20 Photos Of Celebs Looking Dirty That We Weren’t Meant To See

There is no doubt that in today’s society, people put a huge premium on becoming famous. That is why there are so many people that have been willing to open up their lives to public praise or scorn as “reality” TV stars because they see it as a small price to pay for being a celebrity. While that perception is related to a number of perceived positives of being a known entity–like money, notoriety, and adoration–another reason why people feel that way is the perceived glamour. As a result of that, some people may be surprised to know that there are stars that get as down and dirty as the rest of us, which is likely something that image-obsessed stars would like to keep a secret. Realizing these things is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty photos of celebs looking dirty that we weren’t meant to see.

In order for a photo to be up for inclusion on this list, first off, someone famous needs to be visible in it. The inclusion of anyone else makes absolutely no difference as we are only focusing on the celebrity in question. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what the star did to become famous, which means that they could be an actor, athlete, musician, TV personality, YouTube star, or anything else. Next, the celebrity we’re focused on in the image needs to look like he/she is in a state of poor hygiene. Finally, the photo needs to be one that seems like it wasn’t meant to be seen by the public. That means we will be doing our best to ensure that we don’t include shots from photoshoots or those that have been uploaded by the star in question on social media.

20 Shia LaBeouf

Via eonline.com

One of the more unusual celebrities in recent memory, at one time not too long ago, Shia LaBeouf was the talk of Hollywood and seemed to be in the running for all of its biggest young male roles. Starting out as a child actor, he became a big deal when he was cast as the lead of the series Even Stevens and would then go on to acclaim in the movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Next, he became an international star when he landed the lead part in the Transformers franchise of films, as well as Disturbia, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and more. Seemingly out for a coffee run in this image, the clothes he has on look as though they haven’t been cleaned properly in weeks, and the man himself seems like he really needs a good shower...and some serious scrubbing.

19 Cara Delevingne

Via dailymail.co.uk

Someone who became a known entity when she gained fame as a model, Cara Delevingne was able to strike a rather distinct pose on the catwalk and in advertisements. A part of several shows that were put on by Burberry, Chanel, Mulberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and Jason Wu, she also worked for companies like Chanel, Fendi, DKNY, and Topshop to name only a sampling. Able to make the jump to the acting world, she played a part in major movies like Anna Karenina, Paper Towns, Suicide Squad, as well as Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Someone who has made her living based off her looks, it is surprising to see how little she cares about them considering how greasy her hair looks in this shot.

18 Owen Wilson

Via buzzfeed.com

A rather unlikely movie star, Owen Wilson has a unique voice and a look that is largely defined by his nose that he has broken more than once in the past. Turned into a big deal when a little film that he and director Wes Anderson wrote together became a surprise hit in 1996, Bottle Rocket launched him and his brother, Luke, onto the national stage. Working consistently ever since, he was a major part of movies like Shanghai Noon, Zoolander, The Royal Tenenbaums, Behind Enemy Lines, and Wedding Crashers. Not exactly a huge action star, aside from a few dalliances into that genre, his career doesn’t depend on his physique but he still works out like so many regular folks. And clearly, he sweats pretty easily.

17 Jeremy Sisto

via Zimbio

A shot that is near the start of this list because it was taken when Jeremy Sisto was at an event and he should have realized his picture would be taken, we’re guessing he didn’t realize what he looked like. Memorable for his part in movies like Clueless, Suicide Kings, Wrong Turn, Thirteen, and several others, he has never quite become a big star but has bubbled underneath for years. On top of that, he is also a notable part of series like Six Feet Under, Suburgatory, as well as Law & Order in the past. Wearing a shirt that has a notable mark of sweat or liquid of some kind on it, he also looks like he has greasy skin and hair in this image.

16 Lady Gaga

via Zimbio

One of the biggest music stars of this generation, Lady Gaga seems impervious to any thought that the music industry is on the decline. Best known for songs like “Poker Face,” “Paparazzi,” “Born This Way,” “Bad Romance,” “Just Dance,” “Love Game,” “Million Reasons,” and far too many more to list here, she seems to have a musical Midas touch. Also a fledgling actress, she has appeared in movies like Machete Kills and Muppets Most Wanted but it is her work in the TV series American Horror Story that made the biggest waves. Seen here while she is in the middle of a performance, it makes sense that she would be drenched in sweat so we put this near the start of this list but we’re still guessing she would like to keep this photo under wraps.

15 Bradley Cooper

Via buzzfeed.com

One of the biggest film stars today, Bradley Cooper is best known for his easy charm, good looks, and incredible acting chops. A multi-faceted performer to be sure, he seems capable of starring in any kind of film, since he has excelled in genres like comedy, romance, drama, action, and even superhero movies. The star of movies like the Guardians of the Galaxy and Hangover franchises, as well as Silver Linings Playbook, American Sniper, Limitless, and so many more popular films, his fan base only seems to grow yearly. Looking as though he has just finished going for a run or working out otherwise in this shot, his shirt looks like it is drenched in sweat, but it has nothing on how soaked his hair looks as it peeks out of his hat.

