20 Photos Of Jodie Sweetin That Prove The World Should Be Paying Attention

We find her personal story to be rather inspiring and one that we should reflect on more often

One of the most interesting actors in the industry today, Jodie Sweetin started out her career as a kid and has recently had a comeback of sorts by returning to the character that made her a star. Despite her current success, however, aside from when new episodes of Fuller House are released, she largely fades away into the background once more. Considering that she has an interesting history that includes things like struggling with substance abuse issues but has come out the other side well, we think that is a shame. After all, we find her personal story to be rather inspiring and one that we should reflect on more often. On top of that, it is marvelous to see where her life appears to be today. Realizing all of this is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty pictures of Jodie Sweetin that prove the world should be paying attention.

In order for a photo to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost has to feature Jodie Sweetin. For our purposes, it should be noted that the inclusion of someone else does not preclude it from appearing here and, depending on the context, could make it more likely to be a part of the list. Aside from that, there needs to be something about it that we think makes it worthy of looking at for any past or present fans and followers of her career, such as her looking fantastic in it. On top of that, images will be given preferential treatment in the ranking if it seems like many people that are aware of who she is still may not have come across it or put much thought into it. Finally, screengrabs of her from media appearances including shows or films she has starred in are fair game.

20 Then And Now


A trope that has been around for years on end, there really isn’t any better way to show how a person has changed than to look at a photo of them from the past and a current one at the same time. A perfect example of that, here we have a picture of Jodie Sweetin from her early years as a star of Full House and one that was taken during the time in which she starred in its spin-off, Fuller House. Really drawing attention to just how much she has grown up physically in the intervening years, this is proof positive that if you haven’t been following her, you’ve missed out on a lot. On top of that, it shows that she has been quite photogenic throughout all of her life, and that is no small thing.

19 Red Carpet, Red Dress


A color that is simply striking to the eye on the face of things, there is just something about a beautiful woman wearing red that we find very pretty much impossible to look away from. When you then factor in the idea of the lady in question walking down a red carpet, it only serves to multiply the effect which we feel is the case with this image. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not insane, we are aware of the fact that we can’t actually make out the carpet that she is standing on here. However, the fact of the matter is that the fleet of photographers present that night would have taken plenty of photos and then published the crème de la crème, like this one here. Of course, all of that is to say nothing about her luscious red lips.

18 From... To Mom


Someone who has been very public about the fact that she has struggled with substance abuse issues in the past, Jodie Sweetin is a different kind of star than many of the biggest celebrities in the world today. Making no effort to pretend like she is without flaw instead, she has used her history of mistakes to tell people that they are not alone. More than that, she has also cleaned herself up and made an admirable life for herself from all indications so that also makes her someone that people in similar situations can look up to. If being a potential hero to people that need someone in their life whose footsteps they can follow doesn’t make her a person that deserves more attention, then we don’t know what does.

17 Faux Fur

The first of several images of Jodie that were taken when she was the subject of a photoshoot for Maxim magazine that you will find on this list, that publication’s website was a treasure trove for us. Seen here wearing a jacket that mimics the look of the fur ones that were so popular in years past, we totally support the idea that we no longer hunt animals for their pelts that we don’t need to survive. That said, we have no issue with clothes that try to take on the look as long as none of our furry friends were harmed in the process. After all, if we were against a jacket like this one, we would have missed out on this shot where Jodie looks amazing enough that we feel the need to follow her career closer than ever.

16 Dance Away


A screengrab of Jodie from the third episode of Fuller House, by this point, fans of the series that it was spawned from were likely to have settled in and recognized the new style the spin-off embraced. In some cases, that took the form of a change in the tone of the comedy or the self-aware edge that was now present, but there was one new element that many people were surprised by. Playing an adult version of Stephanie Tanner, the character had grown up just like the actor and was not at all embarrassed to flaunt that she has it going on. Something to take note of for fans of her work and Full House, that element could be something to drive longtime fans to or from Fuller House.

15 Fuller House Cast


Something who would have seen almost entirely out of the realm of possibility not too long ago, the idea that a full-fledged series that spun off from Full House exists today is incredible. Not the first time such a thing has been tried, as The New Leave It to Beaver aired four seasons in the eighties, despite that, there are very few examples of this type of thing ever happening. As such, it would be a real shame if some of the people that grew up watching Full House were unaware that it had come back in a form. Something that would never happen if they continued to follow the life of Jodie Sweetin, this image of the talented performer and her castmates reveals what they could have missed out on otherwise.

