20 Photos Of Cindy Crawford's Stunning Daughter Kaia

Working as a model since she became a preteen, Kaia Gerber is off to a fantastic start in her career.

Only turning sixteen this coming September, the illustrious fifteen-year-old daughter of famed super model Cindy Crawford has hit the catwalk in a big way...not to mention social media, award shows, and magazine spreads and covers. Working as a model since she became a preteen, Kaia Gerber is off to a fantastic start in her career.

Of course it doesn't hurt that her mother is one of the most famed models of the nineties. Given that she's only fifteen, the sexualization of Kaia Gerber is not something that is a part of this article. So if any reader is into that, please head on to the Dark Web where that sort of behaviour is acceptable.

Hitting up Teen Vogue, Chrome Hearts, and even VersaceKaia is well on her way to making a hit career in the modelling industry. But will that career rival that of her mother? In this day and age of social media, where everything gets outed at all hours of the day, is there still room for another reigning queen from this model family?

20 Football In Fashion

High fashion meets interesting combination. Perhaps Kaia enjoys throwing around the pig skin every once in a while. Who knows? It's actually surprisingly difficult to find out a lot about Kaia that isn't filtered through her mother's celebrity, or Kendall Jenner's photo shoots. There isn't much of a bio to be found, or a history, devoid of a history through photos. Either way, it's clear that, in this image at least, she's not actually having a go with football in earnest. How can one tell? Well just look at the jacket. No way anyone is playing football with that on. Sure, Joe Namath might wear a ridiculous fur coat, but not during a game. And sure, she's in mid run, and she's down on the beach, but her hair isn't like that from running. That's the good old faux-action shot. It would be good to know whether or not she really does enjoy sports, but either way, in this regard, it hardly matters, and it makes for a good talking point in her career. Surely every jock at her school is in love.

19 Deer In The Headlights

The title of this entry should be enough for one to take in the focal point of this photo. This specific shot probably makes her age the most evident of almost all of the shots in this article. Given that fact, it just goes to show some degree of naivety and innocence. Especially in her eyes. The baby fat along her fairly nicely cut jaw might also be a good hint in regards to her age as well. Either way, this Teen Vogue shot has some selected, see-through areas that, while not overdone, might be a bit too suggestive for a fifteen-year-old. Of course, in the world of fashion, the sexualization of a model, as early as thirteen or fourteen, is nothing seen as any sort of issue. This photo is actually much less sexual than that of many other models working with Teen Vogue. And one will notice that, in spite of the sexuality inherent in such an outfit, the shot is cut at just about mid thigh. This eliminates any sort of untoward attention from those who might find it ok to get a little too into Kaia Gerber.

18 Was It Something I Said?

It is unbelievable how very much Kaia Gerber looks just exactly like her model mother, Cindy Crawford. Apart from the signature, so-called, beauty mark just offset from Cindy's lips, Kaia is almost a mirror image. One wouldn't notice in this shot, but there is also another difference between the two models. Cindy Crawford is a tower of a woman, whereas Kaia has not quite reached the same height...neither physically or in career. But posture, pose, outfit, and is crazy just how alike they look. It is interesting to notice this open-mouthed expression that seems to permeate through a great many of Kaia's fashion shoots. Now, yes, this is a standard look in shots that are meant to emit at least some sort of sexuality, but in this shot...well, it's that deer-in-the-headlights look yet again. Perhaps she's just too young to pull that look off just yet. There's nothing wrong with being held up with some degree of innocence though, especially when modelling at fifteen.

17 A Healthy Hideaway

Well, here's a cute photo. It really is nice to see when a model can just be themselves, or at least a portrayed version of themselves in certain photos. It seems as though Kaia is just being nothing more than a social media-buzzing, teenage girl here. And why not? She is, after all, just a teenage girl. Yes, she's the daughter of a famous model, and sure, she is now quickly becoming a famous model herself...but she is still only fifteen, and has a right to be nothing more than an average-looking, teenager. It looks as though she's keeping healthy with a bit of a fruity smoothie in the photo, and her hiding her face a bit makes one wonder a couple of things. Is she hiding her face, simply to be ironic, given that her face is on the cover of magazines the world over? Or is she hiding her face because she's just not as made up as she thinks she should be for the photo op? This author is inclined to think it has nothing to do with her vanity, and all to do with having a cute photo to throw up on Instagram. Because again...why not?