14 Jude Law

via NY Daily News

An actor with an image that exudes class and restraint, at times, it has seemed like Jude Law better belongs among the stiff upper crust. An acclaimed performer who has been in the running for a long list of different awards, including Oscars, BAFTAs, Golden Globes, MTV Movie Awards, and even Teen Choice Awards, it seems like everyone enjoys his work. Best known for his work in movies like Gattaca, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cold Mountain, Closer, Contagion, and the Sherlock Holmes series, his involvement in a film instantly makes us more interested in it. Seen here after giving a performance onstage on Broadway in 2009, the obvious sweat is understandable, but he probably wishes that he wore a shirt that made it less obvious or that this photo wasn’t taken.

13 Johnny Depp

via laineygossip.com

First coming to prominence in the eighties as a television star due to his work on the show 21 Jump Street, it didn’t take too long for Johnny Depp to make the leap to films and worldwide fame. The star of Pirates of the Caribbean films, as well as Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Donnie Brasco, and several more, despite some flops, he remains pretty bulletproof. Despite making his name as an actor, he has spent years as a part of bands like Hollywood Vampires, The Basement Tapes, and Rock City Angels. In the midst of taking part in a show when this image was taken, he must have been rocking out pretty hard considering that he is glistening with sweat and his shirt isn’t looking remotely clean.

12 Courtney Love

From one music artist to another, this time around, we are looking at Courtney Love who has performed as a solo star as well as the lead singer of the band Hole. Known for songs like “Miss World,” “Celebrity Skin,” “Malibu,” “Doll Parts,” and many more, her music career has been quite impressive. Also able to make the leap to acting, when she was one of the stars of The People vs. Larry Flynt and Man on the Moon, it seemed like she was poised for big things. Despite that myriad of success, however, these days, she is talked about more often than not due to her addiction issues and strange behavior which is rather unfortunate. Seen here looking as though she is under the influence, her makeup is all messed up and her hair is disheveled and sweaty which is to say nothing about her general energy radiating dirtiness.

11 Kurt Cobain

Via stereogum.com

When talking about Courtney Love it is very likely that Kurt Cobain, the man she was married to when he died, is bound to come up. A legend of the music industry whose death was mourned by millions of people, the songs he and his band, Nirvana, released during their brief tenure on the national stage were embraced by hordes of people. Known for songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Come as You Are,” “About a Girl,” “All Apologies,” and many more, the albums put out by his band were the soundtrack of many young people’s lives. Looking quite happy in this shot with a bird perched on his head, Kurt is seated on a bed in a gross apartment he lived in, and his surroundings and his retro clothes make it seem like he hasn’t showered in weeks.

10 Daniel Radcliffe

Via fansshare.com

The actor that brought one of the best-known literary and film characters of the last several decades to life on the big screen, Daniel Radcliffe became a star as a child and has remained one ever since. Cast as Harry Potter as a youngster, he would go on to play the character in all eight films of the franchise which were all huge hits. Not content to rest on those impressive laurels, since that series came to an end, he has quietly been putting together an extensive resume of being a part of small and highly respected films. Signing autographs for a group of his fans in this photo that was taken from his side, it is nearly impossible not to notice how dirty his ears are and how greasy his hair looks too.

9 Lindsay Lohan

Via gawker.com

From one former child star to another, this time around, we are looking at someone whose transition into adult roles has not gone nearly as smoothly. Yes, we’re talking about Lindsay Lohan. The star of many popular and successful films like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, she also played the main role in arguably the best teen film of all time, Mean Girls. The topic of a great deal of controversy in the last several years, she has found herself in court and headlines chronicling her troubles multiple times. Someone who has definitely embraced the party lifestyle, she has been seen drinking, smoking, and doing drugs a lot in the past which is why we don’t find the disrepair of her teeth in this photo surprising in the least.

8 David Hasselhoff

via factorytwofour.com

Someone whose name brings a smile and laugh to the mouths of millions of people around the world, in many regions of the world, David Hasselhoff has never been taken too seriously. A surprising fact when you really look at this man’s career objectively, there is no doubt that he has done more in the entertainment industry than many people that are more respected. A singer with a number of high-selling songs under his belt, he has also starred in huge shows like The Young and The Restless, Knight Rider, as well as the Baywatch franchise. At some kind of event in this image, we have to assume that David had no idea how sweaty his pits were when he waved like that. Well, we could only guess that he wishes for this photo to be wiped out of the net, pronto!