14 Wedding Day


Someone who doesn’t seem to be able to get the whole love and marriage thing right, Jodie Sweetin is only thirty-five years old but she has walked down the aisle three times so far. Sadly, some of those relationships turned out to be toxic (more on that later), so despite how great she looks in white, it may be hard for her to look back on those days too fondly. However, as much as she has good reason to dislike some of the shots of her wedding days, this image has to be one of the loveliest ones ever taken of her, both for fans and her family. After all, followers may have seen headlines of her love life gone astray and worry about her happiness, but in this image, it is clear that she should always have the love for her daughters.

13 Profile Photo

via Twitter

One of the biggest social media services in the world today, if you are a star that is looking to draw in new fans, then Twitter is likely to be of great use to you. Able to make it so fans feel as if they have been able to create a personal bond with you as they get a small window into your daily life, for the star in question, it is an easy way to amass a following. That said, if you are famous and want to draw in people that could be perspective fans, there is one thing that you can do to make it a lot easier on yourself, post a profile photo that draws people in. For instance, here we have the one used by Jodie Sweetin on the site and to say that it is likely to inspire people to check out her page and follow her is a huge understatement. On top of that, we think it is a great reason for us to follow suit.

12 Winning Smile


A 2015 film that did quite well for itself based on its budget, The Gallows only made forty-three million dollars at the box office, but off a reported budget of one hundred thousand bucks, that is awesome. However, that doesn’t mean that it made a big dent when it comes to the world’s culture since it has largely faded away into memory but it does have one thing going for it—this photo. An image taken of Jodie when she attended the premiere for the film, we’re not sure what drove her to be there on that night but we’re happy she was. Looking great and exhibiting the winning smile that she is known for now, if this is how she shows up to an event with little fanfare, then we should all pay attention wherever she goes.

11 Lawsuit


Over the last little while the #MeToo hashtag went wild, and as a result, there have been millions of women that have been telling the world their stores. An unfortunate trend since it sucks that so many ladies have to deal with reprehensible behavior from guys, on the other hand, we hope it is a watershed moment in understanding this issue. However, this is far from a new story, and in the past, there have been stars that have been forced to publicly deal with creepy dudes doing them wrong. One such star, when Jodie broke up with a man named Justin Hodak, she was forced to take him to court in order to stop him from releasing private images of her. Something that she should never have had to deal with, it isn’t the unwelcome touching that is all over headlines today but it is also horrendous nonetheless. Something fans should know about, it is another example of how strong she is as a person.

10 Calvin Klein

via GotCeleb

Another shot put out there by the folks at Maxim magazine, this time around, they opted to go another way with an image that would have been impressive no matter what. Developing this image in black and white, it is an interesting choice as it adds an artistic energy to a photo that otherwise could have been purely about seducing the camera. After their decision, this image still drives us wild with desire as there is no doubt that she looks absolutely alluring but it also has another effect. Allowing us to ignore some of the usual trappings of her beauty, like her long blonde locks and lovely lips, we are left to focus on how she looks otherwise, and we’ve come to one conclusion. No matter how many or how few the colors that are visible in a photo of Jodie, the resulting images is likely to be one that is worthy of a view.

9 What A View


Someone who has been photographed or otherwise on camera throughout much of her adult life, despite that, we are accustomed to seeing a single side of Jodie, the front view. Sure, there are several shots of her out there where she is seen from a slightly askew perspective but most images that include her are ones where the view is pretty similar. Seeing a shot like this one that was taken to exhibit her backside makes us realize how big of a travesty that really is. Don’t get us wrong either, it isn’t only the fact that her booty is front and center that we like so much, although that is a significant thing, as we dig seeing her bare back too.

8 Social Media Attack


Two shots of Jodie from a night of debauchery that found their way onto social media, this image is one that at first blush could have embarrassed the woman featured within it. However, due to the changes that she had made in her life when it was spread online, the reaction was support for her and anger sent the way of the person that posted it. A photo from her partying days, it was uploaded on Instagram by Miley Cyrus, of all people, and she put it up there once Jodie had cleaned herself up and landed a gig on Fuller House. A totally unnecessary swipe that seemed to be choked full of vitriol, this ended up showing fans the pettiness that can drag people down and how far Jodie had climbed. That is something that would be a shame to miss out on.

