photos of Katy Perry looking as good as only she can.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion here, the only prerequisite is that Katy Perry can be seen and is looking great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the popular singer will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from shows, movies, or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes, and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

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20 With Miley

Via Pinterest.com

Photographed here at a red carpet event, we’d totally forgive you if it took you several minutes to notice that it was in fact Miley Cyrus, standing alongside her. Sure, she is a pretty big star in her own right, but we are definitely not going to allow her to distract us from the alluring nature of Katy here for long. Wearing a dress that perfectly draws the attention of us, the viewers to her buxom body, if you look at her chest here and aren’t blown away, then you have very different standards than we do (or you might need to renew the prescription for your glasses).

19 Sweetheart

Via Pinterest.com

If there is one thing about Katy Perry that everyone knows, it is the fact that she has been the topic of a great deal of conversation over the years. One of the biggest topics that keeps coming up about her is that she is a gorgeous woman who many people love to look at, and we couldn’t agree more with that. Of course, it is obvious by the fact that we put together this list that we have no problem with that. However, there is an aspect we feel is ignored far too often. An image like this one proves that one of her greatest charms is a freewheeling spirit that makes her seem like a joy to be around and a sincerely sweet person, which is something we all should find very attractive.

18 Smurfette

Via Imgur.com

Didn’t anyone tell Katy that The Smurfs is a series about some of the most innocent types of beings in the history of cartoons? Don’t get us wrong, though. We’re not complaining about her choice of outfit the night of this movie premiere–far from it–but she looks downright scandalous for such an event. Wearing a dress that is cut short in both directions. She gave those in attendance that night a great view of her cleavage which is always a joyous thing. However, our favorite aspect of this photo is seeing her legs on full display and looking as grand and graceful as anyone could ever expect.

17 Super Bowl Preparations

Via dailymail.co.uk

You may not be able to tell, but for some reason, this image of Katy was meant to publicize her upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show. While we have no idea what the connection is, we’re perfectly okay with it because it resulted in a photo of her like this one where we get one of the best views of her ever. Bent over at the waist, we get a look at her booty that oftentimes eludes us while also drawing our attention to her chest which we always enjoy. Accentuating her many curves, if this picture is this low on our list, you can look forward to a series of photos for the ages.

16 “Roar”

Via rebrn.com

One of the most uplifting and defiant songs Katy has ever recorded–and that is saying something–“Roar” seemed destined for success from the very start. That said, every track can always use anything that is going to draw attention to it and in that vein, the music video for the song was a work of art. Featuring her in a slew of cartoonish and garish scenes alongside animals as she tries to live her life in a forested area, that could have been the main draw of the clip. Instead, it was quickly outdone by this scene of her showering in water that was meant to be sprayed by an elephant. Wearing a tight top that leaves little to the imagination, when it became soaked and hugged her body, it resulted in this screengrab, which we appreciate on every level.

15 Fan Fun

Via Twitter.com

Many celebrities take part in events like the one this image came from. Seemingly an opportunity for select fans to have their photo taken with her prior to a concert of hers commences, these moments are an opportunity of a lifetime for many of her biggest fans. Of course, not all fan photos are created equal, and this picture of her with an attractive young lady beats out any of the others we’ve come across. Shown with her leg held aloft by one of her devotees, it implies the possibility of coming into physical contact with her for us everyday people and that is worth the price of admission every time.

14 Perfectly Posed

Via Pinterest.com

When ranking images of someone like Katy Perry for how hot a person is, a lot of people may instinctively choose to give preference to any photo that shows off more of her body than the rest. That is a perfectly valid way of looking at things in our view as we love seeing as much of her as we can too. The perfect counterargument to that idea, this picture is highlighted by a demeanor of hers, and we find that irresistible. Walking a red carpet event here, when she posed like that, she was so hot she might as well have been on fire. Sporting a look on her face that makes it look like she wants to devour someone in the bedroom, the addition of her upraised arm also gives a feeling of intimacy that we absolutely adore.

13 Moschino Photoshoot

Somebody who has sported a lot of different looks over the years, Katy’s image is often defined by her hair which is why it has been so many lengths and colors over the span of her career. An image that was taken from when she first cut off her long locks, seeing her rock that edgy hairstyle here, we really wouldn’t mind. Instead, it is the fact that she is wearing nothing underneath a single piece of fabric that we are solely focused on. In fact, released alongside this image was a video in which a couple of fools danced around her as she posed. At first, we thought it was kind of dumb. However, we quickly realized that those lucky jerks were present while she was in a state like this, and we came to the conclusion that they were living the life on behalf of the rest of us.

12 Optical Illusion

Via Bustle.com

This is a photo of Katy Perry where she is wearing a dress that is clearly designed to confuse all of our senses. Actually completely covered from her neck all the way down to her shins, there isn’t much of her on display here at all. However, the fit to her body and the flesh-colored fabric makes it feel like we are seeing something that we’d be shocked to see her expose in public. Very hot as a result of that fact, we’ll still take any opportunity to even feel like we are getting a view of her in all her glory, despite there being nothing really to it.

11 What A Tease

Via laughspark.com

From one outfit that teases the senses to another. This time around, things are even less subtle. Wearing a top which mimics one of our favorite parts of her anatomy, the fact that she is clearly very aware of that and is playing into it, makes it a lot better. We just can’t help but love the mischievous look on her face especially when it is in tandem with her cleavage and legs. As a result of all of that, this photo quickly became one of our favorite images of her. The only thing that we find mystifying is the fact that the people in the background were able to look away from her. How could one be looking away from such a tease? Are you kidding me?