7 Pete Doherty

via Zimbio

Best known as one of the frontman of The Libertines, the Babyshambles, as well as Peter Doherty and the Puta Madres, this performer seems to enjoy working alongside as many talented people as he can. Someone who is listed on Wikipedia as an “English musician, songwriter, actor, poet, writer, and artist,” it seems like there is nothing that Pete Doherty can’t do when it comes to the entertainment world. However, as multifaceted as he clearly is, there is one thing that he seems to struggle with—looking like he is anything close to clean. Photographed as he was walking down a street in this image, despite the fact that he isn't doing too much of note, the guy looks like he has just completed a marathon as he is so sweaty and greasy-looking.

6 Axl Rose

Via pinsdaddy.com

A controversial figure in Rock n Roll history, Axl Rose has a number of detractors for good reasons due to his history of diva behavior causing a number of riots outside canceled shows. Still, despite the many reasonable criticisms that have been leveled at him, he is still the lead singer of Guns N' Roses, which is one of the most beloved bands of its era. Best known for songs like “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Patience,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “Paradise City,” and “You Could Be Mine” to name a sampling, G N’ R was a hit machine. Seen here in recent years, he is so covered in sweat and grime that his shirt has become totally see-through and is clinging to his stomach and chest.

5 Alec Baldwin

via Daily Mail

At one time an actor that Hollywood had earmarked as the next big movie star, films like The Hunt for Red October and Glengarry Glen Ross convinced the world that Alec Baldwin was perfect for that role. Then he starred in a slew of movies that were released to little acclaim or box office receipts like The Marrying Man, Malice, The Shadow, and The Juror which all caused his star power to wane. Thankfully, for his many fans, his career found a new chapter as a comedy star due to his work in the sitcom 30 Rock and his much talked about recurring work of late on Saturday Night Live. Once a heartthrob due to his incredible looks and fit frame, in recent years, he has to work harder to get back in shape which is what he seems to be doing here based on the copious amount of sweat on display.

4 Madonna

Via pagesix.com

One of the biggest singing stars of all time, it has been a while since Madonna had a hit song but she sat on top of the chart over a span of decades. Seen by many as a true artist, one of the biggest reasons for her staying power was her ability to reinvent herself again and again, as well as the fact that none of her identities felt anything less than sincere. Known for legendary tracks like “Vogue,” “Take A Bow,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Frozen,” and “Live To Tell,” when her name was attached to a song, its chances for success were magnified tenfold. Wearing a shirt that is pocked with sweat in several areas and looking as though she is utterly exhausted, it makes us think that her whole body is covered in grime at the moment this picture was taken.

3 Adam Sandler

Via velasign.com

One of the biggest comedy stars of the last several decades, these days, Adam Sandler is the focus of great derision by many, but he still remains a bankable star despite all of that. Remembered by some for his early comedy films that have gone down as classics like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Wedding Singer, we miss those wonderful years of his career. These days, however, he gets a lot of attention because he routinely stars in horrendous movies like the Grown Ups franchise, Pixels, The Ridiculous 6, That’s My Boy, as well as Jack and Jill. Seen by many as lazy, his reputation doesn’t seem like a big concern to him so we’re not surprised that he looks that sweaty. He may be picking his nose in public, but his backers must hope this shot goes away.

2 Fergie

via Pocket press

Starting her singing career in public as a member of the girl group Wild Orchid, it wasn’t until Fergie joined The Black Eyed Peas that things really turned around for her and her cohorts in that act. Known for the songs “I Gotta Feeling,” “Boom Boom Pow,” “Imma Be,” “My Humps,” and “Don’t Phunk With My Heart,” their music isn’t overly thought-provoking but their beats are on fire. Also a successful solo artist in her own right, she released several popular tracks by herself like “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “London Bridge,” “Glamorous,” and “Fergalicious.” Seen here while performing on stage, we can only imagine how mortified she must have felt when she realized that she’d peed her own pants and thus soiled them and her own legs.

1 Hayden Panettiere

No, just no, Hayden. You don’t do that, especially when you’re in public. But even when you’re alone, please stop being so gross. An actress that performed in movies like Remember the Titans and Joe Somebody as a child, her career reached a whole new level when she was cast as Claire Bennet in the show Heroes. Able to parlay that into roles in movies like I Love You, Beth Cooper and Scream 4 to name only a couple, Hayden Panettiere also landed a starring part in the long-running series Nashville that she is still a part of today. A shot of this famous actress that was taken by a paparazzo, we can’t quite bring ourselves to describe what she is doing since it is so dirty and disgusting, but it is exactly what it looks like. Go wash your hands and wash your mouth now, Hayden. We don’t care that this photo was taken years ago. It will just make us feel better.

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