7 Opportunity


Are you a longtime fan of Full House and the cast of the series? Did you always wish that you could meet them and think that they all come across as cool people to be around? Do you like giving money to worthy causes, such as a charity that allows sick kids that are stuck in hospitals the opportunity to enjoy the magic of Hollywood? If all of that appeals to you, then it is too bad that you missed out on a recent event where people that donated to Lollipop Theater Network could be in the running to visit the set of Fuller House. If you were following Jodie, then you would have known this was going on, and there is the possibility that you could become the lucky winner of that drawing. Need we say more?

6 Dancing With The Stars

via Just Jared

One of several shows based around the concept of bringing former celebrities out of the shadows and putting them on TV, unlike the others, Dancing with the Stars has been a ratings behemoth. A contestant in the twenty-second season of the competition show, Jodie ended up near the middle of the pack as she placed seventh out of twelve. Still, no matter where she ended up in the ranking, fans of the show would know how difficult the process is for those that commit to it so Jodie should be very proud of herself. A shot of her from an event promoting the series, this image is one that fans of hers needed to see as she looks incredible but also because it revealed that she performed on TV and that shouldn’t be missed.

5 Lingerie


The final Maxim magazine image to make its way onto to our list, when going through the shots of her they took, it stood head and shoulders above the rest. Shot through a window, when looking at it, you almost feel like you are seeing something un-towards, even though it was taken with the express purpose of being seen by the masses. Wearing a see-through robe and lingerie that leave just enough to the imagination, the clothes fit together to perfection and look marvelous on her. However, as wonderful as all of that is, it may have the unfortunate effect of making you fail to see how incredible her legs look here, and that would be an awful oversight. Either way, no matter what you notice or don’t, if you are attracted to women, this is likely to be an image that is up your alley.

4 The Dress


A show that was talked about a great deal prior to its return, people were excited to see the whole Fuller House crew back doing their thing but fans that think Jodie is hot had no idea what was coming. A screengrab from the first episode of the new show, this moment set the tone that this was not the squeaky-clean series we knew once upon a time. On top of that, for those that were unaware, it also introduced them to the gorgeous gal that Jodie has become. Wearing a red dress that became a sensation online when the show began airing, social media was aflutter with people shocked by how much cleavage she was showing off. Still, there are oodles of people that missed that boat. But seeing this image, if they’re attracted to beautiful women, we’re sure they won’t want that to happen again.

3 Family Red Nose Day


For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, Red Nose Day was started in 1988 and has become an annual event where funds are raised in order to send aid to those in desperate need. Something that began in concert with the efforts put on by Comic Relief, over its history, there have been many celebrities that have given it their full support. The most recent picture that Jodie has uploaded to her Twitter account that also features her daughters, this shot of the three of them celebrating this charitable event is a great one. In fact, it puts a huge smile on our face to see that Jodie is teaching her girls about the importance of helping those in need and makes us feel great about the future of her family.

2 Lip Lock For Charity


An image that definitely gets the mind going when seeing it, this shot of Jodie and fellow actor Aimee Garcia about to lock lips has the power to blow a lot of people’s minds. That is especially true since Jodie made her name as one of the stars of a show that was about as innocent as any on TV, and if you are like us, you never expected a shot like this to exist. Even stranger yet, it was taken at the 2nd Annual Hollywood Rush Benefiting the Baby Dragon Fund. A salacious image that resulted from charitable efforts is one of the oddest things we can think of but that is far from a bad thing. In fact, if you are like us and enjoy the interesting combination, then you should continue to pay attention to Jodie as this seems to be a constant in her life.

1 Class


Jodie Sweetin is a lot of things that are worthy of looking up to, including being a survivor, professional, and seemingly kindhearted person which are all things that are worthy of praise. That said, there is one thing that we wouldn’t typically associate with thoughts of her, being high society. Then you see a photo of her like this one and it seems like she could put on that attitude at a moment’s notice if she chose to. A photoshoot in which she looks like the epitome of elegance and class, we’re not going pretend like we don’t think this shot shows that she should be paid more attention to just because she is hot. However, considering that she has played characters that seem like average Joes, this photo also shows that she is good at embodying something other than herself since one of those extremes was a stretch.

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20 Photos Of Jodie Sweetin That Prove The World Should Be Paying Attention