16 Joplin?

It might be difficult for some to not sexualize this teenage model, especially given the expressions and positions necessary for the shoots she does. She is meant to be taken as at least some form of blooming, sexual creature. The modelling industry thrives on that. But what might be even more interesting in this shot is not the suggestive, parted lips. No, no. It's the striking resemblance to Janis Joplin. With just the right amount of baby fat still clinging to her face, Kaia has about the right structure to that of Joplin. And those signature, circular glasses, regardless of the design, still seem to hearken to the famous singer. Another famous singer could be brought to bear here as well, in terms of similarity. Not to mean this as an insult to Kaia by any means, but the shot does conjure up images also of one Ozzy Osbourne. Of course, even when similar photos were taken, way back in the day, Ozzy had much more wear and tear about him. Interesting, regardless, that Kaia can dredge up such images of the past.

15 Like Mother Like Daughter

Here is a clearer shot of just how very similar these two lovely ladies are. Of course it is easy to tell Cindy from Kaia, but they are so similar it's nuts. They have the same parted-lip expression that Kaia is still working on getting just right. And while it seems like it would be expected Kaia's hair would be swept in the same way as Cindy, it's nice to see some degree of individuality in Kaia when next to her mother. One might also be able to tell that Kaia is leaning over quite a bit, and is likely on some sort of support, given the height disparity between the two women (or rather the young girl, and the established woman). In spite of what is relatively see-through on Kaia's outfit, there is a clear difference between the young girl, and the established woman. One might notice the slight sight of Cindy's bra in the shot. It might seem like a bit of a paltry note to make on the composition of the shot, but it is just enough to show the difference between the girl and the woman. Effective, even if slight.

14 Classy

Any reader who may happen to be into fashion in one way or another, might just have to double take after glancing at the above photo. This is, in fact, not a young Cindy Crawford. Given the quality of the photo, one might not notice the absence of the infamous, so-called beauty mark. But rest assured, this is Kaia Gerber. It is amazing just how easy it seems to be for editors to make a photo look like it is circa nineteen eighty something (if not even older). One might be inclined to say that Kaia, if she can break through the malaise that social media puts people into, will surpass her mother in terms of fame. There is something a little less scary about Kaia's face. Maybe it's the lack of years through the wringer that makes the difference. But seriously, there is something about Cindy Crawford that is somewhat frightening that doesn't seem to play across Kaia's face. And one might dare say that Cindy had that look, even nearer to the beginning of her career. Given that, it seems very likely that Kaia Gerber could surpass her mother. She's not got a hint of fright in her face. At least not yet.

13 Kisses

Kaia Gerber has been a big part of Teen Vogue since her magazine debut with them only so far back as 2014. She seems to have an ease with the modelling industry. An ease that her mother apparently didn't have. After all, Kaia first posed for Versace at the age of ten. That's seven years younger than when her mother started. And regardless, having a famous super model for a mother has got to help smooth things over when building a portfolio, scoring an agent and making bookings. The above photo shows Kaia, playful in perhaps more than one way. First in a way that seems to suggest she's just having a great time, is totally comfortable and in her element. And second in a way that might suggest she is bored already by the paparazzi, but knows the motions she must go through to keep them happy. Either way one looks at it, kisses for the cameras is going to go a long way for this little bit of modelling royalty. Who knows if she'll burn out, or truly make it big, like her mother? All one can say is that she's at least got a great guru to get her through these early years.

12 Going My Way?

To answer first the question that is the title of this entry. No. Not going her way. Why? Because it is still illegal for her to drive – let alone drive by herself. Besides, it looks like she's hanging out of an old Ford Bronco, and while the redneck chic thing might be a fun thing to play, the Bronco only conjures up memories of O.J. Simpson (even if the truck isn't the same colour). Also, there's no way Kaia's going very far, very fast in this shot. Look at the platforms at the bottom of her sort-of-sneakers! It's like if Gene Simmons had a daughter who went out to party back in 1994. Of course, Kaia is a teenager, and given that she's lived in Malibu for so long, and is now travelling the world, it would be no shock to anyone if she found an older boyfriend. Chances are that older boyfriend would be able to drive, and well...let's be honest hear: how many readers here have not, at one time or another, thought about, or have actually had it off in a vehicle while they were teenagers?

