20 Photos Of Gwen Stefani's Steamy Ex-Nanny

You may have heard about Gwen Stefani's hot ex-nanny that she (literally) shared with Gavin Rossdale. If you haven't, you should. You won't regret it.

How much do you know about Mindy Mann? The name might not mean anything to you at all, but you will remember the controversy when Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale split up over his affair with their children’s nanny. Mindy is that nanny, and she broke up one of the most classic couples in music – which means that she has a lot to answer for.

When you get a look at Mindy, you’ll see there was a reason that Gavin cheated. Being a bit of a rock and roll family, they ended up hiring someone who was fairly alternative herself – Mindy sported a half-shaved head during her time working for the family. The 20-something Australian then caught Gavin’s eye, maybe when Gwen was out on tour or otherwise busy. For three years, she was looking after the Stefani-Rossdale children: Zuma, Apollo, and Kingston. They were sending nude photos and flirtatious texts to each other when the affair was discovered by another nanny in the household.

Rossdale at first tried to pass the texts off as nothing more than flirtation, but he finally had to admit that he had been cheating on his wife of 13 years. They divorced in 2015, saying, “While the two of us have come to the mutual decision that we will no longer be partners in marriage, we remain partners in parenthood and are committed to jointly raising our three sons in a happy and healthy environment.”

But that can’t be the whole story. Here’s an inside look at the girl that Gavin chose over Gwen.

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15 Car And Kid Selfie

Here’s Mindy with a child, though not her own. In her job as a nanny she is always looking after other peoples’ children, and it would be natural to speculate that this is probably one of the children from the Rossdale-Stefani household. She has her blonde hair done up in pigtails, is wearing a red cap put backwards on her head and big black glasses, and is pulling an excited face while she poses with the child for a car selfie. The child is holding what looks like a small animal cage, so she is probably posting about being excited about the situation. Maybe it’s an assignment from school to look after the class hamster or something like that – or maybe even a new pet for the family. Either way, everyone looks to be having a fun time. This was taken from Mindy’s Instagram account, which she deleted after the controversy set in.

14 Wearing Her Hair Like Gwen’s

This is one of those amazing shots that makes you wonder why no one figured out what she was playing at before it was too late. It almost looks like she is dressing up as Gwen to go to a fancy dress party, the looks are so strikingly similar. Both have platinum blonde hair which is tied up in a black and white patterned bandana, with a bow at the top. Both have dark eye make-up contrasting against their fair skin. It’s almost as though Mindy was auditioning for the part. She still needs to work on the red lip, but she has shown proof on more than one occasion that she knows how to do that. It’s pretty creepy to see them lined up side by side, but you can also see that Mindy does have the foundation of a pretty face. You might not expect Gavin to fall for the fake, though.

13 Dressed To The Nines

When Mindy has an important occasion to dress up for, it turns out that she can scrub up pretty nicely. Here she has her blonde hair style in curls with a plait across her forehead, and with bright red lips to stand out against her pale skin. She is wearing oversized black sunglasses, similar to the large black frames she normally wears, and a black dress with a large, gold chain necklace. She is posing for the camera with friends at whatever event they are attending together. She can certainly pull off the glamorous look and this is one of the better shots of her that we have seen. That’s not to say that she could grace a red carpet better than Gwen, of course – the singer is one of the big queens of glam in the music industry and always looks on point, even when she is going out shopping with her kids. Mindy looks hot, but more like a girl from the office than a superstar.

12 Hiking With A Puppy

This is a very different look for Mindy, and certainly shows her penchant for trying alternative styles. Her hair is dyed bright green this time, with the shaved area clearly visible as she has plaited it down to her head on the opposite side. She is dressed for hiking or working out in warm weather, with a pair of cut-out sheer leggings, bright pink Nikes, and a striped gym top. She has brought her puppy along for the climb and is lifting him into the air as she poses for the image. The area around her has stunning views and it looks like they may have been walking for a while by the time this shot was taken. In case you were wondering about her current status, Mindy is no longer with Gavin – they stopped seeing each other after the divorce. However, that doesn’t mean that she is single!