10 Another View

via Taringa!

One of the most inspired pieces of clothing she has ever worn in public, we’re not sure that Katy knew the effect this latex dress with pink palm trees would have on the masses. Photographed at a show of hers that has become the thing of legend, whenever you look at the hottest images of her, almost without fail, at least one image from that day is featured. Looking extraordinary on her, the way it shows off her body because of how tight it is will always be delightful in our book. However, this is an angle of the dress we almost never see and that is a real shame since her derriere drives us nuts here.

9 On A Boat

Via imgur.com

Here, we see Katy living the high life. Pictured on a yacht in the Sydney harbour, this image is proof positive that sometimes you get what you pay for. After all, we doubt she owns the ship in question and whoever it is that does should thank their lucky stars that a being as stunning as she is was sunning herself on their property. Seen here seemingly goofing off, she was accompanied that day by her dancers, and if they noticed her position here, they received a view that millions around the world would envy. Best of all, judging by the look on her face, she seems entirely aware of the effect she might be having on those around her at this moment.

8 Blue Hair Beauty

Via taringa.net

We’re just going to come out and say it. There are a lot of people who would struggle to pull off blue hair and look good instead of looking silly. Wearing a hue of hair color that brings to mind her music video for “California Gurls,” her bangs and vibrance do serve to perfectly frame her exquisite facial features. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up the fact that she is wearing a dress that emphasizes one of her most famous and remarkable features—her ample bosom. Taken all together, this picture is one that we sit in awe of, and we’re sure you do too.

7 Seductress

Via laughspark.com

The best proof we’ve seen of Katy Perry’s ability to seduce anyone that she happens to gaze upon, this image has nothing remotely scandalous about it. In fact, the dress she wore that night has the opposite effect of the one we just looked at since it makes her chest look barely there. That said, we still enjoy it as it works perfectly with her hair color from that time and draws attention to what is in between, including her long and enticing neck. When you then factor in the look on her face which should be used as the definition of ‘come hither,’ to us, it appears like she is rightfully completely confident in her beauty’s ability to draw the attention of the world in.

6 Adidas Commercial

Via Reddit.com

Celebrity endorsements are a no-brainer for companies, as they associate them with beloved figures. As a result, it was only a matter of time before Katy was given one. Featured in a series of commercials for Adidas, this image of her from the recording of one of them proves that the powers that be made another brilliant decision. Putting her in clothes that show off her always enticing midriff, it seems like they wanted to play on everything about her that brings people in. On top of that, seeing her in a sports bra is always going to work, and if anyone is going to make them look worth a buy, she will.

5 Silly Smile Green Hair

Via laughspark.com

An image that contradicts itself, here we see two sides of Katy that are polar opposites, and we find that equally attractive. On the one end of the spectrum, we have the silly look on her face and bright green hair that make her look like she is here to have a fun time laughing it up with friends. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend time with someone in that kind of mood, right? On the other end, she is wearing a top that is tight enough to her chest to be tantalizing and is in the midst of unbuttoning her shorts here which gets us going. Like we said, the two sides of this image have little in common, but we love them apart from one another and when combined, they become a dream come true.

4 Bent Over

Via ebaumsworld.com

What can you say about a photo of Katy Perry like this that isn’t entirely self-evident with just one quick glance? Let’s see. She has some crazy high heels on that really accentuate her legs, which are always dazzling in their own right. Then, there is the fact that her hair and makeup are really on point here even if we can barely make them out. Finally, the bright pink and black play perfectly off one another to become a feast for the eyes. There you go. We didn’t even point out the incredibly obvious fact that she has cleavage for days here...well...even until now.

3 Sweet Smile

Via listal.com

Movie premieres are meant to draw attention to the release of the film in question while also serving as a great publicity opportunity for those in attendance. The focus of the film that was being screened that night and inherently the hottest woman to walk the red carpet, that night was all about her. Perhaps that is why she is carrying herself with such grace and beauty and sporting a smile that serves to draw us in. The studio must have been overjoyed with Katy Perry that night since any publisher with an eye for what drives views will certainly feature an image like this, which gives their production lots of attention.

2 Slinky Dress

Via fansshare.com

The second photo of her from the time period in which she had that green hair, if images like these are any indication, she needs to bring that look back as soon as possible. Wearing a slinky dress here that covers up all of her naughty bits, we love the way it looks on her for reasons that are the opposite of most of our favorite outfits of hers. We say that because typically, we prefer it when she wears something really tight to her body. But here, we see her in a dress that looks loose, and we love it even more. After all, it looks like a strong wind coming through would shift it enough to reveal all, and that is something any of her admirers would likely greatly enjoy.

1 Bikini Shower

Seeming like she is at a water park or at least a splash pad of some kind, if you are like us, these locations usually bring to mind fun family times. Very much the opposite of that, this picture of Katy in a bikini enjoying herself as water drops down on her is one that brings a smile to our hearts while also playing to our libido. Sporting a bikini that reveals the vast majority of her body, that allows us to sit in appreciation of an image of water running over her incredible figure. Able to invade every inch of her body, that water is incredibly lucky and while we are jealous of it, we still love getting to see it all over her.

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