11 She's Into Coke

Oh come on. Just because she's a model does not mean cocaine! No, she is, as seen in the above photo, drinking Coke. And there's nothing to be ashamed of there (though one is surprised she's not drinking Coke Zeroor Coke Life to save on calories, and sugar intake). If one looks not all that closely in the photo, one can see what some might call the glaring marks of pubescence. She's got some zits on her face, which are surprisingly not covered up. Actually a wonderfully "bold" move on her part, not to care about it. Or at least not to cover it up, in spite of her care. Showing off as more of a real human being may very well work to her advantage in the industry. She could chance to become a cover girl for those average women who want to celebrate their looks, regardless of the flaws (that everyone has, to some extent). Being able to smile that incredibly gaping, pearly white smile, with minimal makeup, is wonderful. One would say brave, and while it would be in the modelling industry, it shouldn't be considered so.

10 ...Grunge Hipster?

In a different truck this time (the previous one was certainly smaller, and had a cap on the back), it seems that Kaia is a bit of a hipster. The title of the entry suggests grunge hipster, but the grunge part is only because of the jeans. Unfortunately, it's pretty clear that these are pre-torn jeans, purchased for the homeless look. That, in addition to the Beatles album in hand, is what gives the hipster vibe. Now that's not to say she couldn't just be a Beatles fan, but the combination, in the flatbed of a screams a certain trend is all. The statuesque look, with the signature Cindy Crawford sweep to her hair also doesn't help things. There is all manner of retro in this photo that will certainly play to a great many out there – and it is good Kaia is aware of trends and her ability to take advantage of them. Perhaps it is just this writer's personal issue here; having lived through the grunge era, tearing jeans from falling of bikes and skateboards...that might seem more hipster...but it was done before hipsters were a thing.

9 Arrrrrrre We Choking The Dog?

Growing up in today's world of social media, it's no shocker that Kaia Gerber has had some sort of online presence since she was a little girl. Hell, she's hardly out of being a little girl even now. Regardless, as mentioned before, she did do her first shoot at age ten. This photo may be around the same time. Regardless of when it was though, one is concerned for the safety of the dog in Kaia's arms. It is more than clear that Kaia is having a great time, but it looks as though she is either holding a stick to the dog's throat, or is holding a leash very tightly. Either one is a bit upsetting to think about. One is also very curious about the exact occasion being celebrated in this photo. Or at least the season in which the celebration is occurring. Is it Christmas, or Halloween? Sure, she's clearly a pirate, so it's Halloween, right? Well, for some reason there is also a Christmas tree attached to her pirate exactly is going on? Whatever the season, she seems to be celebrating at Best Buddies California... and that makes one wonder: is the dog her best buddy? Then why is she trying to choke the poor thing?

8 Playing Mom

Is it Kaia? Or is it Crawford? In a way it is both. It's simply Kaia posing as her mother. The photo is in fact entitled "Mother". Even down to the so-called beauty mark, and of course that signature sweep, Kaia has properly channeled her mother in this photo. There is actually quite a bit of history in this photo. Sure, Kaia hearkens back to the career of Cindy Crawford, but there is something more still. The photographer for this shoot, Brian Bowen Smith, is channeling the very photographer who made famous this very similar shot of Cindy Crawford. The late, great Herb Ritts, who died in 2002 did a very famous shoot with Crawford, on which this photo is based. Ritts also brought Smith into the realm of celebrity photography. So there is all manner of history surrounding this photo. The homages paid to the original photographer and model, the style of the photo itself, and the legacy carried on by both apprentice, and daughter.

7 Just Being Cool...In Sweats

It seems it doesn't take much for Kaia to get a little pose in for a shot. And realistically, given her career choice, that is absolutely a good thing. One can tell though, for a certainty, that she was born into the world of social media. Even just that little head tilt is enough to betray that fact. That might seem a bit unfair to say, but how many Instagram shots have readers seen, with the exact same pose, attempting to convey some degree of either attitude, or nonchalance? Either way, it seems that feels pretty confident and cool in her somewhat cropped sweats. Just bumming around the house, one would imagine. It seems unlikely that a jog is in order near this captured moment. Especially with her hair down, and her wayfarers on. One wonders just what the need is for a sweater (cropped or not) when living in Malibu, but she could be elsewhere in this shot. Or perhaps one simply adjusts to the constantly wonderful weather there?

6 A Little Shady?

Well this outfit certainly screams Cindy Crawford. This is clearly from the same shoot as entry number seventeen. And even though it is without electrical boxes, just given the nature of the pose, as well as the background...this photo comes across as slightly more shady. Kaia is more open, and flirtatious in the previous photo from this shoot, but here one is not sure if she has just committed a crime, or is worried about someone committing one against her. For this reason, it really seems that the background really does stand out more. It seems like a bit of a sketchy place she's decided to have this shoot at. Realistically she probably didn't decide anything about the location of this shoot...and that also creates some cause for worry. Of course with reputable photographers, one shouldn't have anything to be concerned about. But one can't help feeling some degree of concern for a fifteen year old, wondering off to meet a stranger in a dank place like in the above photo, for a bit of a shoot. Unwittingly creepy.