11 With Gavin At The Beach

Before they both moved on, Mindy and Gavin were pictured together at the beach while the children played on a bouncy castle and on the sand. Gavin does not appear to have made any concessions at all to the setting, with a buttoned shirt, full trousers, and sneakers on. On the other hand, Mindy is in full beach mode. She has opted for a strapless, mismatched bikini along with a pair of sunglasses. You can see that this was before she started her transformation into Gwen’s double. She still has brown hair and hasn’t chosen to shave it yet, and doesn’t have the side tattoo that she has shown off more recently. She isn’t even wearing the big blocky frames yet, opting for a smaller pair of brown sunglasses instead. You have to wonder what came first: her change into a Stefani-style mimic, or the relationship with Gavin.

10 Copying Gwen’s Blue Jumpsuit

This is one of the classic cases of Mindy being caught copying Gwen’s style as she tried to move in on Gavin as well. She has dyed her hair blonde to match Stefani’s platinum white locks, and opted for a blue denim jumpsuit which is similar to one from Stefani’s wardrobe. She has even gone for a style of shoe which is somewhat similar, albeit in a different colour. You can tell that what she is wearing is a little cheaper than what Gwen can afford, with less detailing and styling to it. She also hasn’t started wearing the bright red lips everywhere that she goes yet. You can really chronicle the transformation if you start to look closely, and it brings about a really quite alarming picture. You have to wonder whether Gwen had started to notice this, and was concerned by it, or whether she simply thought that they had hired someone with the same taste and style as hers.

9 Copying Gwen’s Green Jumpsuit

After copying her blue jumpsuit, you wouldn’t think that Mindy would be so bold as to directly rip off yet another look from Gwen – and one that was so obvious as well. Here she is doing her best Stefani impression with an almost identical jumpsuit. Though there are a few minor deviations, such as the larger size and the darker pocket lines, you could almost think that Mindy borrowed this from Gwen’s closet. It’s at this point you have to think that this would have been very confusing for the kids as well. They would surely not have had any idea about why their mother and their nanny suddenly looked so alike, even down to wearing almost the same clothes. Since kids tend to ask awkward questions when they come to mind, you can pretty much imagine them questioning Mindy on her wardrobe choices. It’s so blatant as to be audacious.

8 Red Hair Copycat

Fans may remember that Gwen Stefani went through a phase of having red hair before returning to her trademark blonde, and it looks like Mindy was happy to do a bit of a copycat look while she was trying to ensnare a certain someone. It helps to get a man to cheat on his wife if you look similar to her – after all, you know that he must be attracted to that look. She has paired up the haircut with her oversized black glasses and denim jacket, which seem to be something of a trademark of her style. It’s funny how these look sort of like the low-budget version of things that Gwen would wear, too. We wouldn’t be the first to suggest that Mindy was deliberately copying Gwen in order to seduce Gavin, but it’s a pretty scandalous idea. Every selfie was a step closer to convincing him to have an affair with her – and for some of these the affair was probably already ongoing.

7 Braided Hair Car Selfie

This look shows Mindy looking more like her natural self, before she started moving in on Gwen’s man, and we have to say that she looks gorgeous. Sticking with this look would have done her well, as she is already beautiful enough to capture the hearts of many men. The irony of the fact that she used the caption, “Live in a way that when people talk bad about you no one believes it” is pretty hilarious, though. She certainly didn’t hang on to that philosophy, as plenty of people were disgusted with her behaviour when she had an affair with her employer. It’s not the kind of thing that most people approve of, particularly when it ends up breaking up a marriage and splitting up three kids between different homes. If only innocent, young Mindy could travel through time and talk to herself now about her own actions.