5 Soooo Bored

It must be a dull life, just standing there, waiting for the flashes, and the directions to turn this way and that. Oh so boring. Especially given all of the fancy outfits, lavish parties, and celebrity that comes with the job. Kidding, of course. Of course maybe the clearly played up boredom in the photo above is what happens when Kaia is between shoots. She has to do something, so why not play a bit silly on camera, and throw some photos on Instagram? Or maybe she's just not a fan of the outdoors? Either way, the light sweater, couple with the denim jacket is a very interesting choice. One hopes this is Kaia keeping in the vein of the grungy hipster photo from a previous entry above. At least that would mean she's committed. It is very interesting to note that Kaia's hair (With exception to only very few photos in this article) is always just right. Even when she clings it to her face. She must have a stylist, or a very concerned mother hanging around her at every turn.

4 Save The Sea Turtle!

Well, this photo is a little bit concerning. PETA might have a bit of an upset with this one. Pretty well every species of sea turtle is listed as endangered, yet Kaia handles this little guy like everything is peachy keen. Sure, it is, without a doubt, a cute photo, especially with her giving the tiny turtle a kiss. But if she happens to be hanging around a beach, and this little guy came waddling by, that means that beach is a breeding ground, and she's getting in the way of the continuation of the species by not letting the turtle gets its bearings on the beach, before hitting the water. One shudders to think that Kaia went so far as to go from that cute kiss, to walking the turtle to the water to get it swimming. Big mistake! Sea turtles need to gauge their surroundings from birthplace, to ocean. There is a certain magnetic method of navigation that requires this little jaunt of the turtles. Fingers crossed that the meddling model just put the turtle back down, and let it find its own way to the ocean.

3 A Little R&R

Those glasses...are the size of Kaia's face! Seriously, they need only cover one's eyes. They are, after all, sun glasses, not a face mask. Due to the effect of the water, it almost looks like Gerber is wearing a plastic suit over top of her red bathing suit. A very strange visual effect, for sure. And in spite of being in the water, just lounging about, Kaia's hair, yet again, looks just right. It seems never to change. One begins to wonder if it is manufactured...or just how much she must pay her stylist. This poor writer shudders to think of the cost of either. Regardless of all of that, it seems both wonderful, and deplorable that even when relaxing, Kaia Gerber is ready to go for a photo op. One might think it better that these sorts of photos aren't seen. Not because of any sexuality within (which this photo does not hold), but because one would like to think there are times when cameras are not on this budding, teenage model.

2 Stardust?

Teen Vogue has some interesting ideas for fashion shoots, that is for sure. This specific look is very reminiscent of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. Sure, she's not wearing the right colours, or makeup, or accessories...but there is something cosmic, and mystical about the outfit, hairdo, and accessories in this shot. There is even something of that theme in Kaia's seemingly vacant, or aloof expression. One would hope not to have to say vapid. Too many models are guilty of that look. No, there seems to be something more, if even just a little, that is purposeful beyond lacking expression. It is incredible that Teen Vogue seems to care very little about the fly-aways strewn all about this specific photo though. It's almost as though minimal editing is the new style of editing. Another great movement forward that is incredibly beneficial to aspiring models. Knowing that airbrushing isn't necessarily going to be the continued way of the future is a good thought. Though some models might still prefer the amount of weight and wear one can remove via airbrush, and general Photoshop work.

1 Arabian Nights

Aside from the book, there is not much in this shot that conjures up images of Arabian Nights. Perhaps the backdrop colour (representative of the desert sand). Maybe one could consider the rat's nest of a head of hair that Kaia has in this photo to have something to do with the theme...but really that's only assuming that this hairdo is meant to seem like a turban of some sort. Regardless, this seems like a bit of a home-job shoot, as opposed to a professional job. One can only hope...or some aspiring photographer can feel way better about themselves, knowing that they might be able to shoot Kaia one day, and do a better job in both the composition, and the edit. But hey, if this is just a homemade, mom and daughter shot, then it is kind of cute. Maybe a bit culturally insensitive, but this writer is certainly not the one to play much on that theme. Wouldn't it be sweet if Kaia and Crawford worked together on some fairly ill-prepared shots like this?


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