6 Dressed In Tank Like Gwen’s

There was really no end to Mindy’s determination to copy Gwen, and towards the end of her employment when the affair began, you can really see the influences. She started to go for various outfits that weren’t carbon copies of the original, but similar enough to show that she was taking Gwen’s style for her own. Here, both women are wearing blue jeans, a black bra, and a black top slit open down the side with a slogan on the front. They even both have sunglasses and blonde hair. It looks like Mindy decided to take things up a notch further by adding her own rock and roll touches, like the half-shaved head and the tattoo on her side. Maybe she learned that Gavin liked his women to be even wilder if possible and thought it would be better to beat Gwen at her own game.

5 Carrying A Kid

Going back to earlier in her employment, after the hair dye but before the shave, is a sweet moment of Mindy carrying one of the children on her back as they stroll through a natural area. She is dressed very simply in yoga pants, a vest top, and sneakers – exactly the right kind of gear for a trek in the back of beyond when you have kids to look after. The child’s shoes are pretty muddy, so they have probably been running around and having fun and are now too tired to walk back to the car. It’s a sweet moment that reminds us she was there to do a job, and that she must have been fairly good at it for the family to keep her on for the length of time that they did. Whatever happened after that, we shouldn’t doubt that she was at least a good nanny.

4 Laughing Outside The Car

This candid shot captured her looking pretty happy as she walked around in the car park, heading back to the car after paparazzi spotted her. You can see that her hair is already shaved on one side, so that gives us a good idea of what point in the timeline this must have been. However, rather than trying to look like Gwen, here she at least looks a little more natural, like her earlier self. The denim jacket is there, the make-up is natural, and she is even wearing her hair straight and long. This looks like a really happy moment, even though the press were there to take her picture and may have been following her around. Like almost any woman, she looks much more beautiful when she smiles – and we’re happy to see it. While she may have seduced a married man, he was involved as well, and that certainly doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve future happiness.

3 Pregnancy Photo A La Beyoncé

When the world learned that Mindy was pregnant, it wasn’t through her own posts. Actually, by the time she conceived, she had already deleted all of the images from her Instagram account. Instead, it was her sister, Nicole Mann, who posted this image, along with the statement that she was proud and excited to become an auntie. It appears that Mindy was pregnant by her American boyfriend Spencer Gutcheon, though she has remained quiet on the subject herself. This baby bump image is classic Beyoncé style, with the natural setting and the flower headband not quite going as far as Queen Bey did but still evoking the same look. She is wearing a wispy white kimono and proudly showing off her bump, though it doesn’t look as though the image was taken professionally – she isn’t even in focus and the quality is low, so it was probably taken on a phone.

2 Out For A Barefoot Stroll

Taken after the affair was over, this image has a telling story. It shows Mindy out for a walk without any shoes on, which is probably why the press were interested in sharing these photos. A cynic might say that maybe that’s why she chose to go barefoot that day. She is wearing very normal clothing – faded yoga pants and a white shirt advertising a company, rather than the copied Gwen looks she used to wear. Her hair has been dyed back to brown, and she is allowing the shaved part of her hair to grow back. It really makes you think that the whole thing was just an act, and wasn’t a reflection of her true self. She is also back to wearing barely any make-up, and the fact that she still looks good is a reflection of the fact that she is pretty in the first place.

1 DIY Nightmare Face

Taken from Snapchat, this shot shows Mindy pulling a scared face at the amount of work she has to do with the drill she is holding. She has added the caption, “Only 10 cars to be built! Argh” and you can see the toy cars she is referring to stacked up behind her. It’s not clear what the story behind the image is – whether she was doing it for work, for a party, or some other reason – but she looks cute in this shot and it’s something we haven’t seen from her in any other images. It’s reasonably hard to find candid shots from her personal accounts these days since she doesn’t share much online. We only know that she had her own child after her sister posted a photo holding the newborn on Instagram! She wrote, “September 8th 2016... the day I felt a love I've never felt before, watching life come into the world. #auntylove, #baby girl”.

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